He became a legend because of his will to protect what he loved. She died to give him some sort of victory. AU!Semi-Crossover between Naruto and D. Gray-man

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Author note: Based off of D-Gray man's episode with Lala. All I did was tweak it a little to combine it with Naruto. All characters, song, etc. belong to its rightful owner. I just had the thought to combine the two in a weird way :)

“Okaa-san, why do we have that huge doll in our back room?” The young boy watched as his mother’s jaw clench, her eyes dull as the red haired woman drifted off into her thoughts. He had asked his mother the same question once before. And like that previous time, the blonde haired child was afraid she would not answer. He did not want to hear that he was simply too young to understand.

He did not see how that doll was grown up stuff. He had seen plenty of girls in the academy play with dolls before. What made this one different from the others? Blue eyes narrowed when a thought came up. “Oi, Okaa-san is she the reason dad left us?”

Naruto looked up at his mother in shock, his had reaching up to touch his redden cheek. Never in his life had the blonde been struck by his mother, regardless of whatever mischief he had gotten himself into. So why did his mother hit him? What made this doll so important that his mother protected it, even against her own son’s accusations? “Never say that again, Naruto!”

“Then just tell me why she is here! I will not have to make that guess again!” The seven year old yelled. Sure the way he asked the question may have sounded slanderous, especially towards his father. But the curiosity was eating him alive. Honestly why did his mother have to make this so difficult? All she had to do was tell him!

“Because she is the reason I am alive,” Kushina’s soft whisper thundered in the blonde’s ears. She had told her son countless times about the demon lurking inside of him, and how she had been its previous container. The redhead gave him all the information his young mind could actually process about the night of his birth…all but this one piece she had refused to part with.

“H-how?” Naruto could barely get his question out, his voice continuing to crackle. But the blonde had a masked intelligence that only a few knew; he could gather well enough that the pink haired doll in their back room saved his mother most likely on the day of his birth.

His mother told him of that night, albeit a—heavily—edited version. But his mother did not leave out how she had almost died; something about how it pertained to him now that he was the Kyuubi host. His mother thought it was important for him to understand why his life would be at risk, regardless of whether or not Konoha was in a time of peace. If anyone ever extracted the Kyuubi from him, he would die; the fate of all jinchūriki. The only one in existence to have escaped that fate had been his mother. But she had remained tight-lipped about the situation, even to the Third Hokage. At least until now it appeared.

“She loved your father,”

Blue eyes narrowed once again. This did not weak his theory about the doll being the cause of his father’s demise. The doll could have easily killed his father. He had heard stories during the Academy about Kunoichis turning rouge because of an ex-lover. “Father left her for you.”

The statement earned a harsh laugh from Kushina. The mother glanced down at her son, her hand reaching to pat his head. Regardless of how much he resembled her in personality, Naruto was his father’s son. Part of her ached, watching her son grow-up to be so similar to her deceased husband; but a stronger part thanked the Gods that Minato lived on through their son. “They did not love each other like that, Naruto-chan.” This only seemed to fuel his questions; Kushina could tell by the way his cerulean eyes sparked.

“Perhaps, I should start from the beginning, eh Naruto-chan?” A fervent nod gave her the permission to go ahead and begin the unknown tale of Minato Namikaze and the figurine dwelling deep inside their house. A story told to her by her deceased Husband.

They found something; something to block the despair and pain that had caused the town to fall apart. A simplistic object, only compelling them due to the shimmery light it gave off. So they decided to place it in their current project.

To forget the days of suffering for a little while, the citizens of Matel made dolls. With the object discovered they finally made it…a dancing, singing doll.

Several hundred years later, there were no people listening to her song. There was just one doll. That always moved. She became known as the Ghost of Matel, a deadly figure none really lived to tell the tale of. All the people of Hoshigakure, a nearby town of the ruins could tell, were that a few dead bodies were scattered on the outskirts.

At that time, a lone boy came to the town of Matel. He was an orphan of a village named Iwagakure. His parents disagreed with the Tsuchikage’s warmongering ways, so they had fled intending to reach a man named Jiraiya who would take their family to Konoha. However they did not reach the man in time, a blonde haired child was the only one to escape.

He had wandered the country side, and happened upon the deserted town a by mere chance; but never-the-less the boy was grateful for finding shelter; he just had to find a source for food.

“Would you like a song?” A voice asked, scaring him. He did not see anyone; in fact the place looked pretty desolate to him. But the voice seemed soothing; it reminded him of his mother. So although he knew to never talk to strangers, the question escaped his lips.

“Would you sing for me?” At his question a woman with long, pink hair appeared from the shadows with a surprised look. Her right hand covering her mouth in what the five year old boy could assume as shock.

“Would you really let me sing to you?” She asked. When he nodded, the boy found himself engulfed in a hug from the strange woman. The small child knew he should be scared, his parents were killed and he was now all alone. He should not trust any strangers. But this woman, who seemed just as lonely, made him want to help her. Maybe they could be not-alone together?

They remained together, the two becoming quite close. The young boy told the woman everything from his name—Minato—to hobbies and general information that popped into his head. But he disliked how the woman remained so…uninformative. When he finally confronted her on it, she had told him she did not know. Her creators had never given her a name to go by, and they had left her long, long ago.

So as he spent more time with her, he began to think up names. But Minato had never voiced any, because none of them ever felt right. But one day, as he was brushing out the pink hair, a name popped up. “See! It looks pretty like this …Lala”

“Lala?” She questioned, turning to face him slightly. Suddenly, Minato grew hesitant. Did she not like the name? What if she just wanted to remain with no name?

“Is it okay if I call you that, Miss Ghost?” The smile that came to her lips and the way her eyes seemed to close in a way that could only be defined as a happy acceptance, Minato knew that this Ghostly woman—who told him repeatedly she was a doll, not a ghost—was thankful to finally have a name. So he continued to call her Lala as they two’s bond grew stronger.

A few years pasted, and Minato finally had to leave with a man named Jiraiya. The doll did not understand the emotion she felt at the thought of this child leaving her…why did he have to go? She did not want to be left alone. Why must everyone always leave?

“Take me with you,” she whimpered. Tears pooled at the woman’s eyes when the blonde shook his head. “You promised you would not leave me!” She cried out. In response, the young boy pulled her into a hug.

“I’m not leaving you forever Lala,” He whispered into her abdomen, still too short to be eye level with her. But he was, Lala just knew he was…they always left her alone. “I’ll visit you often, I swear Lala. Jiraiya-sensei promised me that I can come back to see you whenever I please!”

Green eyes widened at the statement, “Would you?” She whispered. She had received a fervent nod in response. So Lala had let the little boy go off with the strange man.

Years passed and Minato had returned once a month until he began climbing the ranks from Chunnin to ANBU Captain. Due to the influx of missions he had received, he did not get to visit Lala nearly as often. But when he did get the chance, Minato would be gone for at least a month to visit Lala. The Hokage found it odd, especially when Minato continued the strange visits, despite getting into a relationship with Konoha’s Jinchūriki, Kushina Uzumaki. It was not until Jiraiya had explained the exact relationship—from what little Minato had actually given away—to the Hokage that he stopped questioning his potential-successor’s actions.

It was the night of 10 October that everything changed, that Kushina would finally get to meet this mysterious Lala. But the night did not happen without misfortune. No, the Kyuubi had been ripped from her body in attempts to destroy Konoha and her husband had decided to risk his life to reseal the demon into their son’s body.

It took her a moment to realize what was exactly going on when her husband returned. He could barely stand up straight, let alone walk as he made his way towards her. But Minato was not alone; there was a pretty woman next to him. The Fourth Hokage was talking to the woman; it looked as if he was begging her. Thanks to her years as a Kunoichi, Kushina could pick up a few things. “I will not survive, regardless. Nor would I let you die for me.” It was then that green eyes met Kushina’s.

And when Minato had collapsed, the woman turned towards Kushina—after making sure the blonde had a soft landing. The pink haired woman looked like a goddess to Kushina as she made her way towards the dying woman.

“He said he would not allow me to die for him. Tell me what your name is, Miss human?” The woman asked. The redhead found it slightly odd to be referred to as ‘Miss Human,’ especially since so many had called her a demon for what resided inside of her.

“Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze,” the woman found herself answering.

“Well then Miss Kushina, I shall die for you.” The statement was said with such finality that it caused Kushina to stiffen. The woman standing before her, no matter how pretty, had a few mental problems; Kushina would bet money on it. The rosette than turned her attention to the ANBU guarding Kushina; the redhead faintly heard about ripping a heart out of a chest.

“Why would you die for me?!” Kushina screamed when her eyes met the woman’s once more; the woman whom voluntarily told the ANBU guarding her to take her ‘heart’ and give it to the Hokage’s wife. She had never seen this elegant creature in her life, but one name rang within her head, Lala. Memories flashed through the dying woman’s head.

Minato had spoken fondly of this Lala person; at one point it made Kushina jealous. What girlfriend would not be when her boyfriend had always spoken of another female with such tenderness?

However, when Kushina had finally confronted him about it, her blonde haired lover laughed. It sparked her ire all the more, especially when he replied, “I love Lala. I always will.” But then, with a simple little phrase, the redhead’s anger disappeared. He only had to whisper, “But I love you, Kushina.”

The redheaded jinchūriki had gazed into the Fourth Hokage’s cerulean eyes, questioningly. She had no reason to doubt her fiance’s love for her. Why would you marry someone when you are in love with another? Especially since this Lala person loved him back?

“There are different kinds of love, dear. I love Lala and she loves me; we would never live without each other, it’s our promise. But our relationship is hardly romantic.”

And as Minato had told the story of how he and Lala came to meet, the redheaded woman had grown to appreciate this unknown woman. Obviously she had made a huge impact on her fiancé’s life; one of his precious people. But more so, she realized just how deeply Minato could love someone.

A soft, saccharine voice drew Kushina out of her memories. “Miss Kushina, did you hear me?” Green eyes gazed worriedly at the injured female. She did not know much about humans, Minato being her only long term exposure. The redhead shook her head, causing the gorgeous woman before her to repeat.

“You are important to him, I can tell; because he loves you I will die for you.” The soft voice replied. It made Kushina sick, she did not want this innocent creature to sacrifice herself, especially not on her behalf. But the kunoichi knew she had no choice. Had Minato told her that he and Lala promised to never live without one another? Would the woman still bother living knowing Minato no longer lives?

“Do it Sir Human…” Before Kushina could object, the ANBU thrust his hand through the woman’s chest. Her lips moved in the silent plea to stop, but it did not make any difference. The lifeless body fell to the floor, it became an empty doll.

“Here Lady Namikaze,” the mask guard replied, an small, intricate metal object held out to her. Kushina wanted to refuse it, but the item seemed to compel her to touch it, so she did. As her skin touched the cold metal, a light illuminated. The redhead could not see, but she felt herself becoming stronger; her chakra reserves filling, her insides experiencing a cool, tingling sensation…the one she normal felt when she dealt with Kurama. It was only after the light dimmed, did she realize the object healed her. An object that healed and gave life, such a rare thing to come across in this world; and yet her husband had found it within a caring doll.

“Give it back to her,” Kushina ordered. He guards refused even after the woman’s steady refusal and meaningful glance towards her barely-breathing husband; she felt a powerful tug at her conscience to do this. “Give it back to her just for a while longer. Please,” Tears pooled at the new mother’s eyes. A woman she never met gave her the chance to raise her son, the least she could do was grant the woman a simple show of gratitude. It only took her tears for the ANBU guards to relent. No one had seen Kushina cry before, not even when she first came to Konoho from when Uzushiogakure had been annihilated.

Kushina told them to place the doll close to Minato before placing her ‘heart’ back into her chest. The redhead’s hand flew to her mouth as she tried to prevent a sob. Watching the doll regain its humanity, only to call Minato, ‘Sir Human’, broke her heart. It was painful watching two people die, but Kushina found some solace in knowing she at least allowed her husband die seeing an old friend.

“Lady…” Kushina’s hand flew up, silencing him. The new mother watched as the doll began to crawl towards Minato. The doll appeared to be a blank slate, but that just could not be. Kushina knew it could not be. The Gods were not that cruel.

“Do not speak, just watch.”

“Sir human…? Would you like a song?” Lala asked. But aside from a slight tilt of the blonde Hokage’s head, no response came. The Doll’s brow seemed to furrow and she repeated her question again. It seemed like she knew he would like a song, and it bothered her that he did not answer.

“Sir human, would you like a song?” Still no verbal response came, but Minato’s head turned to face the Doll crawling towards him.

“Sir Human?” The pink haired doll questioned once more, finally reaching the man’s body. Her hands cupped his head and the ANBU and Kushina watched as the woman cradled the blonde’s head on her lap, a tender gesture.

“I am a doll. I can sing. Sir Human.” The rosette stated, her hands running through the Fourth Hokage’s hair. The plea was indirect, but Kushina knew the doll had asked her question once more.

“Lala, I love you.” At this statement, blue eyes began to close.

“Do you want to sleep?” Kushina’s heart broke even further because she knew this sleep was one her husband would not wake from. She had just lost her husband; her world had all but ended. She only had her son left, but she only had Naruto because of her husband’s dear friend, Lala.

The doll began to sing, drawing the redhead out of her reverie. Kushina finally understood why Minato had always called the woman Lala. But Kushina could not help but wonder what the Doll’s real name would be. Her pink hair and green eyes reminded the mother of a rare flower, hardly ever seen in Konoha. But one who discovers a Cherry Blossom is said to have good fortune. Kushina had never believed in that silly superstition until now. Lala was like a Cherry blossom; her friendship with Minato had empowered him, he had a achieved his goal to protect his precious people. He became a legend because of his will to protect what he loved. Maybe Lala did grant him good fortune. But despite the doll’s resembles to a Cherry Blossom, Kushina could not find it in her heart to rename the doll. To Kushina her name will always be Lala.

"Lacrimosa dies illa
Qua resurget ex favilla
Judicandus homo reus.
Huic ergo parce, Deus."

The song paused, but Kushina could tell that it was not done just yet. Call it a woman’s intuition but she just had a feeling that the song could not have been done. It felt as if the woman had so much more to say, not that Kushina really knew what the woman was singing to begin with. But the melody had spoken to Kushina; she would never forget this sorrowful tune.

"Pie Jesu Domine
Judicandus homo reus.
Huic ergo parce, Deus:
Pie Jesu Domine "

Kushina listened to the woman’s song finish. But as she stood up to leave, the song began again. So when the ANBU went to move towards the woman, Kushina prevented them with an outstretched arm and a simple shake of her head. The redhead would let the woman continue to sing until she stopped.

And she finally did, after two days and two nights. When Lala’s body started to fall to the floor, Kushina rushed towards her, barely catching the body in time before it crashed into the ground. The final words of the doll would stay with Kushina forever.

“Thank you, for letting me sing until I broke. Like this, I was able to protect our promise.”

It was only until after they had the bodies taken to a Medic Ninja for “official” cause of death, did Kushina learn that Lala continued to sing until Minato died. Part of her felt awful for allowing her husband to continue to suffer, but another part thought it was for the best. Perhaps Minato had only managed to hang on for so long because he wanted to spend just a little more time with his dear friend Lala. Kushina would never know.
“So she died for you because Dad loved you?” Naruto questioned, his brows furrowing. He knew ninjas died for their village, and for their precious people. But he had never heard of some sacrificing themselves to save their precious person’s loved one.

“Lala loved your father, and because he loved us, she did too. Love is a powerful and wonderful thing, Naruto-chan; remember that. It is because Lala loved your father, that I am able to raise you. She never had to give me her heart, but she did.” To this day, Kushina never knew how the strange woman knew to come to her husbands aid, but she would be forever grateful.
“Did you keep it?” Naruto questioned.
A smile formed on Kushina’s lips, “Yes,” she replied, her hand grasping the necklace she always wore. Dangling on it was the very heart that healed her seven years ago. “And when I die, you shall keep it too.” Her heart warmed at her son’s determined nod.
Glancing at the back room, Kushina sighed. She really did not know why she had kept the doll residing in her home. She could have easily buried Lala next to her husband. But something kept her from doing so. The mother’s eyes returned to her son, who also seemed to be staring in Lala’s direction.
And Kushina came to the realization for why: she wanted Naruto to have Lala in his life, even if it was in some obscure way. She wanted Lala to still be able to keep her promise to Minato.
"I’ll be there for you and your loved ones always…Because to me, you are worth it."

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