Empty House Days

And Weaknesses

"Fuck no!" I spat out before fleeing the bedroom.

"InuYasha!" Kagome chided with a soft tsk of her tongue as she followed.

"I'm fuckin' serious goddamnit," I threw a scowl over my shoulder only to find her staring at my ass. My eyes swiveled back forward as I made for the staircase, just managing to hide what suspiciously felt like a damn blush.

"I can tell," She moved to close the distance as I started down the stairs. "You always start cramming as many swear words as you can in each sentence when you want people to know you mean it...Like you really, really mean it doesn't suffice."

"Feh," I pause a moment to glance over the stair's handrail before I vaulted it. I landed just shy of a small expensive-looking table and looked up to see Kagome hustle down the stairs after me. "Stop followin' me," I ordered gruffly as I continued on into the living room never mind I didn't know where the hell I was headed.

"Miroku was right, I should have surprised you," She sighed wistfully to herself as she stopped at the base of the stairs.

"Surprised?" I turned and couldn't keep the incredulous off my face. "How 'bout I stick somethin' in yer ass without warnin'-"

"I would never do that!" Kagome's volume grew as she moved determinedly toward me. "InuYasha-"

I turned away from her as she started determinedly in my direction and tried to ignore her as I moved toward the couch. "Yeah sure."

"InuYasha!" Kagome's voice barked, and much closer than I thought. My heart leapt into my throat at the anger she could put into just my name.

I faced her and found she was right behind me. She was scowling, the little "v" between her eyebrows deep, as she lifted Tetsusaiga and shoved it toward me. It hit me across the chest and I was taken by surprise when the push of her hand sent me back and over the backrest of the couch, my short journey ending with the loud crack of My Body versus the Higurashi Coffee Table. I won.

Didn't feel like it.

"Oh my god! InuYasha are you okay!" Kagome's voice came to me as I tried to find somewhere comfortable to lie amongst the splinters of the table.

I tried to say I was all right but I could tell by the concern in her voice that I might have managed an unintelligible grumble. I let her help me up to the couch where I sat on Tetsusaiga with a yelp. I gave Kagome a hurt scowl as she giggled softly when I yanked the sword out from underneath me. "Did I catch you by surprise or something?"

"Yeah," I frowned and crossed my arms over my chest, legs cross similarly as I reclined on the couch Tetsusaiga resting across my lap. Sure she had, but the strength behind the shove had been more than I'd anticipated from Kagome, and I had felt a little drained since waking up.

She was quiet a moment before saying, "You know I would totally warn you right?" She gave a soft tug on the ends of some of my hair when I tried to stare at Tetsusaiga and ignore her, it looked convincing but I was brutally aware of everything that was Kagome. "I'll even cut my nails down."

At that idea I was suddenly assaulted with mental images that made my face burn and of course Kagome noticed. I saw the mirth in her eyes but she didn't comment, kind woman that she is. "How 'bout when I can do it to yew, then I'll let ya do it ta me?"

"Okay!" Kagome's face lit up with a smile and she looked back toward the clock, the change in expression had me immediately nervous. "Lunch?"

Before she could get up and prance her naked ass to the kitchen I curled an arm around her and pulled her off balance and half into my lap. Since it was currently occupied with Tetsusaiga and a hard-on I was kind of embarrassed by, there wasn't much room for Kagome. Well there was room, but she'd have to sit on something. Heh. "I think I need my fix before I let you outta my sight."

"I knew you couldn't let last time go unchallenged," She said since the contest of Who Could Make Who Come First had been cock-blocked at Kagome's full-color photo lesson on the prostate by none other than myself. Of course I was still interested, but the idea hadn't looked prettier with the illustrations.

Now without the diagrams and seeing that look that came over Kagome's sweet face when she thought about it...Wait! No, no, no…Don't think like that! I shook my head and she thought I was arguing with her. Before she could start huffing up in indignation my voice rumbled low and no-nonsense, "Just shut-up 'nd c'mere."


Fuck my ears.

I was pleased to discover Kagome was just as vulnerable as I was to neck bites. Her cute human ears were also erogenous, but not like mine.

I wasn't really surprised when Kagome decided not to give up such power, especially when I was being rough and earnest about getting her to come first. She already had the subjugation beads and my cock in her hand (figuratively and literally) why does she need this secret of mine too?

The sun had started going down by the time we tried to pause to fuel our awesome contest. We ended up fucking on the couch and falling asleep.

Originally my stomach woke me up but when I tried to roll and curl into a fetal position I found the end of the couch and hit the floor with a loud thud and even louder curse. As I groaned and rolled over onto my back I was very thankful Kagome had delayed out game to clean up the coffee table.

"InuYasha are you okay?" Yawned Kagome, leaning over the edge of the couch to look down at me, her eyes still squinting with sleep, a knuckle rubbing the sleep out sleepily.

"Fuckin' hungry," I whined, my body telling me it wanted to stay put and nothing more (unless Kagome wanted to do all the work). I'd gotten hungry before but never to the point of muscle weakness. I caught Kagome's surprise as her eyes caught my face, followed by a wicked grin. The grin had me forgetting food. "I can't get up yer gonna hafta fuck me on the floor."

"If you can't even get up you need to eat first!"

I moaned as she jumped up from the couch and bounced her tight ass across the room and into the kitchen. Away from me. "No…" I growled as my cock twitched, eyes on her until the wall got in the way.

My gaze searched for a window or a clock. The former told me it was night. Just after sunset. Which was good I didn't want to waste our time sleeping.

I wanted to get up but my body was still rebelling. This trembling weakness was so fucking weird, almost like—

"Fuck!" I shouted and I could hear Kagome yell back concerned from the kitchen. "Fuck!"

"Are you okay?"

"No!" I shouted as Kagome poked a worried face around the doorjamb and a little bit of bare shoulder and nothing else. No fair. "There's no moon."

"What?" Kagome's lips returned to that wicked smile, eyes just as lusty and I started to realize why she might have had that grin on her face in the first place. "No moon?"

I gave a shake of my head tossing my hair around and wasn't surprised to see what should have been silver and thick was instead black and soft. I didn't have to check for the ears.


This is what I get for cursing my ears, now I didn't have them. Or fangs, demon strength, claws…

No claws.

"Gonna go check on the food," Kagome gave me a gentle reassuring smile and left me laying there.

My growl wasn't nearly as impressive without the yokai, also it seemed I couldn't go as long without eating. Squishy human stomach. Ugh.

"Almost ready!"

I stared up at the ceiling, trying to keep the sullen look off my face. A little of the sulking was because I was laying there damn-near helpless but mostly because I was stuck where I couldn't be near Kagome, couldn't touch her, fuck! I couldn't even see her. Without my yokai I couldn't smell her. Goddamn it.

"Ramen and fruit cocktail," Kagome announced as she appeared with a tray in her hands.

"Wut's a cocktail?"

With a snort of laughter Kagome stopped a few feet away, my angle obliterated by the large rectangle tray in her hands. "What do you think it is?"

"Some weird future food or I'd fuckin' know wouldn't I?" I saw her eyes narrow as she peered around the edge of the tray at me.

"In this instance it just means a bunch of fruits cut up and mixed up in some sweet syrup," She explained and I was surprised to see her eyes had started out as angry slits but had become appreciative as they strayed from my face, the lines at the corners of her eyes smoothed as she stopped squinting.

"Do I look as good with no moon?" I asked her, although I feared a negative answer.

"Huh?" Kagome's face flushed bright red and her eyes quickly met mine. "Still as drool inspiring…and in new ways," She admitted.

"How's that?" I watched her unfold short legs on the tray to make it into a tiny table. "Is it the hair? The eyes?"

"Mm, those are nice," Was all Kagome said as she shook her head. "It's not really aesthetic."

As she lowered to her knees she put the tray down onto its little legs. There was enough ramen on it to feed two of me and Kagome along with two bowls of this fruit cocktail.

"Sit with your back against the couch," Kagome showed me, stretching her legs out in front of her and crossing them at the ankles. I was able to drag my pathetic ass into a spot next to her and she leaned forward to move the tray over my lap so I wouldn't have to lift anything.

I hope she didn't realize just how much my yokai-sized hunger was kicking my ass; maybe she'd just moved it to be polite? She didn't say anything just stabbed a fork in one of the ramen. My freshly washed chopsticks were already sticking out of another.

I wasted no time shoveling ramen into my mouth, hardly bothering to chew. Kagome giggled as she twirled her fork in the noodles and inhaled them much like I was. I finished long before Kagome and I lifted the fruit cocktail bowl to slurp some of the sugary syrup tentatively.

"You feeling any better?" Kagome murmured after abandoning her half-eaten ramen for the bowl of fruit.

"A little," I mumbled, as usual feeling vulnerable as a human.

"You have to eat more often when you're human. You gotta be more careful," She admonished softly and I lowered my eyes to the floating chunks of fruit still swimming in my bowl.

"Sorry," I tried to say with no bite. "We should go home."

Kagome paused gulping the fruit with the bowl still at her lips. "Back to the Feudal Era? Why?"

I watched as syrup dripped down her chin when she pulled the bowl away too quickly. "Yeah. At least Sango and Miroku are around in case…"

"In case what?" Kagome's voice grew louder and I knew I should have been paying attention to the words and not the sweet, glistening temptation her lips had become. "A demon attacks? Here?"


"This is my shrine," The sharp rapport of her words brought my attention roughly to her blazing eyes. "My family's shrine, no demon will set foot here if we say no."

I was taken by surprise when Kagome pounced on my lips, so sweet and addicting, and the fruit syrup was tasty too. I'm sure I would have smelled a high level of desire, but as a human I was reduced to more visual and aural clues, which were much, much harder to detect with inferior senses.

"We want you here, how else do you think you got through grandpa's seals?"

"They suck," I quipped, only to receive a punch to the shoulder that shouldn't have hurt. I grimaced but bit my tongue and she pulled away misinterpreting my expression.

"They do not suck InuYasha!"

"I'm just messin' with ya. I've seen yer arrows I know…" I brought the barest of fingertips up to touch the skin over her heart. "I know how powerful yew are." I knew I'd said the right thing when she blushed and I could feel her heartbeat speed up under my touch.

"Thank you, but I still don't want to go home," Kagome freed me from the tray but didn't waste any time replacing it.

"Kagome…" I tried to resist the naked Kagome straddling my lap, I knew there was a reason I had to think but it was quickly scattered.

"Do you know how long I've thought about tonight?" Kagome's legs squeezed and I found my eyes rolling closed. I felt the balance of her weight shift forward a moment before I realized my human ears were just as treacherous as my yokai ears. Kagome's soft lips bumped against the shell of my ear and with a rush of hot breath, "There's so much I want to do to you."

My eyes snapped open only to be confronted with Kagome's sweet-smelling hair. "Oh yes, fuck," I heard whimper from my traitorous mouth as my hands came up to her hips. "What? Tell me…"

A sharp bite to my earlobe had my hips bucking up to rub wantonly against Kagome, my tormentor. "I don't think so," She growled and I knew I was driving her to distraction with even the subtlest of movements. "No more freebies, my plans are going to be kept a secret."

Damn that lecherous monk.

"No surprises," I argued, horrified to hear my voice tremble and break.

"You'll like my surprises," Kagome leaned back enough and the grin on her face matched the wicked gleam in her eyes.

"How would yew know?" I grumbled as the look on her face alone tempted a matching grin to curve my lips, mostly at the idea of taking advantage of the lack of moon and yokai.

No doubt some of our ideas overlapped?

I'll admit I'm a beast, but Kagome had been by my side long enough to pick up some bad habits. One I've come to realize on this little Modern Era "vacation"?

Kagome wants it as much as me. Shit, the look on her face right now says more.

"Well if you don't…" Kagome's eyes rolled upward as if contemplating such a possibility. "There's plenty of things I already know you like-"

I let out a loud curse as a brisk knock interrupted our conversation. I growled as best I could when I couldn't hear more than that, or even smell any clues as to the identity of the soon-to-be walking dead behind the door.

Kagome echoed a more polite curse and dismounted. She bounced across the room to the door and the view distracted me even though I was plenty strong enough to stand and chase her now.

I was up and after her as she stretched up to peek through the door, sticking her ass up. I wrapped my arms around her waist to pull her back against my front.

A less polite curse left her lips even as she wiggled a groan out of me. "Hojo!"

"Fuck that-" I let out a growl that would make my yokai proud and reached for the door handle, murder on my mind.

Fucking was really what was on my mind but it was currently being balked by…

Kagome's fingers locked around my wrist before I could turn the doorknob. "Sshh, just sshh and he'll leave…"

I gave her a scowl, my knuckles turning white on the metal handle. I was made even more frustrated when the metal didn't buckle to my grip.

"Kagome? Is that you?" Hojo's voice called, muffled through the door.

How the hell-?

"Damn it InuYasha!" Kagome hissed, her eyes squeezing shut as if she might be barely containing the urge to strangle me (I've seen the expression a few times). She turned so she could brace her free hand in the center of my chest and push me until I had to take a step back.

I watched her unlock the door, only opening it enough to peer around the edge, her naked body pressed to the door. "Um, h-hey Hojo," Kagome said loud enough to carry through the door since the lower-half of her face was hidden too.

"Are you feeling better today?"

"Not really! You should go. I'm still super contagious."

"But I brought more herbal remedies. Some ginseng tea-"

"This door is the only thing keeping you healthy!" Kagome cut in, I knew she was concerned with being polite.

"Only thing keepin' yer ass alive ya mean?" I asked not bothering to lower my voice even if Hojo somehow had yokai hearing.

Without looking Kagome's arm straightened out behind her, palm making contact with my bare chest with enough strength to have me stumble back a little. I cursed and the vehemence of my voice gained me surprised brown eyes peering over her smooth shoulder with just a hint of disapproval.

"Feh!" I moved to flatten my hand against the door over her head to push it closed, only to be shoved back by Kagome again. "Kagome?" I gritted my teeth, cutting myself off when her name came out in the bitchest whine I'd ever fucking heard (excluding Shippo obviously).

It was made moderately better at the sound of Hojo's fearful voice, "Oh! I—I'm so sorry Kagome—Um…" There was the sound of scuffling feet, a soft rustling thud and then running footsteps.

"Hojo?" Kagome called and by the time she threw an accusatory look over her shoulder at me I was already scowling, defensive and pissed.

And fucking hurt from her less than loving handling of my person.


"Wut?" I barked, instead of dropping to my knees, wrapping my arms around her to growl and whine Mine! Yer mine! Only mine!

"What did you do when you talked to Hojo earlier?" She distracted me by turning to lean out the door in order to grab the bag Hojo seemed to have dropped in his haste to flee, her ass swaying-

Damn the woman! I never get the chance for my anger to be righteous.

"Wut were yew gonna do? Invite him in?" I noticed the suggestion only succeeded in infuriating her further.

"I wasn't even going to answer the door in the first place!" Kagome's voice rose in volume as she slammed the door, turned the lock with an audible snap and turned to face me. "But someone decided to be a baka -"

"Me? Who went to go answer the door naked?" It was the naked part that really got to me but I wasn't happy about any of the exchange I'd witnessed. I don't give a shit what part in it I played!

"He didn't know I was naked!" The volume of her voice rose to match mine.

"I did!"

"InuYasha!" Kagome admonished and I wondered how I could be in the wrong here. "I love you."

The words were still new enough to sound louder somehow. It took me a moment to realize she was trying to defend her actions with those words. "I know! That just means ya shoulda let me kick his ass."

"He came here to bring me medicine!"

"Yeah-fuckin'-right!" I snorted and stalked away knowing I really shouldn't be saying what I was thinking. Getting distance didn't really help, I only spoke louder so she could hear me, "I had my hanyou sense'a smell when he showed up the first time."

I managed to get my mouth shut before the Baka Filter could get me in even more trouble. I heard Hojo's gift hit the floor again but didn't look.

"What does that have to do with anything?" Came Kagome's voice, right behind me, but much softer and bewildered. Before I could answer that question she muttered, "Everyone already thinks you're my boyfriend."

I flopped back onto the couch, thinking over her words. If Hojo knew, he sure didn't care. "Even Hojo?"

"I said everyone!"

I made my mutinous eyes make their journey back up Kagome's body quick so I could aim my frown of disbelief at her face. "Don't look like it. Don't smell like it either."


I was pretty sure the current pitch of Kagome's voice would have hurt had I hanyou ears. "He wants you."

"What?" Kagome shouted back.

"He wants you, like I want you."

"No he doesn't!" A mixture of emotions colored her face, first shock, disbelief, then an embarrassed (pleased?) blush and then quick and hot anger.

I wasn't any happier after seeing that look on her face. Inwardly I wanted to curse those damn eyes, beautiful brown and filled to brimming with emotion. "Don't lie to me," I ordered and there was no mistaking the steel in those four words even if my voice left my lips in something barely over a whisper.

"I had a huge crush on him before I met you," Kagome lowered to the cushion next to me, possibly not knowing how pissed I was given the unusual soft voice.

Which was fine I guess because as soon as her leg pressed along mine I was reminded that I really don't give a fuck about Hojo. What I do give a fuck about? This girl sitting next to me. She's everything.

"All the girls did, all my friends…" Kagome continued, her hand resting on my thigh just above my knee. It might have gone unnoticed, the touch so casual, but I was still naked.


"Well," Kagome's fingers gently stroked back and forth while her hand stayed still. "A couple of times we've tried to go out on a date; only for me to vanish to the Feudal Era leaving Gramps to think up excuses."

So even if "everyone" thought I was her boyfriend Kagome had given Hojo permission—per se—to chase her. At least that's how I could explain the rush of hormones I'd easily smelled on Hojo at the mere mention of Kagome's name, without imagining multiple violent ends for the boy deliver by me.

"Let me…" Kagome's fingers squeezed my leg. "Hold on a second, I'll be right back."

I turned to watch her go, my eyes drawn like magnets to the curve of her ass. She was only gone a moment and when she returned she had what she'd called a phone pressed against the side of her face.

"Oh, sorry! Could you tell Hojo to call me when he gets home then? Thanks!" She dropped the phone onto the couch as she stopped to lean on the armrest. "I should have known he wouldn't be home yet. Silly me, heh."

I stifled the upturn of my lips as I sensed her discomfort. "Gonna tell him ya changed yer mind?"

"Hey!" Kagome frowned and crossed her arms over her chest unknowingly helping by covering her breasts. "I was going to flat out tell him to stop."

"Stop?" I lifted a now-dark eyebrow.

The blush that tinted her cheeks did something for me; I made a casual move out of pulling my feet up onto the couch so my bent legs could shield my arousal. "Giving me gifts, no matter the reason, and expecting anything but friendship from me…And to watch out for you because you're my jealous husband."

"Feh," I scowled and turned my gaze away pulling my knees close enough to rest my chin on. I really liked Kagome's new name for me. It was somehow more special than "Mate" or "Boyfriend."

We both jumped at the loud ring of the phone and I watched Kagome scoop it up and pranced out of the room. The lack of hanyou hearing meant I couldn't eavesdrop and I couldn't help but worry over why she didn't want me to listen in. She'd already told me what she was going to say goddamn it!

Unless she was lying.

With that doubt suddenly the dam broke holding back all the thoughts that are oh-so-easily shoved away with the help of half a yokai's mental strength.

What the fuck was I offering Kagome? A bad ass mate obviously. I could protect her like nobody else could.

From what Kagome tells me, the only time her life is ever in mortal peril is around me in the Feudal Era.

More yokai in that time I guess—

"You don't even know him!"

My human ears twitched as Kagome shouted loud enough to carry through the door. Kagome always told me it was cute when my ears twitched but I'm sure she meant my dog ears. "Kagome?"

I got up and moved stealthily across the room intent on pressing against the wall near the door but I could hear her attempt at whispering from here. She seemed to realize yelling would be easy for even my puny human ears to hear, but now that I was closer I could hear even the hushed fury of her voice. "Hojo! How could you even say that?"

I could tell by the tone in Kagome's voice that the things that the man on the other end of the line was saying, were not only wholly unexpected, but the small part of her that had made her blush when I'd told her Hojo had the hots for her shriveled up and died. Good, Mr. Wholesome Nice showing his true colors saves me whaling on the phony (although I still reserve the duty). I could have probably heard what was being said on the other end of the line with enhanced hearing but now I was able to hear Kagome's voice – knew it so well – and even a brute like myself easily made up the poisonous words that affected her so.

"He would never hurt me," Trembled out and I had to bite my lip to keep from bursting out that she didn't need to sound so dubious about it. I turned to lean against the wall and found an inch or so gap between door and jamb, giving me a beautiful slice of Kagome's face. "Well he'd certainly hurt you," Her eyes blazed and I could tell she liked the picture her own words made in her mind. "So I'd suggest you keep your distance."

Was this fucker threatening Kagome? I found my hand hurting before the wooden threshold started to protest to my grip. I had to duck back as her eyes moved across the room to the window.

"Being sick was just an excuse to be with him…No, every time."

My heart skipped and I winced as my forehead came into contact with the wall as I let my head fall forward. I hoped she didn't notice it, her continued words said she didn't. I leaned back over to see if she was still angled this way. She had paced forward out of sight, so I gently pushed the door open enough for my head, but those were apparently Kagome's parting words.

We almost collided as she came through the door and I used the run-in as an excuse to put my arms around her. I knew I would have smelled exactly how she felt if I'd had the nose for it, I didn't hold on too tightly, so I could see her face. "Ya okay?"

"I've never heard him say things like that," Kagome muttered with a frown as she let the phone drop to the floor to pull us tighter together, her arms snaking under mine to make sure nothing wasn't pressed close. "Called you…" She shook her head instead of continuing laid her cheek on my chest and rubbed like a cat. I bit my lip and moved a hand into her hair to run only slightly long fingernails along her scalp.

"I've called him worse stuff," I reminded her.

"I love you…He's just a jerk I used to think was cute…You're a cutie I used to think was a jerk..." Her expression softened, the corners of her mouth tilting ever so gently up. "Let's face it you're still a jerk."

"I thought we talked 'bout that word," I grumbled pleased when I felt a shiver from the scratch of my fingers, and her dark head pressed back toward my touch. "Cute."

"You have qualities that can be described easily that way…" Kagome tilted her head back and I looked down into her half-lidded eyes. "None of which are things guys worry about being described that way."

"Nothin' I do is cute," I protested, wiggling my hips letting her feel my growing interest pressed between us.

"Nothing?" Kagome's smile grew. "You don't think anything is cute."

"I think yer cute," I shot back and her smile went brilliant. "Fuckin' hot, sexy as hell…" My words were cut off by her sweet lips and I didn't fight.

Especially when my woman – strengthened by our adventures – manhandled me as her mouth molested my neck, pushing me back toward the couch.

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