Sakura Hime Kagome


Chapter 10: Jealousy


"You pervert monk!" an anger, red faced, Sango exclaimed.

"Please, forgive me Sango." Miroku begged as he rubbed the cheek the female demon slayer slapped, a bright red hand-print was on his cheek. "It was accident."

"Yeah, right!" Sango replied doubtfully. "As if, I'm going to believe that!"

Meanwhile everyone else sweatdropped from the pair's bickering.

"That idiot will never learn, will he?" Ayame asked, already knowing the answer.

"I'm afraid not." Asagiri replied.

"He's going to get himself killed one day if he keeps this up." Inuyasha commented.

Kagome sighed as she stood up and started to walk into the forest.

"Where are you going Kagome?" Shippo asked.

"Just for a little walk, that's all." the fifteen year old replied.

"I'll go with you." Asagiri offered as she stood up and walked toward her miko friend. Kagome bent down and gently picked up the mini snow demon and placed her on her shoulder.

"Can I come too?" the wolf demon girl asked.

Kagome smiled and nodded. Then the three friends walked together into the forest.

"Those three sure have gotten close to each other." Miroku said as he sat down.

"Yeah, I guess that's true." Sango said rather bitterly.

"Why you so mad, Sango?" asked a curious fox demon.

"I'm not mad." the demon slayer denied.

"Well you sound mad."

"It's quite simply Shippo." Miroku said. "Our dear Sango here is jealous."

"Jealous?" a confused half-demon and fox demon said in unison.

The monk nodded. "Yes, jealous. You remember when Sango first joined our group? The first person she warmed up to was Kagome, and the two of them grew close to be like sisters. But now that Asagiri and Ayame have joined us, Sango feels threatened. She thinks that the both of them are taking her place."

"Oh." the two demons finally understood.

"It's either that, or Sango's that type of girl." Inuyasha said.

"That would make sense, too." Miroku said, grinning as some perverted fantasies ran through his mind.



Both monk and half-demon groaned in pain as they held the large bumps on their heads. An anger Sango stood over them holding her hiraikotsu in her hands.

"I can assure you, that I am certainly not that type of girl." the sixteen year old stated through gritted teeth.

"We believe you." the two men said at the same time.

Meanwhile the young wolf demoness, snow demoness, and young miko girl were walking in the forest. They were silent and only listening to the various sounds of the forest. After walking for a little while longer, Asagiri decided to breack the ice.

"Kagome, is something wrong?"

Kagome blinked, caught off guard by the question. "Huh? What makes you ask Asagiri? There is nothing wrong."

"Yeah, right." Ayame spoke up, doubtful. "I can smell your worry and sadness from a mile away."

The raven haired girl looked at her friend faces, both waiting for a answer. Kagome sighed and learned her back on one of the millions of forest trees. She gave a small, sad smile.

"Guess I can't hide things from you two, huh?"

Both demonesses nodded their heads.

Kagome sighed again and looked up at the sky. "Inuyasha went and saw Kikyo last night."

"What?!" her friend exclaimed in unison.

The miko nodded. "Yeah, I woke up late last night and saw him chasing after Kikyo's soul searchers."

"Why didn't you say anything to him this morning?" Ayame asked.

"What's the point?" Kagome shrugged her shoulders. "He would have denied anyway."

"You don't know that for sure." Asagiri said.

"But I do know. You guys haven't know Inuyasha for as long as I have."

Both Asagiri and Ayame opened their mouths to say something but then closed them, knowing the fifteen year old has right. They all stood in silence for awhile.

"So, what do we do about Akira?" the mini snow woman asked, deciding to break the ice.

Kagome scowled at the black haired girl's name. She remembered how she tried to poison her friends with miasma, and that she was the newest incarnation of Naraku.

"I'm not sure." the miko replied as she crossed her arms under her chest. "What I want to know is, how did Naraku know about Sakura's existence?"

"He was probably having one of his other incarnation spy on us." Ayame suggested.


"Let's head back. The others will be worried if we are gone too long." Asagiri commented.

"Alright." both demon girl and miko replied in unison.

Later the evening, Kagome, Sango, Asagiri, and Ayame were all bathing at a nearby hot spring while the guys were back at camp.

"That monk had better stay were he is if he wants to live to see tomorrow." Sango commented as she washed herself.

"Aw, come on Sango, stop stressing out over it and try to relax." Kagome said to her best friend.

"Yes." Asagiri agreed. "It is quite nice and relaxing to bathe after traveling for so long. But if Miroku does decide to peep on us, I will gladly have him frozen in a block of ice as punishment."

The miko, demon slayer, mini snow demoness, and wolf demoness laughed.

"I would really appreciate that, Asagiri." Sango said.

"Hey, you guys..." the red headed wolf demon girl called out.

"What is it Ayame?" Kagome asked as she and Sango turned towards their other friend.

"You two are really big you know that?"

Miko and demon slayer both deadpanned. "Eh?"

They saw that the wolf demon girl's eyes were staring at both of their chests.

"Oh, really." Sango said simply.

"I never really noticed." Kagome stated.

"Yeah." Ayame's eye twitched. "They're both really big, especially yours Kagome." suddenly the wolf girl got behind the raven haired girl and grabbed her ample breast in her hands, squeezing them. Kagome yelped in surprised as Ayame squeezed her breasts more.

"Ayame, stop it!" Sango and Asagiri shouted in unison.

"Not, it's not fair!" Ayame yelled, two red irritation marks appeared on her head. "Why is it that she has these enormous tits, while I have the chest of a man?!"

"I-I hear that some guys like small ones." Kagome managed to say as her large bosom was still being groped roughly by a jealousy wolf demon, her face bright red.

"That doesn't make me feel any better!" said jealousy wolf demon exclaimed.

"Wow, she's really insecure about her chest size, huh?" Asagiri commented as she countined to watched the scene in front of her.

"You can say that aga-AAAH!" Sango screamed when Ayame somehow snunk up behind her and grabbed her breasts.

"More big ones, just great!" Ayame yelled as the demon slayer tried to get away from her.

'I'm really glad I'm not in my true form right now or she would be doing the same to me.' Asagiri thought.

"Knock it off already, Ayame!" Kagome demanded. "Leave Sango alone!"

The red headed wolf demon let go of the brown haired demon slayer and turned to pounce on the raven haired miko.

"Fine, I'll go back to you then!"

Kagome eeped as she tried to get away from her insecure friend, but her breasts were once again being roughly groped by the wolf girl. Sango went and tried to pry Ayame off of the miko while the mini snow demoness sat on a rock and watched from the sides. Suddenly, Inuyasha and Miroku came through the trees.

"What wrong?! We heard screa-" both men stopped in their tracks, their eyes turning to dots and their mouths hung wide open, from the scene that they were seeing.

Ayame was behind Kagome and she had her hands on the miko's chest. Sango had her arms looped around the wolf demon's arms, trying to get the red head off of the raven haired girl. They all didn't seem to notice the duo. The half-demon's and monk's faces went bright red.

"W-W-What the hell is going on here?" Inuyasha asked, still shocked.

"I don't know." Miroku answered, a perverted grin appeared on his face. "But, I do know that this will be forever implanted in my mind."

"Uh, ladies, we have some company." Asagiri announced, trying to get the three friend's attention.

"Huh?" the girls stopped their actions and turned to finally notice their male companions standing there.

They all stared at each other for awhile, until the girls scowled at the boys.

"Sit boy!"


"You pervert monk!"


After the hot spring scene everyone was back at camp sleeping, well almost everyone.

'I just can't sleep.' Kagome thought, laying on her sleeping bag. 'It's probably because I'm still thinking about the whole Inuyasha and Kikyo thing. What is the point in loving him, if he's already in love with another.' she closed her eyes to try to sleep, but soon opened them again. 'Maybe a walk will help me.' she stood up and started walking.


The miko turned around and saw Ayame, rubbing one of her eyes with her hand, and Asagiri, being held in the wolf girl's other hand.

"Where are you going?"

"I couldn't sleep, so I thought a late night walk might do me some good." Kagome explained simply.

"Oh, can we go with you?" Asagiri asked. "It would probably be better if you weren't alone."

"If you guys want to, then sure."

During their walk, the three girls talked about random things and joked every once in awhile. Soon they came to a medium sized clearing.

"Look, the stars are so bright tonight!" Asagiri pointed at the glowing balls of gas in the night sky.

"They sure are." Ayame agreed.

"You know, you can't see them this bright in my time." Kagome commented. "This is one of the reasons why I love this era."

"Hey, Kagome, what are you doing to do after we defeat Naraku?" the mini snow woman asked.

The miko thought for a moment. "To be completely honest, I have no idea. I'm only here to find the jewel shards. After that happens, I don't think I would have a place here anymore."

"That's not true!" both snow woman and wolf demon shouted together.

"Eh?" Kagome sweatdropped from the sudden outbursts.

"You'll always have a place here, Kag." Ayame stated.

Asagiri nodded. "She is right. You are our friend and we would miss you deeply if you left and never came back."

Kagome stared at her friends. "You guys..." Suddenly, out of the corner of her eyes, she saw something moving their way fast. "Get down!" she jumped on her friends and all three of them fell to the ground. They went down in time for an arrow to hit the tree Kagome was leaning on.

"Who shot that?!" Ayame exclaimed.

"I'm guessing she did." Kagome gestured to the person who shot the arrow. "Kikyo."

The black haired priestess was standing about twenty feet away from the trio, with a bow in her hands. Her cold brown eyes were glaring at them.

"That cold-faced chick is Kikyo?!" the red headed wolf demon asked as she and the others stood up. "As in Inuyasha's old girlfriend Kikyo?!"

"Yep." Asagiri replied calmly.

"But she looks just like Kagome!"

"That's because Kagome is Kikyo's reincarnation."

"Then shouldn't she be dead?"

"She's actually a walking clay pot that was made by a witch to get her to serve her, but Kikyo killed her in the end."

"You seem really calm about this, Asagiri."

"It's because I've heard the whole story before."

"What are you doing here, Kikyo?" Kagome asked the undead priestess.

"It's quite simply." Kikyo said as she drew back another arrow. "There can not be two of us in this world, so it's best if you die, so I can have the rest of my soul back." she released her arrow.

The girls quickly dodged the arrow.

"Kagome, get out of here!" Ayame shouted as she pulled out her sharp leaves.

"What?! There is no way I'm leaving you guys alone with her!" the miko declared.

"She wants to kill you, Kagome!" Asagiri said. "Please, leave for your own safety!"

Kagome, hesitating at first, turned around and ran away. She quickly looked over her shoulder. "I promise, I'll be back!"

After hearing their friend's promise, Ayame and Asagiri turned their attention to the cold eyed priestess.

"Alright, your opponent is me!" the wolf demon exclaimed as she threw her leaves.

Kikyo dodged the sharp green leaves, but one was able too cut her cheek. A thin line of blood flowed from the wound. The priestess placed a hand on her injured cheek, then she glared at the red headed wolf demoness. She quickly placed another arrow in her bow, pointed it at the demon girl and fired, the arrow was soon surrounded with pink spiritual energy. Ayame tired to jump out of the arrow's line of fire, but it manged to hit her in the leg. She yelled out in pain as she fell to the ground on her back, the sacred arrow purifying her leg. Ayame quickly grabbed the arrow and pulled it out, throwing it away. Then she saw Kikyo aim another sacred arrow at her and fired. The wolf demon closed her eyes and waiting for the arrow to hit. But it never did. Ayame opened her eyes on saw that the arrow was laying on the ground, frozen. She looked behind her and gasped. Behind her was a beautiful girl, looking about eight-teen, with waist-length pink hair and blue eyes. Ayame noticed what the other girl was wearing, she immediately recognized her.


The snow woman ignored her as she glared at the priestess.

"So that's your true form, huh?" Kikyo said. "No matter, it won't help you anyway. Die!" she fired a normal arrow this time.

Before the arrow was able to hit them, Asagiri held out her hands and used her powers to make a wall of ice. The arrow hit the ice wall. Then the snow woman quickly bent down and held up Ayame with one of her arms. She placed her hand on the purified spot on the wolf girl's leg. The spot was soon covered with ice.

"Hopefully this will stop it from spreading." Asagiri commented as she removed her hand.

"But, Asagiri, the more you use your powers, the more the spot on your back will grow." Ayame said, remembering being told the snow woman's curse.

"I don't care right now!" Asagiri yelled. "What I care about is making sure that you are going to be okay." she spoke softly this time.

'Asagiri.' the wolf girl thought, touched. She looked down. "Hey, Asagiri."


Suddenly, the snow woman felt a hand placed right on top of one of her breasts.

"Even in your true form, yours are bigger than mine." Ayame complained as she squeezed her friend's large breast.

"A-Ayame, now is not the time for this!" Asagiri exclaimed, sweatdropping, her face bright red.


The two demon girls gasped as the ice wall broke from Kikyo's sacred arrow.

"Her sacred arrow broke the ice wall!" the red headed wolf girl exclaimed.

The blacked haired priestess loaded another arrow into the bow, aimed at the two demoness, and fired. Asagiri and Ayame just sat in place as the sacred arrow came towards them at rapid speed. Suddenly, there was a pink and white blur and the arrow was caught in mid-air. The two demon friends gasped at who caught the arrow.

"You two okay?" Kagome asked, now as Sakura, as she threw away the arrow.

"Oh yeah. Besides having my leg almost completely purified, I'm fine and dandy." Ayame said sarcastically.

The white-slivery haired girl giggled at her wolf demon friend's sarcasm. Then she turned her attention to the priestess and glared at her. Kikyo glared right back.

"I'm guessing you are the Warrior Princess, Sakura Hime." Kikyo stated rather then asked.

"You know about me?" Kagome questioned.

"I have heard stories about you, yes."

The pink kimono clad girl smirked. "It appears I have become a bit popular, huh?"

"Hardly." Kikyo remarked.

"So, tell me." Kagome said, placing a hand on her hip, her Chizakura resting on her shoulder. "Why are you trying to kill that Kagome girl and her friends?"

"That is none of your concern."

"Oh, but I think it is. I'm just guessing here, but could it have something to do with Inuyasha?"

The priestess visible tensed at the half-demon's name. "What are you to him?" she demanded.

"Well..." the miko put on a thinking face as she placed her hands behind her head. "To be honest, our relationship is pretty complicated. But, I thing we're making some progress."

Kikyo, angry after hearing her statement, put an arrow into her bow and fired at the other girl. But, like last time, Kagome easily caught it with one hand, the arrowhead just a few inches from her heart.

The warrior started at the priestess with her big, cat-like, pink eyes, a blank expression on her face. "Now listen, Kikyo, I'm angery that you tried to purified Ayame. But I'm not going to kill you if that's what you think, because that would make Inuyasha very unhappy." then, in a blink of an eye, Kagome as in front of the black haired priestess. Kikyo gasped and jumped back a bit from having the other girl's face so close to her's. "However, that doesn't mean I won't hurt you to make you pay." then she punched the priestess in the stomach, a slight sadistic smirk formed on her lips.

Kikyo gasped as she felt the force of the blow collided with her gut. Holding one arm around her aching stomach, Kikyo swiped at Kagome with her wooden bow. But the white silvery haired miko was too quick and jump a good distance away from cold-eyed priestess. Then Kikyo placed an arrow into her bow and fired a sacred arrow.

"Sakura Fan!" the warrior princess's black fan appeared out of thin air and into her hand. "Cherry Blossom Storm!" she swung her fan at the arrow. The storm of sharp pink cherry blossoms collided with the sacred arrow and was able to cut it into a dozen pieces, that fell to the ground. She smirked at the shocked priestess. "You know, since I'm not a demon, it's useless to use your sacred arrows on me." then she pulled a suta out of her long, wide, pink sleeves. She started to chant. "Oh moon, eternal light, faster than a thousand years, entwine with me and protect me. My name is Sakura, Golden One!" a familiar pink aura surrounded her entire body. Then she got down on all fours and started to change into her panther form.

The black haired priestess gasped as she saw the warrior princess change into a pure white panther with pink eyes. Then, at lighting speed, the panther charged at Kikyo. The cold-eyed priestess quickly held her bow out in front of her, just in time to have the panther's sharp fangs chomp down on the wooden weapon. The two of them struggled with each other for awhile, until Kagome used her strength to pry the bow out of Kikyo's hands. And, with a turn of her head, she threw it far across the clearing. Kikyo looked at her bow and back at the panther. Kagome stared at the priestess, as if daring her to try to go get her bow. They stared at each other for a few moments longer, until Kikyo turned around and ran into the trees of the forest. Kagome changed back into Sakura and stared at where the blacked haired priestess disappeared to. She looked back and saw Asagiri supporting a limping Ayame on her shoulder.

"Are you okay, Kagome?" the snow woman asked as the white silvery haired girl walked closer to them.

"Yeah, I'm good." the miko replied, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear. "But it looks like Sakura Hime has gained a new enemy." she sighed.

The two demon girls laughed at their friend. A moment later the rest of their friends came into the clearing.

"Hi, everyone." Kagome greeting them with a smile.

"Don't 'hi, everyone' me woman." Inuyasha said. "What the hell are you doing here?" he demanded.

"I has just out for a midnight stroll, when I saw these two in trouble." the warrior princess pointed at her two demon friends.

"What happened?" Sango asked. "And who the hell is she?" she pointed her finger at Asagiri after asking the question.

Ayame decided to answer the second question first. "Well, this is Asagiri."

"What?!" everyone, except Kagome and Ayame and Asagiri, yelled in unison, shocked looks on all of their faces.

"Yes." the snow woman replied. "You see, this is my true form."

The group was still shocked over seeing the new grown-up Asagiri. Then, after getting over his shock, Miroku walked up to her and clasped both her hands in his.

"Dear Asagiri, would you do me the honor of bearing my children?"

Everyone sweatdropped from the monk's usual question.

"I highly doubt she would want your perverted seed inside her." Ayame said as she kicked Miroku with her good leg, the monk flew back about six feet.

The red head turned to the demon slayer. "And to answer your first question, Kikyo tried to kill us."

"What?!" Inuyasha exclaimed.

"It's true." Asagiri spoke up. "Me, Ayame, and Kagome went for a walk, because we couldn't sleep. When we arrived here, she came out of nowhere and tried to kill Kagome. We told her to ran and she did. Ayame started to fight Kikyo, but ended up purifying her leg a bit. If Sakura had not come when she did, Ayame and I would have been done for."

After the snow woman finished her explanation, Kagome turned around and starting walking into the woods.

"Sakura, where are you going?" Shippo asked.

"I'm gonna go ahead and leave." the white silvery haired girl replied, without looking at them. "See ya." then she walked into the forest.

'That's weird.' Inuyasha thought. 'She didn't flirt with me. Is she mad at me? Well I'm not going to find out just standing here.' then he started to chase after the warrior princess. "Sakura wait, come back!"

"Should we go after them?" Sango asked as she and the others watched the half-demon chase after the young girl.

"No." Miroku said. "I think it's best to leave them alone."

'Geez, why is he following me?' Kagome thought as she ran faster, trying to get after from the silver haired half-demon that was chasing her.

"Sakura, stop running already!" Iuyasha demanded.

"I will not!" she shouted back over her shoulder. "Why are you chasing me anyway?!"

"I want to know why you're mad at me!"

"I'm not mad!"

"Yes, you are! If you weren't, you would have flirted with me back there. Now tell me why you're mad!"

"Probably because I'm being chased by a love-sick puppy!"

Inuyasha growled at that comment. 'I'm getting tired of this game!' he thought, frustrated.

'I have got to lose him." the miko thought. She looked up and saw the millions of trees of the forest. She smirked. 'Perfect!' she quickly jumped in the air and landed gracefully on a high tree branch.

"Woah!" the half-demon exclaimed, amazed at how high the girl could jump.

Kagome looked down from her branch and smirked at him. She stuck out her tongue. "Bye-Bye!" she turned and jumped onto another branch.

A red irritation mark formed on Inuyasha's head. "Don't think you can get rid of me that easily!" then he jumped onto a branch and another, continuing to chase after the pink kimono clad girl.

'Ugh, why won't he give up!?' Kagome thought.

The two of them kept up the game of chase for awhile longer, until Kagome landed on a large tree branch and looked around for the half-demon. She didn't see him.

"Finally, I lost him." she breathed a sigh of relief as she closed her eyes and leaned against the trunk of the tree.

Suddenly, she felt someone grab both of her wrist and lift them up to place them on both sides of her head. The miko gasped and opened her eyes. Pink clashed with gold.

"Looks like I caught you." Inuyasha smirked smugly.

Kagome started to struggle to try to get free, but his grip was too strong. "Let me go, Inuyasha!"

"No way. Not until you tell me why you're so mad at me."

"I am not mad!"

"I can smell that you're lying. Dog demon remember?"

The warrior princess stopped her struggles and looked the half-demon in the eye. She sighed.

"Okay, I'm mad." she admitted. "But not at you. It's just... I heard about your past relationship with Kikyo, and I guess I was a little jealous." she turned her head so she couldn't look at him, her bangs covering her eyes.

Inuyasha started at her in shock. 'She was jealous?' he started at her for a second longer, until he spoke. "Sakura, look at me."

Hesitate at first, Kagome slowly turned her head and looked at him. Inuyasha was surprised. She had a soft pink blush across her cheeks.



They stared at each other a moment longer, then Inuyasha started to lean forward and Kagome learned forward, as well. Their lips came in contact with one another. They just stood there as the kissed each other with much passion. Inuyasha pushed his tongue into the girls mouth and started to explored it, Kagome moaned in pleasure. The two finally parted. Then Inuyasha placed his forehead against Kagome's, both panting a bit. They started at each other for what seemed like hours, until Kagome spoke.

"I should get going. And you need to get back to your friends, I'm sure their worried about you."

Inuyasha, hesitating, let go of her wrists. He stared at her for a while longer, then jumped down from the branch and landed on the ground with a soft thud. He looked back up at the pink eyed girl one more time, before turning and running back to where the others were. When he left, Kagome slid down the trunk of the tree. She pulled her knees to her chest and looked up at the nearly full white moon. She stayed like this for awhile, before standing up and jumping down from the branch and onto the ground below and started making her way back to the campsite.

When Kagome made it back to the campsite, the other were already sleeping soundly. She looked and saw Ayame with a newly bandaged leg and Asagiri, who was back to her mini size, was sleeping on the wolf demon's lap. Kagome quietly tip-toed over to her sleeping back and tucked herself in. She laid awake for a little while longer, thinking about what had happened earlier, until she closed her eyes and fell asleep. Little did she know, was that a certain half-demon was also awake, thinking about the same thing, until he went to sleep himself.

To be continued...
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