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Nesscas (Till I find a better title)


(A fragment. NOT in the story yet) "I WANT TO TAKE A NAP" wailed Lucas during a battle. Ness was trying fighting off as many opponents as he can. "You WHAT?!" Lucas plopped on the battlefield floor and curled up into a ball. "Imma take a nap right here!" yelled Lucas. As he shut his eyes; Ness got knocked out by R.O.B.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


Said the announcer and Lucas were to sent flying! He grunted in frustration as he picked himself up and brush off his clothes. “Darn, this is like my 168th lost already,” mumbled Lucas as he walked out of the arena. Slowly trudging along, he spotted Bowser, R.O.B, and King Dedede at the exit door. Snickering and mimicking Lucas’s defeat. “Looks like someone lost again today,” jeered Bowser. “Yeah, yeah, I know. Now can you just leave me alone?”

The 3 veterans’ brawlers burst out laughing. “Is little Lucas angry that he lost like the millionth time today?” joked K.D. This angered Lucas up to a boiling point.“Oh, shut up! I can and WILL kick your ass,” yelled Lucas. “You can’t kick Kirbys’ ass if you tried!” Sneered R.O.B. As much as he wants to take them on, Lucas knew he was outmatched. Three against one isn’t going to end well. Lucas howled in anger and walked away. He didn’t want to get trouble with Master Hand. Sighing in defeat, Lucas went to see who was fighting who. It was Ness VS. Samus.

Lucas stared at the raven-haired boy who flawlessly fought with grace and skill. He couldn’t help but admire the red-capped wonder. The way Ness’s muscles tense up when he was about to swing his bat kind of got to Lucas. He sighed as he watches Ness get a K.O. from Samus. He wishes that Ness was his more than everything. It was true that the young blond has a crush on the red-capped wonder. Lucas watched the last round before he turned back to the mansion.


Lucas is already in his room; stinking from the previous battles. He took off his shirt and pants, leaving him in his underwear and socks. Tossing the dirty clothes aside, Lucas sniffed his armpits and winced. “Oof! Man, do I need a bath!” As said; Lucas went to his bathroom and turned on the water and soon added a bath bomb in the tub. Putting one foot after another; Lucas soon found himself sinking in the lavender-scented bath.

Ness POV

Ness kicked his room door open. “Man, what a battle!” he said while plopping on his bed. Toon Link and Villager came right after Ness, looking very amused. “So Villa and I had been thinking-”

“No more pranks! Please, let’s not get into trouble for once.” Ness pleaded. Toon Link and Villager were very well known for their pranks. Once they started a food fight in the food court. It got very messy and in the end, everyone had to clean up. Ness didn’t want to get mixed up in their mischief again.

“Hey guys, you know that blond-haired kid?” asked TL. Ness’s head slightly jerked up. “You mean Lucas?” said Villager. “Yeah,” “What about him?” TL smiled. “He’s always alone, right? We’ll draw straws and go to his room.” Ness had a perplex look on his face while Villager had a thoughtful one. “Why?” Villager asks finally. “Because he’s the only one in Mansion who has a room all to himself!”

Ness realized that TL was right. Lucas was always alone since he came to the Smash Mansion, he even ordered a room for himself. Most of the fighters deemed unfair until Master Hand said it was completely necessary for Lucas. Lucas preferred to be alone for some reason and Ness what to find out why.

TL held up a bunch of straws. “Okay, I’ll go first,” as that was said, TL pulled out a straw. It was a good length, about 9 inches. Next, it was Villager’s turn. Villager pulled out a very short straw. “Rats!” exclaim Villager as he turned to Ness in defeat. “Now it’s your turn,”

Ness slowly pulled out a straw. It was the biggest straw in the bunch! Ness gawked at it for a moment and realize he’ll be the one to see Lucas. He gulped while looking at his friends. “Well looks like we have a lucky winner!” gleamed TL. Villager just smiled evilly.

“Why are you guys looking at me like that?” asked Ness. TL and Villager smiled and said in unison: “The best prank ever!”

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