Empty House Days

First Food!

Yeah, I fucking know it was my idea to feed the woman. I'm sorry but when I thought that stupid shit up I wasn't this hard.

We somehow managed to get clothes on (meaning I was able to keep my fucking hands to myself). I grumbled as Kagome stole my kosode as I was busy attempting to put on my hakama with a hard-on.

Chasing after her only made matters worse, not better on that front.

"What did you want a fire pit for InuYasha?" She called as I followed her scent down the stairs, barely managing the ties on my hakama.

I found her in the...what the fuck was it called...the cold box-goddamn I remember it made her nipples show through both her shirt andthat damn bra-refrigerator! Right? Feh.

"I forgot ya got one in a box, inside."

"We have everything in a box in the Modern Era, InuYasha," Kagome teased her head still inside the refrigerator.

Suddenly I wasn't so pissed about her stealing the kosode, seeing as her ass looked so nice peeking out of it like that. "I can barely cook on a fire pit and ya want me ta use that..."

"Stove...And yes, we're going to use it, I'll show you how this first time."

As I ogled her ass swayed far enough over for her to nudge the refrigerator door and for her to turn her head to peer back at me, still half in the damn thing. "Wut are ya lookin' for?" Not that I minded.

"Do you care?" Kagome blushed and turned her face away. "I was going to see if we had the ingredients to make-"

"Feh, ya said there was ramen," I moved into the kitchen but before I could move in behind her she stood and turned to me with a grin, refrigerator swinging shut beside us.

"What do you think you're doing?" She murmured in a soft sing song.

I've frequently seen the look that overcomes that damn monk's face in moments similar to these. So I'm pretty sure Kagome knows what a lech looks like thinking over inappropriate strategies. Wanting you.

I decided not to let my mouth fuck up my thoughts-girly bullshit that they are as of late-this time I just showed her. The kiss was mostly lips and teeth, my hands moving purposefully down to find the bottom of the kosodeto get two handfuls of bare ass. With the fucking awesomest handles I lifted her against my body so I could navigate us until I could press her up against the refrigerator.

"InuYasha," She locked her legs around my hips and I thanked her with equal friction as I rubbed against her, firmly reestablishing my hard-on. She sounded like she meant to say something else but it disintegrated into sexy pleading moans.


I found my hand nearly ripping the kosode open and paused a moment in an attempt to collect myself but then I saw her tits.


"InuYasha?" Kagome was able to whisper after a gasp as my head darted in to capture her nipple with my teeth. "F-food?"

"Mm-hm?" I growled and sucked on regardless.

"Where's Tetsusaiga?"

"Goddamn it woman why can't ya shut-up?" Came out in a much deeper timber than I'm accustomed. I shivered and stepped back, giving Kagome space to stand. "In yer room."

I watched her rearrange the kosode, her breathing and heartbeat fast in my sharp ears. I moved my hands to press my palms into the refrigerator on either side of her instead of brutally ripping the kosode off, scowling moodily at her hands as they retied the obi.

"I'll get it," Kagome met my eyes, hers a little anxious and I nearly sunk my fingers into the metal door of the refrigerator to keep them off of her. "Here..." She ducked under my arm and procured a black pot from one of the small cupboards. "Fill this with water. This tap right here, works just like the tub." She moved to press a kiss to my cheek, shooting me another anxious-but mostly concerned-look and escaped.

I froze as the sound of metal under stress came to my awareness. I pulled away from the refrigerator and thankfully there were barely any dents. I glared over at the pot she'd left by the smaller kitchen water spigot.

As I made myself move to do as Kagome asked only one thought chanted through my head.

Don't chase. Don't chase. Don't chase. Don't chase. Don't chase.

I stared at the pot a moment in my hands before wondering if she wanted hot or cold water.


I gave my head a shake as coherent non-lecherous thoughts slipped into my yokai brain. I calmed down and filled the pot with water before turning to put it on the...um, stove.

"Wait a minute," I remember fire coming out of the top of the contraption but the only food I'd seen come out of it had come out of the box itself.


I didn't know what she needed to do with the water so I deposited the pot on the counter. I wonder if Kagome can make cookies...Kagome...

Don't chase. Don't chase.

"Are you okay?" Kagome asked at the door, Tetsusaiga clutched in her hands.

"In a second," I extended my arm and waved her toward me with my hand, trying my best not to make grabbing motions with my fingers.

With a soft laugh Kagome moved to hand me my sword, but as my fingers locked around the scabbard I surprised her when I jerked her toward me and into a crushing embrace.

I leaned back against the counter and held her close, as fucking close as you get with clothes. I tucked my nose in her hair and focused on her scent, my ears catching her soft sigh of contentment as I felt her arms wrap around my waist.

"I love you InuYasha," She whispered and I realized I was cuddling. Tch.

"Ya know this part is supposed to come way later, after the fuckin' part," I grumbled.

"You're the one that hugged me, baka." Kagome was able to twist a hand in my hair which didn't have the desired effect when she tugged on it.

"Fuck..." I growled to try and cover up the moan and moved my mouth down to nibble along the line of her neck, tasting the skin over her still-drumming heartbeat. "Don't pull my hair unless ya mean it."

Kagome's breath shivered as I ran my tongue along her once more before I pulled away to see her face. "D-does that mean harder next time?"

I was startled when my growl of longing in response was answered with a giggle as Kagome moved out of my arms.

"I'll take that as a yes," Kagome reached around me to transfer the pot back to the sink.

"Wut did I do wrong?"

"Just a little too much water," Kagome dumped half the water out. "We're making ramen for me...and since it's ramen I assume that means you'll want some no matter what...so this is enough to make three...one for me, and two for you."

I made sure the idiot grin was gone before she turned around. True I wasn't hungry...I usually polished off four and only because Kagome set that limit.

I don't know why I hadn't noticed she had learned stuff about me that even I didn't know. She saw everything damn it.

"What are you smiling at?" She murmured as she moved the pot to the top of the stove.

"Nuthin'," I grumbled with a scowl.

"Okay, you put the water on to boil," She instructed, pointing to the pot. "The burner is just a fancy fire, you can put the pot I use back home right over the campfire."

"I've watched ya do it," I admitted and my idiot grin caught her attention. She'd just referred to the Feudal Era as home.

"Oh really?" Kagome's eyebrows moved together and...wow...heh...that little "v" was still there...figures.

"I ain't gonna make everybodyramen," I had no problem making it for her alone. "They'd think I was a fuckin' girl."

Occasionally-even after years together-the times Kagome chose to Sit me (or in this case not) surprise the hell out of me.

"You only want to act like a girl with me?" Kagome shot back as she turned to pull open a drawer and search it.

"Yeah." Wait.

"I'd hardly call you ladylike InuYasha," She teased.

"I'm hurt," I rolled my eyes and she laughed softly.

"Says the hanyou whose favorite word is...the f-word," She pulled a small gadget from the second drawer she searched. "This is my favorite part about cooking in the Modern Era...Just set it and forget it!"

Disappointed I watched her stick a small square with a tiny set of black numbers blinking over the front against the part of the stove that stuck up along the wall. "My favorite word isn't fuck," I protested with a pout that made her laugh again. "Wut is that?" I asked pointing at the square as she pressed a button on it and made it beep.

"A digital thermometer," Kagome showed him the black wire attached to the square and ran to a small length of metal. "It tells me what the temperature of the water is and since water boils at..." She dropped the metal bit in the water and pressed a few buttons on the square until the number stopped blinking. "And then we wait, when the water gets to that temperature it'll beep."

"Now wut?" I grumbled as I moved over to a clean space of counter top and lifted myself up to sit on it, legs hanging over the edge. I lay Tetsusaiga across my knees, fingers resting on the polished scabbard.

"We wait," Kagome said as if it should have been obvious. "What's your favorite word?"

I crossed my arms over my chest, and it wasn't until then that I noticed Kagome was staring at my chest. "Heh," I grinned as her eyes shot upward to find mine. "Last time I told ya I ended up with a face fulla dirt."

"I'll be nice this time," Kagome moved away from the stove and toward me, where I'd moved up onto the counter top. Her hands moved to sandwich mine around Tetsusaiga as she came within reach.

"Why should I? You ain't gonna let me say it again."

"Maybe I will," Kagome suggested, clearly dying of curiosity.

"Ya won't," I shook my head and leaned forward, as she leaned forward, her body pressing against my legs as she tilted her head back and suddenly stretched onto her toes to kiss me chastely, a brush of lips that made my grip around Tetsusaiga whiten my knuckles.

"Well then how about the chance to say it one more time?" She asked relentlessly.

I hadn't thought about it like that. I was sure it would get a rise out of Kagome too, and I loved words that could do that; paint her face in a blush and bring a rush of her desire to my nose. "It ain't any more ladylike, than 'fuck'," I warned, how could she even be thinking this wasn't a big deal? She'd driven my face into the ground for so long I don't even know how long I was down there to this day, I'm sure the severe contusion from Hiraikotsu hadn't helped either.

"Ain't really worth it, just sayin' it," I complained.

"Well whatever it is, I'm not letting you use it in context."

"Huh?" I stared at her confused, especially when she was still looking up at me expectantly.

I sat still as one of her hands moved to play her fingertips along the muscles of my stomach. She shot a glance up to mine, saw the pleased look her touch caused encouraging her touch to move higher to curl around the beads adorning my neck so she could steer my lips back down within easy reach. "I'll tell ya, if ya say it too," I suggested against her lips and she danced her tongue past my teeth as I spoke.

"Okay," She murmured against my mouth, her kiss honestly making me forget what the hell we were talking about. "You think I won't, InuYasha?"

I grunted as her tug on the subjugation beads pulled my face down further, any other thoughts but her warm quick tongue spilling quickly out of my ear, "It's 'cunt'."

"Oh," Gasped against my lips and I felt her retreat a step before I caught her hand, her fingers pressed into the shiny black of Tetsusaiga's scabbard and just as fast there were tears trailing down her face.

I felt my heart plummet my free hand moving to cup her face, "I told ya. Last time I used the damn word you and Sango almost killed me."

"I remember..." Kagome's breath shivered and I could easily tell that her memory of the event was just as scarring as mine. "Vividly, InuYasha."

"Wutta you remember?"

"I was practicing my archery with you," She described and I was concerned when her eyes seemed to stay riveted to my chin. "I asked if I was getting as good as Kikyo and you called me a 'cunt'," She whispered.

"No wonder ya fuckin'..." I pushed myself down off the counter and Kagome tried to move away but I tucked my sword in the ties of my hakamaand slid an arm around her waist. I didn't pull her into me, only close enough that she couldn't ignore me or escape. "Listen...I..." I always hesitated over talking about Kikyo, no matter what I intended in the beginning she was always a topic that drove Kagome into brutal, vindictive Sits; repeatedly. "I use'ta practice like that with Kikyo...it..."

"What!" Kagome prompted when I went silent.

The calm tone of her voice was both a good and a bad thing. It meant she was listening, and that she was far from pleased. "It was how she was quick 'nuff ta seal me," I pushed out quickly, not wanting to look but drowning in her brown eyes. "I was thinkin' 'bout that day...when I..." I shook my head softly not wanting to remember yet again. "I wasn't talkin' ta you."

We both jumped as the thermometer thing started beeping really loudly. I let Kagome move away to pluck the gadget off the stove silencing it, returning it to its drawer before turning the flame off. "The ramen is in that cupboard right behind you."

I turned and leaned down to retrieve the familiar packages, using my claws to start unwrapping them.

"I'm sorry."

I glanced up just as Kagome reached forward to take the opened ramen from me to transfer it to the counter. "I call ya names all the time."

"You never called me a cunt."

"Heh," I bit my lip to curtail the grin as she said the word. "Fuck no! Not after ya almost buried me fer usin' it on Kikyo."

"I thought..." She started to argue but I chuckled.

"I know," I rolled my eyes and moved to grab the water off the stove.

"Oh InuYasha that's..." Her eyes were staring wide with surprise at the pot, then she looked up at me. "Hot?"

"Not that fuckin' hot."

"Um, pour it into the ramen."

"To the top?"

"No...there's..." She picked up one of the ramen and held it up for me to examine. "There's a line."

"Feh," I nodded and carefully poured the hot water, only slopping missing the first time, sending Kagome into soft giggles and running for a towel.

When she returned I showed her the water left in the bottom of the pot and she disappeared again, only to return with a teapot. I poured the rest in and Kagome made a tray for the tea while I watched. I'd seen her do it before, even when we'd had it together with the others back home; she liked to rearranged the cups and stuff. I thought it was funny because it pissed off the ones that served it.

"Wanna eat at the table?"

"Go sit down," I ordered and she grabbed the tray before leaving the room. I managed the ramen in my arms and followed.

"Chopsticks!" Kagome called and I shook my head and dropped off the ramen on the low table before returning to the kitchen. Her grandpa had a cup that was usually filled with different types of chopsticks even though most of the family used forks, and those other pointy things.

Feh I like my fingers just fine.

Heh, I chuckled softly to myself at that thought, and the arousing memories it brought with it.

"Oi, there's only those stupid pink ones wit' the..." I picked up one of the single pair of chopsticks left in the empty cup. Fuckin' white kitten on it...

"Oh the Hello Kitty ones?" She guessed from the other room. "Gimme a fork, they're in the drawer right below the chopsticks!"

I glared at the little white kitten, wondering if I could manage to make myself use them if I snapped the little pieces off the ends. Pink chopsticks.


I found the drawer she kept all the sharp Modern Era food utensils in, silver, shiny and pointy. I'd tried to use them before, and found I wasn't nearly as fond of them as Sango and Miroku. I tried not to bare my teeth and growl at the stupid mouthless white kitten before I dropped the chopstick back into the cup with it's twin and grabbed two forks...I looked at the fork, remembering stabbing the fork through the bottom of the container, the ruined ramen spilt over ground, getting yelled at for eating it off the ground...I grabbed a third fork and returned to Kagome.

I sat down next to her since the table was long enough and she eyed my handful of food weaponry. Instead of answering the obvious question I grumbled, "Where the fuck didja put all the chopsticks?"

Kagome shrugged with a small smile, "Grandpa takes most of them on vacation, he won't use a stranger's."

"Fuckin' smart," I nodded.

"You don't want to use the pink ones?" I didn't answer, only looked at her, golden eyes full of obvious answers. "Inu. Ya. Sha..." She said, drawing out my name, like she did when she thought I was acting silly, or stupid. "You hate forks."

"Heh," Why hadn't I ever noticed how 'fork' sounds like 'fuck'? "I ain't usin' those fuckin' pussy chopsticks."


I cursed as the soft command brought my nose down into the table with a solid thud, smashing it for only a moment, the gentleness of her voice didn't do more that. "Ow, fuck!"

"I was gonna give you these, but you can use the fork," Kagome lifted a pair of yellow chopsticks, almost like the pink ones, but a different character. She even lowered them to my present eyelevel so I could see the weird-looking yellow...floppy-eared...was that a hat?

"Wut the fuck is that?"

"Pompom Purin!" Kagome chimed turning to grab one of the ramen, using the chopsticks.

Right in front of me!

I turned so the side of my head was resting on the table, staring at the three forks piled in front of my face. "There were fuckin' catheads on those chopsticks."

"Ew, if you're gonna say it like that..." She made a face and lowered the chopsticks back into my line of sight. "These ones have dogs."

"That's a dog?" I growled and scowled at the little yellow carving. "The dumb kitten's ears looked better..." I ran a finger along the edge of my own silver ear and Kagome watched with a smile.

"There are dogs with floppy ears like Purin's...They can't all be lucky enough to have pointy ones like you," She moved the chopstick back to the purpose of eating her ramen. "So kawaii!"

"Stop usin' that word," I argued, just to argue. I won't admit to it but I liked how she said it sometimes...Usually it was attached to something she or Sango had found at a village market but sometimes it was about something I did.

It was better than, "Sit."

As she ate her ramen my eyes wandered down her body, idly tracing the curves through her borrowed kosode. Her legs were crossed under the table and I was easily close enough to see the mark on her lower thigh.

Goddamn it did look like a kitten.

"Look the nose part is too long for a cat or even a fox," Kagome's teasing words broke into my revere. "And horses' ears aren't that pointy."

"Feh, horses..." I mumbled as she traded her chopsticks for one of the forks and jabbed them into one of my ramen. I couldn't shovel the ramen in fast enough!

"I suppose it could be a wolf-"

I nearly choked on the mouthful of ramen as my throat seized up in a growl. As I shoved the ramen and chopsticks onto the table Kagome gave me a hard slap on the back in an attempt to clear my airway, or punish me for my reaction. Well she was in for more disappointment when my mouth was finally empty. "That bitch ain't gonna touch ya again ya know?" My lips curled in satisfaction as I realized.

"You mean Koga?"

"Yeah I mean that fuckin' cunt-"


Thud! Just shy of my discarded ramen, but the solid table met with a much more solid subjugation. "Fuck, Kagome!"

"Sit...Did we agree on letting you say that again? Sit."

"No," I mumbled into the tabletop.

She went quiet and I was able to lift my head, rubbing my forehead a moment. She moved up onto her knees to lean over the table, one hand braced on the tabletop, the other lifting the teapot lid to check the tea inside. It was such simple movement, but my eyes trailed up the soft skin on the back of her thighs, the curve of her ass just before the hem of the kosode and the way the cloth strained over her curves.

Oh, fuck me, her curves.

"Yer mine remember?" I asked softly, as she poured two delicate cups of tea.

I don't know what she saw when she glanced my way, but I was soon engulfed in a hug that was so sudden it put me off balance, and sent her sprawling on top of me. I looked up at her startled until she hissed offended, "Of course I am baka!"

"You marked me too!" I growled back, my hand moving to touch the faint scar on my neck, from her fangs. I tilted my head away to bare the line of my neck as she ducked in to lick and nibble around the scar of her bite mark.

"Hey, you know this kinda looks like a heart."


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