Sakura Hime Kagome

Arrival of An Enemy

Chapter 9: Arrival of An Enemy

A single feminine figure stood on top of one of the many wooden houses of the village. The crescent moon was shining brightly, in it's waxing phrase, above in the dark sky. The figure's crimson eyes looked up at the moon and back at the village. She snickered and smirked, showing sharp and pearly canines. She grabbed the katana strapped to her waist and jumped into the air. When her feet hit the ground, she immediately ran forward. Screams rang throughout the entire village. The same feminine figure jumped into the air once again, the moonlight outlining her figure. She landed on another wooden house to observe the damage she had caused. She started to giggle, then her giggle's turned into loud laughs, which echoed throughout the whole village.

"Sakura Hime! Prepare yourself!" the wolf demon, Ayame, shouted as she raced toward the snow white haired, pink kimono clad girl. She had her sharp leaves in her hand as threw them at the other girl.

With swift speed, Kagome was able to dodge the leaves with ease. She pulled out her medium sized shell and opened it. Dipping her finger into the red ink, she drew two moons, their backs facing each other, on her palm. Her whole hand glowed a bright pink. Then a beautiful katana sprang from her palm. The sliver blade and dark, round, red jewel shined in the early morning sun. She grabbed Chizakura's red handle and ran toward the red headed demon girl. She swung her sword, but Ayame dodged her swing using her own fast speed. Kagome swung at her again and Ayame dodged again. They kept this up for awhile until the wolf girl used her agility to jump a few feet away. She placed a hand on her hip, a smirk on her face.

"It's going to take more then swings from your fancy sword to beat me." Ayame said, confidently. She was suddenly caught off guard when she saw Kagome smirk as well. She began to worry. 'I don't like that look on her face.' she thought.

"If that's true..." the snow white haired miko pulled a sutra from one of her sleeves, the slip of paper with writing on it was held between her fingers. "Then I guess I'm going to try a different approach." she closed her eyes and held the the sutra to her face. She began the chant that Pegasus had taught her. "Oh moon, eternal light, faster than a thousand years, entwine with me and protect me. My name is Sakura, Golden One!" a pink aura surrounded her entire body. Then five perfect copies of herself appeared.

Ayame deadpanned. "On crap, oh crap, oh crap!" she repeated.

Kagome opened her eyes and smirked again at her panicked friend. She and the other Kagomes quickly switched places with other,until they were sure that the wolf demon couldn't tell which one was the real one. Then they all charged, katanas swinging. Ayame tried her best to keep from being cut the blades while trying to find out which one was the real Kagome. Coming up with an idea, Ayame jumped in the air. When she started to fall down, she pounded her fist into the ground. A multitude of green leaves swirled around her. The leaves rammed into the Kagomes. When the leaves disappeared, all the Kagomes were gone.

Ayame looked around. "I don't get. Where's the real Ka-" she was cut off when something hit her in the front.

The wolf demon girl gasped as she fell to the ground. She looked up and saw something on top of her. It was a beautiful ,pure white panther with pink eyes, it's pupils were cat-like. The big cat's white fangs were bared at the red head's neck. She growled, as if she dared the girl under her to make a move. Ayame gulped then sighed.

"Okay, Kag, you win. I surrender." she said.

Kagome climbed off of the wolf girl and sat down beside her. Ayame sat up straight and started to pet the girl's, now panther's, head. The big cat purred happily. Ayame smiled and giggled.

"You know, I still can't believe Pegasus not only gave you a sutra that can let you multiple yourself, but also he gave you one that can allow you to change into a panther." the wolf girl remarked.


It was late at night. After everyone was asleep, except for Kagome, Asagiri, and Ayame. The miko girl had just had a dream with Pegasus telling her to come met him in a clearing a few ways away from the campsite. Kagome decided to wake up her two friends, who knew her secret, to come with her. When the three girls came to the clearing, they were a bit surprised to find the white winged horse already waiting for them. Asagiri greeted him while Kagome hugged him, then they properly introduced Ayame, who was a bit awe-stuck. After the introductions were done Kagome questioned Pegasus.

"Pegasus, is there a reason why you told us to come here?"

The winged horse shook his head. "Yes, milady, there is."

Suddenly two small bright white lights appeared in front of them. When the lights dimmed down two sutras were floating in air, they both had different writing on them.

"I figured these might be of some use to you." Pegasus said. "Would you like to try them out now?"

Kagome nodded excitedly.

"First, transform."

Kagome did.

"Next, pick a sutra."

The fifteen year old picked the sutra on the left.

"Now, repeat after me. On moon, eternal light, faster than a thousand year, entwine with me and protect me. My name is Sakura, Golden One!"

Kagome repeated the chant. Then a pink aura surrounded her. Ayame and Asagiri gasped as a perfect copy of their friend appeared next her. The miko looked at her double with amazement. She lifted her hand to touch the copy, and said copy did the same thing.

"This sutra allows you to make up to twenty copies of yourself." Pegasus explained. "They don't speak, but they can repeat your movements."

"Wow..." was all Kagome said. Then the double glowed a light pink and disappeared. She turned to Pegasus. "What can the other one do?" she asked excitedly.

Pegasus gave a horse-like chuckle. "Why not try it out and see for yourself?" she asked.

Kagome took the other slip of paper between her fingers and said the chant again. A pink aura surrounded her again. Then she got down on the ground on all four. The wolf demon and mini snow woman gasped as they saw pure white fur grow on the warrior princess's skin, a white cat tail grew out from under her skirt, her teeth became sharp fangs, her nails sharp claws, her ears came more pointed and moved up to her head becoming white, furry cat ears. When the transformation was complete, a large, beautiful, pure white panther with pink eyes stood where Kagome was just a moment ago.

End Flashback:

Ayame sighed and looked up at blue sky as she remembered that night. It had a few weeks since her pack was killed and she joined Kagome and her group. She was still having a hard time getting over the whole thing. But, thanks to the support and friendship of Kagome, Asagiri and everyone else, the pain was slowly going away. The wolf demoness looked down and smiled. Kagome, still a panther, was laying her head on the girl's lap. Ayame gently scratched behind one of her friend's ears, the panther meowed happily and gave a cat smile.

"I could really get use to you in this form, Kagome." Ayame laughed.

Kagome looked at her friend and stood up on all fours. Then she playful pounced on the wolf girl. Ayame giggled as the panther girl's tongue started to lick her face, tickling her.

"Okay, okay! I take back what I said!" Ayame gasped for air. "So get off of me already!"

The big cat got off the poor fifteen year old demon. Ayame sat up and wiped her face to get rid of the panther's saliva. Kagome gave a cat-like smirk at her friend.

"Yeah, really funny." Ayame replied sarcastically.

"Hey, you two!" Asagiri came into the clearing. "Everyone is ready to get going."

"Okay, I've guess we've been training enough, right Kagome?" Ayame said.

Kagome gave a small roar as a pink aura surrounded her. She changed into Sakura, then into Kagome. She slightly stretched her body a bit.

"Time to get going, I guess. Thanks for helping me train, Ayame."

"No problem. Now let's head back."

The three friends walked back to the campsite.

"So, who won?" the pink haired mini snow woman asked, sitting on Kagome's shoulder.

"I did." the raven haired miko said proudly, hands on her hips.

"Yeah, go ahead and rub it in." Ayame said. "Next time, I won't lose."

"We'll see." Kagome smirked.

The three of them all laughed.

After walking in the early morning into the early afternoon, the group arrived at a small village. But everything was a disaster. Houses were destroyed, some where burned down while others looked like they were cut apart. Almost everyone they saw had bandages around injuries on their bodies.

"What in the world happened here?" Miroku asked.

"Maybe some bandits came and attacked." Sango suggested.

"It wasn't bandits." a elderly woman came up to the group. "It was someone much worse then bandits."

"Are you saying that just one person did all this damage?" Inuyasha asked in disbelief.

The old woman nodded. "Indeed. She is truly a terrifying being."

"Who is she?" Miroku asked.

"She said her name was Sakura Hime."

Everyone gasped.

'W-What...?' Kagome thought. 'T-That can't be.' "Are you sure that was her name?" she asked aloud.

"Yes, she said clear as day late last night."

"Do you remember what she looks like?" Ayame asked the woman.

"If I remember correctly, she had long hair, black as night, crimson eyes, and I think was wearing a black kimono. But that's all I know." and with that the old woman walked away.

"Are you guys thinking the same think I am?" Inuyasha asked.

"That someone is impersonating Sakura?" Sango commented.

The half-demon nodded. "Yeah, but I don't know why."

"Maybe to get people to think she's a bad person and would probably get viewed as an enemy." Shippo said.

"That's probably is it." Miroku agreed with the small fox demon. "The woman said she attacked last night. So, maybe we should stay and see if she reappears again tonight."

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Later that night, Kagome, Ayame, and Asagiri were outside the guest house that they were staying at. While the others were inside discussing their plans, Kagome was pacing back and forth.

"Kagome, please stop pacing, your making a little dizzy." Asagiri said with swirls in her eyes from watching her friend pace around so much.

"Sorry, Asagiri." the miko apologized. "I just trying to understand what's going on."

"Don't worry." Ayame said. "I'm sure everyone else is coming up with a good plan."

"Yeah. But still, why would someone what to-" Kagome stopped as her eyes caught something.

A lone female figure was standing on one of the roofs of a wooden houses close to theirs. Ayame and Asagiri saw the figure as well.

"Could that be her?" the snow woman asked.

"It probably is." Ayame answered.

The figure then jumped onto a another houses, then another. Kagome started to run after the figure.

"Kagome, stop!" the wolf demon tried to stop her friend. "Just don't go and chase after a shadowy figure by yourself!" but the girl was already gone.

Ayame and Asagiri ran into the house to get the others.

'It's like she's leading me away from everyone on purpose.' Kagome thought as she continued to chase after the feminine figure. 'Like she knows I'm following her.'

Suddenly, the figure stopped when she landed on another wooden house. Kagome quickly hid behind one of the houses. She took a peek and saw the figure just standing on the roof, almost like she was waiting for something.

"I know it's risky." the raven haired girl whispered to herself. "But I'll have to transform if I want to find out what in the world is going on."

She transformed quickly, summoned her Chizakura. She jumped in the air.

"Cherry Blossom Storm!"

She swung her sword out toward the figure. But said figured jumped out of the way of the storm of sharp pink cherry blossoms, so fast she looked like a blur.

'Woah, she's really fast.' Kagome/Sakura mentally stated as she landed on the roof on the wooden house the figure was on.

"I have to say, that was quite an attack. I'm a little impressed." a female voice remarked from in front of the white slivery haired girl.

Kagome looked ahead and saw the feminine figure two roofs away from her.

"Who are you?!" she demanded.

The light of the crescent moon, which was temporarily hidden behind the clouds, shone on the figure. It revealed a young girl, who looked about the same age as Kagome. She was wearing a fighting kimono that was exactly like Kagome's, expect in was black and ying-yang symbol was red and the sleeves were at her elbows. She had black and red shoes, with knee-length black socks. She had long waist length hair, that was black as night. Her hair was held in a high ponytail with a dark red ribbon. Her eyes were crimson red and her skin was a pale grayish-tint, and her ears were pointed. A katana sword, with a black handle and black diamond shaped jewel, was strapped to her waist. She was smirking, showing her sharp canine teeth.

"Forgive me for being so rude." the girl mocked bowed. "I am Akira. And I have been sent to kill you, Warrior Princess, Sakura Hime."

Kagome just stared at the other girl in shocked. Quickly getting over the shock, Kagome glared at her.

"Who sent you to kill me?" she asked.

Akira placed a finger on her lips. "That's for me to know and for you to find out." she winked in a teasing manner.


Kagome looked over her shoulder and saw her friends rush up to the house she was on.

"Everyone!" she called.

She heard the black kimono wearing girl chuckle. "So it seems, that your friends are here to help you." Akira smirked. "But I would rather fight you one-on-one." she grabbed her sword and held it above her head. It's silver blade started to turn a dark purplish color. Then a purple fog come from the blade.

Kagome gasped as she recognized the fog. 'Miasma!' she turned toward her friends. "You guys, get away from here! Her sword is producing miasma!"

But it was too late. The poisonous fog made it's way to the ground below. Everyone stopped in their tracks and covered their mouths.

"Now that those nuisances are dealt with, how about you and I have a battle to the death?" Akira suggested, grinning widely.

But Kagome ignored her and jumped down from the roof to help her friends.

"Well, that was just rude!" Akira commented, crossing her arms over her chest, as she just stood on the roof to watch what would happen.

When the miko girl landed on her feet, she started to concentrat her spiritual powers into her Chizakura. The katana's blade began to glow pink with purifying energy. She swung Chizakura at the fog.

"Purifying Cherry Blossoms!"

A storm of cherry blossom petals, glowing bright pink, came from her sword. When the petals touched the miasma, the purple fog was instantly purified. All the cherry blossoms purified the miasma around Kagome and her friends, but there still was more of the poisonous fog that was closing in on them.

"There's too much miasma!" Inuyasha exclaimed.

"What do we do?!" Sango asked.

'There has to be something I can do.' Kagome thought. 'Pegasus, if you can hear me, please help me protect my friends!'

Then her mental prays were answered. A ball of white light appeared above them. They light disappeared to reveal a fan.

"It's a fan?" Miroku observed, a little confused.

The fan gently floated down, toward the girl with snow white hair. When the fan was directly in front of her, Kagome got a good look at it. The paper thin sector was black, while the slats were gray. It had pattern of pink cherry blossoms on it. Kagome was amazed by it's beauty. She lifted up her hand and grabbed the fan. She felt a surge of power. Kagome looked at the miasma then back at the fan. A smirk formed on her lips.

"For those who are demons, you might want to stand clear!" she announced.

Before anyone could ask what she meant the warrior princess started to twirl around very fast, her arms were stretched out.

"Purifying Cherry Blossoms!"

The storm of glowing pink cherry blossoms flew in all directions from the fan as the pink kimono wearing girl continued to spin. Inuyasha, Ayame, Asagiri, Kirara and Shippo all jumped onto the roof of one wooden houses to keep from getting purified by the petals, Miroku and Sango were fine since they were human. The cherry blossoms made contact with the purple fog, purifying it. Soon all of the miasma was purified. Kagome stopped spinning and unconscious struck a pose. Her legs were crossed, one of her arms was across her chest while the other, the with the fan in her hand, was at an angle were the fan was covering a bit of her forehead, and her eyes were closed. In other words she looked really cool.

"That pose makes her look so cool!" everyone exclaimed in unison, awe-stuck.

Kagome opened her eyes and used her fingers to close the fan. She undid her pose and looked up at a shocked looking Akira.

'She is more stronger than I thought.' Akira thought. 'He's definitely going to want to hear about this.'

She turned around and jumped to the ground with a soft thud. She started to run, but soon felt a sharp pain on her back. The blacked haired girl cried out in pain and fell to the ground. She used her arms to lift her a bit. Akira looked over her shoulder and gasped. A beautiful, pure white panther with pink eyes was behind her, some of the black cloth from the girl's kimono was stuck on the big cat's claws when she slashed at the girl's back. Akira trembled a little from having the panther's big sharp eyes stare into her's with a glare. A pink aura surrounded the cat and it started to change. Standing where the panther was, Kagome, still as Sakura, looked down at the person who used her identity. She gripped her sword in both of her hands and lifted it above her head to strike the girl on the ground. Suddenly, she noticed something on Akira's back. A large tattoo of a spider.

Kagome's eyes widened. "You're a..."


The snow white haired girl looked back and saw her friends rushing toward her. Akira took advantage of this and tied to use her legs to low kick Kagome. But the miko saw the move and jumped in the air and did a back-flip. When she landed, she saw Akira quickly stand up and jump onto the branch of a tree.

"Akira!" Kagome called out to her. "You are an incarnation of Naraku, aren't you?!"

The black haired girl turned around and looked at the other girl with a pained smirk. "Yes, I am. When Naraku heard of you and your power, he grew a bit concerned. So he decided to create yours truly to get rid of you. But I'm afraid you're more stronger than he and I thought."

Kagome smirked back at her. "It's nice to know that I strike fear into Naraku's eyes."

Akira frowned. "Don't too confident. Be warned Sakura Hime, I won't go easy on you the next time we meet!" then she turned around and jumped into the shadows of the forest.

Kagome just started at the spot where the girl was just a moment ago. She sighed and turned around to look at everyone.

"I should get going to. I have a lot to think about now that Akira is in the picture." she turned her gaze to a certain half-demon. She placed one of her main fingers on her chin and pouted playful. "I'm afraid our traditional flirting will have wait until next time. I hope you're not too disappointed, sweetie."

Inuyasha's face turned slightly red. "Actually, I'm glad." he lied. "I could use a break from your stupid flirting."

Suddenly, he felt a pair of lips on his in a short chaste kiss. The poor half-demon's face went all shades of red as Kagome pulled back, smirking.

"Are you sure about that?" the warrior princess giggled as her turned around and ran into the forest.

Inuyasha growled, his face still very red. "Why you flirty vixen! Come back here!"

The others held their hands to their mouths to keep from bursting out laughing loud.

To be continued...

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