Sakura Hime Kagome


Chapter 14: Forgiveness

Kagome was at the bone eater's well, her backpack on her back. She put one of her legs over it the lip of the well, ready to jump in, until a male voice spoke up.

"Going somewhere?" Watanuki asked as he appeared out of nowhere.

"Just going home for awhile." the miko answered. "After what happened a few days ago, I just need to get away from here for a bit."

"I understand." the talking dog said.

Watanuki walked closer to the well and jumped on it. He sat down and looked up at the young girl. "I would like to go with you." he said.

"What?" Kagome said, confused. "But only Inuyasha and I can travel through the well."

"Why don't we just try it?"

Kagome thought for a moment. "Alright." she picked up the small canine, turned around, and jumped into the well.

There was bright flash of blue light inside the well. Then Kagome felt her feet touch solid ground. She looked down in her arms and saw that light brown dog was still in her arms.

"You were able to travel through!" the raven haired miko stated in disbelief.

"I had a feeling I could." Watanuki said, still keeping his blank expression.

"Well, let's get out of this well and introduce you to my family." Kagome, still holing the small dog, grabbed the rope in the well and climbed out of it.

"Mom, I'm home." the young girl announced as she opened the door to her family's kitchen.

"Welcome home, sweetie." the girl's mother greeted her daughter.

"You're back, sis." Souta said when he saw his older sister.

"Yep. And I brought back a friend." the fifteen year old told them as she set the small canine on the floor to show her mother and brother.

"A puppy?" the young boy questioned.

A small irritation mark throbbed on Watanuki's head, keeping his blank expression on as his tail started to wag back and forth vigorously. Kagome chuckled slightly and sweatdropped.

"No, he may look like a puppy, but he's actually a full grown dog."

"Demon begone!" an elder voice shouted as white power was throw on the light brown dog.

Watanuki sneezed as he tried to shake the power out his fur.

"Grandpa!" Kagome shouted at the old man. "Watanuki is not a demon!"

"He could be one in disguise!" grandpa Higurashi argued back.

"I can assure you he is not, you fake priest!" the young miko picked up the small dog and walked up the stairs to her room. "I'm going to take a nap before dinner, I've had a long day."

Then she got into her room, Kagome closed the door and set the talking canine on her bed, which had a sleeping Buyo (is that how you spell his name?) on it.

"What a fat cat." Watanuki commented as he poked the sleeping cat with one of his paws.

Buyo woke up from the poking and raised his head to stare at the other animal. The fat cat stood up on all four and started to sniff the canine. Then Buyo purred and started to rub himself against Watanuki, licking his face. Kagome laughed.

"I don't find this funny in the least." the light brown dog said, uncomfortable with the cat's rubbing, purring, and licking.

"I think it's adorable." the young girl disagreed.

"Please, get him off of me, Kagome."

"Alright, alright."

Kagome sat down on the bed and pulled the feline off of the canine, setting him on her lap.

"Your family doesn't know about you and your new abilities, do they?" Watanuki asked.

The fifteen year old shook her head. "No."

"Good. I think it would be best to keep them in the dark."

"Hey, Watanuki." Kagome said as she laid down on her bed, the fat cat rolling off her lap and curling into a ball next to her.

"Yes?" the small dog asked.

"I have to ask, but how do you and Pegasus know each other?"

Watanuki walked up to the miko and hopped onto her stomach. Then, to Kagome's surprise, he smiled.

"Pegasus and I met when he saved my life."

"Saved your life?"

"Yes. He saved me from an evil witch that was planning on eating me for her dinner. If not for Pegasus, I would have been dog soup. It was also Pegasus who gave me the ability to talk."

"Wow." was all the miko said after hearing the story.

"Indeed." the talking dog replied, chuckling slightly. He looked at the young girl. "Now, I think it would be best to get some rest. You said it yourself, you've had a long day."

Kagome yawned. "Yeah, you're right, good-night." she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Watanuki took one end of a blanket and dragged it over to the miko, placing it over her. He looked at her sleeping face and smiled again. 'Thinks are most certainly going to get more interesting.' he yawned. Then, feeling tired himself, he curled up into an ball beside Kagome and drifted off to sleep.

"Man." Ayame, on her knees, sighed as she leaned over the lip of the bone eater's well and peered down at the bottom. "I wonder when Kagome will come back?"

"I'm not to sure." Asagiri said as she sat on the lip of the well.

"Keh." the two demoness heard a certain half-demon scoff. "I don't know why that wench left in the first place."

"It's because of you that she left in the first place, idiot!" the red headed wolf girl shouted as she kicked Inuyasha in the face, a red irritation mark throbbed on her head.

The sliver haired half-demon flew back a few feet until coming to a stop.

"If you hadn't asked her way she couldn't act like Kikyo, then Kagome would still be here!" Ayame started to repeatedly stomp her foot on him.

"Ow! Inuyasha cried out in pain. "Stop it already!"

"Please calm down, Ayame." Miroku said as he tried to clam down the angry wolf girl.

"Not until he goes to Kagome's era and apologizes to her!" Ayame shouted, still wailing on the half-demon with her foot.

Sango finally decided to step in and pull the red headed demoness away.

"I don't see what I have to apologize for." Inuyasha remarked as he stood up.

"You can go apologize for being an idiot." Asagiri spoke up, now riding on Kirara.

"What did you say, pipsqueak?!" the half-demon shouted, an irritation mark appearing on his head.

"Inuyasha..." the mini snow woman's face turned serious. "I have something very important to ask you. And I want you to think about it. If Kagome, Sakura Hime, and Kikyo were all in danger, which one would you save if you could only save one of them?"

Inuyasha stared at her in shock.

"Please think about that careful." Asagiri said as she rode away on Kirara.

"I'm going to school now!" Kagome announced as she walked down the steps of the shrine.

When she was finally down the steps, she noticed that Watanuki was beside her.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Going with you to school, of course." the talking dog replied simply. "I still need to keep an eye on you."

"But they don't allow dogs in school." Kagome said as she and the small canine walked in the direction of school.

"Don't worry." Watanuki reassured her. "I won't go inside, I'll just stay outside and watch you."

"No offense, but that sounds like something a stalker would say." the miko remarked, sweatdropped.

"I guess so." the small dog chuckled slightly.

Kagome sighed as she listened to her teacher go on about a math equation.

'I'm bored.' she commented mentally as she looked out the window. 'I would rather be fighting demons, as Sakura Hime, then be here right now.'

"Higurashi." the young girl's teacher's voice brought her out of her thoughts.

"Yes sir?" Kagome said as she stood up from her desk.

"Please come up to the board and solve this problem."

The young miko walked up to the chalkboard and started writing the answer, but stopped when she didn't know what to do next.

'Damn it.' she cursed mentally. 'What do I do next?'

'You divide by five then add the x.' a familiar male voice said into the young girl's head.

Kagome mentally gasped. 'Watanuki? Where are you?'

'Don't mind that. Right now, solve the problem before your classmates think you're an airhead or something.'

The fifteen year old did as the dog said. When she was done, her teacher inspected her work.

"Correct." he said, slight surprise was in his voice.

Kagome breathed a sigh of relief as she walked back to her desk and sat down.

"What nice weather." the miko commented as sat on the edge of the school's roof, a bento (a boxed lunch) was on her lap.

"It is indeed." Watanuki, also sitting on the edge, agreed as he closed his eyes and felt the gentle breeze blow through his fur.

He opened his eyes and saw that Kagome had put five pieces of sausages, all shaped like octopuses, in a small bowl and moved it closer to him.

"What's this for?" the small canine asked.

"A reward." the young girl replied. "I just want to thank for helping me with that math problem back in class."

"It was no problem." Watanuki said as he sniffed the food. He got one of the octopus-shaped sausages in his mouth and munched on it. "It's very good." he remarked as he ate another.

"I'm glad you like it." Kagome smiled as she munched on some tamagoyaki (a type of Japanese omelette, which is made by rolling up several layers of cooked egg). "I have to say, I'm surprised that you knew how to solve that problem."

"Well, I do know a thing or two about the modern world." the talking dog remarked as he licked his lips clean after he finished his meal.

"How come?"

"That will have to be story for another time." Watanuki said as he rolled over on his back, exposing his underbelly. "In the meantime, I would like to have my stomach rubbed, please."

Kagome giggled as she reached her hand down and started rubbing the small dog's belly. Watanuki sighed in pleasure as the young girl gently rubbing his stomach.

"Ah. Yes. Go down a bit. Ah, right there."

The young miko laughed.

"I'm home!" Kagome announced as she and Watanuki walked into her house.

""Hi, sweetie." her mother greeted. "How was school?"

"Is was okay." the young girl replied as she walked up the stairs to her room with the small dog. "I'm going to go do my homework until dinners ready."

"Okay, honey, let me know if you need anything."

Kagome and Watanuki walked into her room and she closed the door. She sat at her desk and pulled out her math homework while the talking canine hopped onto the desk to watch her. A few minutes passed by until Watanuki spoke up.

"That's not right."

"Eh?" Kagome looked at him.

The light brown dog pointed to a math formula with his paw. "You need to add this formula."

"Okay." the miko did what he said. "Oh, now I get it. Thanks a lot, Watanuki." she scratching his furry head.

"It was nothing." he said modesty. Then one of his ears twitched. He turned to the open window in the room. "I think you have a visitor." he whispered to the girl.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome said in confusion when she saw the half-demon climb through her window. "What are you doing here?"

"Isn't it obvious?" he asked curtly. "I'm here to bring to back."

"I don't think so." the fifteen disagreed. "I'm not ready to go back yet. Now, be a good dog, and shoo." she made a shooing motion with her hand.

An irritation mark throbbed on Inuyasha's head. "You're coming with me, whether you like it or not."

He grabbed her arm. Just when he started to pull her, Watanuki growled and bit the half-demon's arm.

"Oww!" Inuyasha cried out as he pulled his arm back. "That thing bit me!"

"I know." Kagome said calmly as she picked up the small dog. "Good boy, Watanuki." she scratched behind his ear, the dog closing his eyes in pleasure.

"Wait, isn't that the same dog that you found?" the half-demon asked.

"Sure is." the miko replied.

"How the hell is he here in your era?"

Kagome just shrugged her shoulders. "I dunno. He just went through the well with me, and he was just here."

Inuyasha sighed. "Whatever, just come back with me or else."

"Or else what? You do know that I have an advantage on you, right?" the young girl smirked.

'Oh no.' the sliver haired half-demon thought, panicking.

'Here it comes.' Watanuki thought.

Kagome took a deep breath. "Sit boy!"


Inuyasha groaned in pain.

'What an idiot.' the small canine commented mentally.

The half-demon stood up. "You're going to get it now!"

Kagome stood up, grabbed him by his kimono. Then, much to Inuyasha's surprise, she tossed him out the window with ease.

'When did she get so strong?!' the half-demon thought in shock when he landed on the ground outside.

"And stay out!"the fifteen year old shouted down to him as she closed the window and locked it.

"Well, look who's back." Ayame said as she and the others saw their half-demon friend climb out of the well. "Did you apologized?"

"Hell no." Inuyasha replied. "I tried to get her to come back, but just she sat me and threw me out a window!"

Everyone just stared at him blankly. Then they all started to laugh hard.

"Shut up!" the sliver haired half-demon shouted at them.

When they all finally stopped laughing a few minutes later, Asagiri looked up at her male companion.

"She probably would have come back with you if you just said you were sorry."

"I still don't think I have anything to be sorry for."

"Haven't I already told what you need to be sorry for?" the red headed wold demoness asked, through gritted teeth, as she started to pull on one of the half-demon's ears, causing him to scream in pain.

"Ah." Kagome sighed as she slipped into the warm water of the bath tub.

After dinner that night, the young miko went to the bath house (since she and her family live in an old shrine, I figured I give them an old bath house) to wash up.

The young girl hummed to herself as she started washing her raven hair.

"You have a nice voice." a male voice commented from above.

Kagome gasped slightly as she stood up and looked up. She saw Watanuki standing in the bath house window, having the same blank expression in his face.

"Oh, it's only you, Watanuki." the brown eyed girl sighed as she sat back down in the tub.

"I thank you for not screaming." the small canine said as he jumped down from the window and landed landed on the bath house floor. "However, I did expect you to go "kyaa" or something."

"I don't find it necessary." the miko remarked. "Even though you're a male, you're still a dog."

"You're a bit too trusting, you know?" Watanuki told her as he placed his paw on a shampoo bottle and pushed down, causing shampoo to squirt out.

"Maybe so." Kagome giggled slightly. "Come here, I'll give you a bath."

"I don't need one." the talking dog said somewhat stubbornly.

"Agree to disagreed. Now, come over here or I'll pick you up and throw you in here."

Watanuki hesitated for a bit, until he decided to finally to walk over to the girl. Kagome leaned down, picked up the small dog and gently put him in the tub with her. She began to wash his fur.

"This isn't so bad." the light brown dog said as the young miko gently washed his fur.

Later that night, Kagome was laying, in her pajamas, on her bed, reading a book, with Watanuki curled up in a ball next to her.

"Kagome..." the talking dog spoke up.


"Do you think you will forgive that idiot half-demon for what he said?"

The young miko thought for a moment as she put down her book and stroked the dog's fur. "Honestly, I'm kinda over it. But I would like to hear an apology from him, though."

"I see." Watanuki raised his head to look at her. "Considering how stubborn and stupid he is, though, it will probably take a long while."

Kagome laughed. "I guess your right. Well, time for bed." she leaned over an turned off the lamp on her nightstand. "Good-night, Watanuki." she said as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

"Good-night, Kagome." the small dog replied back as he went to sleep himself.

"I miss Kagome." Asagiri declared as she sighed.

"She's only be done for one day." Sango told the mini snow woman.

"I know. But to me, that's way too long."

Ayame scoffed. "Well, if someone had apologized to her when he was in her time, she would be here right." she glared at her half-demon companion.

"Will you get off me back already?!" Inuyasha shouted.

"Nope." was the wolf demon's reply.

Inuyasha grumbled. "Women take things too seriously."

"What's that suppose to mean?" Ayame, Asagiri, and Sango asked in unison as they narrowed their eyes at the half-demon.

Said half-demon gulped in fear. "N-Nothing."

All the girls just huffed.

"You're definitely not winning any popularity contest." Shippo commented.

Inuyasha hit him on the head, causing the fox demon to yelp.

Suddenly, the half-demon stood up. "I can smell Naraku."

Everyone quickly got out the hut they were in and rushed outside. They saw a familiar face.

"Yo." Akira greeted them casually.

"Akira!" Ayame exclaimed as she glared at the black haired incarnation. "What do you want?!"

"Can't a girl come over and say hi?" Akira asked innocently.

"Not unless she wants to try to kill you." Miroku said.

"Ha, you got me." she put her arms behind her head. "I did come to try to kill you." she turned her attention to the sliver haired half-demon. "And since Sakura Hime hates you now, I figured I would have a better chance at getting rid of you."

Inuyasha growled. "What did you say?" he asked through gritted teeth.

Akira smirked. "I said that Sakura Hime hates you." she repeated, emphasizing the word hates.

Suddenly, without warning, Inuyasha charged at the black kimono-clad girl, Tessagia drawn. When he swung the giant sword towards her, Akira jumped in the air to dodge it with ease. While in the air, she pulled out her katana and swung it in the direction of the angry half-demon. A beam of dark energy came out of the sword and went hurling towards Inuyasha. It collided with the half-demon's chest and sent him flying.

"Inuyasha!" the others yelled.

Kagome gasped as her eyes snapped open and she quickly sat up.

"Kagome!" Watanuki exclaimed as he woke up himself. "What's wrong?"

The young miko panted a bit. "I-I just got a bad feeling all of the sudden."

"I am getting the same feeling as well." the talking dog remarked. "I think we should go back to the other era, right now."

Kagome nodded her head. "You're right."

The fifteen year old and small canine quickly jumped out of bed. Kagome opened her bedroom window and, with Watanuki, jumped out and landed on the ground with ease. They both quickly rushed to the well house. The young girl opened the door and hastily walked down the wooden steps. Then, without hesitating, both girl and dog jumped into the old well.

'Please everyone, be safe.' Kagome thought as her eyes turned pink.

"Hiraikotsu!" Sango shouted as she threw her giant boomerang at the black haired incarnation.

"Too easy!" Akira exclaimed as she easily deflected the weapon with her sword.

"Wind Tunnel!" Miroku shouted as he unwrapped his hand and shot it out in the girl's direction.

Akira pulled out her black whip and lashed it out towards the monk. The whip's thin cord wrapped around Miroku's wrist. Then, with amazing strength, the black haired incarnation pulled the whip up, causing the monk to go up in the air, then pulled it down, making the young man slam to the ground.

The red eyed girl laughed. "I guess you guys are total weaklings without the warrior princess, huh?"

"Don't forget me!" Ayame yelled as she ran, at high speed, towards the other girl. When she was close enough, the wolf girl jumped in the air and shot out her leg to kick the black kimono-clad girl.

Akira just smirked as she easily caught the demoness foot and slammed her hard to the ground.

"You guys are so boring." the black haired incarnation complained. "Man, I wish Sakura Hime was here."

"Be careful what you wish for!" a familiar, female, voice shouted behind her.

Akira gasped as she turned around, only to be punched in the face.

"Sakura!" everyone exclaimed in unison when they saw the silvery haired girl.

"Sorry I'm late." Kagome apologized as she turned to her friends. "Is everyone okay?"

"Yes, we are fine." Asagiri reassured her.

"You came at just the right." Ayame said.

"How did you know we were in trouble?" Sango asked the other girl.

"You can say I had a feeling." Kagome replied. She turned her head to see a certain half-demon staring at her. She hmphed and turned her head away.

'She's still mad at me too?!' Inuyasha thought.

'I have nothing to say to him.' the pink eyes warrior princess thought as she turned around to face her enemy. "Your opponent is me, Akira!" she shouted.

Akira, who was on the ground after being punched in the face, stood up, holding her bruised cheek. She looked at her enemy with a large grin on her face. She began to laugh.

"She's laughing?" Ayame said in disbelief.

"Oh, yes!" Akira exclaimed when she stopped laughing. "Come on, fight me! I want your full attention on me!"

"What's with this girl?" Inuyasha asked.

"Very well." Kagome said. She pulled out her seashell, opened it, and dipped her finger in the red ink. She made two crescent moons, their backs touching each other, on her palm. Her palm started to glow a bright pink. Then her beautiful katana sword sprung out. Kagome grabbed the Chizakura's red handle and took an attack position. "Bring it on, Akira!"

The two girls charged at each other, swords drawn. Their katanas came in contact with one another, causing sparks to fly. Soon both girls were fighting each other all over the place, at speeds that made them look like pink and black blurs.

"Should we help her?" Sango asked as she and other watched the two girls fight each other.

"No." Asagiri replied. "Sakura must fight Akira alone."

"Take this!" the black haired incarnation shouted as she held her sword above her head. Soon, the katana's blade turned a dark purple color. She swung her sword out towards the warrior princess. A dark purple beam of energy came out of the katana and was hurling towards the silvery haired miko.

Kagome held out her hand. "Sakura Fan!" her black fan, with a cherry blossom pattern, magically appeared in her hand. She swung her fan in the direction of the dark purple ball. "Purifying Cherry Blossoms!" a storm of pink cherry blossoms, glowing with purifying energy, shot of the fan.

When purifying cherry blossoms collided with the dark purple ball there was a small explosion, causing black smoke to go everywhere. Everyone covered their mouths so they wouldn't inhale the smoke. Suddenly, Akira saw a silhouette through the smoke in front of her. Then, without warning, the silvery haired warrior princess shot through the smoke and tackled the black haired incarnation the ground. Before Akira could do anything, Kagome quickly grabbed both her wrist and pinned them above her head.

"Give up, Akira." the fifteen year old said.

"Great work, Sakura!" Ayame called out as she and the others rushed towards the two girls.

"It was nothing." Kagome said modestly, not taking her eyes off of her enemy.

'Kagome!' Watanuki's voice appeared in the miko's head. 'Watch her feet!'

'What do you me-' Kagome was cut of from her thoughts when she Akira's legs wrap around her waist.

Then the black haired incarnation flipped their positions. The silvery haired miko was now laying on her back with her hands pinned besides her head, Akira's knees were straddling her waist.

"Sakura!" the young girl's companions shouted when they saw what happened.

The red eyed girl smirked. "You really surprised me there." she admitted. "You know..." the black haired incarnation leaned closer to the trapped girl's face. "You're really cute."

"Wha-" Kagome was cut off again when she felt a pair of lips on hers. Her pink eyes widened.

The others froze, shocked by what they were seeing.

'S-She's kissing me?" was all the young miko thought as the other girl continued to kiss her.

'Her lips are really soft.' Akira thought as she deepened the kiss.

For what seemed like hours, which was really only a few seconds, Inuyasha was the first one to snap out of shock. He ran towards them, raising his hand to cut the incarnation with his claws. But Akira quickly noticed the attack and jumped off of the other girl, making the half-demon strike air.

"Sakura, are you alright?!" Inyasha asked as he helped the still shocked silvery haired girl up to her feet.

"I-I think so." Kagome replied as she touched her fingers to her lips.

"You have to admit, I'm not that bad of a kisser." Akira commented, high in a tree. "Even though that was my first kiss..." she placed her fingers to her lips. The black haired incarnation looked down at the warrior princess and smiled a real smile. "I really liked it. Let's do it again sometime." she winked. "Kay, sweetie?"

Inuyasha growled loudly. "Akira, you bitch!"

"Aw! The little doggie is jealous, how cute! Well, I'm off, see ya!" and with that the black haired incarnation disappeared into the forest.

"What do think this mean?" Ayame asked when the girl left.

"I think it means that Inuyasha has another rival for love." Miroku answered.

'Kagome, are you alright?' Watanuki asked mentally.

'Yes, just a bit shocked is all.' the silvery haired miko replied.

'Understandable. I would be too after something like that.'

"Sakura..." a certain half-demon's voice brought the young girl out of her thoughts.

"Well, I'm gonna go on too." the fifteen year old said, ignoring the silver haired man. "Bye, bye."

The warrior princess started to walk away, but felt a hand grab her wrist. She turned around and saw it was Inuyasha.

"Let me go, Inuyasha." she said to him firmly.

"Not until you tell why you're mad at me." he replied.

"Geez!" Kagome exclaimed in annoyance. "This again?!" she pulled her wrists back. "Okay, I'm mad but I won't tell you why."

"How come?"

"You wouldn't understand."

"What makes you say that?"

"Because you are a hopeless idiot!" tears threatened to fall down from the miko's eyes as she stared angrily at a surprised half-demon. "A hopeless idiot! You think that your undead lover is being controlled or something, but in reality, she's doing all the things she's done on her own free will." her tears were now flowing down her cheeks and dropping to the ground below. "When you defend her like that, it makes me really angry. And it also makes me really jealous, too. You know, deep down in my heart, I wish Kikyo would just disappeared!"

Everyone stared at the girl in shock.

'Kagome...' both Ayame and Asagiri thought as they look at their with sympathetic eyes.

"I knew it was wrong to wish for something like that, so I dismissed it." Kagome continued. "But when you talk about her, saying how great she is and all, I'm reminded about that very wish. And now, I'm starting to wish I never developed feeling for you!"

Then, without warning, Kagome spun on her heels and ran away into the forest.

"Sakura, wait!" Inuyasha called out as he chased after the after the crying girl.

'I hope everything turns out well for them.' Watanuki thought as he and the others stood and stared where their friends were a moment ago.

Meanwhile, a certain warrior princess was being chased by a certain half-demon.

'Why won't he leave me alone?!' Kagome thought as she continued to run away.

"Sakura!" Inuyasha called out as he tried to catch up with the young girl.

"No, leave me alone!" the miko shouted back.

Finally, using his demon speed, Inuyasha caught up with the silvery haired fifteen year old, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Let me go!" Kagome demanded as she struggled to get free.

"Not until you talk to me." the half-demon said in calm voice, trying to get the young girl to calm down.

The pink eyed girl stopped her struggles, knowing it was useless. She turned around and started pound her fists on to the half-demon's chest repeatedly, crying slightly.

"You're an idiot." she commented in a more calm voice when she stopped pounding her fists into his chest and leaned her head on it.

"I know." Inuyasha agreed as he placed one of his arms around her shoulders and pulled her close to him, he placed his chin on her head.

They both stayed in that position for a bit longer, until the silver haired half-demon broke the ice.

"You really don't like Kikyo, huh?"

"Isn't obvious?" Kagome replied as she wiped away a few tears. "I'm sorry."

"For what?" Inuyasha asked.

"For all the things I said back there. I didn't mean it, I was just really angry."

"It's okay. I would have said those things too if I was in your position."

The young miko looked up at him, pink eyes clashed with amber.

"You know, I'm serious about having feelings for you." then she stood on her tip-toes and placed her lips on his.

Inuyasha's eyes widened a bit in surprise, but he soon kissed her back. The couple stood there for a moment longer, until they both pulled away for air. Kagome gently pushed herself away from the half-demon.

"I should go now." she said. "I'll see you later." then she turned around and ran away, leaving behind her love interest.

'I wonder, how I feel about her.' Inuyasha thought as he watched the young girl run off.

To be continued...
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