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Round Love || Jikook F.F


Jimin is entering his first year into college in Seoul since moving from Busan. Jungkook who also is entering the same college but had already been living in Seoul for four years ends up rescuing Jimin from a molester on a train. But find out their roommates and Jungkook also likes to touch Jimins big butt. Warning: Boy X Boy, Jungkook X Jimin, Smut, Mature content basically. You Have Been Warned So Please No Hate Comments Unless It's About My Writing. A/N: This book is revised from the Wattpad version.

Romance / Drama
Mia-Ann Suki
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Chapter 1

My first day of moving to Seoul from Busan and I already am loving it here. Moving to Seoul was my dream since I wanted to be able to attend a university here that would have my major. I am a freshman this year in college of 19 years old and my name is Park Jimin. I am a boy with a slight bit of a problem that gets me into situations that involve me being well molested. My lower back more like my butt has more volume in it than normal guys.

I was getting on a train to the dorms of the university. I am a bit nervous to meet my new roommate since I have this problem and it gets me into tough situations. I was starting to think about what my roommate would be like while I was fidgeting with my bag strap. I have to hold my stuff since the train was packed and I had to stand by the doors so I could get off easier. While I was thinking, I felt someone rub against me behind but I figured someone bumped into me so I didn’t pay any mind.

That is until I felt a hand squeeze my butt which made me freeze up. The hand started to grope my butt a lot. I tried to reach for their hand to stop them but my bags were in the way and I was getting really scared. I hated it when this happened in a public place since it is so embarrassing and not right.

I started to think maybe he was confused and maybe didn’t know I was a guy. My thoughts were interrupted when he pressed me against the doors and started grabbing harder but letting go making me feel grossed out. Does this happen to others here in the city a lot as well? He kept grabbing my hands while I kept squirming to get away but he was stronger than me. Ugh please just leave me alone already I thought.

“You have a lovely big ass.” He said in my ear through my hood that I had to cover my head. He began squeezing it harder this time making me voice out a weird noise. I held my bag tight as I tried to get away again.

I told the man to stop quietly so no one would see such an embarrassing incident. I almost began to collapse until someone came up to us grabbing the man’s hand tightly. I saw a tall young man holding his wrist as he told him to stop what he was doing.

“What’s your problem I wasn’t doing anything.” The businessman said.

“Not doing anything? You totally were! This person is trembling!” The young dark-haired man said.

The man snatched his hand away from the guy shoving me making me unbalanced. I started to fall back before the young man yelled careful grabbing me from behind and pulling me into his arms.

“Are you okay?” He said while I could feel that his hands were on my butt. Making me blush before he started to grope them squeezing my butt with both hands in a different way than the molester making me voice out a weird noise loudly. Shocked by my voice the man let go saying sorry before he could say more the doors opened letting me be able to escape.

The doors closed on him as he stood there with his hand reached out toward me. I ran to the dorms so I could get away from there and meet my new roommate. As I got to the door of my new room at the dorms. I took out an envelope in my hoodie pocket to get the key that the dorm manager gave me.

I unlocked it to see a room with two desks and beds and closets. I put my bag down on the bed that was still unused by the looks of it since the other side of the room had posters. I guess my roommate is not here at the moment. I laid down on my bed as I sighed from the rough day today.

The young man was still in my mind as I remembered the way his hands groped me. I have been groped before but never has it been as intense as the way he did it to me. I started to blush getting up and putting clothes away. I decided that I would change out of my tight jeans and into some shorts for now. I now regret wearing them but I like skinny jeans they feel nice to wear.

I took off my pants and looked in my drawers for my favorite shorts. As I was about to put them on the door opened making me pause and look at the door to see someone I wasn’t expecting to see again. The young dark-haired man from earlier was standing in the doorway looking at me with a bag in his hands. I quickly put on my shorts before standing straight looking at him and bowing.

“I am your new roommate please take care of me.” I said looking at him shyly. He walked in closing the door and bowing. “I am your roommate I hope we can get along and please take care of me too.” I nodded while smiling and giving him a handshake.

“Um, I want to say thank you for helping me today.” He smiled and shook his head. ” No problem any time I am sorry for groping you as well though I don’t know what got into me it just felt good to grab your butt.” He blushed but then shook his head. “I’m sorry I don’t know why I said that out loud I uh I’ll stop talking now.” He sat on his bed as I blushed a lot sitting on my bed covering my face.

“It’s fine I know it is weird but I don’t mind for some reason.” I looked away holding my knees to my chest as I smiled. He chuckled and got up sitting on my bed and smiling at me making me look at him and smile. “I hope we can become good friends.” I looked in his eyes and said: “Me too.” He looked at his hands, “By the way my name is Jungkook, Jeon Jungkook.” I nodded my head before responding. “Jimin, Park Jimin.” He grinned getting up and putting away his stuff.

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