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Love that never melts away


When she was saved during a snowstorm, she didn't wish to burden the man. Though he provided her enough to get by, it wasn't much longer before they both started to desire each other's love...

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Snow kept falling harshly. She could barely see the road ahead, the wiper blades on her car were swishing left and right with force.

The lavender furred person known as Bonnie, was driving a small white car through an even more white snowstorm. Saying she was worried was an understatement. Terrified would be more like it. She looked around frantically, for any sign of a place to stop and wait out the storm...

It was getting dark by the minute... That was the most of her worries.

"If I don't find a-another town soon... oh, who knows what will happen to me?" She, frantically, searched in the midst of white snow and tried her hardest to focus on the road of her headlights.

A few dear minutes passed and Bonnie could have sworn it was getting colder. Her purple turtleneck wasn't doing too much of a job at keeping her warm.She shivered. Because she was cold and frightened.

She moved around in her seat, trying to gather body warmth... She blinked away the tears that were forming in her eyes. Bonnie was helpless, but she couldn't go down until she was really helpless... There was some hope.

Then, the car started giving out...

"No, no, no, no, no, no, NO!" She desperately tried to start the car up again, only thing that came back was a weak start-up. She glanced at the Gas meter... Empty. She swore and scolded herself for not stopping at the Gas station that was 19 miles back.

But, in her defense, she didn't have much money either.

The car failed to start for two reasons. One: It was out of gas and Two: It was Freezing cold out.

Bonnie started get rub her arms. The car was off, so was the heater installed in the car. She whimpered. Her ears drooped in defeat.

She didn't dare open the door.It was cold enough in the car, imagine how much colder it would be outside. She looked outside her window... Snow and fog had covered it up to a point where she couldn't see outside. And she was too cold to wipe the frost off the window.

The last thing she wanted to do was spend a night in her car, alone... in the middle of nowhere... in the Freezing cold.

She looked at the backseat, the only thing she brought with her was her, relatively small, suitcase. And her guitar.

Bonnie didn't have that many things with her... She had plans to travel and try to make a living as a Guitarist.Looks like those were done for now...

Her heart sank. Her dreams...That's why she left. She always had the dream of being a famous star.

The guitar was a gift from her Mother... She wanted to make a name for herself... Maybe even make life better for her and her cousin...

Tears threatened to fall from her face as she thought about back home.She held herself and shut her eyes.Her cousin would probably be worried sick about what she was doing in the Snowstorm.

She rubbed her arms a bit faster, but it didn't help much.The car was getting colder and colder with every passing minute. She just couldn't take it anymore...

That was when she let the tears fall... This was too much.She sobbed in her seat, putting her freezing hands to her face, her body shook with each sob.

"What am I going to do?" She asked, wiping a tear away.

It would take a Miracle to help her now. A miracle, indeed.

Freddy sighed. He had just returned from doing a Show at a Restaurant that offered him to do a small show for nothing more than $100

He examined the Snowstorm. He knew it was going to happen, but he didn't expect it to come early.

He narrowed his eyebrows and grumbled.The cold didn't bother him much, but he would bear with it if it wasn't so hard.He had some trouble seeing the road, but he knew it well. Just some way and he would be home.

"Foxy better not have left the Heater on High." Freddy growled as he thought about his Two Roommates, Chica and Foxy.

Chica was fine, she cooked and did some cleaning here and there, nothing too troubling.Foxy however, was the opposite.He didn't do much, expect, stay in his room, the thing he called "His Cove", watching T.V. or Sleep.

When he was out and about, he wouldn't do much work nor would he pay that much attention to what he was doing. Almost like he was... distracted.

Freddy couldn't decide which of those was worse.If that Foxy was distracted when he turned on the heater, Freddy would have a big bill on his hands.He furrowed his eyebrows in frustration.

This had happened more than once... If he did it again, he swore...

Then, the snow got somewhat, heavier.Freddy pushed away his thoughts, letting that issue go.He had a bigger one on him at that moment. Freddy just wanted to get back home before the Snowstorm got worse or before it got dark.

Then, something caught his eye. Two flashes of Red. In the middle of Snow. He arched his eyebrow and tilted his head in confusion.Normally, Freddy didn't really give in to curiosity and check things, but this particular moment told him to check it out.

Stopping the Mini-van and parking it on the side of the road, he got a closer look at the hints of red.

It looked like some Backlights of a car.He scratched his head, pondering on the possibility of why a car would be out there in the middle of a storm.

"Someone's probably lost." Freddy muttered. He grabbed a huge coat that Foxy got him on his Birthday. It was almost an insult to him, considering it was two sizes too big on him. He groaned and rolled his eyes.

Freddy shook his head. Trying to shake the memory away.He grabbed his Top Hat and went out of the Truck to see about this lost person. He got out of his van and started walking towards the car...

It was white, almost blending in with the snow. Freddy had one had holding his coat closed and another trying to feel for the car.He felt something.

Bingo.And, with that, he felt his way to the driver's door.

Bonnie didn't know how long she had been crying. It seemed like an hour.Then, the sudden knock on her window startled her, she raised her head.

She almost thought she was hearing things. She sniffed and tried to locate the source of the knock.

The knock came again.Then, turning to her left, she saw someone standing outside her door. She rubbed her eyes. Was this real?

Freddy opened the door to the car. "Need some help?" He shouted, trying to block out the sound of the storm. The winds were a bit loud.

But, while he was there, he got a good look at the person that was lost in the middle of a storm.A Rabbit, lavender fur, tall ears and dashing pink eyes.

What was she doing out here?

Bonnie didn't know what was happening. Was she dreaming?

Was she dying and this was an Angel that was to carry her to her Eternal resting place?

She went for the former "Not bad for an Angel... He's handsome at least." She thought.

Blinking dreamily, she looked at him. A Bear, covered with some white cloth. He had cute blue eyes and he looked fit. Maybe even built.

They stayed like this for a while. No one spoke a single word. The wind continued to howl its harsh freezing breath."... um... A-Are you, uh, here to... take me away?" Bonnie asked, drowsily.

Whether this was real or not, she no longer cared. Her ears lowered.

Freddy didn't have an answer for that.He narrowed his eyebrows, examining her. She didn't look like she was drunk... That ruled out the possibility of DWI...

Freddy then lowered his head, looking in the car. He saw a suitcase, he guessed she was traveling.The guitar? Freddy couldn't guess why this woman had a guitar... Unless she played it or was practicing...

The angel didn't respond at first... Why was he looking around? She stared at him, holding her hands together and shifting in her seat, she faced him. Waiting for him to say something or take her away without a word.

Freddy, then, glanced at the dashboard of the car.Once he saw the Gas meter on EMPTY, he didn't need to ask her why she was out here...

He held out his hand to her. "Come on, let's go!"

Bonnie examined the hand for a bit... Could he be trusted...?Sure... He was an angel, right?She looked up and him again and accepted it.

Freddy pulled her inside his Over-sized coat."At least it came in handy." Freddy thought.Bonnie eyes widened, snapping her out of her trance.

She felt warmth coming from Freddy and she could smell his cologne.He definitely wasn't an Angel. Blushing at the close contact, she attempted to cover her blush with her hands.

They both walked to the passenger side of Freddy's Mini-van.Freddy tried his best to not slip. He squinted his eyes, trying to see through the snow.

He helped her into the seat and left her with the coat. Then, he headed over to get her stuff.She looked around in disbelief. She was in a seemingly warm van.

Was any of this really happening to her? She raised her eyebrows in a dazed awe.She looked around, her eyes blinking rapidly in confusion and wonder.

Freddy had some trouble getting to her car.He opened the driver's side door and got her suitcase. "A bit small." He observed. And her Guitar case.

He left the door unlocked, walked back to the Mini-van and placed them in the back seats before getting in his driver's seat.

"I'll call a Tow Truck in the Morning. Are you alright?" Freddy asked her, shaking off some of the snow on his fur.

He looked at her.Bonnie blinked at him and nodded, grabbing his coat tightly against her.

She was still shivering.Her ears drooped, covering her face. She tried to make herself look a little small.

Freddy almost chuckled at her cute behavior. But, she had almost risked her life out there, so he stayed silent.

And, with that, he started the van and they were off.Bonnie didn't know where would be going... But, it would be wherever this bear was taking her.She held herself tightly. Trying to feel secure in her new-found situation.

Who was this bear and where was he taking her? Why was he taking her someplace?

Freddy noticed she was quiet. He arched an eyebrow at the realization.

Sure, he didn't like women that spoke non-stop without taking a breath, but she was too quiet.She couldn't be mute... She had talked back at her car.

Deciding to break the silence, Freddy sighed and spoke.He wasn't much of a socialist. But, he had to try to help this girl.

"My name's Freddy. Freddy Fazbear. But, Freddy's fine."

She looked at him.One of her ears lifted up so she could look at him. Was he... talking to... her...? She couldn't understand why he was trying to communicate with her.

"Hey... It's okay, you can talk. Do you have a name?" Freddy looked at her with kind eyes and a small smile that made Bonnie look away.

Gathering up the courage she had, she replied back.At first, it was a small squeak that anyone could barely hear her... But, she kept trying, each attempt was somewhat better than the last.

She cleared her throat. "B-Bonnie... Bunny." She finally said.Freddy nodded in response, grinning.

"Nice name" He replied.

Bonnie took the time to inspect this guy known as "Freddy Fazbear".He wore a button-up shirt with a vest and a Bow-tie. His sleeves were rolled up.His brown fur was just right on him, it edged around his features nicely. He had three freckles on each cheek.

Looking cute to Bonnie."Adorable..." She spoke without thinking.Realizing what she just said, her eyes widened.

She lifted her hands to cover her mouth in embarrassment She blushed furiously.

She dared to look at him.He hadn't heard her, thank God.

She closed her eyes and sighed, in relief. She hadn't made this encounter more awkward...

Freddy glanced at the blushing purple Bunny. "She's probably cold..." He guessed on her red cheeks.

He knew she would have to stay with them for as long as she needed to.

At least Chica would have some female company.

They pulled into a Town that wasn't too big or too small.Bonnie got out of her 'Making herself look smaller' stance and went to the window staring in awe, her eyes widened in interest and wonder.

There were some interesting buildings here, some had lights decorating and some had some people hanging around in front of them.

"It's so beautiful" She said quietly, still awestruck.

"You could say that" Freddy nodded in response.She kept staring out her window. Taking in all she saw.

Eventually, she saw a familiar name. In bright, Candy red letters, on a certain buiding."Fazbear's diner?" She questioned, looking back at him in wonder.

Freddy glanced at the Diner. "I'm the manager of the Restaurant." He replied.

"Oh..." Was all Bonnie could reply.She looked down, having nothing more to say to that.

She kept her head down, holding the coat close.

At least she wasn't as cold as she was earlier.

They turned left on a road that went into some Suburbs.There were some houses decorated for Christmas, which was less than 2 months away.

Bonnie remembered she had always spent Christmas with either herself or her cousin would come and visit.

She wasn't sure what she would do this year... She giggled at a few of the decorations of Santa, Elves, Baby Jesus in the manger, anything that resembled Christmas.

Eventually, they pulled into a drive-way to a house that seemed pretty cozy by Bonnie's standards.She inspected the house.

It didn't have any decorations yet, she wondered why."You can stay with us for as long as you need to." Freddy informed her, unbuckling his seat-belt and shutting off the van.

He looked at her with eyes that showed he was serious.

Bonnie nodded in response, looking down at her feet and holding her hands in her lap.

"Alright..." He grabbing his hat and keys, he started to open his door.Bonnie spoke up. "M-Mr. F-Fazbear?"

"Just call me Freddy, Bonnie." Freddy stopped and responded, looking at her with a small smile.

Bonnie looked away, embarrassed."Um... Freddy?" Bonnie corrected herself. "Th-Thank you... For l-letting me stay... I-I-I just hope I won't b-be too much trouble..."Bonnie lowered her head. Ears lowered to a point where it almost covered her face.

Freddy smiled and placed a hand on her head. Bonnie's eyes widened in surprise."It's fine, Bonnie" He said, never letting that small grin falter.

He got out of the car, leaving her shocked at what he did.Freddy got her stuff out of the back.

And went towards the passenger-side door and opened it."It's okay, come on" He assured her, reaching out his hand.

He was being a gentleman... She tried to hide her blush with one hand and accepted it.

Freddy led her to his front door.Upon arriving he put down her things and fumbled in his pockets for his house key, grumbling a bit of words here and there. Where did he put them?

Bonnie caught on and searched the coat pockets, finding the key in no time.She presented it to Freddy.

"Here. I-It was in your coat pocket..." She spoke softly, looking at him shyly.

Freddy smiled."Thanks, Bonnie." He said as he unlocked the door.He went in and turned to face her.

"Come on in. Make yourself comfortable." Freddy gestured her.

Bonnie blushed and held a hand to her mouth, running one leg against the other nervously.She nervously stepped inside the house.

Some part of her felt like she was intruding, but Freddy welcomed her with open arms."I... I guess I can stay a few days until I can get back on my feet..." She told herself.

Freddy took off the over-sized coat that wrapped around her.

Bonnie got surprised at Freddy's sudden action.She held her hands close while Freddy put it on a coat rack, along with his Hat.

"Chica! Foxy! I'm back!" Freddy called out.Good, Foxy hadn't left the heater on this time, he looked around for the mentioned pair.

Bonnie raised an eyebrow, confused.Were they his family?

A chicken came out of the kitchen. She wore a deep yellow sweater, jeans and an Apron."Haya, Fred!" She spoke with an accent Bonnie couldn't recognize.

She pulled Freddy into a hug."I heard about the storm and was wondering if you were gonna make it out alive." She grinned."I see you made it out in one piece."

Freddy cleared his throat and gestured to the rabbit behind him.He moved to the side so Chica could see Bonnie.

"Chica, this is Bonnie. Bonnie, Chica" Freddy introduced, unbuttoning his vest.

Bonnie eyed her, as did Chica.

"Where'd you find this little gem, Fred?" Chica asked, grinning at the bear.Bonnie looked down at her feet, shyly.

"Her car ran out of gas, I found her at the side of the road. She'll be staying with us as long as she needs to." Freddy answered with a serious expression as he fixed his bow-tie and left the two alone.

"Well, is that so? You're welcome to stay as long as you like! Bonnie, was it?" Chica looked happily at the new guest.Bonnie looked up at Chica and nodded. She seemed friendly enough.

"You hungry, Bon? I hope you don't mind me calling ya that, do you?" Chica asked, looking somewhat, concerned.Bonnie shook her head, wearing a small smile.

"Can you speak, Bon? Tell me, are ya hungry?" Chica placed a hand on Bonnie's left shoulder.

"... I am a little hungry." Bonnie replied quietly, rubbing her right leg against the left.

"Good! I made more than enough!" Chica said cheerfully.

"You can do what you want! Our house is your house!" She said, waving a hand to the rest of the house."Um... Thank you." Bonnie replied quietly.She looked around the house, her eyes widening at the sight of it.

"Now, if you'll excuse me..." Chica went to the kitchen to finish what she was cooking, leaving Bonnie to herself.

She looked around the house.Some photos of flowers and fruit were on a few walls.

From the front door, there were two ways.To the right, was the dining room, onward from the room was the kitchen.To the left, or forward, was the living room, which was the middle of the entire house.

She entered the living room, examining every single thing she saw.Eventually, she sat on the couch, taking in the view of the whole room.

Freddy later came back wearing a black shirt that had some cartoon bear printed on it and some dark pants.Bonnie giggled, she thought the cartoon bear looked funny.

"Come on, Bonnie. I'll show you where you can stay." Freddy said.With that, he picked up her things and walked off, signaling her to follow.

They came to a room near the kitchen."Chica, do you mind if she bunks with you?" Freddy called before entering.

"Why sure! I'd be more than happy to let her!" Chica called back and continued cooking.

"Chica must be a really cheerful person." Bonnie thoughtThey went into the room that had a Bed and a Couch.One door was a Bathroom, another was a closet.The wall had been painted a dark shade of Red and some framed photos of Chica and Pizza were on the walls.

Freddy put down her stuff and turned to face her.

"The couch has a pull-out bed." Freddy pointed at the couch. "That's where you can sleep. Ask Chica to help you and if you have any questions at all, you can ask either Chica or I."Bonnie nodded, understanding.

"Good." Freddy smiled and started to walk out."F-Freddy, wait..." Bonnie pleaded, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Freddy turned around and he was then, met with a hug from the rabbit."Thank you... You don't know how much this means to me... I-I... I can't thank you enough... for saving me." Bonnie said quietly.She dug her face into his chest. It felt warm... She felt safe in his grasp.

It surprised him. But, Freddy wrapped his arms around her, returning the hug.

"I'm just doing what I can, Bonnie." He replied.

Bonnie sniffed and they let go."Alright, I'll leave you to it, Bonnie." Freddy nodded and left the room, closing the door.

Bonnie held her hands together and decided to put her things in order.

After all... She would be staying there a few days.

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