Bird Of The Sea

57 Epilogue

Oxfordshire, England, 1729

The young boy stepped through the door of his new home and looked about. It was big, not as big as one of those grand mansions he'd seen, but big enough. As his parents approached him, he picked up the pace and made a run for the stairs to explore the upper rooms.

"Edward! Edward!" His mother called. "Don't go tripping over yourself!"

"I won't!" He called.

"Wait for it..." She held up a finger and they were silent as their son's footsteps thundered around above them.

There was a thud and a small cry before Edward shouted; "I'm fine!"

"Good! I don't want to have to call the doctor on our first day!"

"I know!"

Jemima smirked and her husband wrapped his arms around her.

"This will be good for him. A fresh start." Thomas told her and she nodded.

"It's too cold here though. It always rains and you always need a fire to feel the same heat as we did in the Bahamas." She sighed.

"Yes, I know, but we couldn't have him growing up to be a pirate like his mama now, could we?" He grinned and she gave him a half dangerous, half amused smile.

"Edward!" Jemima called to her son and he appeared at the top of the stairs, breathless.


"Come here a moment." Jemima beckoned and Edward skipped down the stairs, taking two at a time.

"Careful!" Thomas warned and the boy merely grinned as he jumped the last five steps, landed heavily but remained unscathed.

Jemima knelt down to her son's height as he approached his parents and she retrieved a soft, sweet looking teddy bear.

"This is for you." She smiled at her son's excited expression. "He'll be with you from your first day in England, in our new home, until whenever you decide you must part ways."

"Thank you, Mother!" He exclaimed and wrapped his arms around her neck.

"What will you name him, Edward?" Thomas asked.

"I don't know." He sighed and sat down on the bare floor in the empty hallway, playing with the bear.

"Perhaps name him after someone?" Jemima suggested.

"Well, there is your friend Edward, who I'm named after."

"Yes, and my father, Edward Thatch." His mother nodded.

"What was his last name? The other Edward?" Edward squinted.

"Kenway." His father told him and the young boy furrowed his brow, making the decision.

"Yes, Kenway. I like that." He held up the bear. "Hello, Kenway! You'll be my friend now."

Jemima and Thomas exchanged a successful expression as their son played happily with his new friend.

"Will I meet Edward Kenway?" He asked, looking up.

"I hope so." Jemima said and shifted her weight so that instead of crouching, she sat on the floor, cross legged and not at all lady like. As she did so, she grunted, muttering curses under her breath.

"Ah, I can't deal with these skirts!" She grumbled. "I wish a respectable English lady could just wear trousers."

Her husband smiled at his wife's behaviour and thanked whatever God watched from above that he was in this country with her, instead of the woman he had always thought he'd be with.

"We may visit Edward and his family in London after we've settled in. I received a letter a while ago that his wife, Tessa, had a boy a few years ago. Just a little younger than yourself." Thomas said, sitting down with his family.

He sighed and tilted his head to look around his new home. They had come such a long way from the West Indies but their adventure was not yet complete. With a son, the story would continue, even if their chapter was coming to a close. There was so much in store and it was only just the beginning.

"Can you tell me some of your stories? The ones before I was born." Edward requested, cuddling Kenway.

"From the very beginning?" Thomas raised an eyebrow and as his son settled in his mother's arms, with an encouraging nod from Jemima, he continued.

"Very well then." He smiled. "It all began with a battle at sea..."

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