Sakura Hime Kagome

Loving Affections

Chapter 5: Loving Affections

It had been a few days since the group had met the Warrior Princess, Sakura Hime, who was secretly Kagome. They had traveled to a village that was having trouble with a snake demon that only came at night. Miroku was able to convince the villagers that they could get rid of the demon in exchange for food and a place to sleep. Later that evening ,the girls had went to one of the indoor bathhouses to wash up.

Kagome sighed, as she slipped in the warm water. Sango followed her, while Asagiri was sitting on her shoulder. " This is so relaxing."

"You got that right." Sango agreed.

They started to watch themselves. Kagome was about to do her back, when Asagiri spoke.

"Kagome, let me wash your back for you."

"Oh, you don't have to do that, Asagiri, I can do it myself."

"No, it's okay, I want to." Asagiri stood up on her friend's shoulder, but lost her footing and fell forward. She closed her eyes and waited to hit the water, but instead she landed on something very soft.

'Soft?'. Asagiri opened her eyes, to see what she landed on, and blushed deeply. She had landed right on top of Kagome's ample breasts. 'So big and soft.' Asagiri felt like she wanted to curl up and fall asleep on them.

"Asagiri, are you okay?" Kagome voice brought her out of her perverted thoughts.

"Y-Y-Yes! I'm fine!" Asagiri, though not wanting to, quickly climbed off of the buxom young girl, and went to wash said buxom girl's back. After their bath, the girls went to have dinner with the rest of the companions. The mini snow demoness, still having a deep scarlet blush on her face. Then, after their dinner, the group started to perpare for demon, that was sure to show up. Right now, Kagome, Asagiri, and Inuyasha were inside waiting for the demon, while Sango and Miroku went to find a good place to hide.

'Man, I wish this demon would come already.' Inuyasha thought, impatient as always. Suddenly, he remembered what Sakura Hime said when he first meet her.


She smiled flirtatious at him. "I am the Warrior Princess, Sakura Hime. And you'll probably see me around more, my cute little doggie." she blew him a kiss. Then she turned around and ran into the forest, leaving a shocked and blushing half-demon.

End Flashback

Inuyasha blushed slightly, remembering her calling him her cute little doggie. 'I wonder if she'll show up tonight.'

"What are you thinking about Inuyasha?" he jumped a little hearing Kagome's voice so suddenly.

"None of you business." he said.

Kagome was about to say something, but a villager shouted that the snake demon was here. Everyone came out of their hiding places, ready to face the demon. It was huge and black with gleaming red eyes, it's forked tongue flicking back and forth.

"It's huge!" Asagiri exclaimed.

"Well, guess I'll have to cut it down a few inches." Inuyasha stated, getting Tessaiga out of it's sheath .

"Inuyasha, be careful." Kagome warned.

Inuyasha didn't say anything as he charged at the snake, Tessagia above his head ready to cut the demon apart. But the snake moved, at amazing speed, and Inuyasha's sword just hit the ground. Miroku threw some sutras at the demon, while Sango threw her hiraikotsu. But the snake dodged both attacks. Kagome tried to shoot a spiritual arrow at it, but it dodged again.

"It's too fast." Sango said.

"I would use my Wind Tunnel, but there are too many people here. Miroku commented.

Asagiri started to worry. "What are we going to do? At this rate, we'll lose."

"I have a idea." Kagome said to the mini snow demon in a whispered voice so only she can hear. "Maybe, if I transform into Sakura Hime, than we probably have a better chance at beating it."

"Yeah, maybe." Asagiri agreed.

After making sure no one was paying attention to her, Kagome quickly ran and hide behind one of the small wooden houses. Making sure no one was around, she quickly transformed and put the red ink on the palm of her hand. She held up her hand and then Chizakura came out. She grabbed the handle and rushed back to help her friends. She came back in time to see the snake demon attack a village child. Running as fast as she can, Kagome, reached the child in time to grab him and jump out the way of the snake's line of attack. Getting a good feet away from the snake, Kagome set the child down and after making sure he was okay, she let him run to his mother. Then she turned her attention to the snake, who hissed angrily at her. She smirked at it, a hand on her hip.

"Sorry, you'll have to get your dinner else where."

"Sakura Hime!" Kagome turned to the group and winked at them. "Hey, guys, what's up?"

"What are you doing here?" Inuyasha asked, secretly a little bit happy to see her.

"Thought I come and lend a helping hand." she replied simply.

She turned her attention back to the snake and pointed her katana at it. "Let's dance."

They both charged at each other. The snake raised it's head high up and it brought down, towards Kagome. But she jumped up to dodge. She brought her sword down to cut the demon in half, but only cut the end of it's tail off. The snake hissed in pain as the Warrior Princess landed on her feet.

'Damn.' she mentally cursed. 'Well, at least I was able to cut part of it.

Suddenly, Kagome saw the snake slither toward something, or someone. She gasped as she saw that the snake was heading towards Inuyasha. Running as fast as she could, Kagome tried to the half-demon before the snake did. "Inuyasha, move!" she had made it in time to push him far enough out of the way, just as the snake demon wrapped itself tightly around her body, causing her to drop her Chizakura.

"Sakura Hime!" everyone yelled.

"Oh no! What do we do?!" Asagiri panicked, as she saw her friend get the life squeezed out of her.

"Their's nothing we can do." Sango replied. "As long as the demon has her like that, we can't attack it without the risk of hurting her."

"Well, we have to do something!" Inuyasha yelled, angry that there was nothing he could do to rescue the girl who had saved him.

Meanwhile, Kagome was trying to come up with a plan of escape. The more she struggled the tightly the snake squeezed.

'I can barley breath.' she thought. 'If I don't do something soon I'm dead.' suddenly, she got an idea. 'Maybe I can purify it. If I can just get one hand free then...' finally, after some struggling, Kagome got one of her hands frees. Then she placed it on the demon's scaly body, sending a large amount of spiritual energy through her hand to the demon. The snake hissed in pain, feeling itself being purified. It quickly let go of the girl and slithered away from her. Kagome crumpled to the ground, breathing heavily. Inuyasha quickly rushed over to her to make sure she was okay.

"Sakura Hime, are you alright?"

She grabbed her sword and began to rise to her feet, with Inuyasha's help.

"Yes, I'm fine, thank you. Let's just finish this thing off once and for all."

'Milday.' a familiar voice rang in her head.


'Use the Chizakura to use an attack on the demon.'

Suddenly, the name of an attack came into Kagome's head. She smirked.

"You might want to step back." she told Inuyasha.

When he did what she asked, Kagome put her katana in front of her. Both of her hands gripping the handle. She transfixed her eyes on the snake demon and took a deep breath.

"Cherry Blossom Storm!" she swung her sword over shoulder and then out toward the snake.

When she did, a storm of cherry blossom petals, with very sharp points, came from her sword and flew towards the demon at rapid speed. When they made contact with the snake they made cuts everywhere on it's body. It's own blood was flowing from the cuts. Everyone was amazed by the attack.

"Wow, that was incredible!" Shippo commented.

"Such an effective attack." Miroku stated.

While the snake was distracted with the cuts on it's body, Kagome quickly ran toward it. She jumped and plunged Chizakura into it's head. The snake exploded into cherry blossoms, which blew away in the wind. The minute Kagome landed on her feet, she crumpled to her knees the ground. Everyone rushed over to her. Inuyasha was the first there and held her by the shoulders for support.

"Sakura Hime, are you okay?" he asked with genuine concern in his voice.

"Yeah, I'm alright, just a little low on energy right now."

Inuyasha helped her to her feet.

"That was amazing, you're really powerful." Shippo commented.

"It was nothing, I'm just glad I could help." Kagome said.

Suddenly, Miroku clasped both her hands with his. "My dear, beautiful Sakura Hime , I was wondering if you would do me the honor of bearing my children."

For some reason anger boiled inside Inuyahsa and he growled lowly. Before Sango could do the job of slapping the pervert monk, Kagome pulled back her fist and punched Miroku right in the face. He flew back about three feet with swirls in his eyes.

Kagome sighed. "Well, I better go now. See you guys later."

Just was she started to walk away she felt a hand hold onto her shoulder firmly, but gently. She turned around and saw it was Inuyasha.


"I just want to thank you for saving me from the snake demon. If not for you, then I would have been the one to be all wrapped up."

Suddenly, he felt her grab the front of his kimono and was pulled forward. Then he felt a pair of soft lips on his cheek. When Kagome pulled back, Inuyasha put a hand on the cheek where she kissed him, his face bright red.

"That was a reward for being a good dog." she explained, a flirtatious smirk on her face.

"Wh-What?!" Inuyasha stammered, his blush got redder.

Kagome giggled. "Oh Inuyasha, you are so cute when you're embarrassed." she turned and started to run away. She stopped and turned toward Inuyasha one more time. "And, Inuyasha, you can just call me Sakura." she winked and blew a kiss at him. "Be thinking about me now. Bye-bye!" she turned and ran, once again leaving a shocked and blushing Inuyasha.

Inuyasha growled. "Wh-Why you, no good sneaky, flirty, vixen!"

His friends snickered at their flustered half-demon friend. After Kagome transformed back to her regular form she went back to her friends, luckily they didn't notice she was gone. Then the next morning the were all traveling once again.

To be continued...

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