Empty House Days

Relieving Pressure

Pissed. Fuck. Pissed.

Within an hour. I think that's a fucking record. Honestly though, this time I wasn't being an asshole!

How the fuck did that not hurt? Four thick wooden stairs broken across a frail human spine?

Okay I could have asked nicer. I'm sorry it's how everything comes out-angry-even if I'm horrified and scared I've harmed the woman I love.

She ignored my question and got dressed. That she was really angry was obvious, even to me-without the sit.

My anger got me across the grounds and back into the house before Kagome surprised me with a kiss. Just inside the door she used handfuls of kosode to push me as hard as her small angry fists could into the wall.

I braced myself with a hand pressed to either side of my hips on the door behind me as Kagome crashed against me in order to reach my lips. "The stairs only hurt a little...because they were stairs, not a bed..." Her teeth gave an angry bite to my bottom lip and I was embarrassed by the moan I couldn't keep in. "I didn't even know they had broken until after."

Right before my arms could move to capture her Kagome released me and put considerable distance between us. I didn't move as my eyes looked her over, like I had in the well house.

How was she still moving? How had I not broken her tiny bones...?

Kagome turned and started across the room. "I'm...gonna go lay down..."

"Do ya want me ta leave?"

"I'd like you to stop being a baka and cuddle with me. But you can watch some television if you want," Kagome murmured and shrugged. "When I wake up I'll probably molest you, so...if you don't want that to happen you'd better leave."

"Every time is 'nother chance ta hurt ya," I firmly reminded her and my dick.

"I love you InuYasha. Why would I lie?" Kagome murmured before disappeared up the stairs.


"Fuuuck!" I hissed, knowing that I would follow right behind her if I took a step. My fingers curled against the solid door behind me like I could tie myself there.

Kagome didn't lie to me, why would she...

"A whole 'nuther fuckin' shade of irritation..."

"Maybe she likes it?" Miroku suggested fending off the next attempt at a backhand from Sango a moment later.

I watched with a frown as her free hand came around-as intended, how could the lech not see the distraction?-and connected with his face where there was already a red handprint. "I didn't know humans were like that, they're kinda squishy..."

"Some are," Miroku tugged Sango's hand to his chest, pulling her close so he could whisper. "I am."

"Would ya stop it!" I growled as I tore out another hunk of grass with my claws in an attempt to distract myself.

Sango had no real input of a sexual nature and her presence seemed to make it impossible for Miroku to grow-the-fuck-up, so mostly she was irritating me.

Everything had the moment I jumped through the well. I figured if I could leave the mark alone and stay in the Feudal Era I could keep myself off of her. Not hurt her.

"InuYasha," Sango jerked her hand out of Miroku's and turned her attention to me, although I was privy, as usual to the cloying aroma of demon-slayer lust. And as usual I tried my best not to roll my eyes at women and their whole "playing hard to get" bullshit, but I wasn't about to comment, the monk had a nose. "Fangs...and-honestly-it sounds like you should have done some harm. Bruises plenty, even a gentle grip..."

Irritation vanished as I narrowed in on her concerned eyes. "They ain't old rickety stairs...Her grandfather takes good care o' the place," I watched the words make the woman frown.

"Yokai mating rituals..." Sango muttered as if to herself, still looking pissed; let's just say she was less than congratulatory when I returned from the Modern Era the second time (fucking gossipy monk). "I don't know poisonous dog yokai, Myoga is a tight-lipped flea."

I really didn't feel like tracking the little coward down. Although it would distract me.

"I know Kagome...We all do," Sango gave Miroku a dirty look which told me that it was weird for humans to enjoy pain, same damn receptors. Feh. "She wouldn't lie, and think about it. How did your father and mother..."

I almost wanted to slap the monk for her when Sango's blush seemed to magically draw Miroku closer. "Sango..."

I clamped a hand over his mouth and pushed him away, earning a thankful smile from Sango. "Yeah, how did he keep from crushin' her?"

"A question for either Sesshomaru or Myoga," Sango suggested and she laughed with a knowing nod when I answered with a snarl. "I suppose you could just try and hurt Kagome."

I was staring at her dumbfounded so I missed whatever it was Miroku said to get slapped this time. My yokai was making pleased sounds as my mind whirled over the things I'd been scared of accidentally doing.

No. No. No.

"I meant in a controlled way." Cheeks bright red Sango was staring angrily at the monk-who was now lying prone in the grass. "Lech is right though."

"Huh?" I shook my head and leaned over to see if she'd knocked the monk out and he cracked an eye open with a grin. "I'm sorry I tune most o' his shit out."

"Well, you're a hanyou even at your gentlest..." Sango's voice trailed off. "Not that all girls need to be coddled all the time..." She sighed in frustration, it seemed her modesty was in the way of her explaination.

I extended a foot out to nudge Miroku in the side, making Sango uncomfortable was his job. "Stop fakin' it."

"You're a beast InuYasha!" Miroku exclaimed sitting up and pushing my foot away. "I'm pretty sure you'd rather be somewhere else right now."

"Of course..." I grumbled biting my tongue to hamper a whimper. Not thinking of Kagome was impossible, especially now. Away from her.

The last fucking place I wanted to be.

"It's getting dark...I'm gonna go find Kirara," Sango whispered her hand moving to touch my shoulder to get my full attention. "Obviously something else is helping you two along."

"Thanks," I muttered my gaze moving away as I felt embarrassment tint my cheeks at the tender words. Her warm hand on my face surprised me enough that she had no problem turning my gaze back to hers.

"Kirara should be able to find Myoga..."

"'Kay," I nodded and met her warm eyes until she moved away and left to find her nekomata.

"Such a beast," Miroku bemoaned, his shakujou suddenly wrapping against my skull with a clang of the golden rings. "Go use your hanyou charms on your mate."

The accusatory tone to the monk's voice-and the fucking bump to the head-had me scowling. "Fuck-"

"InuYasha," Miroku shook his head. "Are you going to avoid her when she comes back?"

"I can't."


Miroku gave a loud sigh and another shake of his head. "You'd better get your fill; I don't wanna have to bear witness to such..." He trailed off as my glare didn't lessen. "There's no way you can hide this from Shippo...Eventually he'll figure it out he's a full yokai."

"Gotta grow up some time," My eyes slid to the wall of the well, where Miroku now leaned.

"I'm going to have to start wearing earplugs at night aren't I?"

I growled as my mind went haywire at the idea, images of things that had happened and things that hadn't flickering through my imagination. "Enough! Fuck monk!" I pushed to my feet and he rolled out of my way and to his feet as I started climbing into the well.

"Jaa ne, InuYasha," Miroku threw over his shoulder as he moved off through the grass in the same direction Sango had disappeared.


I could always tell the difference between one end of the well and the other. Kagome's definitely held all those nasty modern smells. The automobile for one. I've met very few yokai that emit an odor on par with that of Kagome's era's cars.

Even though the temple and its small plot of land was pretty much as untouched as a place could be around here I could still catch hints of unpleasant smells. It was a surprise to have those usual piercing scents so completely overwhelmed by the scent of sex.

Our sex.

Needless to say my hakama were pretty uncomfortable by the time I made it out of the well.

I paused to put pressure on one of the unbroken stairs. It took quite a bit to make the wood protest and...


How had I not heard that? Breaking across such a soft body. How...

I didn't bother with the front door, well I bothered to see if it was open (good girl locked tight) I found the window open. It was night by now, she really should...

What? Lock me out?

She was asleep when I found her curled in her bed, enough of her uncovered to tell me she'd lost most of her clothes first. I was momentarily transfixed by the pink nipple that suddenly peeked out from where her arm was thrown over her chest. Even in the dim light coming from the hall outside her closed door the sight had me drooling.

Recalling some of her crankier mornings-when just trying to wake her earned me a Sit-I didn't bother containing the doglike whine as I realized this still standing just inside the window. Somehow the reason to wake her didn't seem to matter.

I'd love to be woken up for sex. Girls were weird though. Beauty sleep Kagome called it.

If I wasn't so horney I'm pretty sure I'd be fucking exhausted. I wanted to curl up in blankets and Kagome and sleep warm and jumbled...but after...


Her nipple hardened under the edge of my thumb. When I crossed the room, I couldn't say.

I snatched my hand back as a moan escaped her lips and I echoed it, leaning over to brush my lips...Biting my tongue I stepped back as Kagome rolled and the blankets shifted again uncovering the curve of her ass.

My fingers skimmed along soft inner thigh-Fuck! I made myself take a few steps back, turning away to the window.

I landed on my feet this time. Much nicer. Considering the ache between my legs, landing face-first beneath the window wasn't an option.

I should have gone to the bathroom. Although anywhere close was impossible! I had tried to keep control by going through the well...Maybe if I took the edge off?

The scent permeating the well house drew me since I resisted Kagome's lunar pull...I paused just inside the door to lean against the wall. I closed my eyes as the smell overwhelmed me, my hands taking care of a few strategic ties of my hakama.

This was crazy. I'd never felt this ready to explode, never had to relieve the pressure. My muscles coiled and tensed as I shoved a hand down the front of my hakama to close my fingers around my cock.

Air hissed out between my clenched teeth as my own touch was almost painful to the oversensitive flesh. Like one tug and it'd be over.

With a whimper and a squeeze I gave myself a slow stroke. When I didn't come on the spot I took a deep slow inhale to fill my nose with the intoxicating scent of us. For a few slow deliberate strokes I tried to keep any pitiful sounds in. The motions of my hand were soon slick as the scent made my imagination spin.

"Kagome..." I muttered my hips rolling into my pumping fist. My imagination trying to convince me how happy Kagome would be...Just the movement of a little blanket, her eyes snapping open as I thrust inside her...

Growling protest to the fantasy and yet squeezing my eyes closed to continue the vision. It took me a moment to notice my other hand, fingers resting on Kagome's mark. It reminded me suddenly of the odd connection to...

I pushed off the wall, removing my hand so I could hold my hakama up as I moved back to the well.

I should have moved my fingers from her mark before I left the Modern Era. I bit back a moan as I landed in the Feudal Era.

"Hey! Anybody up there!" I shouted my plan to go climb a tree nearby in the forest a complete failure the moment I even straightened from my landing.

I didn't even want to climb out of the fucking well, and none of the scents were particularly fresh-fuck I didn't care! I gave another shout incase they missed it the first time and sunk to the ground my fingers wrapped around my dick.

Only a slow rub of my fingers over the impression of teeth and my hips bucked up into my fist. "Fuck!" I gasped as I didn't hesitate to move both hands at the same time.

Pleasure flooded through me, vivid scenes of receiving this bizarre erogenous mark only serving to drive a helpless moan from my lips. It would not take long with the extra stimulation and it only helped to know I would be wrapped around Kagome as soon as I could think straight.

Shit if that meant not thinking about fucking Kagome I would be stuck like this for-fucking-ever.

A gasping curse ripped from my gritted teeth as the hot stab of pleasure at my shoulder flickered off. My eyes flew open in time for my sight to be obscured by soft sweet smelling blankets. I tugged the blanket off my face only to find Kagome standing there straddling my legs, half-swathed in bedclothes.

"Stop touching that," She hissed, her knees buckling, lowering her over my thighs, her hand grabbing for the fingers feverishly brushing over the mark. "It's driving me crazy…" Her lips crashed into mine, our teeth almost knocking, as her arms came around me, pulling me close, out chests pressing together. I could feel her heart pounding, as if she'd run miles.

"Kagome..." I moaned, hands moving to fumble for her, fingers gripping her hips. "I-I didn't wanna wake you-"

"Baka!" Kagome shook her head frustrated at my answer her body providing harsh friction as she moved against me suddenly growling when she found my hakama still in the way. I felt her determined hand snaking between us her actions only making me shiver and roll my hips against her. Delicate fingers squeezed around my trapped erection sandwiching my hand in-between since I hadn't moved it, even after her surprise appearance. "Let go."

"Don't…" I groaned protest, but she wasn't deterred instead her hand moved to stroke above my hand when I didn't listen. "Stop-fuck-I'm gonna-" I shoved frantically at my hakama and no sooner had I freed myself Kagome made sure I was enveloped in wet, hot-"Kagome!" I yelped as I bucked upward, thrusting deep inside, my climax broad-siding me.

Her legs flexed and as I shuddered inside her, hips rocking, she moved over me. The move almost pulled me out, but she quickly snapped her hips forward and I was back in to the hilt. "Yes!" Ripped out of her lips, her head thrown back as she did it again, riding my cock when I could do nothing but whimper and come.

Eyes locked on her beautiful face, I saw her eyes fly open, her rhythm faltering as her own orgasm surprised the both of us. I growled burying my face in her hair, my fingers digging into her hips I kept moving, as she came apart in my arms. I held her close, only my hips moving as she shuddered and cried out against me.

Her gasping warm breath spilled over my face, and I greedily accepted the kiss she pressed to my lips, even as her teeth sunk into my bottom lip. "Wake me up…"

I nodded softly, groaning as she ran her tongue where she'd bitten. "H-hai," I panted.

As we both regained our breath our bodies pressed together, above the panting and our thundering hearts I heard running footsteps retreating above.

I'll bet that fucking monk's never run so fast.

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