Skylanders: The Beginning

The Village of the Mistlands

Chapter Five: The Village of the Mistlands

When Cynder woke the next morning, she rubbed her eyes, feeling groggy. She couldn’t believe she was being forced to wake up at such a time. Looking over to Sonic Boom’s bed, she saw she was waking up as well. When Sonic Boom noticed her, she smiled.

“Good morning,” she greeted. “How do you feel?”

“Good morning to you,” Cynder replied. “I feel fine. Why shouldn’t I?”

“You were mumbling in your sleep last night,” Sonic Boom said. “I woke up in the middle of the night and you were moving around, saying something. I’m not sure what you were saying, but it sounded as if you were protesting against something or someone.”

Cynder didn’t understand completely. It didn’t sound right. She wondered what had happened last night. She hadn’t experienced a nightmare, after all. But she finally decided it didn’t matter. She decided it must have been one of those kinds of nights.

“Alright, then. I believe you. Let’s get down there, Cynder,” Sonic Boom said.

When they arrived at the Core of Light, Spyro and some of the others were already there. Spyro had circles under his eyes. When he saw Cynder, he smiled, and she tried to smile back, but for some reason she was unable.

“Good morning,” he greeted. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m so tired,” she replied. “I need more sleep.”

“I understand, and we might be able to get that chance after we arrive in the Mistlands. But for now, let’s just wait on Eon and the others to arrive,” he explained quietly to her.

She nodded, and decided to ask a question she’d been wondering for a while. However, the question got stuck in her throat, and she decided to ask another to stop herself from sounding stupid.

“Why are the Mistlands called their name?” she asked. “Are they really misty?”

“Well, yes,” Spyro answered, laughing a little. “But not as much now. They were only really misty back when they were first settled hundreds of years ago. But now they’re a little different. It’s just the way things are. When it comes to the Mabu, it’s the second-most populated location for them. Shattered Island is the Mabu’s most-populated location.”

Cynder’s eyes widened a little, and Spyro realized he shouldn’t have mentioned there. That was where he’d first met her, back when she was corrupted. She’d tried to kill him there.

Cynder cleared her throat. “Um, okay,” she said. “Thanks for giving me that information.”

Spyro thought to himself, I shouldn’t have mentioned Shattered Island. She doesn’t need to remember that. She’s trying to forget the bad things in her past, and I keep bringing them right back up. I’m pretty sure just the thought of fighting Deathmatch has already done that to her. I need to be a whole lot more careful when I’m speaking to Cynder. I understand her better than anyone else ever could. I need to be much more careful when it comes to this.

Once all the Skylanders going to the Mistlands had arrived, Eon soon came and cleared his throat, allowing them to know he was about to speak.

“We are leaving now,” he said. “The Core will create a portal for us. We must be careful about all this. We will be in danger as soon as we arrive. Although the Mabu will be there, many soldiers from the other side will most likely be there. We will be going up against Kaos and a Dark Elf known as Deathmatch. Even if his name sounds funny to you, let me assure you, he is not someone to mess with. He is very powerful, and he is very manipulative. Exercise caution whenever you meet him or see him.”

He looked to Spyro and Cynder. He smiled. He then looked to the Core and suddenly, it blasted some sort of golden light at one of the large rocks nearby.

The portal appeared there, and everyone present saw what seemed to be a beautiful forest.

“That’s where we’ll be arriving. It’s not the place itself, though. We just need to be careful, so we’re first going to that spot, which is about ten minutes away from the Mabu population’s village,” Spyro explained to Cynder.

Eon called out to them all, “Let us go!”

Cynder noticed Sunburn and Sonic Boom were there, as was Hex. She was smiling on the inside as she thought of that. At least she would be having friends near her other than Spyro.

But then she noticed Whirlwind and Slam Bam would be coming, too. She sighed, hoping neither of them saw her or tried to say anything toward her.

As Cynder went through the portal, Sonic Boom came up next to her.

“How are you feeling?” she asked.

“I’m doing fine for now,” Cynder replied. “I just want to sleep a little longer. Whenever I don’t get enough sleep, I feel like I want to bang my head against a rock and knock myself out.”

Sonic Boom laughed. “Well, don’t do that. I believe we’ll be able to sleep soon enough. But even if we don’t, at least we’re with one another. It’s easier for me to be with a friend most of the time.”

“Me, too,” Cynder said. “I haven’t been able to experience the luck of having friends too much.”

“Well, at least you have us,” Spyro said. “And now we need to follow Eon. I’m not sure what’s coming next.”

“What do you mean?” Sunburn asked.

“Maybe I said that the wrong way,” Spyro said, realizing how he’d sounded. “I meant that we need to be ready to introduce ourselves. I’m not sure if everyone is supposed to be introduced, or if Eon will just meet with the leader and bring some of us with them.”

Cynder, Sonic Boom, and Sunburn sighed, now knowing what Spyro had actually meant.

Eon went through the forest, the twelve Skylanders that had come along not far behind him. Spyro and Cynder came up on either side of him.

“Will we be able to sleep at all during our time here?” Cynder asked with a smidge of humor in her voice.

“Yes,” Eon said. “But we also must be careful while we are here. So long as Kaos and Deathmatch are around, we must keep one eye open as we sleep Some of us will watch while the others sleep. I believe you and Spyro will need the most sleep before we set out.”

“Why us, Eon?” Spyro asked.

“Because you two will be leading the Skylanders during this mission,” he explained. At this, Spyro and Cynder’s eyes widened. “I know, the both of you are surprised,” continued Eon. “But I trust you both enough for this to happen. I know what the past has done to you, Cynder, but despite that, I trust you and I will keep trusting you until the end of my days.”

Cynder half-smiled again. What stopped her from giving a true smile was the mention of her past. She knew Eon hadn’t meant it that way, but it still caused her to think of it that way.

Soon a small village came into their sight, and many Mabu inhabitants appeared. Cynder noticed how many of them seemed to resemble Cali, with the main exception being that Cali was taller than they were.

“Spyro,” called Eon. “Please come here.”

Spyro did so, giving Cynder a small smile.

And then…

“You too, Cynder!” Eon called again. As soon as she heard her name, Cynder’s blue eyes widened. She was wondering why Eon was calling her.

As she went up, she looked back to Sonic Boom and Sunburn. Both smiled at her.

What in the heck is going on? Cynder thought to herself. Why would Eon want me? This doesn’t make any sense. It’s confusing.

“Yes?” she asked when she reached Eon and Spyro.

“You both will be accompanying me into the village leader’s home to speak with him,” Eon explained to them both. When he saw Spyro and Cynder’s shocked expressions, he added, “Do not tell any of the other Skylanders this, but I trust you both more than anyone else. Now let us go.”

“What about the others?” Cynder asked him. She turned around, and then saw Cali giving them orders. She guessed Eon had told her to do so back at the Ruins. “Nevermind.”

As they followed Eon, Spyro looked to Cynder.

“What if the leader recognizes me? I don’t want to be recognized!” Cynder asked.

“It’s okay, Cynder,” Spyro told her. “If the village leader does happen to recognize you, I’ll make sure he doesn’t say anything.”

“As will I,” Eon told her. “You deserve to be remembered only as an amazing Skylander, Cynder. That is all I will say on the matter.”

Cynder nodded, still partially fearful. She hadn’t been seen on the outside too much since Spyro’s rescue of her from Malefor’s clutches. That didn’t include her being seen while wearing her cloak and hood or being seen by the Skylanders, as only Spyro and Hex knew of her past.

Finally they arrived at the home of the village leader. As they approached, the door swung open, and a Mabu larger than most of the others, around the same size as Cali, greeted them, beckoning them inside.

“It is good to see you, old friend,” Eon greeted.

“Yes, the same to you, Eon,” the village leader said. “Who are these two Dragons with you? New recruits for your Skylanders?”

“Yes. The Purple Dragon is Spyro, and this Black Dragoness is Cynder. She was one of our new recruits, although Spyro has known her for quite some time. I trust them very much. More so than many of the others. But do not tell them that.” He laughed, and the village leader did the same.

“I am pleased to meet the both of you,” he greeted to Spyro and Cynder. “I’ve not heard your names before, but I am sure I will soon enough. You two will most likely become the stuff of legends! Now, onto business. I must tell you the troubling news I received from Kaos and the Dark Elf with him. I forget what his name was.”

“Was it Deathmatch?” Cynder suggested. She’d said it without realizing what she’d done.

“Yes, thank you, young one,” the village leader said. “Kaos and Deathmatch sent me a message saying they will be attacking the villages of the Mabu soon, and that they will start with those here in the Mistlands! It is pure madness, I tell you! I have never been so scared in my entire life!”

“Why is it that you are so scared?” Eon asked.

“Because I do not know what we are to do!” the village leader exclaimed. “Or, at least, I didn’t, until you sent me the message that said you and the Skylanders were coming. That calmed me down very much, and I thank you very much, Eon.”

“No problem, old friend. But now we must go to how they would be attacking the villages. Do you remember what they said?”

“Yes. They said would be bringing their armies to attack. Catapults, Dark Elves, and even Mountain Trolls! Have you seen one of those things? They are larger than Spyro and Cynder, I can see. But that doesn’t matter. Have you seen their sheer size?”

“Yes,” Eon answered, making an attempt to calm him down. “But remember, we have the Skylanders with us. I have seen how their abilities fare in tough situations. I believe I might have done it in a way I now regret, but I know they are ready. Cynder was in the Underworld with a Dark Elf Witch, Hex, and Whirlwind, a Unicorn-Dragoness Hybrid, when they stumbled upon the Dark Elves getting themselves ready for the battle. It is because of Cynder and the others that we will be ready. Do not worry, Bly. We will take this army down before they know it. Spyro is a Purple Dragon, meaning he can control many abilities that others cannot, and Cynder is quite special. She can control Electricity, but that’s not the end of it. Despite her not being a Purple Dragon, she can control more than one Element. I believe one of them is Shadow Fire. Would I be correct, Cynder?” She nodded. “Ah yes, that was it. Because of this, we are ready for what is coming. Do not give up hope. These might be dark times, but our faith and belief in ourselves and what we can do will define us when the time comes.”

Silence fell over them. Eon and Bly did not break it. Neither Spyro nor Cynder dared to break it, waiting on Eon to do so. It was soon that he finally did by clearing his throat.

“I believe we will be going off to our camp now,” he explained. “I do believe you have your trust restored?”

“I do, and I thank you,” Bly replied. “I thank you also, Spyro and Cynder.”

“For what?” Spyro asked. “We didn’t do anything.”

“You both seem to give me hope. That is why,” Bly told them. “I can see that there is something bothering you, Cynder, and while I might not know what it is, and while I do not care what it might be, I want you to know that as long as you stay with friends and follow your heart, you will never fail.” He smiled at her.

Cynder hadn’t been expecting that, and smiled back as well as she could. The words rang true to her, she realized. But she wasn’t ready to reveal anything just yet.

She, Spyro, and Eon made their way out of the home. As Bly closed the door, he said, “Goodnight to all of you.”

As the three of them left, Eon said to them, “We have a camp now. The Skylanders who remained out here are already there.”

When they arrived, the other Skylanders who saw them and either smiled at Spyro or walked away. Hex, Sunburn, and Sonic Boom were the only ones who greeted both Spyro and Cynder. They were standing outside what looked to be cabins.

“So where are we sleeping tonight?” Spyro asked Eon.

“You will be with Sunburn and Slam Bam,” Eon told him. “Cynder, you shall sleep with Sonic Boom and Hex. I hope you all sleep well.” He walked away from them.

Cynder soon noticed that Hex had already gone inside. Sonic Boom was waiting on her, while Sunburn was waiting on Spyro.

As Spyro made his way to his cabin, Cynder felt like she wanted to say something.

“Spyro,” she said.

He stopped walking and turned around. “Yes?” he asked.

“I…” She stopped, thought things through, and decided that she would save it for later. She came up with something else. “I hope you sleep well,” she finally said.

He smiled. “Thanks.” Then he turned around and entered the cabin. Sunburn gave a smile to Cynder and closed the door behind them when he entered.

Cynder went to Sonic Boom.

“You okay, Cynder?” Sonic Boom asked.

“Yeah, I’m good,” Cynder lied. “I’m just tired. Let’s go inside and go to sleep.”

Sonic Boom could see Cynder was lying to her, but she let it slide. She decided it was something personal to Cynder, and since Cynder didn’t want to share it, Sonic Boom wouldn’t keep asking. She wanted to be friends with Cynder, not someone who looked to deep into her life. She believed Cynder deserved to keep her secrets, and that if Cynder wanted to give them to the others, she could do it whenever she wanted to.

Inside their cabin, Cynder laid down on her bed. She realized she would have to share the bed with Sonic Boom, as the cabin only had one bed. Hex just floated near them.

“Will you be sleeping somewhere, Hex? It seems like you have nowhere to sleep here,” Cynder said, her voice tired and rasping.

“I don’t sleep,” Hex replied. “That’s my problem. Ever since that one fateful day. It helps, in a way, because I can watch anyone who I am friends with. If we are Skylanders, then we must watch out for one another. I can hear how tired you are, Cynder, and that is why I wish for you and Sonic Boom to sleep. I am happy you have decided to be my friends, despite what I am like.”

“I’m your friend because I don’t think of you as weird at all,” Sonic Boom said. “I believe you just need someone to a friend to you. It helps when it comes to that.” Sonic Boom smiled at her. Then she turned her gaze to Cynder. “And I’m your friend because I trust you. I started trusting you the day I met you. I know you have a sort of past you don’t wish to speak about, and I respect that. Friends need to stick by one another.”

Cynder half-smiled once more. She wished she could smile in a real way for once. Then she looked to Hex to give her the reason that she was her friend.

“You’re my friend, Hex, because you’re the one who understands me,” Cynder said. “Spyro understands me best, of course, and both Sonic Boom and Sunburn seem to understand me well, but it is because of you that I want to join the Skylanders more. You and the others. I trust you, and I haven’t said that in a long time. I thank you, Hex. Now, if you guys don’t mind, I’m going to sleep. I need it real bad. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” Hex said.

“Goodnight, Cynder,” Sonic Boom said.

Cynder saw Hex turn the lights out. As she did so, Cynder found how happy she was that she had those who trusted her and wanted to be her friends. She just wished she could say the words she wanted so badly to say. She believed that for now she would just wait and see what would be coming next.

As soon as she put her head on the pillow, sleep drifted over her like a warm blanket.

Much to the Skylanders’ surprise, they did nothing over the next three days besides helping the Mabu with some of their problems, including how to fight and how to be in a defensive stance. But otherwise, they did not do very much. To Spyro and Cynder, they believed that was all they needed. Both of them were still tired from everything, even on the third day.

On the third day, Cynder found Sonic Boom and Sunburn together once again. She didn’t smile when she saw them. Just seeing them embracing one another caused the feeling of longing to grasp her chest.

“Oh hey, Cynder!” Sonic Boom greeted when she saw her. “It’s great to see you. How’s everything going today?”

“Good,” Cynder replied. “I just wish for some action already. We came here to fight, after all. I mean, I’m not the biggest fan of fighting all the time, but I just want to get everything over with and go back to the Ruins to rest for a couple of weeks.”

“Trust me, I know what you mean,” Sunburn told her. “It’s not always going to be the most fun when you’re a Skylander, I guess. It kind of sucks, because it seems so cool, and then, the next thing you know, you have to work a lot. It’s just something I want to get away from. Where I come from, we worked a lot, and I couldn’t take it too much longer. I loved everyone there, but it just wasn’t somewhere I wanted to be for the rest of my life. I’m not sure if you guys are getting me.”

“I sort of do,” Cynder said. “I mean, I’ve never really traveled too much. I’m not too sure, because I’ve gone to Shattered Island and to other places, and now to the Ruins and the Mistlands, but still, I want to take a break all the time and just do nothing. It’s how I’ve always felt. I don’t want to remain in one place for longer than, I don’t know, a week. It’s not always that much fun.”

But there was another reason why she didn’t want to keep being somewhere for more than a week. She didn’t want anyone to recognize her as the monster she had once been. It hurt her still to think of being the evil beast, as being the Terror of the Skies. It hurt her very much. If someone ever recognized her again, she didn’t know what she would do or who she would turn to. She guessed Spyro was the best one to turn to. Him or Hex.

It was not long after that she found herself near Spyro. He was watching a young Mabu girl, as her family had gone missing somehow, and now everyone believed Kaos and Deathmatch had something to do with it. The village hoped her family would come back soon, and that she would be able to reunite with her family. Spyro himself hoped so.

“Hi, Spyro,” greeted Cynder. “How’s everything going?”

“Good,” he replied. He turned to look at her. “Would you mind watching Emily here for me? I need to go talk with Eon.”

“Sure, whatever you need,” Cynder said.

Spyro smiled and turned to Emily. “I’ve got to go talk to someone,” he said. “I’ll be back soon, okay? Cynder here will be watching you for right now. Just talk to her. She’s a really good friend of mine, and I’m sure you two’ll get along.”

Emily nodded, and the Mabu girl went back to writing in a small red journal. As Spyro left, he smiled at Cynder.

Once he was gone, Cynder turned to the little girl. She didn’t know what to do or what to say.

“You know, he talks about you a lot,” Emily told her.

“What?” Cynder asked.

“Spyro. He talks about you a lot. While we were talking, he kept mentioning you. He must think of you as a really good friend,” Emily observed. “You are really pretty.”

Cynder blushed. “Uh, thanks,” she said. “I haven’t been told that in a long time.”

“I’m surprised,” Emily said. “I would’ve thought many people would think of you as pretty.”

“Well, you should understand I haven’t been around too many people. I’ve been traveling a lot, and so all those I met are back in the places I left,” Cynder explained, though some of it was untrue. “I haven’t had many friends in my life, unfortunately. Spyro’s been one that I’ve always been able to trust. When I was hurt once, he nursed me back to health. He really is a great friend, and if it wasn’t for him, I most likely wouldn’t be here right now. It’s hard to explain, Emily, and I sort of don’t wish to. It’s just one of those things.”

“I understand,” Emily said. “I trust you a lot already, even though I just met you. I think of you being a really good friend to a lot of people. I sort of already count you as one. I need more, since all of mine were taken by those meanies. One of their names just sounds evil, and I hate thinking of it or saying it.”

“It’s okay. I know how that feels. I have heard of these guys before. Of course, when you live in Skylands, how can you not hear about Kaos? He’s pretty much the main bully in the schoolyard.” Cynder realized she’d made a joke, but she shook it off. She looked down at the journal that Emily was writing in. “What are you writing about?”

“Just how much I want to see my daddy and mommy again,” Emily replied. “I miss them so much.” Tears formed in Emily’s eyes. “They always brought me joy and laughter, and now they’re gone. It’s hard to think of them having been taken.”

“Don’t worry,” Cynder told her. “We’ll find them. I’ll make sure of it. Even if others give up, I won’t. I’ll make sure I find them and bring them back to you. I just wish I knew where my parents are. You see, I never really knew them. I was left alone after my mom had my egg, I guess, and after I hatched, I never knew of them. It’s kind of sad. I just wish I knew them.” Tears formed in her eyes. “Everyone else is so lucky to have parents or a family. I don’t really have anyone. I have friends, but even despite my friends, I wish to know my family, to know if I had siblings. It’s just one of those things.”

She heard footsteps behind her. She turned to see Spyro. He was smiling softly at her and Emily. Cynder guessed he’d heard.

“I’m back,” he said. “It looks like you two have been accquainted.”

“Yes,” Cynder said, quickly drying her tears. “Emily, you’re really nice, and I thank you for saying you understand me. Spyro’s going to watch you again. I think I need to go talk to a friend now, okay?”

But before she could do anything, before Emily could speak, there was the sound of something falling out of the sky and hitting the ground hard. Whirling around, Spyro and Cynder found a small human stood among the smoke.

“Hello, everyone!” he called out. Both Spyro and Cynder recognized the voice. It was Kaos. “How is everything? I see you are all doing something, which I am happy about. When everyone works, it means that when I kidnap you, I can make you my slaves!” He laughed maniacally in his high-pitched voice, both of which did not mix together too well.

“If you want to take anybody, you’ll have to get through us!” Spyro told him.

Kaos looked to Spyro and smiled. “I’ve heard of you before,” he said. “Isn’t your name supposed to be Spyro or something?”

“Why should it matter what our names are?” Cynder exclaimed without meaning to.

Kaos looked to her and screamed. “What are you doing here?” he yelled. “I was told you wouldn’t be here!”

Spyro and Cynder both realized they would need to shut Kaos up soon before he revealed anything about Cynder’s past to those around them.

“Don’t worry, Kaos,” came a voice from behind them. “She won’t hurt you just yet, I don’t think. She seems too weak to do so.”

Cynder looked behind her and found herself staring into the cold black eyes of a Dark Elf. She realized the Dark Elf was Deathmatch. She felt herself beginning to tremble.

Looking to where Emily had been, she realized she was not there. She wondered where the Mabu child had gone to. But then she noticed her behind Deathmatch, on her knees, shaking with unimaginable fear. Cynder felt for her.

“What are you doing here?” Spyro asked.

“We have come to reclaim what is rightfully ours. You cannot defeat us, young Dragon. We are too powerful for the both of you, and any of the others you might have around here,” Deathmatch explained coldly. “An army of Dark Elves await me, so if you do not allow me to leave, this village will suffer major consequences. Do not believe you can win just because you are led by Eon. He is a failure, just as you are, Cynder. You should have—” He was cut off by a cry of pain.

Behind him was Stealth Elf, having driven one of her Dragonfang daggers into his abdomen hard. Blood dripped off the end that protruded on Spyro and Cynder’s side. Seeing the blood made Cynder feel a little sick.

But Deathmatch was still alive, and he hit Stealth Elf full in the face with his elbow, knocking her unconscious. Spyro and Cynder watched as he tore the Dragonfang dagger out of his body and threw it to the ground. He looked right at Cynder. “It’s time to die,” he rasped.

He looked to Kaos, who nodded. Reaching behind him, he took Emily and threw her to Kaos. Emily screamed. Cynder ran to Emily, but Kaos was too quick, and somehow disappeared into thin air with only a little mist or smoke left behind.

“NO!” Cynder yelled. “No, this isn’t supposed to be happening!” She felt tears in her eyes, unable to believe what had just happened.

Deathmatch laughed at her. Cynder turned around and stared right at him. She couldn’t believe what he’d done. She was ready to kill him. But before she could do anything, Stealth Elf got back to her feet and kicked Deathmatch in the face, knocking him to the ground. He just laughed, even when he was kicked again. The next kick knocked him unconscious.

Cynder still couldn’t believe it. It had all happened so fast. It was still unbearable for her to think of the way Kaos had taken Emily.

She felt Spyro touch her shoulder softly. She looked him in his amethyst eyes as he stared into her sapphire-blue eyes.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“No,” she replied. She looked down at Deathmatch’s body. “This all happened too quick. I can already tell something’s not right. Why would Deathmatch give up so quickly? He could’ve attacked us more.”

“I’m not sure,” Spyro said. “We need to lock him up somewhere and make sure someone guards him until we interrogate him. Once we interrogate him, we can see what we should do with him. If you ask me, we need to exile him. It’d be better than killing him.” He realized Cynder was no longer near him. He saw her standing over a red journal, which Spyro remembered was Emily’s. He could see she and Emily had become friends already. The tears were still flowing for Cynder.

“I wanted to keep her safe,” Cynder said to Spyro. “She told me how her parents had been abducted by these two idiots, and now she’s been abducted. We need to find Kaos and get her back, as well as anymore of the Mabu who have been taken from their homes.” She looked to Stealth Elf. “Lock him up quickly. He’s not someone we can afford to lose. We must interrogate him and learn where he’s held up with Kaos and where he’s taken Emily and any of the other Mabu around here. We need to have some watching him. It’d be the best thing to do.”

“Where’s Eon?” Sunburn asked, coming up to them. “We saw everything happen, and we want to know if you guys are alright.”

Spyro turned to him. “Eon didn’t know this would be happening,” Spyro said. “I don’t think any of us knew it would be happening. But that doesn’t matter. We will be getting everyone back. For right now, let’s imprison Deathmatch and interrogate him to see what he might know.”

Stealth Elf dragged Deathmatch’s unconscious body behind her. Cynder looked back and anger formed in her body as she thought of the way in which Emily had been taken.

Eon appeared in the village’s square. Bly stood next to him.

“What happened?” Bly asked them.

“Deathmatch and Kaos attacked,” Spyro explained. “We were able to capture Deathmatch, but Kaos is still out there, and he was able to kidnap a little girl named Emily. We need to lock Deathmatch up and interrogate him.”

“Who will interrogate him?” Eon asked.

“Cynder and I,” Spyro said. “I think we both know how to do this. We just need to get the information out of him, and then we can leave his fate up to those in the village, okay?”

“I agree,” Eon said. He looked to Cynder and saw the tears dripping from her eyes. “Are you alright, my dear?”

“They took Emily just after she explained to me how her parents had been taken,” Cynder said. “It’s just madness. I’m ready to interrogate Deathmatch. I need to know where Emily and the others have been taken.”

Spyro looked to her and nodded. So did Eon.

“Alright, then,” Spyro said. “Let’s get to work.”

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