Empty House Days

Then !


I am a fucking idiot.

I thought I'd learned to shut my damn mouth!

I stared down at the kosode in my hands and barely restrained the desire to rip it to shreds with my claws. Instead I nearly ripped the sleeve off shoving my fist angrily into it in an attempt to put it on.

I didn't bother closing the bedroom door as I reached for my haori my steps carrying me straight through the room without pause to the window. I stilled with my foot up on the window sill so I could tighten the cuff of my hakama around my ankle so I wouldn't step on them.

I popped the window open and climbed into the sill and was crouched there tying the other leg when Kagome appeared at the door. She didn't make a sound, but I felt her presence like an itch in the new scar on my neck. I wanted to look back; I knew she'd grabbed a pillow after throwing me my kosode.

Like I wasn't allowed to see her.

She was mine! Mine...I could see all I wanted, Goddamn it! I growled and made sure to keep my gaze riveted to my fumbling hands, blinking as my vision started to blur.

"What are you waiting for?" Kagome asked, moving into the room even if I was positive I'd jump her if she got too close. If she touched me... "Get out!" She repeated, not the shrill scream she'd used in the living room earlier but still somber with fury. "Go hunt down Hojo Akitoki while you're at it baka!"

Part of me was glad she didn't give me time to say anything because I had a vivid opinion of Hojo and his descendants. I turned to look at her, mouth already open to purposefully use my second favorite word, and I caught sight of Kagome half-covered in a soft-looking purple blanket from the laundry.



I struggled with my haori as I tried to roll over at the base of Kagome's window. I groaned as my body reminded me why landing face-first wasn't so great.

Yeah, landing on my feet would have been nice.

As I stared dazedly up I saw Kagome appear at the window. She gave my pathetic sprawl a glance before slamming the window shut and covering it with those pink shades.

Not wanting to incur her wrath again if I waited too long recovering (yes an obvious attempt to delay my departure) I tucked my feet in and kicked, using my momentum to snap to my feet. I retrieved my haori and made my way to the well, angrily swiping the sleeves of my kosode over the wetness still in my eyes. Fuck!

I hated apologizing! And I fucking needed to do that every other time I opened my mouth!

I sat there a moment with my feet hanging over the wall of the well my fingertips on the tiny scar on my neck. What did I care what it looked like? It was the symbol for my mate, why the fuck am I surprised it's a fucking girly heart?

Truthfully the shape really didn't matter to me; I was still proud and ecstatic that she was even able to mark me. If only I'd said that and not asked her how I was supposed to keep "that cunt" off of her with a cat's head and a heart?


"I'm goin'! I'm goin'!" I growled, pushing off into the abyss of the well.

I had hardly landed in the Feudal Era before a shrill voice shouted, "They're ba-a-ack!"

Grumbling as I leapt up out of the well, surprising Shippo (if the bitch squeal was any indication) I realized I'd forgotten my haori down there. I shook my head in aggravation and glanced around for anyone else. "Who were ya talkin' to?"

"Where's Kagome?" Shippo tried to sound angry, but the high whine ended up being irritating. I wasn't in the mood for people.

"She'll be along in a couple'a days," My mood picked up when I sensed a familiar tarnished holy aura just on the other side of the well. "I wanna talk ta you monk."

"Surprises," Miroku said with a soft chortle.

"What took you so long, what were you doin' to Kagome InuYasha?" Shippo's tiny arms wrapped around my leg in an attempt to get my attention as I moved to stand in front of the reclining monk. "Cuz you usually smell like Kagome, but you only fool my nose after you've carried her a long way, or hugged her when she falls asleep on you."

"Shippo fuckin' scram," I shook my leg to dislodge him but that only made him growl and climb determinedly up until he was standing on my shoulder, fingers tangled in my hair for balance.

"Where you kissin' her!" Shippo's voice hit right in my ears, even as his little face filled my field of view and he gave a delicate sniff, his lip curling upwards in an attempt at a snarl, but he was about as scary as a baby, a human baby. "Yer breath smells just like her!" He accused.


"Shippo, why don't you go let Sango and Kirara know that Kagome's going to be a few more days," Miroku suggested to the boy.

"InuYasha you only made it worse didn't you?" Shippo let go and dropped to the ground with a grunt.

"Get the fuck outta here!" I growled, wincing as he applied all his yokai strength to biting my leg, letting go just in time to avoid getting punted. I didn't chase after him, like he expected and he looked puzzled at me for a moment before glancing at Miroku and running off to go find Sango.

"It's easier to see the difference in girls," Miroku mused to himself as I lowered down into the grass across from him. "You for example don't look any less innocent, only a newer shade of irritated."

"It is a new shade'a irritation," I agreed resisted the urge to touch the impression of Kagome's teeth, already wondering and worrying about her in the Modern Era. "I shoulda talked to ya," I started.

"I find it's funner when the girl's the one with all the moves," Miroku said with a fond sigh, his gaze growing misty as he no doubt remembered a girl like that.

"You taught her moves!"

He lifted both hands to ward me off as I showed him my fangs in a snarl, fingers curling into fists. "No! No! We just talked!...I didn't teach per se-"

"Then wut?"

"Just a basic run down of physical pleasure in general...um, male...and female erogenous spots..." Miroku's voice started to become difficult for me to hear, and he kept coughing nervously. "She really just asked a lot of questions, and I answered them."

"Er..." I frowned and for some reason it gave the monk more confidence, he stopped cowering away from me as if I were going to pounce. "Erogenous?"

"Where it feels the nicest to touch," Miroku suggested with a soft smile.


"If I may ask..." Miroku's lips curled in the beginnings of a wicked smile everyone was familiar with but then he bit his bottom lip and contained it, probably knowing I'd make sure to center my punch on it on my way far, far away, to a place where I would be the only living thing...For-fucking-ever. "How did it go? Do hanyou do yokai mating rituals?"

"Kinda," Even though I wanted to be mortified, Kagome was right Miroku seemed to understand the sensitivity of the situation enough to attempt at being, if not polite, than less-lecherous than normal. "Went fine."

"Just...fine?" Miroku's lecherous disbelief was starting to glimmer in his eyes, his eyebrows rising in surprise.

"It was the fuckin' best thing I've ever fuckin' felt. Happy?"

"Was it really? Or are you just trying to satisfy me?"

"Why the fuck would I wanna do that?" I growled and he grunted to cover something that sounded suspiciously like laughter before he shook his head, his face composed and sincere. Deceitful, lecherous ass-

"Never mind InuYasha!" Miroku pressed his palms together and tapped his chin with his fingers as he regarded me over them. "Honestly? I'd love details but..." He gave a sigh and shook his head.

"I'm gonna wail on ya in a fuckin' second."

"If you want, but I think you should go find Kagome," Miroku suggested. "She seemed..." For a moment he laughed and seemed to search for the right word. "Eager to try lots of things with you."

"Like wut?" I tried my best not to go off imagining, no use getting riled up now.

"InuYasha! My good, good friend!" Miroku shouted in a sing song voice. "Please, trust me..." He leaned forward and surprised me when his fingers sunk into my kosode as if to shake me to get my attention (although he was smart enough not to). "Stuff like this is only a surprise once." He gave me a wicked grin and I firmly resisted the mirror of the expression that wanted to curl my lips. "But I do think we should have a similar conversation."

"L-like Kagome's?"

"Similar...she...well, she..." Miroku actually blushed and his hand fell back into his own lap as he looked away and tried again. "Given my choices in life I never thought to be surprised by a girl...almost ten years my junior in this area of my...uh, expertise."

Expertise, he says.

"Wut the fuck are ya talkin' about?"

"She had very specific questions, subjects not usually known to virgins-the ones I'm used to anyway," He shook his head, still looking off into the forest, avoiding eye contact. "She told me information was easy to get in the Modern Era, but any she could find weren't helpful for her, more practical questions."

"And you were," I grumbled taking the chance to succumb to the urge to touch Kagome's mark without Miroku looking.

"Do you know what a prostate is?" Miroku shot back and turned just as my own fingers surprised me as they brushed the mark and shot a jolt of heat straight to my groin.

What the-"N-no..." I clamped my mouth shut to smother the whimper but was completely unable to remove my fingers.

"Well don't freak out about it when it comes up-erm, if it comes up, that is...You're going back right?" Miroku's sharp eyes moved to where my fingers rested on my neck.

"Goddamn it, tell me Miroku!"

"Why don't you ask Kagome? Hell, I didn't even know what it was called until she asked me about it," Miroku admitted with a sheepish laugh. "We both learned much from the conversation."

"If I tell ya about us will ya fuckin' tell me?" I offered and was pleased-for once-when a familiar smile curled his lips.

"How you tempt me InuYasha," Miroku sighed heavily, his shoulders moving with the breath. "You'll tell me everything that happened if I tell you what a prostate is?"

Suddenly the idea of describing Kagome and I aloud-along with my stupid fingers I couldn't bare to move-had me embarrassed, hard and mortified about it. "I don't know what the fuck you wanna hear..."

"How about I ask, you answer, and we switch? That's how it ended up with Kagome," Miroku's eyes widened a moment as he seemed the remembered something. "Did you know she has a book-she said it was a book from school-with diagrams and descriptive labels?"

"What the hell have you been doin' with my woman, fuckin' monk!" I hissed trying to ignore the unintentional twitches of my fingers against the mark-whoa...

"InuYasha are you all right?" Miroku leaned forward to peer into my face.

Not that I'll miss it, but the odd sensation that accompanied the mark stopped. I ignored Miroku as I purposefully rubbed the outline of Kagome's teeth. Nothing but the feel of my fingers and that stupid fucking grin at the idea of Kagome marking me. Shit, I looked up as I flattened the grin with a scowl, but he'd already seen it.

"Can I see?"

"Wut? Can ya see wut?" I met Miroku's dancing eyes, filled with something that was a mix of both lecherous glee and avid wonder as he stared at my stroking fingers.

"How did she manage to mark you?"

Before I could answer I heard a familiar grunt and suddenly all of my senses were overtaken with the knowledge that there might be a reason the mark had stopped...stopped what? What the hell had that been? I wasn't surprised as Kagome threw her arms over the side of the well, dark-head popping up into sight. "I grew fangs!"

I jumped to my feet and made sure to be there to help her up before Miroku even turned around. "Kagome..." I caught her gaze and my heart pounded to see her eyes bright with angry tears. I reminded myself that opening my mouth only made matters worse.

"Fangs Kagome?" Miroku gasped and turned to lean against the well, he sounded like a fucking gossipy old lady. "It went that well?"

"It did." She looked up at me, ignoring my hand still held out for her to grab. "Until a certain baka opened his mouth."

My fingers curled into a fist as she continued to ignore it, merely supporting herself with footholds in the creepers along the inside of the well's wall. "Yer the one that brought up that..." I growled and bit back the words with a barely contained whine. I turned and stomped a few feet away before lowering to sit in the grass with an angry, "Feh."

"So you didn't order anything from that book you showed me?" Miroku's voice continued on as if he wasn't aware that I was digging furrows in the ground with my claws to keep myself from plucking his eyeballs out for just the audacity of talking to her, never mind the fucking topic of conversation.

"They wouldn't have arrived on time, and I don't want anyone else opening it..." She muttered her voice distracted. She didn't sound as angry as she had, although no more than half an hour could have passes since I'd left her in the Modern Era. Her breathing was a little labored; no hitching or hiccups which I suppose meant that the tears had been recent.

Which wasn't all that great either.

"A gag would have come in handy about half an hour ago," Kagome mused and Miroku chuckled.

"You can always make one of those. It seems silly to pay for something like that..." Miroku murmured. "That ring contraption seemed like a good investment...would of come in handy tomorrow, ne?"

"Ring thing?" Kagome muttered to herself a moment. "Oh! You mean the cock ring?"

My eyes went round in part horror, part aroused disbelief as I listened to her disregard Miroku's idea, just as casually as if she weren't talking about...that she hadn't just said...

"I liked that gag, 'member the one with the red rubber ball..." Her voice lowered even more and I almost couldn't hear; I knew if she was looking she'd see me leaning back toward them, ears twitching. "You know like a..." Her words descended into a muffle I didn't catch.

"Wut?" I exclaimed as I over-balanced and threw my arms out in a vain attempt to keep myself from falling back into the grass. "Wut did you say?"

Kagome turned back to look at me and gave me a sweet smile as she rested her chin on her arms where they folded over the edge of the well. "I wasn't talking to you."

"You were talkin' about me."

"Still makes you an eavesdropper," Kagome couldn't contain a small giggle and I rolled to my feet, arms crossed over my chest defiant and angry. "Wut'er ya doin' here anyways?"

"Well I did come by to bring you this," She moved a hand from the wall to tug something from out of sight down in the well. "You forgot it," She grunted and I saw a flash of my red haori before I noticed the single hand holding her up slip and I was suddenly there beside her, fingers tight around her upper arm.

I jerked her upward easily, sandwiching the haori between us as she pressed against me, her legs still dangling down into the well. I was satisfied just to have the chance to feel her body against mine again, even as she wiggled to be free. I tried to step back to pull her the rest of the way out of the well but she protested. "Wut's yer problem?"

"You are! I used to be able to be angry at you for a little while."

"Ya sure look fuckin' angry," I glanced down to see the rest of her hanging into the abyss and caught sight of Miroku, his chin propped up on his hand watching with a small knowing smile.

"I am! Let me go," Kagome grumbled.

To which I hissed back, "Fuck no."

She surprised me by releasing the haori and curling merciless fingers around the beads around my neck with a hard jerk. The small wall caught me in the shins as I shifted forward but I curled an arm around her and dug my claws into the dirt. "InuYasha..." She growled in my face as I tried to shift her back up to readjust my grip and I knew the tone of voice she used, the warning, and the utter frustration.

"Kagome, don't-"


I heard her gasp and cry out in surprise as we both were launched through the mouth of the well with the force of a very potent Sit. I don't know how she managed it, but by the time we found the Modern Era end of the passageway, Kagome's legs had straddled my waist and we landed with her very firmly on top. Her small weight knocked the air out of me and before I could even attempt to get it back she was kissing me.

"Kuso!" Moaned against my lips and I gulped in air dizzily as she unsealed our lips long enough. The slap across my face was more a shock than painful, it sent my head snapping to the side into the dead leaves and junk that littered the bottom of the well. "Baka!" She cursed under her breath and I froze as the word came out as a sob and she swung off of me and started climbing out of the well continuing to mutter what sounded like self-deprecating remarks.

Smarting from the rejection, the landing, hell just about the entire last five minutes I watched her struggle up the side of the well from where I lay on the ground. "Kagome?" I whispered confused, a hand coming to touch the side of my face where she had struck me. "Hey!"

She ignored me, disappearing at the top of the well.

"Kagome!" I shouted, getting to my feet. "Wut the fuck is wrong with you?" I made a smooth jump up and out of the well, landing at the base of the stairs leading up and out of the building. She was halfway up the stairs when I appeared out of the well and I saw her spin with a startled gasp, her foot catching on the stairs to send her back onto her ass. I moved faster than I thought possible, to intercept her before she could get to her feet and escape.

I lowered into a crouch a stair below, leaning forward to brace my hands on the level she was sitting on. "Are ya all right?" I asked in a low rumble taking the opportunity to slip my arms around her in an attempt to keep her still and she practically melted into me. She buried her face in my chest and wound her arms around me tightly.

"I'm sorry I hit you."

"Feh, didn't hurt," Not physically at least. "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine."

"No you ain't, don't fuckin' lie to me woman," I moved to run my fingers through her hair as she cried into my chest.

"I'm so mad at you," She whispered harshly. "And I don't care."

"Don't care-?" I tried, but when I leaned back to see her face she pounced, cutting off my anxious words with her lips. So she didn't mean she didn't care about me?

Tiny hands were inside my kosode touching and groping until I couldn't contain the moan. "I want to hit you," She moaned in frustrated longing.

"Please don't," I managed not to moan back.

"I'm still furious with you!" She rolled one of my nipples between her fingers. "But I want you so much..."

"I'm sorry."

Our eyes met and I hissed as I felt her fingernails bit into the hardened nub. "What for?"

"For markin' ya..."

"If this is a side-effect of being your mate I'll get used to it," She argued, even if she had been upset about the very same thing only a second ago.

"For callin' Koga a cunt, even if he so totally is one," I muttered that last part under my breath and she actually laughed.

When I looked down at her surprised she shook her head and forcefully pushed the corners of her mouth down, "Stop that."

"Sorry fer sayin' stuff that made ya think I don't like yer mark," I continued, promising my yokai that this would be the last of the apologies, until I shoved my foot in my mouth again later. "I don't care wut it looks like."

"I'm sorry it looks like a heart, I did mean-"

"Shut-up," I shook my head and captured her hands before she decided to take vengeance. Felt fucking nice though, even when pain twinged through it after the pressure of her nails let up. "Have I told ya how fuckin' proud I am that you marked me?" I asked as I realized I hadn't. I was surprised I'd gotten through that question in one piece.

"Proud?" She slid her hands up to my shoulders, one hand moving to the edge of the mark.

"Fuck yeah," I nodded with a grin. "Yer bad ass Higurashi."

"Aw," She nodded her smile so damn dazzling I wanted to squint. "Now a dilemma."

"Huh?" I mumbled confused and saw her lift her head so her eyes could peek over the top stair and out through the well house door to scan the grounds. "There ain't nobody around," I guessed at her purpose.

"Good, because I'm not so angry anymore," Her voice dropped to a whisper, almost inaudible.

My gaze dropped to her lips and I realized a moment too late that I was making my train of thought obvious. She didn't help when her sweet pink tongue flickered out to wet her lips. "Is that right?" Was all I could manage as her fingers slipped over my shoulders to cross her arms around the back of my neck.

I was thankful for the heightened eyesight as the blush painted her cheeks and she didn't fight it. "That means I just want you now."

"Oh fuck yeah," I chuckled letting her arms tighten and bring our lips together. "I always..." I groaned as her legs wrapped around me and I didn't hesitate to press in between her legs, making sure to cushion the small of her back from the edge of the stairs with my arm. "I always fuckin' want you Kagome...all the fuckin' time."

"Do you?" She gasped moving her lips to bite along my neck, and I held my breath all the way down as her lips sought and found her mark. I could only moan assent to her question as she nibbled along the sensitive skin. "Why do we have all these clothes on then?"

My hands moved roughly to the button of the jeans she had pulled on, happy to find no panties on underneath as I tugged the tight pants down her shapely legs, glad not to have to wrestle with shoes. As I leaned back and started fumbling with the ties of my hakama I watched her discard her shirt with a careless toss into the dark corner of the well house. My eyes rolled over her body a whimper escaping my mouth as the ties I'd so viciously tied earlier gave me trouble now.

"I have scissors in the house-" She cut off with a surprised moan as I moved back in-between her legs pressing my arousal tight to hers, letting her know how much I cared for that suggestion with a growl. I moved my lips to taste her nipple pleased when I felt her insistent little hands diving into the back of my hakama to attack the ties there. "Why would you tie these so tight baka?"

"I was frustrated and fuckin' horney," I hissed as we both managed to loosen the ties enough for me to shimmy the hakama down my hips, hard-on springing free and right into the hot grasping fingers of Kagome. One arm went back to curling around my shoulders, the other told me just how much it's owner wanted me, and where. I gave a surprised curse as she squeezed and guided me the last few inches until I was inside her.

"Oh," Her hand scrambled for a hold, her fingers digging into one of my buttocks to urge me deeper. I captured her mouth as she cried out, her legs curling around my body pulling me in deeper. I pressed against her trying not to crush her into the stairs, even as her hips moved, urging me into motion. I felt Tetsusaiga pressing into my hip, but when I twisted an arm to unhook her legs her muscles only clenched tighter.

Fuck, I squeezed my eyes shut as her wet heat pulled me in until I couldn't go anymore. I could feel myself panting already, the desperation to get here, the sudden urgency that had gripped me only adding to the pleasure once I finally sunk in deep, so deep. "Ah ngh, fuck Kagome you feel so good," I didn't want to move, even if I knew it was better. I could remember it, in the back of my mind, the first time we'd done this.

Bad idea, don't think about that. I pressed my face into her neck as I rolled my hips against the gentle urging buck of hers, nothing but wanton moans of my name falling from her lips. Even as we gently rocked together I heard the protesting creak of the old stairs, my eyes fastened on Kagome's face for any indication of discomfort or pain, it helped me keep myself in check even if it was the very last thing I wanted to do.

"InuYasha?" Kagome moaned and I leaned in to catch an earlobe in my teeth.


"You won't hurt me."

I was pressed so close I could feel the shiver that ran through her when I couldn't help a growl as I remembered her saying that before, how she thought I'd been holding back the last time. "Kagome, I-"

"So close InuYasha," She whispered, her hot breath panting down my neck. "If you'd just move..."

I kept telling myself I wasn't in a comfortable bed, I was outside on a nasty set of rickety wooden stairs and...Fuck Kagome knew that too. She wouldn't ask for something like that right? If it hurt? I pressed my mouth to her neck, licking and tasting as I started to lengthen my thrust. "Are ya okay?"

"InuYasha!" She groaned in warning, her hands moving to brace herself on the edge of the stairs below her, adjusting to the changing rhythm. I only kept going, pulling almost completely out before pressing back in, all the way until I hit the end. "Yes!" She cried out in surprise as I did it faster the next time.

Only two more thrusts like that and Kagome was coming around me. A desperate call of my name and her arms were wrapped around my head, pressing my face into her neck.

I couldn't stop, I didn't know if she wanted me to or not but as the scent of her desire flooded my nose I couldn't...I burrowed my nose into her sweet hair, mouth latched onto the smooth column of her throat.


The spasms of pleasure kept shivering through her, the ripple of her tight muscles only urging me harder the increasing wet passage, faster.

For a moment my hips went off-kilter as vicious nails dug into my ears. Suddenly I had to stop moving or I was going to come. I made sure I was deep inside her, just incase stopping didn't help.

"Oh..." Kagome gasped and released me, her arms falling limply to the hard stairs. "Stop moving..." She was able to hiss out and I glanced at her half-lidded eyes anxiously.


"I...couldn't..." She panted and made an effort to open her eyes finally seeing my concern. "Um, I'm okay," A blush lit up her face and I grumbled as she tried to hide it with her hands.

I didn't want her to cover herself but since I liked the sexy flush of her skin-and more desire worked against the 'stop moving' command-it was probably a good idea. I could still feel the muscles spasming around my cock every once and a while as her heart slowed and breathing smoothed out. I also noticed the blood on her fingernails and wondered what those marks would look like.

"I couldn't stop..." Whispered from between her fingers.

"Fuck! Yer tellin' me ya stopped me cuz you couldn't stop comin'? Dumbass," I grumbled and leaned forward to catch two of her fingers in my mouth, tongue running along her fingernails. "Grabbin' my ears like that is fuckin' cheatin' by the way," I mumbled around the digits.

Kagome gasped as she noticed the red to one of the nails I'd missed. Before she could freak out I showed her with a tip of my head that they weren't mangled. The tiny crescents (I fuckin' hope!) were already healed I could feel it. "Ya made me almost..."

"You missed one," Kagome moved the other finger of the same hand past my fangs. "Almost huh?" She whispered almost to herself. "Girl needs a button you know..."


"An emergency button in case your hanyou mate thinks you're a dumbass for stopping him..." Kagome teased. "I wouldn't have minded one bit if you hadn't stopped."

"Ya gotta come one more time at least..."

"Ba-ka!" Kagome started to protest but her eyes slammed closed as I moved my hips back.

"Wut was that?" I asked as I moved almost all the way out.

"InuYasha..." Kagome growled and the timber of it sent a thrill down my spine. She took her fingers out of my mouth and surprised me with a none to gentle tug of two fistfuls of my hair and another growl, "I want you to come."

"Fuck," I snapped my hips forward and cursed to find myself not far from the edge again already, especially when Kagome's voice broke over my name, fists tight in my hair. I broke down into unintelligible grunts and moans as she moved her hands back to the stairs below her and used the leverage to meet my thrusts taking me in, the head of my penis driving against her.

I tried to focus, but I could feel the end coiling inside my body pumping forward faster. The squeeze of her legs around me only conspired to make our bodies thud together, the sound joining all her whimpered pleas and even the loud warning cry a moment before her body went taut in my arms. It was too much this time; the shivering squeeze of her body, the hot wet flood around me. I lost any rhythm, any small bit of control I'd had up to that point and drove inside her as my brain exploded behind my eyes in a bright white flare that sent shocks and spasms through every coiled muscle in my body.

I don't know why, but I feel like I've just finished this all out fight, both of us pressed as tight together as possible both our breath and hearts racing together...Fuck I don't know, all I meant was I liked this part. Where we come back to earth together.

"Um, InuYasha..." Kagome's husky voice made me grin; I was still resting my face against her neck, attempting to slow my breath. "I'm okay, but we need to get up."

"Huh," I shook away the fog and leaned away to catch her face as she slowly unhooked her legs and lowered them back to the ground.

"We broke the stairs."

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