Bird Of The Sea

7 Change Of Plan

When Kenway disappeared, Thomas didn't bat an eyelid.

"Good." He told the alarmed merchant. "He can be sleeping at the bottom of the ocean for all I care."

"But what if he's been killed?" Bonnet exclaimed, nervously pacing up and down the docks.

"Then he's finally got what he deserves." Thomas stepped aboard the plank that led to a ship headed for England. "Goodbye, Bonnet." He patted the merchant's shoulder and walked aboard.

Farewell, Thomas!" He waved.

Thomas gave a smile and waved back. Despite his cheerfully ignorant disposition, Bonnet was a good man.

The young assassin sat down and turned to face the other passengers. It had almost become habit to just sit and listen to other people's conversations and so Thomas did just that.

"Ah, Torres should have told me sooner!"

Thomas kept his head down, recognising the form of Woodes Rogers addressing a messenger.

"I'm sorry, sir-"

"No matter, you say it was Kenway that released the Sage?"

"That's what Torres believes, but Kenway himself denies it."

"Hm, he would. And there's no sign of the Sage?"

"No, but we have men searching for him, all over Havana."

"Havana may not be enough. Widen the search, try Nassau, I hear that place is crawling with scum like him."

"Yes, sir."

As the messenger left, Thomas was right behind him.

"Er, back so soon, Thomas?" Bonnet asked, surprised to see the young assassin quickly leaving the ship.

"Bonnet, I need to go to Nassau."

"Right! Ah, why?"

"The Sage escaped and Templars are everywhere looking for him. I can't go back to England. If they find him, that's the end for assassins all over the world. I have to find him first."

"And you think Nassau is the best place to look?"

"Aye, according to Rogers anyway." He signalled to the scarred man who wandered about the ship, waiting for it to leave.

"Good plan, unfortunately, without Kenway, my ship is lacking in someone to pilot it."

"Find someone! Anyone with half a mind in their head!" Thomas said desperately.

"Of course." Bonnet nodded and turned away, searching for anyone that looked like he could speak English, could steer a ship and could stand up straight.

"I'll meet you at your ship!" Thomas called.

Before he boarded, the assassin rushed to the post office, the man behind the desk rather bewildered at Thomas's speed. He snatched a pen and paper, scrawling a note to the assassins back in London.

'To the Master Assassin,

I won't be returning to England, not for a while at least. The Templars have discovered the identity of a man called the Sage and are currently searching for him across Havana and Nassau. If they find him, the consequences are dire and I intend to find him first and either use him for the gain of the assassins, or kill him, so the Templars will lose their prize. The imposter posing as Duncan Walpole has been exposed and is missing. He is of no use so my focus will be solely on retrieving the Sage.

Thomas Young.'

The assassin practically threw the letter at the post man as he paid and raced from the post office back to the harbour.

"Ah, Thomas!" Bonnet greeted the breathless man. "Are you ready to sail?"

"Aye, let's go. We need to reach Nassau before that ship does." He pointed to the ship Rogers was on, not yet set off.

"Right, I've got a captain now, good enough for the time being."

"Excellent work, Bonnet." Thomas smiled. "Now let's find that Sage."

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