Sakura Hime Kagome

Friendships Are Made

Chapter 8: Friendships Are Made

Darkness. Darkness was all she saw, as if she in some other world. Then, with a groan, Kagome opened her eyes. She found herself staring at a rocky ceiling. She was laying on her back, one of her arms was over her forehead while the other was across her stomach A fur mat was under her and another one was covering her. It took her a minute to realize that she was in a cave. She quickly sat up, but soon immediately felt a sharp pain in her shoulder. Kagome pulled back the piece of clothing covering her shoulder, and saw a thick layer of bandages covering her entire shoulder.

"Kagome! You're awake!" the sudden voice caused the teen miko to jump slightly.

She turned her head and saw Asagiri, her legs tucked under her, sitting beside her make-shift fur bed. She was smiling widely and her face held relief, but there were dark bags under her eyes, as if she hadn't slept in days.

"Asagiri, are you alright?" Kagome asked her mini friend.

"Don't worry about me!" Asagiri replied. "It's you I'm more worried about. You lost a lot of blood when that cougar demon bit your shoulder."

'Cougar demon?' Kagome thought. 'Bit my shoulder?'

Then she remembered what had happened. The cougar demon pouncing on her and biting her shoulder. Her falling into the water and Asagiri jumping in after her. And she remembered Asagiri transforming into her true form to save her. But after all that, it goes blank.

"Oh, yeah I remember what happened now, but not what happened after that. Where are we anyway Asagiri?"

"Well, to be honest, a while after I transformed, I blacked out." the mini snow demoness admitted. "But after I came to, I found us in this cave. I thought we were going to be dinner for a nasty demon, but it turned out that we were saved by a rather nice wolf demon girl."

"Wolf demon girl?" Kagome repeated. "Asagiri did you learn this girl's name?"

Before Asagiri answered, a familiar voice spoke out.

"Oh, you're finally awake, good."

Kagome turned and saw a familiar red headed and green eyed female wolf demon. She was carrying two bowls, one with fruits and the other with water.

"Ayame?" Kagome said, surprised.

"Yep, that's me." the wolf girl replied, with a grin.

"Kagome, you know her?" Asagiri asked.

"Yeah, sorta of." the raven haired miko replied as the wolf girl came up to them, knelt besides them, and placed the bowls next to the make-shift fur bed. "Ayame, were you the one who saved me and Asagiri?"

"Sure did." Ayame answered. "And it was a good thing I did, too, or else you may have died from losing so much blood. I carried you and your friend back here to a mountain cave me and my pack are staying at. After we got here, I was able to bandage your shoulder. Since then, you've been asleep for three days."

"Three days?" Kagome repeated.

"She right." Asagiri spoke up. "I woke up an hour after we were brought here to the cave."

The three of them sat in silence for a few moments. The silence was broken when Ayame stood up. "Well, I'll let you eat and get some rest."

"Okay." Kagome replied.

As Ayame walked toward the mouth of the cave, Kagome's voice stopped her.

"Hey, Ayame. I just want to say thanks a lot for saving me and Asagiri. If there is anything I can do to repay you, please let me know." Kagome smiled at the wolf demon girl.

For some reason Ayame blushed from the other girl's smile.

"I-It's no problem." then she quickly ran out of the cave, but not before shouting, "I'll be back later to check on you with more water!"

"But we have penalty of water already." Asagiri commented while watching the wolf girl fast retreating form.

Kagome giggled. "She is so funny. We were real lucky to have Ayame find and not some hungry demon."

"How do you know her, Kagome?" asked Asagiri.

"It's a pretty long story." then the teen miko explained how she meet Ayame and how the wolf demon girl was jealous of her, thinking she stole her fiance, Koga, a male wolf demon, from her. "But I was able to convince her, that I had no interest in Koga, whatsoever."

"Wow..." was all Asagiri could say.

"Yep. Now, lets eat, I'm starving."

"Um.. Kagome there's something you should know." Asagiri said, now harboring a serious expression.

"Yeah, what is it?" Kagome asked, picking a fruit out of the bowl and putting it into her mouth, chewing thoroughly.

"When you fell off the cliff, you were Sakura right?" Kagome nodded. "While now you are Kagome. So I'm thinking that you transformed back into your regular self when you went unconscious."

Kagome stopped chewing, swallowed, and she gave her mini demon friend a cautious and serious look. "Are you saying that when Ayame found us, she found me as Sakura and she saw me transformed back into my real self?" she questioned.

"I'm not sure, it's only a guess. But if it is true, then she not saying anything about it." the pink haired snow demon said.

Kagome thought for a minute then spoke to Asagiri. "I think it's best to talk to Pegasus about is. Tonight, I'll try to see if I can talk to him in my dreams."

"Yeah, that's a good idea!" Asagiri agreed. Suddenly a loud grumbling noise came from the mini woman's stomach. Asagiri, blushing in embarrassment, sweatdropped and put her hands on top of her rumbling stomach. "Hehe, sorry about that, I guess I'm a little hungry."

Kagome laughed slightly. "Well then, I guess we better both eat."

The two friend then ate their small meal. They laughed and joked until nighttime came. Ayame came and told them that she would sleep with them, just in case anything happens to them she could protect. Kagome was laying on her back on her fur bed, with Asagiri and Ayame slightly snoring on either of her side.

'I hope I can talk to Pegasus tonight.' she thought. She turned her head to the right, to look at Ayame's peaceful sleeping face. 'Hopefully, he will tell me what I should do about Ayame.' She moved her head back upward, her eyes staring at the ceiling. Her eye's started to droop. 'I wonder if Inuyasha and the others are looking for us. Also is Inuyasha worried about me, or Sakura?' was the last thing she thought, before sleep came and claimed her.

Kagome's Dream

Kagome was sitting on a gray colored rock in the middle of a meadow. A gentle breeze was blowing, causing the pink cherry blossoms and white snow, that were falling from the sky, to spread everywhere. Even though snow was falling, the fifteen year old was not cold. She looked up and saw the crescent moon shining brightly.

"I seems we have a quite difficult situation at hand." Pegasus stated as he brought himself to stand beside the sitting miko.

"It seems you know about everything that's happened." Kagome replied, not surprised. He seemed to know just about everything.

"Yes." her winged horse friend said calmly.

"What do you suppose we do?"

"I think it is best to ask Ayame straight out, to see what she knows."


The both of them stood and sat in silence, while watching the moon shine and the cherry blossom petals and snow fall. Kagome broke the silence.

"I'm sorry, I got too careless."

"It's okay." Pegasus turned his head and nuzzled her cheek in the same comforting manner he did in her last dream. "No one could have predicted this."

Then a white light flashed, surrounding everything.

End Dream

That morning, Kagome explained her conversation with Pegasus to Asagiri.

"Should we really ask Ayame?" the mini snow demoness asked, skeptical of the plan.

"If Pegasus thinks it's a good idea, then yes." Kagome replied. "He always seems to know what he's doing."

Asagiri sighed. "Well, if you and Pegasus think it's a good idea, who I'm I to stop you?"

The girls decided to go outside and find Ayame, rather than stay wait for her. Once outside, Kagome let her eyes adjust to the bright morning sunlight.

"Kagome, are you sure you should be walking right now?" Asagiri asked concerned, sitting on the miko's shoulder.

Her friend was slightly staggering and she was panting just a bit, as if the walk from the bed to the outside of the cave was too much for her.

"I'm fine Asagiri. I felt the need to stretch my legs, anyway. Come on, let's go find Ayame."

'She is so stubborn.' Asagiri thought with a sigh.

The two then started their search for Ayame. A lot of wolf demons stopped what they were doing to look at the mini demon and raven haired miko. And a lot of them were giving them hungry stares.

"I don't like the way they're all looking at us." Asagiri whimpered, shivers running up and down her spine from the demons intense stares.

"Yeah, same here." Kagome agreed.

Suddenly, a male wolf demon appeared in front of them. He had arms crossed over his chest and he seemed to have this arrogate aura around him.

"So, you're that miko girl that Ayame picked up, huh?" he said the word miko like it was poison in his mouth.

'Well, this guy is awfully rude.' Asagiri commented mentally.

"Yes, Ayame did bring me here." Kagome answered his question calmly, refusing to show fear in his presence.

"What is that idiot thinking?" the wolf man said more to himself. "Bringing someone with spiritual powers here, is she trying to get us all killed?"

"Hey, Ayame is a very nice girl, don't insult her like that!" Kagome defended the wolf demon girl.

"A weak and little woman like you doesn't have the right to tell me what to do."

"Don't underestimate her." it was Asagiri's turn to defend her friend.

"Oh, yeah?" the wolf demon man raised up his hand to slap Kagome and Asagiri, but was stopped by a familiar female voice.

"Stop it, right now, Kenji!" quick as a flash, Ayame stepped in front of the raven haired miko and male wolf demon. She was glaring at him, her arms were held out beside her.

"Ayame, what are you thinking letting this girl stay? She could kill us all. And if I remember correctly this is the very same girl who stole your fiance!" Kenji shouted angrily.

Ayame gritted her teeth. "That doesn't matter now, what matters is that she gets rested up and no harm comes to her."

The two wolf demons glared at each other for a little while longer until Kenji turned on his heels and stormed off without a word. Ayame sighed in relief. She turned to Kagome and Asagiri.

"You two okay?"she asked them

"Yeah, thank you, we're fine, don't worry." Kagome replied, a small smile formed on her lips.

"What was that guys problem?!" Asagiri asked, still anger from the male demon's bad attitude.

"Ever since my Gramps died, the whole pack has been going crazy." the red head wolf demon explained. She eyes became downcast. "And I can't blame them."


Suddenly, said wolf demon girl turned to the two other girls, a scowl appeared on her face and her hands on her hips. "But more importantly, what are you doing out of bed, young lady? Shouldn't you be resting?"

Kagome and Asagiri both deadpanned and sweatdropped.

'Young lady?' Kagome thought. 'We're the same age, aren't we?'

"Well, you see we wanted to talk to you about something really important." Asagiri said to the scolding red headed wolf.

"Alright, but we can talk when we get you back to bed." Ayame said as she firmly, yet gently, grabbed Kagome's good arm and pulled her softly back to the cave where she was previously resting.

When they got back inside the cave Kagome sat back down on the bed, the fur covers covering her legs, while Ayame and Asagiri sat beside her, the legs tucked under them. The three of them sat in silence, until Ayame broke it.

"So what did you want to talk about?" she asked.

Kagome hesitated for awhile, then said. "Well... you see when you found me and Asagiri, did you happen to see anything strange?"

Ayame gave a small smile. "You mean like seeing you with white hair and wearing a pink kimono?"

'So she does know.' Asagiri and Kagome thought at the same time.

"I'm guessing you want an explanation?" the teen miko questioned.

"Yeah, pretty much." Ayame replied, giving a small chuckle.

"Well, get comfortable because it's a long story."

Then Kagome started to explain everything. Like meeting Pegasus, saving Asagiri from the merchant, transforming into Sakura, and secretly flirting with a certain half-demon. After the young miko finished her story, the three of them sat in silence for a little while longer until Ayame spoke up.

"Woah, I got to say, that sure is something."

Kagome chuckled slightly. "Yeah I guess it is." then she gave the wolf demon girl a serious look. "Ayame, this is a very big secret that only me, Asagiri, and Pegasus know." she grabbed a hold of one of Ayame's hands and looked her straight in the eyes. "Please, I want you to promise that you will tell no one." she begged.

The two fifteen year old girls stared at each for several long seconds. Then Ayame smiled.

"You don't even have to ask."

Kagome's eyes widen and she smiled happily. Suddenly, she embraced the wolf girl in a tight hug. Ayame was caught off guard by the sudden hug.

"Thank you, Ayame, you are such a good friend!" the miko girl exclaimed.

Ayame's face claimed the expressions of shock and surprise. 'Friend?' she thought. Then she smiled and returned Kagome's hug. "It's no problem."

Later that afternoon, the three friends went to the hot springs, that was located near the mountain, for a quick soak.

"Ahh, the water feels so good!" Asagiri commented, her tiny feet were soaking in the warm and steamy water.

"It is, isn't it?" Ayame said as she untied her pigtails and let her red hair fall to the middle of her back. Then she started to take off her clothes and soon joined the snow woman. "Hey, come on Kagome, join us." she called out to the raven haired teenage girl.

"Okay, just a second." Kagome replied as she started to undress herself. When she was done, the miko put her foot in the water, so her body could adjust to the temperature. Then she slid her whole body into the spring and gave a peaceful sigh. She suddenly felt eyes on her. Kagome looked and saw a certain wolf demon girl staring at her with a look that looked like envy. "Ayame, are you okay?"she asked.

Ayame quickly turned around, her back facing Kagome and Asagiri. "Y-Y-Yes, there's no problem." she replied in a haste. The wolf girl then looked down at herself. 'Expect that Kagome has a figure that I would totally kill for!' she thought to herself. Then she put her hands on her much smaller breast. 'Not to mention, her boobs are a whole lot bigger than mine! Compared to her, I'm a board!'

"Is it just me, or is there a strange aura of envy surrounding Ayame?" Kagome asked/whispered to her mini snow woman friend, who nodded in reply.

"Hey, Ayame, I was thinking that we could go looking for our friends soon." Kagome told the jealous wolf demon girl. "They might be really worried."

Ayame snapped out of her thoughts and turned to face the two other girls. "Yeah, you're right. Tomorrow we'll go look for them, you still need to rest up a bit. That okay with you?"

The snow woman and miko smiled and nodded. Soon ,the three girls were chatting and joking with each other. Kagome had told them a joke and the two other girls stated to laugh. Ayame stopped mid-laugh and abruptly stood up. Her two friends had stopped their laughs and looked at their friend with concern.

"Ayame, is something wrong?" Asagiri asked.

"I'm not sure." Ayame replied. "I just suddenly got a bad feeling."

"Maybe we should go back to your pack." suggested Kagome as she stood up.

The red headed wolf didn't say anything, just nodded. The girls quickly got dressed and were soon running toward were Ayame's pack was. When they got there, they gasped at the scene before them. The entire wolf demon pack was horribly mangled. Their bodies laying everywhere. The trio was shocked, but no more than Ayame. Sadness, anger, and loss all ran through her body.

"W-What happened...?" Ayame's voice was cracking, her eyes filling with tears. Suddenly, she fell to her knees, her hands covering her eyes so that her friends would not see her tears.

Kagome kneeled beside Ayame, and pulled her into a comforting hug. "I'm so sorry Ayame."

Then said wolf demon girl broke into a chorus of sobs, her tears falling down her cheeks and landing on the ground.

Suddenly, a harsh laugh rang from above them. They girls looked up and saw three Birds of Paradise land a few feet from them. "Oh, it is so sad isn't?" the one in the middle, the leader, mocked them in fake sympathy.

"You bastards!" Asagiri yelled. "You we're the ones who killed them, didn't you?!"

"Yes." the leader answered, licking his lips. "And I must say, they were quite delicious." he and the other Birds of Paradise laughed.

Ayame stood up and glared at them with pure hated, her whole body shaking in anger. "Shut up! I'm going to kill you!"

"Ayame, no!" Kagome shouted.

But it was to late. Ayame was already running at full speed toward them. She pulled out her sharp green leaves and threw them at the demon trio. But the leader used his wings to create a strong guest of wind to blow the leaves away. Then Ayame jumped in the air, her leg stretched out towards the leader to kick him. But one of them shot out in front of her and used it's wings to hit her and sent her hurling into a rocky wall. Ayame fell onto the ground and she struggled to get up. When Ayame was able to get onto her knees, she saw the Bird of Paradise that had hit her was coming toward her, it's talons stretched out to rip the poor demon girl apart. Ayame just sat and waited for the attack. Then she saw a glint of silver and a pink and white blur pass by. Suddenly, the Bird of Paradise had clean cuts appear on it's body, then it's exploded into pink cherry blossom petals. Ayame started in awe as the petals floated to the ground. Then a girl in a pink kimono and snow white hair was in front of her, her back to the wolf demon. A katana with a silver blade, red handle, and a dark red round jewel, was in her hand.

"I am sorry for your lost, Ayame." Kagome said, her pink eyes trained on the the demon in front of them. "I know there is nothing I can do to bring them back..." she held her sword out in front of her, both hands gripping the handle. "Bu, I swear on my Chizakura, that I will help you avenge your packs death!"

Ayame stared at the now white haired miko. 'Kagome..' she thought. 'She is so strong and kind. She really is a great friend.' then the wolf girl finally got up and stood beside her friend. "Let's sent them to meet their maker."

"You took the words right out of my mouth."

Then the two girls charged at the now demon duo.

"Cherry Blossom Storm!" Kagome fired her attack, while Ayame threw her leaves.

The two attacks combined into one and ended up cutting the Birds of Paradise, their blood flowing from their wounds. The demons howled in pain and anger. Then the other Bird of Paradise started to fly toward the two teenagers. The girl duo braced themselves for the oncoming attack.

"Iron Reaver Soul Stealer!"

The Bird of Paradise of suddenly sliced in half and it remains fell to the ground. A familiar silver haired half demon landed in front of the two girls, his claws flexing. Kagome's eyes widened and one word escaped her lips.


Hearing his name, Inuyahsa used his demon speed and quickly embraced the girl in a tight hug. "Sakura..." he whispered in her ear.

"Inuyasha." Kagome felt like crying as she hugged said half demon back.

Inuyasha grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her a little bit away from him. "Are you alright? How's your shoulder?"

"Don't worry ,I'm fine, thanks to her." Kagome gestured her head to Ayame, Inuyasha finally taking notice of the red headed wolf demon.

Ayame blushed a little as she smiled and waved her hand a bit. "Hi." she greeted.

Then the half-demon boy turned his attention back to Kagome/Sakura, slightly shaking her by the shoulders. "Do you have any idea how worried I- I mean how worried everyone was."

"We were worried, but Inuyasha you were the one who was most worried about both Sakura and Kagome, remember?" Sango questioned as she, Miroku, and Shippo came riding on a transformed Kirara.

"Shut up!" Inuyasha yelled at the demon slayer.

Kagome giggled and raised her hand to the half-demon's cheek, then she started to pinch and pull on his cheek. "Don't be shy~ Don't be shy~ Let's be more honest~" she said to him a sing-song voice. "Just say you were worried and that you like me a whole lot."

Inuyasha blushed as he smacked her hand away and rubbed his cheek. "As if I'll give into you flirty ways, you sly vixen!"

"Hey, what I'm am, chopped demon guts?!" the last remaining Bird of Paradise shouted, mad about being forgetten.

"Oh yeah, we were just about to kick your feathery butt." Kagome said. "Everyone stand back ,I have a plan."

When the others did as she asked, Kagome got into position. She pulled her hand back, the one with Chizakura in it, and threw it at the flying demon. But the Bird of Paradise moved out of the way, Chizakura sailing past it at high speed.

Everyone's, expect Kagome's, mouths hung open and their eyes turned to dots. "Eh?" they said in unison. "Eh?! She threw it and missed?! How can she miss?!" they all yelled.

"If you all shut up, you would know that this is apart of my plan!" the white haired warrior princess shouted, annoyed.

Then she got down on one knee and held her stretched out arm, holding it in place with her other hand. She pointed her palm, the one with the moon symbols, at the Bird of Paradise.

"Come back, Chizakura!" Kagome commanded to her sword.

Suddenly, to everyone's surprise, the katana stopped in mid-air and turned around and started falling quickly downward. Then it passed through the Bird of Paradise, the demon exploding into cherry petals, and disappeared into it's master's palm. The force of having Chizakura go into her palm caused Kagome to be throw back. Everyone rushed toward the girl laying on her back.

"Sakura, are you okay?" Inuyasha asked, worried, as he helped her up.

"Yeah, I'm good, thanks."

"That was a really great plan." Sango commented the other girl. "You really surprised me when you shouted for Chizakura to return to you."

"It was nothing, I'm just glad that it worked." Kagome replied.

"Well, now that we know you are okay, we can start looking for Kagome." Miroku said.

"Kagome is missing?"Ayame pretended to not know that Sakura was really Kagome.

"Yeah, she's been gone for three days." Inuyasha said, looking distraught.

Kagome saw the look and quickly came up with an idea.

"I just remembered. On our way here, me, Asagiri, and Ayame all saw Kagome, isn't that right girls?" she secretly winked at her two friends.

Understanding the wink, both snow woman and wolf demon replied at the same time, "Yep, that's right."

"I'll go and get her for you, but first..." Kagome walked toward Inuyasha with a smile so innocent, that it was scary. "I think you deserve a reward for be the good dog that you are."

Inuyasha's face turned red, understand what she meant. "D-Do we really have to?"

Kagome smirked. "We had a deal. Now be good and close your eyes."

Inuyahsa grumbled a bit but closed his eyes. The other looked confused as the warrior princess pulled the half-demon's red kimono, exposing his neck. Then they were shocked when Kagome placed her lips on the crook of Inuyasha's neck. Then she lightly ran her tongue over his neck. It took all of Inuyasha's self control not to moan from the feel of her tongue. Then the fifteen year old pulled back and fixed his kimono. She looked into the half-demon's slightly dazed golden eyes. She smiled and walked past him.

"See you later, sweetie." she called out over shoulder. Then disappeared into the forest outside the mountain.

Everyone just stood in place, shocked from the scene that had just happened in front of them. Then Miroku broke in a wide grin.

"You sly dog."

Inuyasha punched the monk on the head.

Meanwhile, Kagome had transformed back into her regular self and quickly rejoined the others. When she got back, she immediately pulled into a big sisterly hug by Sango. She was then asked where she had been, was she okay, and what happened to Sakura?

"I'm fine." she replied. "I saw Sakura and she told me to tell you guys that she will see you all later."

Kagome turned her gaze to her headed wolf demon friend. She went over to her. "Hey, Ayame, I just want to thank you for all your help."

"No problem, what are friends for?"

Then both girls hugged each other.

"Ayame, now that your pack is gone, what will you do now?" Shippo asked.

"I know she can travel with us." Kagome said. She turned to Ayame. "If that's okay with you, of course."

Ayame thought for a minute, then smiled widely. "Why not? It beats traveling alone."

Kagome cheered as she hugged Ayame, both girls laughing.

But little did the group know, that a pair of red eyes were watching them, mostly watching Kagome. The owner of the eyes grinned wickedly, then disappeared.

To be continued...

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