Cravings and Wishes

Chapter 3

Sarah woke to fingers gently tracing the blue rose tattoo on her thigh. Even when heat began to climb through her, she would not allow him to think that he could have anything he wanted from her. Still she admitted stretching, the warmth of his body next to hers was not a bad thing to wake up to. "Do not get any ideas," she repeated, her eyes still closed.

"My dear, it is already far too late." His breath was hot against her neck, soon followed by little kisses. His hand slowly slid up her thigh. She caught his hand, pressing it down against her, stopping the movement.

Sarah turned slightly, looking at him. "It's a little soon for this don't you think?"

"Not at all." Jareth replied, covering her mouth with his. He had waited for what had felt like life times for her. After her rejection, he never thought he would get this close to her. There was no way he was going to waste another second of time.

Sarah ran her hands up his back, holding him closer to her. His hand began to travel again, skimming over her hips as he slid under the gray tank top. He glided across the smooth skin of her stomach slowly moving higher before she stopped him again. Nipping his bottom lip, she rolled from beneath him, grateful that her legs held her up. "Did you really think it would be that easy, goblin king?" she said, tugging her shirt back down. His eyes were hot upon her, reminding her of the owl he could change into. There was little doubt in her mind that he had marked her for prey.

"I had certainly hoped so, Sarah mine," he said, starting to follow her. This was better than Jareth had dared to dream. Positive that she was his, all he had to do was seduce her and get her to admit her love, then by goblin law they would be forever wed to one another.

"You stay right there, mister. I have to get to work and make up the money I lost yesterday." He laid back on her bed, enjoying the way she was staring at him. "We will have to have a long talk, Jareth, before I even think about letting you into my bed."

"Dear Sarah, I am already in your bed and have been all night." He grinned slowly, his captivating eyes reflecting deviousness.

"Smart ass, don't you have a kingdom to run?" Sarah stomped around the room, gathering her cloths.

He appeared behind her, pulling her to him. "The best thing that I can do for my kingdom is to secure my queen."

"Uh hu." She gave a smirk of her own, resting against him for a moment. Then Sarah pushed him off and headed for the bathroom.

"I could…." he started, wicked glint in his eye.

"Not a chance," she shut the door against him, knowing it would do no good if he decided to chase after her. Oddly enough, she trusted him to respect her wishes.

Jareth did go back to his kingdom to have them prepare for the arrival of their new queen. He planned on having her there with in a days' time. There was no way he was giving her up again. This time, Sarah would be his forever.

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