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Asagiri's Story

Chapter 3: Asagiri's Story

After Kagome had saved the snow demon, Asagiri, from the merchant the group decided to break for lunch, made by Kagome and her mother, in a field. While they were still in the village, Kagome had bought a mini food dish for a Asagiri. It contained: mini bowls, plates, cups, and a pair of chopsticks. Asagiri was very happy about the dish set and the delicious food, she was eating.

"Itadakimasu!" Asagiri exclaimed happily, as she dug into her food quickly, stuffing her face full of food.

"Wow, for a little demon, she can really chow down." Sango commented, as she watched, amazed at how fast the mini demon was eating.

"Yeah, she looks like Inuyasha when he eats ramen." Miroku said.

"Don't compare me to that shrimp!" Inuyasha yelled.

Asagiri said something, but her mouth was too full of food for anyone to understand.

"Asagiri, chew and swallow your food before you talk, or else you'll choke." Kagome stated like a mother-like tone.

Asagiri quickly chewed than swallowed her food. Next she took a big gulp of tea, to help wash it inhaled then exhaled. "I'm sorry." she apologized. "What I was trying to saw was, I couldn't help but eat so much. Because one..." She held up one finger. "I haven't had anything to eat in almost four days, not even when I was that merchant. And two... this is the best food I have had in years!" Asagiri turned toward Kagome with stary eyes. "Did you really make all of this Kagome?"

Kagome started to blush and rub the back of her in embarrassment. "Actually, my mom helped me with most." she admitted.

"Well, now I know where you get your amazing cooking skills from." Asagiri stated. She sighed. "I can't believe it. First, you save me from being sold to an old man. Then your letting me eat this wonderful food. How can ever repay you for your kindness?"

"You don't have repay me for anything Asagiri." Kagome replied. "Hey, you have some food on your face." she dug a handkerchief from her bag and leaned down to wipe her new friend's face, but Asagiri stopped her.

"I-It's okay." the mini snow demon stammered. "Besides, I don't want your pretty handkerchief to get all dirty."

Kagome smiled. "It's alright. It's just a handkerchief, I can wash it later." she gently wiped Asagiri's face.

'She really is a nice girl.' Asagiri thought as Kagome finished wiping her face. Seeing Kagome smile also made her heart melt. 'W-What would I do if a ever fall in love with Kagome? I can't let that happen.'

"Hey, Asagiri, can I ask you a question?" Shippo's voice snapped her out of her thoughts.

"Sure, Shippo. what is it?" Asagiri replied.

"Why are you so small?" he asked. "Were you born that way or something?"

Asagiri's eyes widened and then became downcast. "Actually, the real reason is because I have a curse on me."

"A curse?!" everyone shouted in unison.

Asargiri nodded. "Yes." she turned around, her back facing everyone. She undid the obi of her kimono, letting it slide down far enough to show the group her back. Everyone gasped. On Asagiri's back, an ugly, black spot covered the middle of her back. " You all see this spot? The more I use my powers the bigger the spot gets, and when the spot covers my entire body, I will die." She fixed her kimono and turned back around to the group's shocked faces.

"Asagiri, how long have you had this curse on you?" Sango asked.

"For fifty years." Asagiri answered. "The one who put the curse on me, is a demon by of Naraku." at the mention of Naraku's name Inuyasha's ear perked up. "But, if I were to destroy him, only then will my curse be removed."

"That's like with my wind tunnel." Miroku commented, looking at his clothed- wrapped hand.

"Asagiri, why don't you join us? We're all on a quest to destroy Naraku, and collect the Shikon jewel shards. You could help us out." Kagome explained while gently picking up Asagiri.

"No way, that little pipsqueak will only slow us down." Inuyasha commented.

"Sit boy!"


Inuyasha groaned as pain spread throughout his body, from crashing to the ground after being sat.

"Too bad Inuyasha, because Asagiri is coming with us." Kagome scowled at Inuyasha, then turned back to the mini demon in her hand, her scowl turned into a gently smile. "That is, if you want to Asagiri."

Asagiri was quit shocked about what had just happened, but then smiled at Kagome, with a blush on her face. "I would love to."

And that was how Asagiri the mini snow demon came into the group.

To be continued...
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