Empty House Days

Bath Time Fun!

Maybe there was enough difference between here and the Feudal Era to knock my inner clock off but I woke up hours later than usual. Or maybe it was waking up in the middle of the night to fuck.

I'd feel bad but I was the poor guy that kept getting assaulted in the middle of the night. Heh.

I cracked an eye open to find the sun in an odd place on my face even considering the window. It was nice to be able to glance over at the modern clock (the numbers almost identical to the black ones on that thermometer except they were green) instead of guessing since we were indoors…Almost noon, hm.

Sometime between round two and now we'd managed to separate enough for me to slip out of bed without waking Kagome. I was still half twisted in the blanket so when I turned I pulled it off the bed.

As soon as I gained my freedom I made myself cover Kagome again, if only to get a moment by myself to take a leak. She did a few kicks and wiggles to get comfortable again, her leg now half hanging over the edge of the bed.

Why the hell had I gotten up-Oh right.

I found my fingers tracing the curve of her calf…Damn it! One finger became my hand, curling around her shapely leg instead of stopping. I stepped closer, my legs brushing the bed, my hand running up the limb and inwards until…

I made myself pull back, fingers still gently curved around her legs, palm sliding back down. I tried to take a deep breath that only shivered as I exhaled over the arch of her foot.

I lowered into a crouch next to the bed, my lips pressing a kiss into her foot making her toes wiggle and somewhere above me I heard her give a contented sigh. Although I found myself longing to kiss her everywhere my body reminded me how much I'd had to piss a minute ago.

"Fuck…" I murmured across Kagome's foot, giving it another kiss before pulling away. "Gotta piss…" I stopped stroking her soft skin and glared down at my arousal. Guess I wasn't the only one up this morning.

The real fight was trying to not think of Kagome long enough to be able to piss. After finding the little silver handle to get rid of it I went to scan the bottles of bath oil. Near the end I found one that smelled like Kagome.

She'd told me before that her favorite modern luxury was hot water, whether a long soak in a tub of it or in a shower. Here they liked to do both sometimes, when they wanted to soak a long time in scented waters, they got their travel grime off in the shower.

Although she and I had acquired plenty of "travel" grime-heh-I decided to draw a bath for Kagome for selfish reasons. I didn't particularly like her scent with the masculine bath oil she'd bought me that we'd soaked in the other day. I'll admit to liking one girly thing; Kagome, I liked every damn girly part about her, especially the rose on her skin.

I didn't run into any problems until that damn plug, mostly since I forgot how damn cold that tile was. I managed to jam the bit of black rubber into the drain before I pulled away from the tub with a whimper.

It reminded me of my missing hakama and the mess I'd made of them the night before (with Kagome's help). The only thing that kept us awake after the tussle in the well had been the need to instruct me on washing clothes the Modern Era way, made substantially better taught by a naked Kagome.

I vaguely remember later on, the done buzzer going off and waking me up to find Kagome between my legs. Needless to say I didn't remember what initially woke me up after that first fuzzy second of, "Watta ya doin'?"

What she'd been doing (besides blushing) she innocently referred to as, "Practicing?"



I popped open the round glass door of the dryer and had to root around in the rest of Kagome's clothes to find my hakama. The red fabric was pretty wrinkled since it'd been sitting there all night but I didn't particularly care. I finished the numerous ties as I sniffed out the pantry and looked through it.

I was pretty sure Kagome wouldn't want ramen for breakfast. She always looked at me weird when I asked for it. I didn't mind…And I think I proved it plenty.

I'd just have to wait until she woke up…Anything I got her now would have to sit while she was in the tub-


I forgot to turn off the water.

I grabbed the small basket of fluffy towels I'd reluctantly helped fold last night-again made better nude-and bolted for the stairs. I could hear the running water and the… "Fuuck!" I dropped the basket just outside the door and quickly splashed through the half-inch of water on the floor to twist the knobs until the water stopped.

The tide had just swelled past the rim of the tub; the overflow was still confined to the tiled bathroom, only a foot or less from the door.



I tip-toed through the water, the bottom of my pants soaking and clingy, trying to get to the towels before Kagome could… "Mornin' Kagome."

"I thought I heard water…" Her sleepy eyes did their usual ogle of my bare chest, if I didn't know any better I'd say she was disappointed for some reason. "We're you taking a bath?"

"Um, no…" After seeing the displeasure grow I was glad of the fib, she had hoped to catch a peek of my ass! I saw her eyes move past my shoulder and I quickly distracted her with, "Waitin' fer you."

"Aw," She blushed, her smile blinding me a moment. "Okay, lemme go get some clothes."

"Feh-" I bit my tongue with a wince as I caught myself objecting. Yes I loved Kagome naked! Yes I needed her to give me a second to sop up the water behind me!

Who said I had to let her put the clothes on?

Kagome laughed softly, "I'll try to keep the buttons and catches to a minimum."

She turned away with that and my eyes zeroed in on her ass as she walked away. Thankfully she wasn't looking or she would have seen me almost slip and fall as I adjusted the balance of weight from one foot to the other not really paying attention to anything but the sweet curve of-I threw my arms out, hands catching the doorframe on either side of me. She must have heard the slap of my palms to the wood because she turned and I only straightened just in time.

I gave her a grin and she returned it before escaping to her room finally.

Surprised I found most of the water drained into a small silver grate in the middle of the tiled floor. I still dried the floor off, knowing I had better balance than Kagome. I didn't need her sliding across the wet floor.

"Aw, your pants are wrinkled," Kagome's soft voice caught my ear. "Wonder if mom took the iron."


Kagome deposited her small pile of neatly folded clothes on the counter and turned to me with a, "They get rid of wrinkles. Good morning."

"Mornin-mghf!" I started only to taste her lips instead.

She pressed her whole soft curvaceous body against mine to reach my lips, obviously enjoying touching me. "Sorry, I needed my fix."

I tried to affect a chuckle but it was husky and barely not a groan as I thought of throwing her up on the counter and worshipping her legs like earlier, mostly the part where they met. "Are ya gonna do that in fronta everybody now?"

"Of course, unless you're gonna act weird about it."

I had no delusions about my ability to keep my hands off of Kagome once we were back home.

Not a chance.

And the first time I grab her ass while no one's looking…

"I ain't gonna act weird," I imagined the scenarios and they all ended with me eating dirt. "It's jus'…" It's ours? Not theirs? Fuck. How to explain that though? "But ya know Miroku's a fuckin' pervert."

"I suppose you have a point," Kagome's arms slipped around my waist making sort work of my hakama ties. "As long as I can still touch you…" She thought a moment, her lips moving to place a light kiss just shy of my nipple. "Touching calms the shakes-takes more-but it works."

"Heh…I hafta touch you," I admitted, there would be no way in hell I'd be able to keep my hands off her, fuck Naraku'll be lucky I'm not copping a feel with my other hand while Tetsusaiga finishes him off. "Might be just as bad as a kiss though."

"Bad?" Her fingers stilled.

She could make jokes about her addiction to me and she didn't realize I had it just as bad? "When I can't see ya, I think about ya. When I can…well fuck…all I can think about is touchin' ya." I felt her hands slide down my hips pushing cloth down as she went. "Tastin' ya…"

"Sounds like that InuYasha Addiction…" She teased her body pressing to mine without the hakama and a pleased groan escaped me. "There's no cure."

"Ain't so bad is it?"

"As long as you aren't stingy with the InuYasha," She moved her hands back up the backs of my bare thighs, over my ass and decided to linger. "Mmm, InuYasha," She hummed, fingers squeezing and I chuckled to myself as I mirrored her grip. "The water's gonna get cold."

"Feh…" I ducked in for a kiss and she retaliated with a wiggle of her body and a squeeze of her fingers.

"Need breakfast too but I need to bathe first…Maybe a quick shower?" Kagome mumbled into my lips. My answer was to lift her against me and carry her toward the tub.

I was surprised to see the water level had lowered. A glance showed the plug still in place. "I put more water than that in there," I said without thinking.


"If you filled it past here it drains out slowly," Kagome didn't move for a moment after I let her feet back down to the tiled floor. She turned and leaning in over the tub to show me there were small slits along the rim of the tub…and her ass.

She gave a small jump of surprise as my hand caressed down along the soft skin of her lower back. "Were you even paying attention?"

"Uh-huh," I nodded, fingers caressing inward until Kagome turned and caught my hand.

"At least wait until after we bathe."

"Smells like fuckin' girly flowers in there," I countered as she stepped back into the tub, her fingers still tight around my wrist.

"You put my bath oil in?" Kagome seemed to realize just then as she lowered into the warm rosy scented water. "I could have used yours…if you're going to be a baby about how sexy you smell," She reached up to use both hands to pull me toward the tub.

"You don't smell the same," I blurted out, pulling out of her grip.

"Ha, you like my fuckin' girly flower smell! Admit it!" She turned on more hot water.

"I like it on you," I grumbled.

"So you're just gonna stand there naked and ogle me while I bathe?" Kagome lowered into the water up to her nose.

"Yeah sure, lemme know if ya need help with anythin'," I crossed my arms over my chest but she didn't seem to mind what I left uncovered.

"Oh!" She jumped, water sloshing around her as she moved to turn off the water. "We're out of hot water already?"

I might have used some up while attempting to fill the bathroom. No big deal.

She sat up enough to flash nipple above the water, the glistening water down her pale skin made me want to taste it. "I can't believe you're not in here with me," Kagome actually pouted. "You can take a bath later with your own oil you know."

Fully aware of how hard I was already I tried not to think about her invitation, or the manner in which she delivered it.

"Fine," Kagome gave a sigh and relaxed in the tub, getting the rest of her hair wet. As she rested her head on the edge of the tub she sought out my gaze. "So, what did you and Miroku talk about?"

"Not much before ya showed up," I admitted. "I tried to get him ta tell me wut you two talked about." I watched a blush color her face and somehow I knew it wasn't from the hot water.


"Like I said, ya showed up before I could get any answers. He said I'd rather be surprised." As I said this I suddenly recalled, "Wut's a prostate?"

At my question I heard a strange noise and Kagome's head suddenly dropped under the water as her foot slipped from where it braced against the wall of the tub. I would have been worried but the look on Kagome's face as she sputtered back out of the water made me laugh.

"You all right?" I asked curious to find her face an even brighter red.

"Um, I'm fine!" She coughed and sat up in the tub, her breasts bobbing to the surface and totally distracting me, damn it.

What were we talking about?


Suddenly I had an overabundance of saliva. I swallowed a few times and made myself meet her gaze. Since she was already looking at me and had what I could only describe as a mischievous smile I was pretty sure I'd been caught gawking. My earlier question seemed like it had distracted her plenty so… "Prostate?"

"Um, how about I show you?" Kagome suggested.

"Not before I know where it is," I argued.

"I meant visually! I have a textbook I borrowed from school," She lowered back to lie in the tub. "If you want to go get it it's the only big book on my desk."

"Wash," I grumbled staying put.

"Get my sponge would you?" She pointed toward the small cloudy glass door that hid the tiny room she called a shower.

I only grumbled under my breath and turned to do as she asked. The small "sponge" was a girly pink puffy ball with a loop of cord to hang it from the small collection of hooks on the shower wall. As I reemerged from the shower I threw the soft ball across the room to an unsuspecting Kagome, who fumbled it and sent it flying back over her shoulder behind the tub.

"InuYasha!" She yelped with a laugh. "Now go get it!"

"You can reach it."

"Yes but I need you to help me up too," Kagome stuck her bottom lip out until I couldn't keep the grin contained.

"All right, don't you try anythin'," I slowly moved back across the room toward her, eyeing her suspiciously.

"Try what?" The change of her expression to sweetly innocent was a dead giveaway. "If I use the beads you might drown!"

"Huh," I grunted, bracing my hand on the lip of the tub I took her outstretched hand and slowly pulled her up, not minding when she slipped and I had to catch her. Since she was still slippery I had to wrap my arms around her just incase. Heh.

"I'm fine InuYasha," Kagome chided but I felt her arms curl around me, hands pressed to my back, fingers tangled in the ends of my hair.

"I thought you were fine," I mumbled against her slicked-back hair, pressing a kiss onto her head.

"It's cold out of the water," She managed a pretend shiver from head to toe. She leaned back until she could meet my gaze. "You know I'm not letting that thing near me until you wash it."

A growl rumbled out of me and Kagome chuckled softly and carefully loosened her embrace and stepped away. She gave a slow turn and lowered down until she could lean forward to reach for the small pink…

Mmm, pink…

My eyes darted down as she bent forward and retrieved her-damn it what was she doing?

I was in the tub before she straightened and at the gently guiding grip on her hips she stopped moving. I leaned forward pressing along her back.

"This too close?" I whispered in her ear, only to have the fluffy pink pouf hit me square in the nose.

"Mm-hm," Moaned out as my arousal pressed insistently along her ass. She straightened and I slipped my arms around her waist. "Did you know water isn't a lubricant?"

"Hm?" I mumbled as the taste of her skin distracted me, her scent made only more intense by the water. "Don't ya make yer own?"

"Sure but water washes it away," She leaned forward and the (deliberate?) move pressed her against me so I let her. She took one of the small bottles from the collection near the edge of the tub. "Hold this," She held out the bottle and I was able to pry a hand off of her to take it as she moved out of my arms to pluck the fluffy thing from where it floated just below the surface of the water.

"Wut is it?" I asked eyeing the bottle in my hand, my gaze zeroing in on her ass again as she retrieved the sponge.

"Normal, non-flowery soap," She stood and turned to face me, eyes flickering down momentarily to look at our favorite body part of yours truly, which was staring right back of course. She pantomimed dumping the contents of the bottle into her hand, "Just put some soap in your hand-"

"I know how ta wash myself," I grumbled and she grinned.

"Well then?"

I stood there a moment really contemplating how angry Kagome would be if I just bent her over the edge of the tub… "Gimme a second." She would be pissed, but I'm sure the fucking would distract her.

Like the idea of it was distracting me.

"InuYasha?" Kagome noticed the intensity in my gold eyes and she lowered into the water so she could soak the sponge in it. "You know washing works better when water is involved?"

I watched her move the sopping sponge and squeeze it out over her shoulders; that damn little ball held a lot of water. I blame the sight of her wet breasts for my next words. "Then why don't ya get it wet?"

Honestly! I swear I meant with water-with the fucking sponge!-it wasn't until Kagome's cheeks blushed that I realized there could even be a double entendre.

"I-I meant-" I almost bit off my tongue as she moved to her knees in front of me without a word. I could only stare wide-eyed as she leaned forward the hot breath over my cock sending me back to only hours ago when I awoke to the same sensation but nothing more.

"I know what you meant," Kagome murmured lifting the sponge to squeeze warm water over me. She did it again, not moving from the very close position she'd adopted between my feet. "Wet enough?"


She held out an empty hand and I stared at it blankly for a moment before I realized she wanted me to help her up. As she stood her momentum brought her forward against me and with my hard-on now sandwiched and aching between us I wasn't surprised to hear a whimper escape my lips.

"Sorry," She whispered stepping back.

I watched her pick up a bottle similar to the one I still held (in a death grip). She put more space between us, enough to squeeze a liberal amount of sweet-smelling soap onto her sponge before depositing the bottle back in its place.

"Are you just gonna watch?" Kagome laughed softly as she lathered up the soap and started…rubbing…herself…

"Uh-hhmm…" I managed as soap suds slid down her body. "Please."

"How polite," Kagome flicked some of the white suds at me which I ignored. Sorry. Wet. Soapy…hoh…you understand. She worked downward, leaving glistening mouth-watering soapy skin behind. Lower and lower…An odd sound came out of me, low and needy, but muffled as I tried to bite my lip to contain it as her hands moved between-

"You're useless gimme that bottle before you crush it!" Kagome's voice snapped me out of it, especially when she managed to wrench the bottle from my hand.

"So fuckin' hot…"

"Thanks," Kagome blushed a little, her free hand fumbling for mine. I forced my eyes away from the soapy junction of her thighs as she squirt soap into my hand. I opened my mouth to comment when she guided my hand down to wrap our fingers around my erection. "Now…wash?"

"Yes-s…" Hissed out from between my teeth as her delicate hand sandwiched my soapy palm against my length and stroked slowly.

"Got it?" She whispered after a few strokes. She didn't wait for an answer merely released my pumping hand to squirt soap in her hand before abandoning the bottle on its shelf.

Before I could ask what she was up to her fingers were cupping my sac, rubbing and lathering up the soap. My hand slowed to a stop on my dick as her fingers rubbed back behind my balls pressing inward.

"You stopped washing," Kagome remarked and I tried to mumble an apology but a surprising jab of her finger had my eyes rolling back a moment in pleasure. "You okay?"

"If ya let me fuck you I'd be fuckin' fantastic," I growled, my head lolling back on my shoulders as her fingers rubbed and squeezed.

"You're the one that stopped," Kagome murmured a soft smile curling her lips when I whined as she stopped touching me. She lowered back down into the water to rinse off her body, and squeeze out the remaining soap from the sponge. "Hurry up," She chided, eyes lowering to where my fingers still curled around my soapy length.

Knowing how it effected me, I did as I was told, watching her face I pleased to see how her eyes latched on to the motion of my hand as I did more than wash myself. Her face went a little pink as my hand pumped; almost staggering me as she echoed the groan I couldn't contain at the slippery feel of my own fist. I've touch myself before-touched it while thinking of Kagome even-but it had never felt like this.

The water sloshed in the tub as Kagome pushed quickly to her feet, surprising me as she squeezed the sponge over my clenched fist. "You're supposed to be washing that remember?" She said with a reprimand in her voice, making me growl her name as her hands helped the water rinse away the rest of the soap. "My bedroom now."

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