Cravings and Wishes

Chapter 4

The cheerleaders in the corner had on blue instead of red, but the day was playing out much the same as the proceeding one. It had been plates instead of glasses that had shattered to the floor when the other waitress shoved her hip into Sarah's side, another twenty five down the drain. She was beginning to think Mindy, her fellow server, did not like her much. Then, of course, the same perv from before parked his ass at one of her tables. She sighed and dutifully walked over to where he waited with a creepy smile on his face.

"You need more coffee?" Sarah asked pleasantly, pasting on the classic waitress smile.

"Sure thing," he said with a sleazy grin, "What do you say we go somewhere when you get done?" He slid his hand up the back of her thigh.

"I would say get your hand off me before it gets broke for you." The fake smile never wavered.

"Sarah!" her boss yelled from his seat behind the register. When she came close, he said, "Mindy tells me that you are getting hateful with a customer, now if this keeps up, I'm gonna have to fire you." His beady little eyes showed pleasure at being able to show off what little power he had as owner of the small diner. He kind of reminded her of a rat, looking around for any opportunity to feed on garbage. Mindy went over to serve the man his coffee, her face showing self-satisfaction.

She closed her eyes, half listening to his employee behavior speech when everything went still and silent. Sarah opened her eyes to see everything had frozen in place. With a half-smile, she turned, eyes searching the room.

"Really, Sarah, you left bed with me for this?" his tone was deeply disgusted.

"Terribly sorry, your highness, but some of us have to pay for little things like crappy apartments and food." Sarcasm dripped from her words, though her smile widened.

Jareth stood close to where Mindy and the stalker were. In an instant, he repositioned the waitress so that the hot coffee would pour out over the man's head. Sarah cocked an eyebrow at him as he grabbed the man's hand, the snap echoing through the small diner. She knew that she shouldn't be amused by it, but the guy had deserved it really. "This is to degrading for my queen," Jareth approached her.

She smirked as he came close. "I don't recall agreeing to be your queen."

He just gave his cruel smile and stepped closer, pulling her hair down from its pony tail. He slid his hand into the auburn waves, drawing her to him as he captured her lips. Sarah kissed him back with all the longing she had held back for so long, her arms around his neck holding him tight to her. They broke apart, both a little breathless. She rolled her eyes at the triumph on his face, his mouth curved up into a roguish grin.

Sarah pulled her apron off and threw it up on the counter. "Guess I'm quitting then."

Eyes shining, he pulled her close to his side. "You do realize, pet, that you just agreed to be mine?"

"I did not such thing." She teased, her arm sneaking around his waist. "Now, unfreeze everything so that I can storm out of here dramatically."

"I can do better, love." Suddenly everything came back to life. The man in the corner screamed and grabbed his hand just in time for Mindy to send scorching liquid down him. The owner stood, trying to go to them when he was blocked by hundreds of rats pouring out of his kitchen. The man squealed like a five year old girl, hiding under the counter while the cheerleaders danced on the table tops, screaming.

Sarah could not help herself, she laughed loudly. She supposed she should feel bad, but she didn't. The look on the owners face had been priceless. Jareth snickered, his laugh mischievous. Holding her tight to him, they disappeared from sight, her laugh lingering behind.

With her feet on solid ground once more, Sarah noticed her surroundings were not what they should be. One, they were not in her apartment, but standing before a fire in a grandly decorated bedroom. Two, she now wore a dark red silk and lace night gown and nothing else. Three, the goblin king seemed to have lost some cloths as well, now only dressed in a tight pair of black pants. Her mind went completely blank for a second. Oh boy, she thought taking a few steps back.

"Jareth," she was once again amazed at how calm her voice sounded, "Why am I in your bedroom?"

"You showed me yours, my dear, it's only fair to show you mine." He stepped closer, his grin as wicked as ever.

"And this?" Sarah asked, her hand trailing down the cool silk. She took another step back.

The predator look returned to his eyes. "It matched your hair, love." He said appearing before her, almost touching. "Do you love me, Sarah?" Jareth asked, his voice low and serious.

Unwilling to give in a moment sooner than she had to, Sarah replied, "I have come to that conclusion." Her eyes daring him to make of it what he would.

In the blink of an eye, he lifted her and carried her to his bed. He laid her down, placing one leg firmly between hers and his hands to her sides. He leaned close, loving the way she looked there, red tresses spread across his covers, her eyes dark with desire. "I have loved you forever, Sarah, tell me the right words." Jareth was so intense, he stole the breath away from her.

Slowly, she touched his face, her eyes nearly glowing. "I love you, Jareth, Goblin King, and I always will," she told him quietly. Her arms wrapped around him, welcoming him as he leaned down, his lips covering hers. The fire cast shadows across the room, dancing with joy as the Jareth finely made Sarah his bride and queen to his king, making then whole.

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