Sakura Hime Kagome

Forces Joined (Part One)

Chapter 11: Forces Joined (Part One)

"Ow!" Akira cried out in pain. "Geez, Kana, be a bit more gently will ya?!"

"Your wounds are quite deep." the albino girl said in her usual quiet voice as she rubbed more salve on the black haired girl's bare back.

"It's all that wench's fault." Akira growled. "The next time I see her, she is so dead!"

"Calm yourself, Akira." Naraku said to her as he came out of the shadows. "Being angry can be a disadvantage. And it's your own fault for being too careless."

"Hey, you underestimated her power, too, ya know? So get off my back."

Naraku smirked under his baboon pelt. "I suppose you're right."

"Say, Naraku. Maybe you can give me a teeny tiny Shikon jewel shard." Akira suggested. "That way, I might be able to beat Sakura Hime next time."

"No, you can't." Kana spoke up quietly, looking at her mirror.

"And why is that?" the black haired incarnation asked as she sat up, her hair, which was let down, covering her bare chest.

"Even if you do have a jewel shard, the warrior princess is still much too powerful."

"If that's true, then you better come up with another plan, Akira." Naraku said.

Akira picked up her katana sword, which was laying next to her. "Don't worry, I'll come up with something." she replied. She glared into the sliver blade of her katana. 'Sakura Hime...' she thought. 'I will kill you.' then she slammed the blade into the wooden floor.

"Achoo!" Kagome sneezed.

"Bless you." her friend, Ayami, said.

"Thanks." she replied.

"Are you getting a cold, Kagome?" her other friend, Eri, asked with some concern in her voice.

"Maybe you should have stayed home." her other friend, Yuka, suggested.

"Nah, it's probably nothing." the raven haired girl said. 'Someone is just probably talking about me behind my back.' she commented mentally. 'It's either Inuyasha, complaining about me being gone, or it's Kikyo or Akira, plotting my death.'

"So, Kagome, how are things going for you and you boyfriend?" Eri asked, snapping the fifteen year old out of her thoughts.

"Oh. Well I guess things are going kinda well for us."

"You guess?" Ayami spoke up.

"Yeah, there are some things that have become a bit complicated for us."

"Like what?" Yuka asked.

Kagome sighed. "It's a really long story, and I really don't have time to tell you guys. I have got to go."

"Okay, see you later, Kagome." her three friends waved good-bye as they went in the other direction.

The raven haired miko started her way home, until she ran into a familiar face.

"Hi, Higurashi." Hojo greeted.

"Oh, hey there, Hojo." Kagome greeted back with a warm smile, which made the boy blush.

"A-Are you on your way home?" Hojo stuttered a bit.

"Yeah." the school girl replied, not taking note of his stutter.

"Well, if you don't mind, how about I walk you home?"

"I don't mind, but are you sure you want to?"

"Yes, absolutely." the brown haired boy said.

"Okay, then let's go." Kagome said.

On the way to the shrine, the two classmates started chatting about random things. During there walk, they past by a jewelry stand and something caught Kagome's eye. She stopped walking and got closer to the stand. She saw what caught her eye. It was a necklace. It had a grayish sliver chain with small charms of white crescent moons and yellow stars. On the charm that was on the bottom was what she found the most interesting. It was white crystal Pegasus with it's front legs tucked under it, as the back legs were stretched out. It's wings were spread out.

'It reminds me of Pegasus.' Kagome thought with a giggle.

"Do you like that?" the girl snapped out of her thoughts after hearing her friend's voice.

"Huh?" she turned to the brown haired boy.

"If you want it, I can buy it for you." Hojo offered.

"Oh, you don't have to do that, Hojo." Kagome told him.

"No, it's okay. I want to."

The school boy payed for the necklace and then handed it to the raven haired girl. The piece of jewelry felt cool in her palm. She thanked her classmate and the two started their way to the shrine.

"I'm so bored." Ayame complained, leaning her back on the Bone's Eaters well.

"Me, too." Asagiri agreed, sitting on the wolf demon's lap. "I wish Kagome was back already."

"Well, I could go get her if you two would let me through the well!" Inuyasha shouted at the two demon girls, who were blocking his way to the dried up well.

"No way!" the demon girls replied in unison.

"We promised Kagome that we would not let you through until she got back herself." Ayame said to the fuming half-demon. The wolf girl crossed her arms over her tiny chest and closed her eyes. "Besides, I can't really blame her leaving for awhile. After all, she did see you chase after your beloved undead priestess." she opened her eyes to look at her male companion's shocked face.

"She-She saw me?" Inuyasha stuttered.

"Were you trying to hide it or something?" Asagiri asked him, deadpanning.

"For goodness sake!" Ayame shouted. "Kagome is a really tough girl to be able to put up with you and your stupidity for so long."

"What did you say?!" the silver half-demon yelled angrily at her, an irritation mark on his head.

"What?!" the wolf demon girl stood up abruptly, causing the mini snow woman to fall to the dirt ground. "Don't tell me that those stupid ears of yours can't hear!" she glared at him.

"Oh, your gonna get it now!" Inuyasha charged at Ayame.

"Sit boy!"


The half-demon groaned in pain as he slammed face first into the dirt ground. Kagome pulled herself over the lip of the well and walked towards the trio, hands on her hips and a scowl on her face.

"What is wrong with all of you?" she asked them. "I can't leave for only a couple of days without you guys trying to tear each other apart, can I?"

"Then don't leave next time." Asagiri said jokingly, trying to get her friend to laugh.

It worked. Kagome's scowl disappeared and she started to giggle.

"Okay, I guess I can forgive you guys. Whatever happened was probably Inuyasha's fault."

"Hey!" Inuyasha shouted, now standing up.

The girls laughed at the half-demon.

"Hey, Kagome, what's that?" Ayame asked, while pointing to the necklace that was around the miko's neck, the Pegasus charm hanging just above her breasts.

"Oh, this?" Kagome lifted the piece of jewelry up a bit so the others could see it. "It's a necklace a friend bought for me."

"Oh?" the mini snow woman and wolf demon girl both smirked.

"Is it a she friend or a he friend?" Ayame asked, nudging the raven haired girl with her elbow.

"It's a he." Kagome replied, giggling.

At that answer, Inuyasha's ears perked up and a low growl rumbled in his throat, though the two girls didn't notice. It was noticed, however, by a pink haired mini snow woman.

"Ugh!" Akira groaned as she leaned her back on the tree she was sitting in. "What am I going to do? I need to think of a plan to kill Sakura, or Naraku will have my head." she asked herself.

She looked down from her tree and saw someone. It was a young woman, with black hair and cold brown eyes, wearing the robes of a priestess, she had a scowl on her face.

'Someone seems to be in a bad mood.' Akira thought. 'She looks a bit familiar.' Then an idea came to her. 'If she's a really strong priestess, then maybe she can help me destroy Sakura.' she grinned evilly. 'Then I can kill her for the fun of it.'

The black haired incarnation jumped down from the tree and landed in front of a surprised priestess.

"Yo." she greeted casual.

Kikyo was surprised by the other girl's appearance. She got over it and quickly placed an arrow in her bow and aimed it at the girl.

"Who are you?" she demanded coldly.

"I'll tell you my name if you tell me yours." Akira said as she placed her arms behind her head in a laid back manner.

"I don't have time to play games with a vile demon like you."

"Alright, alright. I'm Akira. There, happy now? Now that you know my name, tell me yours."

"Kikyo." the priestess replied coolly, her bow and arrow still aimed at the blacked haired girl.

Akira stared at her in surprised has she finally remembered her. She smirked. "So you're the Kikyo that Naraku told me about, huh?"

Kikyo's eyes then glared at her. "How do you know Naraku?"

"Oh, I'm just another one of his incarnations is all." Akira replied as if it was nothing, waving her hand in a dismissive manner.

The priestess then fired a scared arrow at her. But Akira dodged it by jumping in the air. She landed on her feet and held her hands out in front of her in a peaceful manner.

"Hey! Take it easy! I'm not here to kill you or anything. I just wanted your help."

"What makes you think that I would help you?"

"Have you heard of the Warrior Princess, Sakura Hime?"

Kikyo's glare turned colder at the mention of the silvery haired girl's name. Akira noticed it.

"I'm guessing you have. You see, I have be ordered by Naraku to kill her and I thought that you would be willing to help."

The priestess thought for a minute. Then Akira stuck out her hand.

"What do you say? If we kill her, then you can have that half-demon all to yourself."

Kikyo, hesitant at first, stuck out her own hand and grabbed the black kimono clad girl's hand and shook it. "Alright, I'll help you, but it's only just this one time. Got it?"

Akira smirked, then nodded. "Got it."

"So, Kagome, tell me about this guy friend of yours." Asagiri said to her friend as she rode on her shoulder.

"Eh? Why do you want to know?" Kagome asked.

"I guess you can say I'm curious." was the mini woman's reply. "What's his name?"

"Well, his name is Hojo."

"Hobo?" a question mark appeared above Ayame's head.

The miko held a hand to her mouth to stop from laughing out loud. "No, it's Hojo."

"Is he the one who brought that necklace for you?" Sango asked as she came up to her friend.

"Yeah, he is."

"Pardon my nosiness." Asagiri said. "But what is your relationship with this Hojo?"

"Yeah, is he your boyfriend in your time, Kagome?" the red headed wolf girl asked with a sly grin on her face.

"Oh no." Kagome replied immediately. "He and I are just friends."

"Uh huh." Ayame said, doubtful. "I highly doubt he would buy you that necklace if you were just a friend to him."

"What are you saying, Ayame?"

"How dense are you?!" the wolf girl shouted. "I'm saying that this Hojo kid wants you to be his girlfriend!"

Asagiri heard low growling. She looked back and saw Inuyasha, his teeth were gritted together and his eyes seemed to hold anger and jealousy.

'Looks like someone is jealous.' the mini snow woman commented mentally, a look of amusement on her face.

"Why would he want me to be his girlfriend?" Kagome asked naively.

A red irritation mark grew on Ayame's head and her eye twitched. She made her hands into fist, then placed them on the sides of the raven haired miko's head, and started to rub them hard.

"Owww!" Kagome screamed in pain.

"Are you being serious?!" the annoyed wolf girl exclaimed, still rubbing her fists into her friend's head. "You can not be this stupid! You have great looks, a great personality, and a totally hot sexy body! Any guy who doesn't want you to be their girlfriend is either an idiot or gay!"

"Ayame, stop it or you'll make two holes into the sides of her head!" Asagiri shouted, trying to stop her wolf demon friend's violent actions.

"I will not stop!" Ayame yelled. "Not until she stops being so naïve and stupid about her appearance!"

"That might be hard considering how selfless she is!"

Sango decided to step in and pull Kagome away, while Inuyasha and Miroku held the red headed demon girl back.

"Please, calm yourself, Ayame." Miroku said calmly as he placed a hand on her chest.

Ayame froze when she felt his hand run up and down her chest.

"Ayame..." the monk looked at her seriously. "Are you really a man?"

Everyone deadpanned and sweatdropped at the idiot monk's question. The wolf girl closed her eyes and her body started to shake in anger, her white tail was held high and stiff and it moved rigidly back and forth, and her face was completely red. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes to glare at the purple robed monk.

"You idiot pervert monk!" she exclaimed as she kicked Miroku in the face, and sent him flying into the sky.

"He's flying." Shippo stated as he and the others watched the monk soar through the air.

"And I think he's still doing." Inuyasha commented.

"Rule number one about Ayame, never ask if she's a man." Kagome told the group.

"Agreed." everyone, except Ayame since she was panting from her frustrated outburst, said in unison as they waited for their perverted monk friend to come back to earth.

After some more traveling, the group had made it to a clearing to rest.

"Man, I'm worn-out." Kagome commented as she sat down on a log with Ayame and Sango.

"Quit lollygagging." Inuyasha said. "We have more traveling to do."

"Hey, we've been doing that since this afternoon without a break. Maybe we should set up camp here." the miko suggested.

"No, we won't." the half-demon argued back.

"Oh really? Maybe we should put it to vote." Kagome turned to the rest of the group. "All those who want to stay here and set up camp for the night, say aye."

"Aye!" everyone, except Inuyasha, held up their hands.

Kagome turned to the sliver haired half-demon and smirked in victory. "Looks like we're staying."

Inuyasha grumbled in annoyance, knowing he was beaten.

A little while later that evening, everyone was enjoying a nice dinner. They chatted and joked with each other. Everything was peaceful. That was until Ayame sensed something coming their way. She stood up quickly.

"Ayame, what's wrong?" Sango asked.

"Something is coming this way." the red headed wolf girl replied.

Everyone stood up and got their weapons ready. No sooner then a second later, a huge centipede demon burst through the trees.

"Ugh! I hate bugs!" Asagiri recoiled in disgust. "Especially when they're bigger than me!"

Kagome quickly fired a scared arrow at it, but it moved out of the way. Ayame threw her leaves and managed to cut the bug demon. The centipede screeched in anger and pain. It charged at the person who threw the leaves.

"Eep!" Ayame yelped as she ran away from the angry insect.

"Hiraikotsu!" the female demon slayer yelled as she threw her giant boomerang.

The weapon flew and hit the centipede demon right in the face.

"Thank you, Sango!" Ayame shouted to the girl who saved her.

"Don't mention it!" Sango replied as she grabbed ahold of her hiraikotsu.

"Alright, now it's my turn!" Inuyasha said as he got ready to cut the bug demon with his sword.

Suddenly, a black whip came out of no where and slashed at the silver haired half-demon's hands, causing him to drop Tessaiga and returning it to a old rusty katana sword. The whip wrapped around the sword's handle and it was pulled forward to the owner of the whip. Akira smirked as she took the sword into her hands.

"What's up?" she said to the group.

"Akira!" Asagiri yelled with a scowl on her face. "What are you doing here?!"

"Just thought I would come by and get revenge for the last time we met."

"You bitch!" Inuyasha shouted angrily at her. "Give back Tessaiga!"

The black haired girl just chuckled evilly. "If you want it back..." she gestured to the centipede demon next to her. "You'll have to defeat this big guy." then she cracked her whip. "Kill them!"

Then the bug demon charged and hit the half-demon with it's tail, sending him flying across the clearing and into a tree. Inuyasha fell to the ground and laid there, motionless.

"Inuyasha!" everyone, except Kagome because she disappeared somewhere, shouted in unison.

The centipede demon charged at the others this time and has ready to attack them.

"Cherry Blossom Storm!"

A storm of sharp pink cherry petals slammed into the giant insect and created various cuts on it's body. Kagome, now Sakura, landed in front of her friends and looked back at them.

"Sorry I'm late." she apologized. She turned her head and gasped when she saw her half-demon love interest laying motionlessly on the ground. She turned back to Akira and the centipede demon. "Were you the ones who did that to Inuyasha?" she asked in a calm, yet scary, voice. Her pink eyes were glaring at them.

Akira was very afraid on the inside, but refused to show. "So what if I did? What are you going to do about it?"

"Come over here and I'll show." the silvery haired girl replied as she lifted her Chizakura up a bit.

"Kill her!" Akira ordered the bug demon with a crack of her whip.

The centipede demon rushed toward Kagome. Before the pink kimono clad girl could do anything, a silver and red blur shot past her. Suddenly, the centipede demon was sliced into piece, it's remains falling to the ground. Everyone was shocked at what had just happened. Kagome soon saw someone standing where the demon once stood, their back was to her.

"Inuyasha?" the girl took cautious steps towards him. 'Please don't tell he's...'

The half-demon turned around to face her. Kagome gasped as she looked in the red eyes, with turquoise pupils, of a full demon Inuyasha.

To be continued...
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