Bird Of The Sea

9 New Friends In Nassau

"Hallo, Thatch, Hornigold." A young pirate said, turning around on his seat at the bar as the three approached him.

"Good day to ya, Kidd." Thatch greeted. "It seems every pirate under the sun is in Nassau today!" He laughed.

"Aye, but I haven't met your friend." He raised an eyebrow at Jemima.

"My name's Jack, Jack Thatch." Jemima said, shaking Kidd's hand.

"Indeed." He said, a sly grin on his face and in that moment, he knew her true identity.

And in that moment, she knew his.

"By God, you're a sight for salty eyes!" Hornigold remarked and Thatch, Kidd and Jemima turned to see the three figures approach them. "Come you in and have a drink."

"Morning all." Kenway nodded.

"Ahoy, Kenway." Thatch returned the greeting and turned to the two men that followed him. "Who's this?"

"Thomas Young, a friend from a shipwreck. And Adewalé, the Jackdaw's quatermaster."

"Jackdaw?" Thatch scoffed. "You named your brig after a poxy bird?"

Kenway rolled his eyes.

"Adé, Thomas, these lads are the better part of our growing confederacy here. Ed Thatch, Ben Hornigold, James Kidd and..." He trailed off, not recognising the young pirate.

"Jack Thatch." Jemima said, nodding to Kenway, Thomas and Adé.

As Adé stepped away to get a drink, Hornigold stepped closer to Kenway.

"You let him carry a pistol, do ye?" He asked, arms folded.

"Peace, Ben." Kenway warned. "Adé saved my life. And now we're looking to find a crew to fill out the rest of my ship."

"Well, there's scores of capable men about." Thatch said, glancing around the surrounding area. "But use caution. A shipload of the king's sailors showed up a fortnight back, causing trouble about like they own the place."

"Right. I'll see who I can muster."

As Adé and Kenway left to gather crew members, Thomas stayed behind, unintentionally getting acquainted with the others. He sat down at a table beside Kidd, Thatch and Jemima, drinks littered the place.

"So you say you met Kenway in a shipwreck? How so?" Thatch asked.

"We were in two different ships, fighting each other. Us two were the only survivors." Thomas took a drink.

It wasn't the whole truth, they weren't the only two to wash up on the island, but they were the only two to leave it.

"Kenway sounds like he's nothing but trouble." Jemima said. "I like him."

"He's a greedy, good for nothing, murderer, that's what he is." Growled Thomas.

"Aren't we all though, lad?" Thatch chuckled. "We've all done things that many would consider damnable, Kenway just seems to get more done."

Thomas took another drink.

"He just doesn't care."

"That's how we get by, lad." Thatch patted his shoulder and left him alone with the young pirates.

"There's something more, isn't there?" Kidd asked, leaning forward. "It's alright, you can tell us. We're all men here." He cast a sly grin Jemima's way.

Thomas sighed, putting his drink down, leaning back in his chair.

"Have any of you felt heartbreak?" He asked, his eyes fixed on his bottle.

The two shook their heads.

"What does it feel like?" Jemima asked.

"It feels like your heart, your soul, whatever that keeps you alive, has been ripped from your body. It feels like you're falling apart and there's nothing you can do to fix it."

"You must have loved her a lot." Kidd mused.

"Aye. But she didn't love me back."

"What happened? If you don't mind me asking?"

"We were childhood sweethearts. We grew up together and every day in her company was like heaven. And I thought it was the same for her. I asked her to marry me. She said no. Then she left me."

"That's tough, man." Kidd bowed his head.

"But you're living the life of a pirate now!" Jemima said cheerfully. "You can live any adventure you choose and return home, loaded with gold and win her back! Don't give up hope!"

"You're too optimistic for your own good, lad." Thomas sighed. "If you're not careful, it'll get you hurt."

"And you're too pessimistic for your own good." Jemima retorted. "Many a man has died from it, a drink in one hand and pistol in the other." She raised an eyebrow at the bottle he held.

"Jack's right." Kidd pointed out. "Don't let it get the best of you. Remember the good times and throw the bad out to the deepest, darkest parts of the sea and leave them there. The choice is up to you. Forget her, or win her back."

Thomas chuckled and the two exchanged a look.

"What's so funny?" Jemima frowned.

"To be honest, I thought at least one you would suggest some 'stress relief' to get her off my mind."

"Maybe we see women, even those you pay for the pleasure, as more than just 'stress relief'." Jemima said.

"You're some strange men." Thomas laughed, standing. "I'm going to take a walk. Clear my head."

Kidd and Jemima nodded as he left, watching him go.

"Ah, how little he knows." Kidd muttered.

"How little he sees." Jemima added.

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