Empty House Days


Sequel FF to the yummy "Mine! Mine! Mine!" Still in the PoV of InuYasha as he & Kagome take full advantage of their three "Empty House Days" in the Modern Era.

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

Better Than Ramen

"Feh," I grumbled as I turned toward the wall and wiggled my freshly washed naked scent into Kagome's blankets. I hadn't wanted to turn away from her; I'm pretty sure the time I got to see Kagome without clothes on was limited.

"InuYasha!" Kagome's tone got a touch whiny but it was mostly irritated. "It's cute."

"Stop sayin' that fuckin' word!" I barely managed not to snarl most of the semi-request. "It ain't a kitten!"

"Of course not!" Kagome's weight was suddenly on the bed beside me.

The scent I'd found and tried to mix with mine had already been making my head swim. Plus the other feelings she elicited so easily. Irritation to be sure.

"The mark...Inuyasha roll over so I can talk to you!" She commanded with a gentle tug on some of my silver hair.

"It's 'Sit,' not 'roll over,' Kagome," I sneered and she sighed and I fought not to lean into her as her body pressed over my hip as she threw herself onto me.

"Look!" Kagome had thrown her legs over me, her ass pressed into my hip as she bent her leg to move her marked thigh closer for my inspection.


I clamped my eyes shut with a whoosh of air that vaguely sounded like, "Feh." I couldn't add visual to this horrible assault. Her personal scent was drowning me and even closer was the pulse of a different scent-only recently-I had become friendly with.

"Baka!" Kagome hissed and suddenly her knee swung in to collide softly with my nose. "The long nose makes it look like a dog."

She was still going on about the damned shape of her mark. I felt my hand try to escape the blanket to touch her. I stilled and burrowed my face into the blankets, only making it worse.

Moments like these I felt hanyou...split. I wanted Kagome so very much, but I knew I shouldn't be as hands-on as I wanted. Of course the yokai wanted to mate with her and the human, while of like mind was reasonable and concerned for Kagome's welfare.

I growled as Kagome's knee thumped harder and I felt her start to move off the bed. Both halves didn't want her to go, what the hell do I do with that? I argued with myself long enough that I succeeded in sabotaging my move to roll over and catch her before she left my side. All I achieved was turning so I could watch her move naked across her room to her desk.

Honestly was this the same girl that had driven my nose into the ground with a steady chant of "Sit" when she'd thought I'd been watching her and Sango bathing? Damn monk.

The sun was just in the right spot to stream in through the tree outside her window, and the curtains were thrown open wide so the pattern shown over her soft curves...


I tried to roll back over to deny myself the view and managed to nearly yelp out like a dog whose tail had been trod on when the hard-on I'd developed-sneaky bastard-encountered the very solid bed. I heard Kagome call out in concern and I quickly reached down to adjust before continuing the rolling process, sandwiching my erection between my belly and the soft blankets.

"Are you okay InuYasha?" Kagome asked, but she didn't sit, merely reached down and ran her fingertips down over my shoulder blade to rest in the small of my back just before the outward swell of my ass where the blankets started. I gritted my teeth and kept myself from shivering in pleasure at the caress.

"Where's Tetsusaiga?" I said in answer, hoping to send her to the bathroom to get it. I should have known that she was almost more conscious of the thing than I was. I felt her weight sink into the bed somewhere around my knees.

The hand on my back stayed where it was and I glared over my shoulder in time to catch her reaching for where my sword lay propped against the end of the bed. Just in time to watch her lean over the edge of the bed unintentionally flashing delicate pink-

I whipped my amber eyes to the headboard and failed to suppress the wiggle of my hips for friction. This was bad. So, so bad.

"Here you go...InuYasha?" Kagome lowered the sword until the scabbard was snug to my side. I sighed as her hand moved from the sword to my shoulder. "I'm sorry-"

"Stop it," I shook my head vehemently. "No apologizin'."

"Don't be angry please."

Too bad I was hardwired to do that in any and all situations. "I ain't even mad at you!"

I wanted to tell her the truth. That if I looked at her long I knew I'd jump her. Just her scent had me hard and aching, her touch electrified over every nerve ending. I tried to think up something to say quickly, but her voice cut me off.

"Do you think it was a mistake?"

"Wut?" I asked dumbfounded. "No!" I growled, scowling back at her over my shoulder only to find that-horror of horrors-there were tears in her eyes.

Please give me Naraku! Naraku at his most monstrous! I'll take on his entire band of stupid henchman all at once! Anything but Kagome crying...

I moved my hand to sandwich hers between my fingers and shoulder, so she couldn't leave. Even if I said something stupid.

How do you tell someone you want them too much? I've always wanted Kagome, every part of her had made me crazy over the years we've traveled seeking the shards and Naraku.

Now it was worse.

So much, much worse.

I couldn't force my yokai lust on her. Not again! Who knows how much I'd hurt her the last time? She was my mate. My love.

"Kagome I..." I tried to think of something to say, anything. How could she understand the truth? Yet it was all my brain supplied me with.

Maybe if I weren't engaged in a fight with my yokai that Tetsusaiga couldn't help me with. At least not while my more docile human half fought against me as well, it was quite a hypocritical fight.

"I don't wanna hurt you," I tried.

"I knew it!" Kagome exclaimed in aggravation, which obviously surprised me along with the punch to my kidneys. I was pretty sure she knew anything her dainty hands tried to dish out wouldn't hurt me so she put force behind the playful punch.

"I..." I grunted trying to think of a reply. Although she was obviously angry the rough treatment wasn't painful enough to distract the hard-on, quite the contrary actually.

"I knew you were holding back!"

Holding back? I had almost constantly run along the edge of damaging her and she thought I'd been holding back? "No...Not..." I growled and rolled over, trying in vain to ignore the persistent erection, still hidden by blankets bunched in my lap, the weight of my arms enough to keep it restrained.

"InuYasha?" Kagome gave my leg a squeeze.

"I...I wasn't really holdin' back but..." I did a slow blink. But what? Now that I knew she'd thought I'd already been holding back what was I arguing about? "I wasn't too rough?"

"Baka!" Kagome laughed softly and moved in to press a chaste kiss to my pectoral, just shy of my nipple and I held back the hiss as the flesh hardened without so much as the spill of her hot breath over it. "In fact..." She blushed as she trailed off.

"Kagome?" I prompted softly.

"After you stopped focusing on how my first time was painful it..." She pressed her forehead to my chest to hide her face. "It was crazy InuYasha."

"Crazy good?" I felt a smug smile start to curl my lips as masculine pride started to swell. Among other things.

"Crazy fantastic InuYasha," Kagome lifted her head and the intensity of her gaze pulled a whimper out of me, as the heat in my groin became unbearable. "Miroku said the second time is supposed to be better than the first."

Obviously most of me focused on the "second time" part of that sentence, but the growl that issued from my throat reminded me that I'd heard the whole thing. "Ya talked ta Miroku about-"

"I started with Sango and she was as clueless as I was," Kagome admitted. "Miroku overheard since Sango was just getting dressed after bathing."

Fuckin' monk.

"Sango send Kirara after him," Kagome grinned fondly at the memory. "Later he asked me about, very nicely-and not at all like a lech-but an actual concerned friend."

Ooh. Fuck. I'm gonna...Kill that-

"Stop growling InuYasha," Kagome pulled back so she could show me her irritated frown.

"Wut else did ya talk about?"

"Some things I can't talk about right now," Kagome blushed and as her gaze moved away I tried my best not to just stare. "But maybe tomorrow night."

"Watta ya wanna do tonight?"

"I already told you," Kagome leaned in to kiss me, soft and chaste but no less effective on my hunger for even more. "Second time?" She mumbled as she pulled back enough to not press against my lips.

I wanted to know about the conversation with Miroku, sure...But like I said most of me was focused on that "second time" idea and her lips when they pressed against mine again. It was right around now that my hearing easily heard the rumble of Kagome's empty stomach. I was sure she wasn't going to starve in the next hour but I made myself pull away nonetheless.

"Sorry! I haven't had anything since breakfast," Kagome blushed but kept my gaze. "It can wait," Was my only warning before she was in my lap.

"Kago-" I started but a moan interrupted as her knees squeezed my hips bringing her body into contact with my erection. She gave a little moan as she realized what was pressed against her through the blankets and I nearly bit a hole in my lip to contain the echoing reply.

"Are you thinking about me InuYasha?" Kagome asked softly, her chest pressing to mine as her hands trailed up my body on their way to my ears. "I just can't seem to think straight."

I understood.

I was quick to catch her mischievous hands before she could touch my ears. With the fingers of one hand I easily held both of her slender wrists. I lifted them up over her head so I could lean in and show her my serious face.

"Eat first, then fuck Kagome," I admonished; humans were pansies-and notoriously oblivious to the fact-I had to keep her healthy.

"What are you going to cook me?" She surprised me by asking.


A soft snicker made me forcefully tack down the corners of my mouth to keep the idiot grin off my face. "You haven't watched me make you ramen enough-"

"Ya got ramen here?"

"They don't just spring miraculously from my back pack," She teased and gave a tug of one arm to remind me of my grip.

Too bad it only brought attention to the arch of her back, the closeness of her breasts. "Mmm," I mumbled around a nipple, getting a startled gasp out of her with the quickness of the move.

"I thought..." Her words were broken up with a writhing moan as I rolled my tongue around the tightening bud. "Eating came before fuckin-ah!"

I couldn't help it, I was sure it was Kagome's dirty mouth; I moved my other hand to help use my grip on her wrists to lay her back on the bed, pressing her wrists down into the mattress. I felt the restriction of the blankets as I pressed between her legs and watched the muscles in her upper body flex as she tried to get free from my grip.

"I don't want ramen," I leaned down over her and ran the tip of my tongue over her bottom lip before bringing my teeth into it. I didn't give her time to protest I muffled the next attempt with my mouth.

I released her wrists, my hands greedily touching as much as they could as they traveled down her arms, just the idle caress of my palms causing her to shiver and move against me. I only paused a moment to cup and squeeze each breast before moving back onto my knees and with a firm grip under her ass lifted her until I could hook her legs over my shoulders. "InuYasha-" She tried to exclaim as I angled her body up so I could move my head between her thighs. "What are you-" She lost her wits as I ran my lips along the soft skin of her inner thigh.

"I'll make ya wutever ya fuckin' want woman," I breathed against her skin, turning my head to tease my tongue over her. "Jus' shut-up," I ordered as I moved in to taste with mostly slurping tongue and nipping teeth.

Her legs crossed behind my head and began squeezing me closer, I didn't resist as her back bowed with tension, hips jutting forward against my mouth. I moved my tongue inside, one hand still holding her knee I managed to capture a nipple between the knuckles of my other hand. Cursing my claws again I found her hand where it was still flung over her head, nearly folding her over as I reached for it.

I let my eyes snap open and was surprised when Kagome copied and I was met with liquid brown eyes, hungry, crazed. "Hey, you can do this part," I took her hand to guide her fingers to her clit as her face went a sexy pink.

"InuYasha I-"

"Don't know how?"

I was a little baffled when she went a brighter shade of embarrassed by that question. Of course at that moment most words were interspersed with licks, so maybe it was the casual conversation? I moved my hand back to her nipple and grinned as her fingers bumped into my nose as she started to move them.

I didn't feel much like talking anymore, especially when she rolled her hips with a soft cry and gave me something to taste.

I didn't hesitate to catch whatever I could, my ears just as eager for each sound our combined attentions wrung out of Kagome. "Mm, taste. So. Good," I growled the vibrations only making her whimper more, incoherent pleas a litany from her lips.

I could do this all fucking day. This was crazy! I was hard and aching and I was doing all the stimulation. I'm not saying I felt neglected, I figure the throb in my cock was proof of how much I was enjoying myself.

My ears twitched as a particularly loud startled call of my name told me that while I might have the tongue strength to torture her for hours, she was only human, and-fuck yes!-coming in my mouth. I couldn't help it, the snarl was possessive and summed up just about all of my feelings as I buried my face between her legs and she bucked in my hands shouting how much she loved me in return, tears of pleasure trailing from the corners of her closed eyes to disappear into her dark hair.

Our eyes met as I lifted my head my tongue still keen on catching anything I might have missed as her body slowly stilled, her muscles relaxed and her arm flopped back to rest with the other currently twisted in the blankets over her head. My eyes devoured the taunt muscles of her torso as she stretched with a sated mewl, eyelids heavy.

I moved until I was leaning over her, the friction of the blankets making me whimper as my movements drug them across my erection, making my kiss more aggressive than I'd originally intended. Kagome's tongue darted out to run along the curve of my chin as I tried to pull my lips off of her to apologize for crushing her lips into her teeth. I moaned, my hips rolling, the friction agonizing and fucking fantastic at the same instant and Kagome's mouth sucked in my lower lip humming like she was nibbling on candy.

I couldn't help the strangled grunt as I barely held back growling and snarling how much I wanted to fuck her, as she delicately sucked whatever I had missed with my own tongue off my lips and chin. Her lips were soon pressed so tight to mine that I felt the smile that curved her lips around a quick thrust of my tongue.

"Now that I've had my snack," My voice rumbled deep in my chest as she maneuvered her legs to wrap around my waist, ankles crossed behind me. Thankfully she was saved by three insignificant layers of blanket, I'm sure they were more a mental barrier than a physical one. "Do ya have a fire pit in here?"

"Not in my bedroom."

"Woman..." I meant to say more but she squeezed her legs around me and those three layers weren't enough for me to not know what was pressed so tight to me, my hard-on was trapped between us. I knew she felt the difference when she managed to grind against me through the blankets. "Didja want me ta make ya sum'thin' to eat or not?"

"There's one outside," Kagome said slowly, her attention definitely not on food.

I managed to push myself up off the bed, but her legs only squeezed more to be joined by her arms around my shoulders as she clung on like a monkey. I slipped my arms around her, pulling her tight against me, breasts smashed along my torso, heartbeat almost in sync with mine. Her breath was still a little off, her pulse elevated, the scent of her desire still thick.

I closed my eyes and ran the tip of my tongue along the line of her neck until I could suck her earlobe into my mouth, experimenting with the tip of a fang along the tender skin. She moaned, her muscles shivering as she undulated her hips against me, gravity now working against the blankets. I released her earlobe with a hiss and my voice rolled out husky and full of such longing... "Ya gotta get off me Kagome, before I tear through these blankets and fuck you into the bed."

My answer was a piercing moan that had me wiggling my hips to dislodge the blankets between us. Kagome released me, lowering to the bed her arms shooting forward almost too fast for me to catch. She had a fist in the sheets before my fingers locked around her wrists, gravity and my move to intercept her had done the rest. I threw a leg over the edge of the mattress, toes encountering the carpet and I held Kagome where she was as I slid out of the bed to stand beside it.

I wasn't pleased when I realized she was no longer struggling, mostly because she was ogling me instead with wide innocent, lusty eyes. It was almost worse than what she would do if I let her go.

Well fuck, obviously it would blow my mind but it was counterproductive to the whole "eat now, fuck later," rule I was trying to enforce.

"Kagome," At the growl her eyes fluttered up distracted to meet my eyes and I tried to get my reasoning through to her. "Yer gonna need yer strength later."

"Later?" She blushed and bit her bottom lip. My eyes moved to watch and I wanted to suck it into my mouth and taste it. "I don't think its fair InuYasha that I got to..." Her blush burned even brighter, eyes darted down to where I was still very obviously aroused.

"Once I start I ain't gonna stop."

This time when she tugged against my grip I let her hands slide out of mine and she folded them politely in her lap, her naked lap. "Then you're going to have to put clothes on."

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