Cravings and Wishes

Chapter 5

A loud crash was heard from the royal chambers where Queen Sarah labored with her first child. "Impregnating jerk!" another loud crash followed the scream the echoed down the ever changing halls.

"Now Sarah mine, I do not recall you complaining at the time." The goblin king ducked out of the room as a glass figurine came flying at his head. Hoggle, Ludo, and Sir Didymus stood in the hall, their jaws dropped as the king threw his head back and laughed.

"Get back in here, your fucking bastard!" They heard their beloved queen scream after him as he dodged a large book as well.

"I assure you, love, my parents were happily married." Jareth's eyes go wide as one of his own magic crystals came barreling at him, barely missing. It crashed into the wall behind him sending waves of power throughout the castle. He sighed loudly and began to clear up the magic that had begun to rearrange and color their home an angry shade of red. He chuckled to himself at the last he saw of his love. Damn, she was beautiful when she was pissed. Jareth had no worries for her, knowing she was probably stronger than he was on many aspects. Not that he would ever tell her so.

When he returned a short while later, Sarah was propped up in their bed holding their child. Her eyes flashed hotly at him. "Come meet your daughter, your majesty, may she be as wicked as her father and as stubborn as her mother."

"Now, love, you don't really mean that." Jareth said, looking leery.

"What's said is said, goblin king." She smirked up at him. Jareth chuckled, having had his own words tossed back at him. Sarah's glare softened as she reluctantly returned his smile as he took his daughter and began to sing softly to her. Their life was wild, crazy, and very unpredictable, but they were happy and had so much love. There was nothing more they could wish for, nothing more that they craved.

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