Cravings and Wishes

Chapter 2

Morning light did not find her in much better shape, having done her usual tossing and turning all night. Throwing the blanket off with a groan, Sarah got out of the bed and headed to the shower for work.

Jareth was yet again at the mirror, watching. His lips twitched at the grumpy way she had flung herself from her tangle of sheets and blankets. Her eyes had automatically gone to the portal when she first awoke. He was confused as to why she had refused him when she clearly wanted to be near him, to have what he had offered her.

"Oh, it's you." said a disgusted voice from behind him. "What happened to 'I'm done with humans, the next time one is mentioned you will get hung upside down in the oubliette for fifty years'."

"It is not wise thing, dwarf, to throw your kings words back at him." Jareth said darkly.

"But I no longer serve only a king." Hoggle said as he stood by the mirror.

"Tell me then, why your queen refused your king, Hog'sbreath." His mismatched eyes going back to the glass.

"Huh, that's easy enough. The child. Sarah had to take her brother back, he had not been hers to give away in the first place." the dwarf looked at him, wary, "And it's Hoggle."

"Then why the hell wish him away to begin with?!" Jareth kicked a large stone, sending it crashing into a tree that fell with an echoing crash.

"Because she was young and angry. She has learned and grown since then." Hoggle explained, slightly sounding like he was speaking to a pouty child.

Trying to calm himself, he paced. "What does she say of me?" the king asked.

Hoggle laughed loudly, "To me, not a damn thing. She says insults and snide comments are not helpful at all." He smartly stepped through the portal to Sarah's side as the ground began to quake with Jareth's anger. Having a slight bit of pity, he said, "Talk to Ludo."

"What about Ludo?" Sarah asked, coming out of the bathroom.

"He can't wait to see you." Hoggle said smoothly. It was not a lie, something no fae creature could do.

She smiled. "Me either." Sarah had pulled on faded jeans and a yellow t-shirt with a small apron tied around her waist. "I was just heading to work, did you need something, Hoggle?"

"Naw, I just wanted to check on you, Ludo said you still weren't sleeping." He looked at her, concerned for his very first friend.

"Leave it be, Hoggle." She said giving him a gentle squeeze. Soon after, Sarah left for work.

Hoggle stepped back through the mirror, finding no sign of the goblin king. Sneering while shaking his head at all the fickleness of the two, he headed back down the hill.

Jareth approached the great beast, allowing himself to be seen. As much as he would like to demand answers, it would get him nowhere with this particular creature that also called Sarah queen. The rock caller was by no means weak, having taken out half of the castle guard on his own when he came to Sarah's aid.

"King." Ludo said, the word drawn out.

"Ludo." Jareth acknowledged him. "How does she feel?" he asked, not wanting to waste any time.

"Lost," Ludo took a step toward him, gently placing a massive finger over Jareth's heart. "Misses"

"She misses me?" The goblin king was astounded, "Then why will she not call to me?" he nearly growled.

The beast grunted. "Sarah scared." He looked pointedly at Jareth.

"Of me?" he said calmly. This made sense to him, anyone with any imagination at all would be afraid of him. He even liked it that way for the most part, but it wasn't the emotion he wanted from his love.

Ludo nodded and added, "And her."

Jareth was confused for a moment, then brightened as he got what Ludo was trying to tell him. "This may be the most informative conversation that I have had with one of my subjects. I am grateful." With that, he disappeared from view, not hearing the slow chuckle from Ludo.

Sarah's day was going badly. The twittering cheerleaders in the corner were adding to an already pounding headache. So far this morning she had managed to break a whole tray of glasses when the other waitress bumped into her, costing her money. To top the day, she was now serving a jackass with stalker looks and groping hands. She hated this world sometimes. Days like this made her miss the labyrinth, the bad parts of it. She take the whole group of fireys over that guy any time.

After cleaning up and being lectured about the glasses, she took herself home. Sarah slammed her stuff down on her small table and headed toward her bedroom. Unaware that he followed her every move, she took off her apron and threw it on the bed. "Fuck." She hissed through her teeth.

The goblin king chuckled. His Sarah still had a hot temper of her own. His breath caught as she pulled the pins from her hair, shinning like dark rubies as it flowed in waves to the back of her thighs. Standing there, blue eyes icy with anger, she was more gorgeous than he had remembered. Gone was the last of the confused child she had been. He moved closer to the mirror as she pulled the shirt over her head, only to be disappointed by the small gray tank top that ended just above her navel. He grinned when he saw a silver and sapphire jewel that flashed when she moved, just below the shirt. After a short trip to the bathroom, she came back wearing a pair of black shorts showing the bottom of some design high on her right thigh.

Once Sarah came to the mirror, face to with the object of her obsession. Her eyes began their daily search of the castle beyond the goblin city as her mind wondered to its master. Her hands curled into fists, a combination of a really shitty day and this thing for him that had burned inside her for three years made her frustrated and thoughtless. "Damn it, Jareth, why the hell do I wish I could see you again?"

"Perverse pleasure?" he asked, now lounging very comfortably in her bed.

She gasped turning, her arm brushing the mirror, creating waves in the glass. Her heart thudded in her chest as she took in his tight black pants and lose white shirt. It was quite understated for him, considering. That did not stop the very real goblin king from being just as captivating as he had been when she had first met him. "Shit." She whispered, bracing her back against the wall. "What do you want?" She was proud her voice came out clear and firm, because her bones felt like mush.

"Not a thing, dear one, I just came to fulfill your wish." Jareth said, propping his hands behind his head.

"I did not exactly wish for you." Sarah replied, wondering why he was so calm. She had basically told him to take his kingdom and shove it last time they spoke, where was his anger?

Jareth rose from her bed and slowly walked to her, "Now, Sarah mine, I plainly heard you say Jareth, I wish to see you again." She stood tall, refusing to cower before him. He came close, boxing her in by bracing his right hand over her shoulder. He gently brushed her hair back, making her eyes half close.

"I believe you left out a few words." She said a little breathless.

"Quite a colorful language you've gained." He smirked and she hated herself for loving the sight of it. He leaned down until his lips just hovered over hers.

She put a hand on his chest, nearly making him groan at the contact. "Jareth," she said, their lips barely brushing, "I am not the same naive girl that you played games with, you don't scare me anymore" she slipped under his arm and walked across the room, lips tingling.

"I noticed, love. I must say I am enjoying the outcome" he leaned against the wall, his eyes traveling the length of her, "Very much."

Sarah did not know whether to give in a laugh, be mad, or worse, except the offer his look gave. Surprising to him, she choose to laugh. "So what now?" she asked him, "You just going to hang around my room like the ghost of lovers past?"

"We were not lovers," Jareth stated, his eyes flashing. "Yet," he added with a wicked smile.

"Uh hu." She threw her blankets back and flicked the lights off. Climbing into the bed, she pulled the sheet up over her shoulder. "Good night, goblin king." Sarah realized that her wish could not really harm anyone. All it did was give him permission to bug the hell out of her. She had no doubt that he would soon begin to piss her off, but for now, his presence was comforting to her, easing that ache she had carried for so long.

Jareth appeared behind her, his arm around her waist, molding her body to his. "Good night sweet Sarah," he whispered against her neck, truly shocked that she had not ordered him right back out of her life.

"Don't get cocky," she told him even as she placed her arm over his, "I only missed you a little." Sarah let herself drift off as he held her tightly against him.

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