Sakura Hime Kagome

Secrets Revealed

Chapter 7: Secrets Revealed

It had been a week since the battle with the bull demon, and group was traveling through a mountain side. While everyone was chatting along, Inuyasha was thinking about what had happened a week ago. He raised his fingers to his lips, a blush spreading on his cheeks.

"Her lips were really soft." he mumbled to himself.

"What did you say, Inuyasha?" Sango asked, hearing his mumbles.

"No-Nothing! Mind your own business!" the half-demon snapped and marched forward, ahead of everyone.

"What's his problem?" Shippo asked.

"Who knows." Miroku commented.

"I bet he's thinking about that little kiss of life you gave him." Asagiri teased while whispering to Kagome on top of her shoulder.

Kagome had told Asagiri about what had happened after she had saved her secret half-demon love interest from drowning. The mini snow demoness had a laughing fit for almost a good fifteen minutes.

Back to the present, Kagome's cheeks turned a light red from her friends teasing. "Ha, ha, very funny Asagiri." she replied sarcastically.

"Hey, Kagome, are you okay?" the teen miko heard the female demon slayer's concerned voice. "Your face is slightly red."

"Uh, uh, yeah." Kagome stuttered. "It's just hot out here, is all."

"Maybe Inuyasha is thinking about Sakura Hime." Asagiri stated, trying to help Kagome to change the subject.

At the mention of the warriors princess's name Inuyasha's ears perked up and he stopped walking and turned toward the group, who had stopped to discuss the topic at hand.

"You think so?" Miroku stated.

"Probably." Kagome agreed. "I mean from what you guys told me about her it wouldn't surprise me if you all were thinking about her. To be honest, I really hope I get to meet her soon."

"You know, now that you think about, Kagome you never seem to be around when Sakura is around. Why is that?" Shippo asked.

At the young fox demon's sudden question, Kagome and Asagiri silently gasped.

'Stupid Shippo!' Asagiri mentally cursed. 'Why did he have to asked a question like that all of a sudden?!'

"W-Well, the thing about that is..." Kagome stammered, trying to think of a good excuse to the question at hand.

She silently prayed that something would happen so she would not answer the question that might reveal her identity. Then her prayers were answered. Because a cougar demon came from the mountain rocks and jumped in front of the group. Everyone got ready to fight, while Kagome secretly ran and hid behind a large boulder. She transformed and summoned the Chizakura. She ran from her hiding spot and jumped in air, landing in front of the demon.

She quickly turned her head to the group. "Yo."

"Sakura!" Inuyasha exclaimed.

Kagome gave her famous flirtatious smirk and wink at the half-demon boy. "Hi, sweetheart. Did you miss me?"

Inuyasha's face started to turn red. "Now's not the time for your ridiculous flirting!"

"Alright, alright, I'll flirt with you after we beat this little kitten."

"That's not what I meant!"

"Can we discuss this after we defeat the demon?" Miroku stated.

"Okay, killjoy." Kagome replied.

She turned her attention back to the cougar. Then she rushed at it, swinging her sword at it's head. But the demon was too quick and jump on the air.

"Hiraikotsu!" Sango threw her giant boomerang and hit the cougar demon square in the stomach.

"Great shot, Sango!" the warrior princess complimented the demon slayer.

For some reason, having the snow white haired girl compliment her like that made Sango blush a little. "I-It was nothing." she said modestly.

"Why the hell are you blushing all of sudden?!" Inuyasha exclaimed, surprised by the female demon slayer's action.

Suddenly, the cougar charged at Sango, it's fangs bared. But Miroku was able to use his staff to block the demon's attack, the demon's sharp fangs latched onto the golden staff. The monk was trying his best to put up a good fight with the demon, but it proved useless when the cougar started to pushed him back. Then the cougar raised one of it's paws, ready to strike the monk across the face with it's deadly claws. But before it could strike, Kagome came and kicked the demon in its side, sending it hurling into a boulder.

"Thank you, Sakura." Miroku thanked the girl who saved him.

"It was nothing, I'm just glad you're okay Miroku."

Then Miroku grabbed one of her hands and brought it to his lips, kissing her knuckles. This action caused Inuyasha to stiffen and growl while Sango fists started to shake in anger, both glaring at the monk. Asagiri, Kirara, and Shippo just sweatdropped.

"Even so, if there is anything I can do to repay you, please don't hesitate to ask." Miroku stated, with a mischievous glint in his eyes and ignoring the deaf glares from his friend.

Kagome closed her eyes and slightly chuckled, a tick mark appeared on her cheek. She opened her eyes and gave the monk an annoyed look. "You know what I would like to do to you right now, you perverted sorry excuse for a mon-" she never finished her sentence, because the cougar demon had recovered from it's attack and pounced on the girl.

Everyone gasped as the girl and demon landed near the edge of a cliff. Before Kagome could push the demon away, said demon bite right into her shoulder. Her eyes widened and she opened her mouth, but no sound came out. Her body felt paralyzed and she felt helpless. She also felt her blood flow from her shoulder, down her arm, and onto the rocky ground.


Inuyasha's voice was what brought her out of her shocked state. Quickly, she pulled her legs under the cougar. Then, using all the strength she had left, Kagome kicked the demon right in the stomach. The demon flew back a couple of feet. But once it landed, it leaped in the air to pounce on the poor girl again. But the demon stopped in mid-air when Kagome drove her Chizakura through it's throat. The demon exploded into cherry blossoms. Panting heavily, Kagome stood up from her laying position. Then Chizakura suddenly disappeared into the palm of her hand. She put her hand, the one with her good arm, on her still bleeding shoulder. Part of her kimono where the demon bite was stained red with her own blood. Everything that happened next was like it was slow motion. The ground under her feet gave way and she slipped and fell downward. She heard Inuyasha screaming her name and she saw Asagiri jump over the cliff and follow her down. Then both of them fell into the raging river that was below the cliff. As Kagome sank deeper into the river, she suddenly had a weird sense of deja vu.

'This like time I saved Inuyasha from drowning, expect I'm bleeding.' she thought. Her vision started to blur from all the blood she lost. Suddenly, a bright light appeared before her. 'What is that light? Pegasus?'

But when the light disappeared, it reveled a beautiful young girl, who looked about eighteen. She had a curvaceous and well-endowed figure, Pink hair, that went a few inches past here waist, and bright blue eyes, her pupils were slightly slanted. She was wearing a long white kimono with a blue bow tied on her back. She also wore a purple ribbon in her hair with bells attached to it. Kagome immediately realized who it was.

'Asagiri...' the miko thought. 'Is this her true from? She so beautiful.'

Quickly, the new grown up Asagiri swam towards her friend and put her hands on her shoulders, minding the one that was injured.

'Don't worry. You will be alright now.' the snow woman said to the warrior princess mentally.

'Asagiri...' Kagome thought. 'You are a snow demon, but it's so strange. Way are you so warm?' she put a hand on the snow demoness's cheek.

As if she read her thoughts, Asagiri's expression turned to a look of shock. Then she smiled happily, a small blush appearing on her cheeks. 'That is, because the day I met you, you taught how be that way. Warm.' then she gently hugged Kagome to her chest.

Then the river's strong current carried both girls down river.

Down the river ,three white wolves were drinking the cool river's water.

"Alright guys, lets be heading back now." said a female wolf demon with red hair, a purple iris flower in her hair, and green eyes. "We shouldn't stay out too long or they may send some people to search for us."

Just as Ayame and her wolf companions started to travel back to where their pack was, one of the wolves started to bark at the lake.

"Hey, what's the matter?" Ayame asked. Suddenly, she saw a flash of silver in the water. 'What is that?' she questioned mentally.

Getting closer to the flash, Ayame gasped at what she saw. Laying on her back was a girl with snow white hair, wearing a pink kimono. Her eyes were closed.

'It's a girl.' the wolf demon girl thought.

Then she noticed the blood on the mysterious girl's shoulder. Not hesitating, Ayame quickly rushed into the river and pick up the girl. Heading back to the shore, she gently placed her on the ground. Then she pulled back the part of her kimono that was covering her injured shoulder. There she saw the large bite mark on her shoulder. '

She must have been attacked by a demon to get this kind of wound.' Ayame thought logically . Then she took a good look at the mystery girl's face. 'She's really pretty. She's almost like a live doll.'

Suddenly, the sound of one of her wolves whimpering snapped her out of her thoughts. "What is it this time?"

The wolf that was whimpering came up to her with something in it's mouth. Holding out her hand, Ayame let the wolf dropped the thing into her palm. When she saw what it was, her eyes widened. It was a mini girl with pink hair that went to her chin. She wore a white kimono with a blue bow tied on her back, and a purple ribbon with yellow bells attached to it was in her hair. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily.

'It must be a mini demon.' Ayame thought.

Suddenly, a bright pink light surrounded the girl with the snow white hair. Ayame shut her eyes while the wolves put their paws over their eyes. When the bright light finally disappeared, Ayame opened her eyes and gasped. Laying were the girl in the pink kimono was, was another girl with black hair wearing a strange green and white clothes. Ayame immediately knew who it was.


To be continued...
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