Empty House Days

Our Surprising Strengths

I tried to be good.

I tried to make it to the bedroom.

I think I should get points for effort damn it.

I decided enough of me was dry but Kagome thought it necessary to rub herself dry in front of me. Why? Maybe she always rubs herself like that when she dries off…No fucking wonder she doesn't like an audience.

"Aren't you gonna dry off a little?" She asked kindly tossing the towel over my head with a giggle.

If that had been it we might have made it without incident. Hell I don't know I was so tightly wound I was surprised that we didn't fuck on the floor right beside the tub.

She ran.

It was even easier in the damp dark of the towel to hear the quick patter of her feet over the wet tile and then the heavier footfalls in the hallway-

The next thing I heard was a surprised cry and a startled whimper of my name as I ripped the towel off my head.

My mouth was on the back of her neck, hands holding her wrists above her head as I pinned the rest of her body to the hallway wall with my hips. The tremble that shook that single utterance of my name kept enough sense in me to keep my teeth from biting down on the flesh in my mouth.

Kagome moaned in encouragement but as I my cock pressed against her ass I could feel the fine shaking throughout her body. I growled softly in a non-threatening way, but with it I became aware of just how quick I'd lost it.

Where was Tetsusaiga?

I saw her try to muffle her soft moan into the wall. A small annoying voice tried to mutter reasons why that mattered as I buried my nose in her hair, blindsided by the shiver of fear that laced an overpowering intense desire.

Irritation flared at the awkward angle of her hips where she was sandwiched against the wall. I had to release her hands so I could pull her hips back and this time the moan wasn't all good sound. That tiny voice whined that even a little pain was too much. Stop.

Mine. I might have growled as much aloud and my hips dipped so I could slide between her thighs only succeeding in rubbing the head of my cock along her opening. The friction was so very wet, so very hot I almost snapped.

Why didn't I?

Fucked if I know.

Then came Kagome's soft plead of my name…"InuYasha?" More questioning if I was there than trying to get my attention.

"Stop?" I managed to snarl into her ear even as my thigh and ass muscles flexed rubbing my length along her. I don't know why I asked, I wasn't going to stop, didn't know why I was waiting.

"No," Kagome moaned, legs squeezing together around my trapped erection. "Please don't stop."

"Kagome," Came out as a half-growl, half-whine as yokai and human impulses warred harder than I thought they could. I shouldn't be able to fight at all. I should be deep inside my mate, teeth in the flesh of her shoulder. How was I..?

A definite doggie whine left me, the wet friction was maddening and yet I could still hear that fucking cock-blocking voice of reason. "Bed?" I panted, hands sliding up from her waist, fingers heavy, claws gentle but still gently dragging along her pale smooth skin.

The only answer I received at first was a moan at the pressure of my claws. Then I felt her back arch, pressing her ass against me, "Uh-uh!"

"Uh-uh…" I grunted and screwed my eyes shut as I moved back to give myself enough space to fit my hands between the wall and her soft her breasts, fingers squeezing greedily. One more try, the little prissy voice pleads she really doesn't want me to hurt her…Not as much as the yokai in me wanted. "Tetsusaiga…"


I was reassured when it sounded as if irritation and not fear fueled Kagome's curse, especially when she pushed me away so she could turn around to face me. I didn't want to stop touching her but I was rewarded for having the strength when she pulled me right back into full frontal contact her arms crossing over the back of my neck. Yes being pressed along her ass is nice but the front was fucking perfect.

"Tetsusaiga's on my bed..." She moaned.

To say that I'd rather already be fucking her would have been an understatement. Also much more than I was capable of verbalizing.

"Can you carry me?" She moaned as her lips surrendered to the attack of mine.

"Wutev'r ya want," I growled, moving my hands to lift her by her ass.

Kagome's arms tightened around my shoulders and she lifted her legs to wrap them around me. "Carry me then."

I pushed away from the wall and our bodies pressed even tighter as she clung to me. I felt one of her hands untangle from my hair to find space between us, her hand slipping between her legs to wrap her fingers around my length.

"Kagome, fuck!" I whimpered as she lifted her hips and I felt the tip of my cock press against her, sliding ineffectually over her wet entrance until Kagome's hand guided me back into place and I slipped inside her almost effortlessly.

I almost lost my legs as she bucked against me taking all of me with a wiggling moan. I managed her weight with one hand so my other could brace against the wall.

"C'mon InuYasha..." Moaned against my collar bone as her soft pink tongue darted out to taste my skin.

Just as I realized she still wanted me to carry her down the short hall to her bedroom she gave her hips a roll. I pushed back off of the wall so I could capture her torturous hips with both hands and pull her up off my cock and quickly back down, trying my best not to counter thrust.

"Yes!" I growled and repeated the movement making Kagome throw her head back and echo my affirmation. Her legs tightened around me, her heels digging into the small of my back as if I wasn't already in as far as I could go.


I couldn't resist the delicate taunt curve of her throat. Each of her moans vibrated along my lips and tongue and I focused on the sounds, even as Kagome writhed against me, around me...Fuck!


To keep her still I wrapped my arms around her and crushed her against me. Kagome, hot and soft pressed all along my torso didn't help, but she stayed put on my cock for a few moments which was enough time to get my legs working properly.

"Oohh, yes InuYasha! Mmmm," Kagome's lips nuzzled into the crook of my neck, arms as tight around me as mine were around her, fingers tangled brutally in my hair.

That tiny human part of me knew she was cheering me on, and the wantonness of her voice made the yokai part of me, that was growing in strength, howl and curl my hips in an almost involuntary move.

By then we were passing through the doorway of her bedroom. The combination of our scents in this room was as bad as it had been in the well house.

"The bed..." Kagome reminded me against my neck with a jolting bite.

I didn't see my sword but this was the end of the road for me. The impossible level of control couldn't last much longer...I was glad a moment of the soft bed as I crawled us onto it and pressed her down into the mattress with a jog of my hips.

Kagome tried to say something that moment but the shallow thrust was enough to make the bed protest and her words to come out in a strangled cry of pleasure. Her body tightened around me as she continued to moan, one of her hands pulling free from my hair to dig into the sheets.

I pulled her other arm from around my neck so I could get enough space between us to see her. I was surprised to feel a sharp slap across my side and my hand automatically shot out to capture Tetsusaiga as Kagome tried to get my attention with another slap with the scabbard.

Although I felt myself center almost the instant my fingers curled around the shiny black case, it did nothing to steady the overwhelming desire I had to fuck Kagome into the bed. The sudden pain of Kagome's swat to my ribs with the scabbard hadn't been enough to hurt me, but the moment between the jolt of arousal from the rib strike and the flood of calm from touching Tetsusaiga, I was not in control.

So the feel of the smooth scabbard was a disappointment as well as exactly what I needed, control to keep myself from ripping into the girl beneath me. I tugged the sword from her grip and wedged it close along her side.

I leaned back, my hands unhooking her legs from around me so I could slide forward until my knees were bracketing her hips, the backs of her thighs and knees pressed tight to my torso, meaning they were now sandwiched between our bodies.

Additional pluses to the new position? Finding out Kagome is this flexible (fuck!) and I was able to press Tetsusaiga between her hip and my knee, the calming press of the scabbard reaching all the way down my calf.

Also, hell of a fucking angle too.

I kept trying to remind myself that she might somehow be able to handle my strength and-ahem-vigorousness, but the things under her usually weren't.

I'd fucked her on the bed before and had quickly lost myself inside her, and just as hard as I had on the well house stairs.

Fuck why am I thinking about that now? Oh yeah don't fuck Kagome through the bed! I reminded myself resolutely just as Kagome gave a growl I'd only just recently heard in rare furious moments...Cute and kittenish, but at the same time a growl you know? I don't fucking know but it makes me want to growl back and forget about the bed.

Don't. Fuck. Her. Into. The. Bed. InuYasha.

Got it.

"InuYasha..." The tone of frustration in Kagome's voice made me pause in my slow slide out of her clutching heat.

"Wut's wrong?"

"I can't move at all, you're squishing me..."

"And? You don't like it?" I muttered lifting a silver brow and making sure I wasn't pressing my weight into her legs and pushing the breath out of her.

Another growl, as if she were surprised at my audacity at even asking, "I wanna move."

"Wut?" I slid back down, pushing her own legs to her chest and she could only moan. I really liked it when she answered my questions like that. Can't hear it enough. "Wut do you wanna do?" I growled back as I stayed pressed close, my hips the only part of me moving and still the bed protested.

"Want you..." Kagome panted her eyelids fluttering as I kept the force of my thrusts reasonable and torturously slow. "To stop holding back."

"Don'twannabreakthebed," I managed to grit out in a guttural growl against the delicate shell of her ear.

"Fuck me on the floor then."

Oh, fuck.

I didn't want to fuck her through the floor either.


I'm a liar.

Such a fucking liar!

Even with Tetsusaiga to calm me I wanted her so badly I could barely hold myself back. I had to! Had to. I kept growling it like a mantra in my head.

"Please InuYasha," Moaned and I whimpered in reply, picking up speed to please the both of us. "Harder."

"Kagome..." Came out in an uneasy rumble as my hips rocked.

I was surprised by the strength behind Kagome's legs when they very suddenly pushed me away from her. I didn't usually need more than my minimal strength to hold her. Problem was I was trying to hold back my strength and I suddenly needed much, much more in my current...situation...and she quickly became more than I could handle.

As I pressed her legs back and snapped my hips forward Kagome moaned encouragement but her legs still tried to unfold and I was having a hard time holding her down.

Part of me growled to show her how strong I really was. Of course there was that equally annoying part that always seemed to murmur cautioning words about how I should be a complete pussy.

Strangely at that point I was only concerned of my current level of strength and how much stronger that was than Kagome's usual strength, yet I was pushed up and off of her effortlessly it seemed.

So I pulled away and Kagome didn't wait to tackle me to the bed with surprising swiftness. I cursed as the rough dominate move hit some button I hadn't known about.

I didn't have the opportunity to tell Kagome how much I wanted to fuck her until she screamed. She had hardly landed on me a second before she was straddling me then taking me back inside of her.

I knew my fingers might be leaving bruises...but considering that they should have been crushing her hips I knew Kagome wouldn't mind. I know she was trying to do the fucking herself, but honestly she couldn't do it as hard and fast as I could.

I watched her head fall back onto her shoulders and she moaned up at the ceiling, tiny hands clutching at my forearms. The bed still protested the push of my feet as I curled my toes into the blankets and thrust up into her as my hands worked her down onto my cock.

Fuck I don't know if it was the teasing in the bathroom or the struggle in the hallway but I was already ready to come. "Kagome!" I moaned, not surprised when she didn't slow or ease up on my cock even when I let go of her hips to dislodge her death grip on my arms, where her nails had left crescent-shaped gouges to match the ones in my ears.

"Fuck yer gonna make me come," I growled in warning as Kagome leaned over me bracing her hands on my chest.

"Faster InuYasha...please...I'm soooo close."

I curled an arm around her and she collapsed onto me losing the leverage to piston up and down on my cock.

Which was fine by me since I'd easily taken up a much faster rhythm with my new grip (two handfuls of Kagome's ass). The new speed made me aware of how close her lips were to mine as she cried out, the long wanton moan spilling hot breath over my face.

I attacked her lips with a snarled, "Come Kagome!"

A tug at my hair surprised me along with a kittenish growl in reply, "You first!"

My next growl had no meaning but conveyed my dislike of that idea perfectly. That and the increase to a harder and faster thrust. "You," I grunted as the fingers she had tangled in my hair tugged even harder.

I wanted to be embarrassed by the whimper that escaped me but she pulled until I had to ease the pull or I was going to lose the fistful of hair. As soon as my head followed her guiding pull I realized I was baring my throat.

I only had a second to feel vulnerable-my yokai whimpering like a puppy-then Kagome was tasting the skin over my hammering heartbeat.

I'm sure my end was brought about by a combination of the sudden press of her teeth and the unexpected pinch of her fingernails in the meat of my right ear. I cursed as my entire body went taunt, hips still curling as Kagome moved just as fast under her own power.

I came apart underneath her; the only thing I could manage was making sure I was still moving inside her as she moaned into my skin. She wasn't able to keep her teeth in my flesh as I finally drove her to climax with me.

I slowed, our breath panting in syncopation as I threw my arms around her and felt her body continue to shiver. She tried to mumble something as her body went slack in my arms, her eyes trying to stay open as she focused her orgasm-addled brain.

"Ha...Ha..." Kagome panted into my hair where her lips still rested on my thudding jugular. "You came first."

I grumbled, "You cheated."

"I bet I could do it again."

I felt my cock twitch at that idea, mostly the dominate gleam of brown I saw peek out from my silver hair. "If yer gonna cheat, of course," I scowled as I realized she was still in the perfect position to feel any change in my hard-on, like the sudden reestablishing of it at the thought of sweet Kagome using the "I mean business" voice to get what she wanted concerning sex.

"I'll leave them alone...Everywhere else is fair game though," Kagome's eyes fluttered as she attempted to keep them open and I chuckled arms tightening around her. "Next time..." She gave up and lowered her head to my chest.

"Next time? Heh," I buried my nose in her hair and sniffed deep. "Gimmie a minute."

She made a small noise as she dismounted me, throwing her leg back until she slid off the bed to her feet, her movements more fluid and relaxed. "Speaking of InuYasha's undiscovered sex buttons..." She murmured as she leaned over me so she could steal a kiss before turning and giving me something to watch as she crossed the room to her desk. She turned back to me and leaned against the desk a thick tome in her hand with a brightly-illustrated cover. "I think you'll like this one."

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