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Terminal Velocity


Ochako Uraraka can no longer earn the title of hero; now, she must seize it for herself. Her parents are dead. A burglar destroyed her home. The little she had left in her life was dashed away in the course of just a few minutes. Devastated, she struggles to pick up the pieces. In her time of mourning, when she wanted nothing more than to just float into the sky and disappear among the clouds, she revisits the reason why she wanted to become a hero. The money. Improving life at home. Lifting her family out of the poverty which weighed them down. Though her family is gone, she cannot ignore the broken community which consumed them in its troubles. Her family was a reflection of the environment around her. To earn enough money to support a family is one thing...to earn enough for a community is another. UA would not bring that to her fast enough, so she will have to resort to extremes. Plummeting from the tower of grief and tragedy she sealed herself in, Ochako reaches terminal velocity toward the betterment of her neighborhood. She resolves to become a true hero of society, so no one needs to become a hero, or villain, of desperation anymore.

Drama / Action
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Though this fanfiction is based in the series Boku No Hero Academia (My Hero Academia), the setting around the characters is not necessarily consistent with modern Japan or the series’ depiction of modern Japan. The idea of heroes and villains, of quirks and superpowered education is there, but the physical setting and the topics grappled with are closer to my experiences in the United States, and, more specifically, in New York City.

That being said, credit for the characters and some of the ideas goes to Kōhei Horikoshi. I encourage readers who may be interested in his work to check it out, and, if you really like it, spend some money to support him and his team.


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