Sakura Hime Kagome

A New, and Unexpected, Companion

Chapter 13 : A New, and Unexpected, Companion

Kagome's dream

The raven haired miko was sitting in the middle of a field, her eyes were closed and her legs crossed. The light of the full moon was shining on her. A gently breeze blew, causing the grass and the girl's hair to sway.

"Concentrate." Pegasus instructed while standing in front of her.

Kagome's eyebrows formed into a frown as she concentrated harder. A pink aura soon surround her.

"Good." Pegasus said. "Now try forming your aura into something. Something small and easy."

The fifteen year old took a deep breath and exhaled. She held out her hands. The pink aura went to her outstretched hands and started to take shape.

"Milady." the winged horse said. "Open your eyes and look at what you have done."

The miko opened her eyes, looked at her hands, and gasped. In her hands, her aura had taken the form of a hawk. The hawk gave a squawk, spread it wings, and took off into the air. It circled the field for awhile, then flew back down and landed on Kagome's shoulder. The hawk cooed as it nuzzled it's head on the miko's cheek. Kagome giggled.

"I guess small and easy wasn't going to cut it." Pegasus commented.

"Sorry." Kagome apologized as she stood, the aura hawk disappearing from her shoulder.

"No need to apologize. It just shows that your powers are growing stronger. And I must say, you are learning quite quickly from your lessons."

"That's because I have you has my teacher." Kagome said in a matter-of-factly tone as she winked.

"I see." Pegasus closed his eyes, as if he was thinking about something.


The winged horse opened his eyes and looked at the raven haired miko, who looked concerned.

"Is everything okay?"

"Yes, don't worry, everything is fine."

"Are you sure?" Kagome asked, looking a bit doubtful.

Pegasus shook his head. "Yes, please don't be worried."

"Okay." the miko said, but still looked a bit doubtful.

"Oh, I almost forgot." the winged horse said. "An old friend of mine wants to meet you."

"An old friend?"

"Yes, he also wants to teach you somethings as well."

"What's his name? And what does he look like?"

Pegasus made a sound that sounded like a chuckle. "He will introduce himself to you. Until then, milady."

A bright, white, light surrounded everything.

End Dream

Kagome sat up from her futon and blinked her eyes, allowing them to adjust to the early morning sun.

"Morning, Kagome." Ayame said to her friend.

"Good morning to you, Kagome." Asagiri also greeted.

"Morning guys." the miko greeted back as she stoodup from the futon and walked outside the hut with her two friends.

"Did you see Pegasus in your dreams?" the red headed wolf asked/whispered.

Kagome nodded. "Yeah." she started to explain what the winged horse had said to her.

"So, this old friend of Pegasus is suppose to show up whenever he wants?" Ayame questioned.

"It seems so." Kagome said.

"Do you not know what he looks like?" Asagiri asked.

"No. Pegasus didn't describe him."

"Then how the hell we suppose to know who he is?!" Ayame exclaimed, a bit frustrated.

"What's with all the yelling?" Inuyasha asked.

"Nothing!" the wolf girl shouted at him. "Mind your own business, dumb dog!"

"What did you call me, you man!?" the the half-demon shouted back, an irritation mark throbbing on his head.

"He's so dead." Kagome commented as she and the mini snow woman clasped their hands together and started to pray.

Ayame'a face went completely red with anger. She glared at the idiot half-demon and pulled some of her sharp leaves. "You're so dead!" she threw the leaves.

Inuyasha yelped as he dodged the leaves and ran away, Ayame chasing after him, throwing more leaves.

"What did he do this time?" Miroku asked as he and the others watched the wolf chase the dog.

"He called her a man." Asagiri said simply.

"Idiot." Shippo said.

"Amen." Sango stated, Kirara meowed in agreement.

After finally calming down the female wolf demon, the group started on with their traveling. They traveled until the afternoon, when they arrived at a village.

"Whew!" Ayame exclaimed when she sat down on the inn floor of the room she and the other girls were staying in. "Man, I'm tired."

"I thought demons were suppose to have a ton of stamina." Kagome teased.

The wolf girl gave the raven haired miko a blank stare. "Haha. You're so funny, Kag."

The other girls giggled.

"Where are the boys?" Asagiri asked.

"Oh, they went to check out the rumors about a demon causing problems for the village." Sango answered.

Ayame stood up and winked. "Well, while the guys are checking out the rumors, about we go shopping ,ladies."

"Shopping?" said ladies replied in unison.

"Yeah, shopping. I hear that this village has some awesome kimonos on sale."

"I could definitely use a new one." Asagiri commented, waving her tiny arms in emphasis. "I've been wearing this one for over fifty years."

"Alright!" the red headed wolf girl pumped a fist in the air. "Let's go shopping!"

The other girls cheered, while Kirara meowed.

Awhile later, the girls, and cat demon, were at a shop selling kimonos.

"What do you guys think of this one?" Ayame asked as she held up a white kimono with a dark blue pattern.

"That would look really good on you, Ayame." Kagome said.

"It would, wouldn't it."

The girls laughed.

"Hey, Kagome." Sango called her friend. "I think this one would be perfect for you." the demon slayer held up a purple kimono with a light purple pattern.

"It will most certainty look lovely on you." Asagiri agreed. "You must buy it."

"Okay, I will." the miko said.

After they bought the kimonos, the group of girls were exploring the village.

"How are you liking your new clothes, Asagiri?" Sango asked the mini snow woman, who was riding on Kirara.

"I love them!" Asagiri said as she twirled in a circle.

The mini snow woman was now wearing a black kimono with a ice blue snowflake pattern, her obi was ice blue. Her purple ribbon was replaced with an ice blue one, it still had the yellow bells attached to it. Finally, she wore knee-length white socks and black sandals.

"They really suit you." Kagome commented.

"I'm amazed that we were able to find some that fit you." Ayame said.

"Then I guess it was a good thing that they were selling kimonos for dolls, huh?" the raven haired miko said.

Suddenly, Kagome had a strange feeling, a feeling that she was being watched. She turned her head and saw that no one was there except a dog. It was a small, but full grown, dog with light brown fur, it's tail was slightly curled upward. It had a white marking, that made a v-shape, around it's neck. It's eyes were black with red markings under them. It also had three red markings on it's forehead. The dog was staring at Kagome with a blank expression.

'There's something about that dog.' the fifteen year old miko thought.

"Kagome?" Ayame's voice brought the girl out of her thoughts.


"Are you okay? You were spacing out for awhile."

"I was looking at the dog."

"A dog?" Sango question.

Kagome nodded her head. "Yeah, the dog, over there." she pointed in the direction of the animal.

"I don't see anything." Asagiri said.

The miko looked and saw that dog was gone. "But it was there a second ago."

"Are you sure it was a dog?" the red headed wolf demoness asked.

"Yeah, I'm positive. It was small, but full grown, and it had these weird markings on it."

"Well, if a dog was there, it's gone now." Sango said. "Come on, let's go back to the inn."

"Okay." the girls replied in unison.

Later that evening, the group was at the inn having dinner. Kagome was munching on some rice, her chin resting on her open palm, with a look of thought on her face.

"Hey, Kagome." Sango spoke up, noticing the look on her friend's face. "Are you still thinking about that dog?"

"What dog?" Miroku asked.

"Oh, Kagome said she saw a dog with strange markings on it today." Asagiri answered.

"Are you thinking about the dog because it reminded you of Inuyasha?" Ayame asked, a sly grin formed on her face.

"No." Kagome replied simply, deadpanning. "This dog was much cuter than him."

"Hey!" the silver haired half-demon shouted. "I heard that!"

"You were suppose to." the miko said to him.

Inuyasha grumbled. "Why can't you act more like Kikyo?"

Everyone froze from the half-demon's question.

'That idiot!' they all thought at the same time.


The group flinched from hearing the sound of Kagome breaking her chopsticks with her thumb. The miko, her bangs hiding her eyes, stood up and walked to the door. She looked behind her shoulder, sending the half-demon a cold stare.

"I'm sorry that I don't act like Kikyo, Inuyasha. But let me ask you this, do you really want me to act like the woman who tried to kill Sakura, Ayame, and Asagiri? And then teamed up with Akira, an incarnation of Naraku, to try to kill us?"

Inuyasha's eyes widened and he flinched. "I-I'm sure there's a reason for that."

Kagome gripped the doorway with her hand tightly, her knuckles turning white. "And what reason would that be?"

"Maybe she was being controlled or something."


Everyone just sat, wide eyed, when they saw what happened. Inuyasha, the most shocked of all, placed his hand on his cheek, where the miko slapped him.

Kagome glared at him, her hand, the one she used to slap the half-demon, was still in the air. "You're hopeless!" she yelled. "What does Sakura see in you?!" she turned on her heels and stormed out of the room.

Inuyasha saw that the others were all glaring at him

"What?" he asked them.

Ayame, Sango, and Asagiri all huffed and walked out of the room, Shippo following them.

"Inuyasha..." Miroku said, staring at the half-demon with a blank expression. "Please fall in a hole and die."


Meanwhile, Kagome was walking in the forest nearby.

"I can't believe he actually said all of those things!" she said out loud. "He really is an idiot!"

The fifteen year old cried out in anger as she punched a nearby boulder, creating a fist-shaped imprint in it. Kagome felt tears threatening to fall from her eyes. Refusing to cry, the miko quickly wiped them away. Suddenly, Kagome felt like someone was staring at her again. She looked down and saw the very same dog from last time, it was still staring at her with the same blank expression.

"It's you again." the raven haired miko stated.

The dog just stared at her.

"Who or what are you? I'm getting the feeling that you're not a normal dog."

Then the dog turned around and ran away.

"Hey, wait!" Kagome called out as she chased after the small canine.

She chased after the dog, until it ran up a tree and rested on a branch high up.

"Woah!" the miko exclaimed. "Since when do dogs climb trees?!"

Kagome, using her agility, jump up and landed on a low branch. She jumped from branch to branch until she landed on the branch the dog was on. The miko just stood and stared at the mysterious animal, who was staring right back at her.

"What are you?" Kagome finally asked.

The dog opened up it's mouth.


The raven haired miko looked down and saw Ayame and Asagiri down on the ground.

"What are you doing up there?" the mini snow demoness asked.

"I saw that dog again and chased it up this tree."

"Up the tree?" the red headed wolf demoness questioned, a look of confusion on her face. "Are you sure it's not a cat, because I'm pretty sure that dogs don't climb trees."

"I'm certain."Kagome replied. "Wait just a moment, I'll be right down."

The young girl turned her attention back to the dog. She got on her knees and slowly held her hand out towards it.

"Will you please come back down with me?" she asked it kindly.

The dog took a cautious step towards to the girl. It smelled her hand, then rubbed it's head against it. Kagome giggled as she gently picked up the canine. She stood up and hopped from the tree branch, landing gracefully on the ground on her feet.

"So this is the strange dog you saw, huh?" Ayame asked as she and Asagiri walked closer to get a better look at the dog.

"Yeah." Kagome said. "And I get the feeling it's not a normal dog."

"And your feeling would be correct." a male voice suddenly spoke up.

The girls all gasped at the sudden voice and looked at the canine in the miko's arms.

"Was that you?" Kagome asked.

"Indeed." the dog replied, still having a blank expression on his face.

"No way." Ayame said in disbelief. "Dogs can not talk."

"And yet, I am."

The dog jumped down from Kagome's arms and landed on the ground on all fours. He then sat down on his hind legs and looked up at the group of shocked girls.

"Allow me to introduce myself." he said. "My name is Watanuki. I believe Pegasus said that I would be meeting you."

"You're that old friend that Pegasus mentioned?" Asagiri asked.

Watanuki nodded. "Yes."

"Pegasus sent a puppy to help us?" Ayame said in disbelief.

A small irritation mark formed on the talking dog's forehead. "I may look like a puppy, but I am actually a full grown dog." he replied in a calm voice, still keeping his blank expression.

"Uh huh." the wolf girl looked doubtful.

"So, Watanuki." Kagome said, trying to get rid of the tense atmosphere that was starting to form. "Why did Pegasus sent you to help?"

"He thought it would be best to have someone watch over you." the small dog replied. "That and he thinks I can teach you a think or two about your powers."

"I see..."

One of Watanuki's ears twitched. "I think the rest of your friends are coming this way."

The three girls turned around and saw their friends coming this way.

"Hey, Kagome." Sango said as she walked up to her friend.

"Hey, guys." the miko greeted back. "What are you doing here?"

"When you, Ayame, and Asagiri didn't come back for awhile, we decided to come look for you." Miroku answered.

Suddenly, Kirara started to hiss.

"Hey, what's wrong, Kirara?" the demon slayer asked.

"Oh, she's probably hissing at him." Ayame said, pointing at Watanuki.

"Is this the dog that you said you saw, Kagome?" Shippo asked, looking closer at the small canine.

"Yeah, his name is Watanuki."

"He looks more like a puppy." Inuyasha commented.

A another small irritation mark appeared on Watanuki's forehead, his tail wagging back and forth vigorously.

"He's so cute." Sango commented as she bent down to pet the dog on the head.

"He is, isn't he?" Kagome said. "And I was thinking, that maybe we can keep him."

"No way!" Inuyasha shouted. "No way are we keeping him, that thing would just slow us down."


The half-demon and everyone else flinched from the tone of voice the miko used.

'Don't tell me, that she's still mad at me.' the scared half-demon thought.

"Sit boy!"


Inuyasha groaned in pain when he landed face first in the ground.

"Well to bad." Kagome said. "He's coming with us whether you like it or not!"

'Remind me to never make you angry.' a male voice said in the fifteen year old's head.

Kagome looked down at Watanuki.

'Was that you?' she asked in her head.

'Yes.' the dog replied mentally. 'I figured speaking to you mentally, when other people are around, would be the safest bet.'

'Oh, okay.'

"So, we're keeping him?" Shippo's voice interrupted the miko and dog's mental conversation.

"Yep." Kagome said, smiling. "He's staying with us."

The little fox demon cheered.

Suddenly, Watanuki started to growl and bark in the direction of some trees.

"What wrong, Watanuki?" the raven haired miko asked.

"I can sense a demon coming this way." Ayame said, pulling some leaves out.

Then a huge lizard demon burst through the trees. It had green scales and glowing yellow eyes. It hissed at the group, showing sharp yellow teeth and a long forked tongue.

"That thing sure is ugly." Inuyasha commented, pulling out Tessagia.

'I think now would be a good time to show me what you can do, Kagome.' Watanuki said mentally to the miko.

'Alright.' Kagome replied back.

The raven haired miko, after making sure no one was watching, quickly ran into the forest, Watanuki following close behind. When she was far enough, Kagome quickly transformed into her alter ego. She pulled out her shell with red ink and made two crescent moons, their backs touching each other, on her palm. Her entire palm glowed pink and Chizakura came out of it. Grabbing the red handle, the now silvery haired miko rushed back to her friends with the small dog. They came back to see the lizard demon holding Ayame by her neck, the wolf demoness struggling to get free. Not hesitating, Kagome quickly ran towards the scaly demon and stabbed it's arm, the one that had the hand wrapped away the red headed wolf demon girl's neck, with her katana. The big lizard hissed in pain as it released Ayame from it's grasp. The young wolf demoness coughed as she tried to catch her breath.

"Are you alright?" Kagome asked as she knelt down beside her friend to make sure she was okay.

"Yeah." Ayame replied. "Thanks to you, Sakura."

Suddenly, the two girls saw the lizard demon in charge at them. Kagome got in front of Ayame to shield her from the demon. The lizard demon shot out it's tail to hit the girl duo, but Watanuki got in front of them, all four of his legs were spread apart from each other. He barked and the three red markings on his forehead glowed a bright red. Then a red barrier surrounded the trio. When the the giant lizard's tail the barrier it bounced back. The lizard demon hissed angrily and started hitting the barrier with it's claws.

'I can't keep the barrier up forever.' the small dog told Kagome mentally.

"Just hang on a bit longer, Watanuki!" the miko said. She looked back behind her. "Sango!" she called out to the demon slayer. "Use your Hiraikotsu!"

"Okay!" Sango said as she threw her giant boomerang.

The weapon hit the lizard demon and send it back a few feet.

"Great job, Sango!" Kagome complimented the demon slayer. She turned her attention to the small canine. "You can put the barrier down now, Watanuki."

'Thank goodness.' Watanuki sighed mentally as he put down the red barrier, he was panting slightly.

The pink eyed miko stood up and gently picked up the tried dog.

"Using the barrier drains my energy a bit." Watanuki whispered to the fifteen year old holding him.

Kagome smiled at him. "Well, you can rest for a bit now." she handed him to the red headed demon girl. "Take care of him, Ayame."

"Will do." the wolf demoness replied.

The silvery haired girl turned her attention to the lizard demon. She got into an attack stance.

"Alright, let's finish this!" she shouted out to it.

The scaly demon hissed as it shot out it's long tongue. Kagome moved to the side, dodging the forked tongue. She grabbed the tongue and, using her all of her strength, pulled it forward. When she pulled the tongue, Kagome had sent the lizard demon flying in her direction. When the demon was close enough, the miko jumped up in the air, spun around, and kicked the lizard demon in the face with her knee, sending it hurling to the sides.

"I taught her how to do that." Ayame whispered proudly to Watanuki.

The lizard demon hissed as it stood up.

"Purifying Cherry Blossoms!" Kagome shouted as she swung her Chizakura out towards the demon.

Glowing pink cherry blossom petals came out of the katana and went flying towards the scaly demon. When the cherry petals landed on the lizard demon, it hissed in pain as it felt itself being purified. Kagome charged at the demon, ready to slice it with her sword. But the lizard demon spun around, hitting the young girl with it's big scaly tail. The miko cried out as she flew back and landed on the ground, she rolled for awhile before coming to a stop. As soon as she stood up, Kagome felt something slimy around itself around her, pinning her arms to her side. The fifteen year old struggled, trying to get free from the lizard demon's tongue.

"Oh no, Sakura!" Asagiri yelled out, very concerned for her friend.

Not hesitating, Inuyasha quickly ran forward and slashed the lizard's tongue with his Tessiaga. Kagome fell to the ground after being free from the demon's slimy tongue. She noticed a clawed hand held out in front of her.

"Are you okay, Sakura?" the sliver haired half-demon asked in genuine concern.

The silvery haired miko just stared at him. Then she stood up, ignoring his hand.

"I'm fine, thanks." she said curtly, not looking at him.

Inuyasha looked at her in confusion.

Kagome held her Chizakura out in front of her and charged at the lizard demon. There was a slicing sound as the young girl ran past the demon. The miko stood a few feet away from the scaly demon. No one moved as they all watched to see what would happen. Then, a few seconds later, Kagome raised her hands and snapped her fingers. Exactly when she did, the lizards demon exploded into cherry blossoms, which blew away when a gently breeze blew.

"Alright!" Ayame cheered. "She won!"

'Pegasus was right.' Wantanuki thought. 'She is indeed strong.'

"You did great, Sakura." Sango complimented her.

"It was no problem." Kagome said simply. She turned to the silver haired half-demon. "Inuyasha, thanks for it, but I didn't ask for your help, okay?"

Everyone blinked and stared at the warrior princess in surprised.

"What?" Inuyasha was the first one to speak. "If it wasn't for me, then who knows what would have happened to you."

'Oh my.' Watanuki remarked mentally. 'A lover's quarrel.'

"I could have gotten out of there myself." Kagome told the half-demon.

Inuyasha grumbled. "Man, you're stubborn."

"Oh really? Then would you rather have me act like your undead ex-girlfriend."

Everyone stared stared at the young girl in surprise again.

"Where did that come for?" Inuyasha asked her.

"I'm just saying." Kagome replied. "Do you want me to act like the woman who goes around trying to kill almost everybody she see? Or do you think she's being controlled?"

"Who told you all this?"

"Forget it." the young miko turned on her heels and started to walked into the forest trees. "I'm outta here."

"Wait, Sakura!" Inuyasha grabbed her arm.

Kagome pulled her arm back, turned around, and held up her Chizakura. Inuyasha and the others gasped when they saw that the sharp tip of the katana was just mere inches from the half-demon's face.

"Don't touch me." the miko said, staring at the half-demon with a cold glare. "And don't follow me. If you do, then I'll do something I'll probably regret later." and with that, Kagome turned around and ran into the trees.

Nobody said anything as they all just stared in shock and surprised where the young girl was just a moment ago.

"Now that makes me happy." Akira commented, from up in a tree, grinning widely from the scene she just saw. "Young love falls apart. If Sakura Hime hates that half-breed, then she'll be all my." she laughed evilly and then disappeared into the night.

To be continued...
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