Empty House Days

At Her Mercy

I knew it was the lack of my usual beast that had me wrapping my arms around Kagome's middle to press us together torso to…mm…groin, and asking her, "Is this where ya wanna do this?"

Damn woman took unfair advantage of my hard-on trapped between us by moving her hips, rubbing her body against me. I had meant on the couch, as opposed to a bed, but she seemed to smile fondly as she thought about something. "I always thought we'd do this in the Feudal Era, so all my fantasies have been y'know…" She gave a tiny one-armed shrug. "Outside."

Since most of my fantasies weren't nearly as "crafted" as Kagome's – I was lucky if there was scenery – I didn't say anything. Even though the idea of Kagome having planned this for so long made me harder, which I'd thought was impossible at this point. "Ya wanna go outside?" I asked, instead of asking her if she wanted to return to the Feudal Era, I already knew the answer to that one and I didn't doubt it would be a mood killer.

"I want you, now," Kagome said with no sign of modesty but a cute bite to her bottom lip. "Not so picky about the other details…" Her eyebrows lifted as she asked, "You?"

"Now that ya mention it, we gotta fuck in a tree," I regretted blurting out what was on my mind but only for a moment before Kagome laughed softly and nodded agreement. "L-later though," I smiled softly and she pressed a kiss to my chin. "Right now, m'not picky."

She had complained earlier about getting the couch dirty but I didn't really like my seed going anywhere but inside her, so that hadn't really been a problem for me. Being a smart woman she probably noticed this, or she realized she didn't care at some point since then.


"How about…" Kagome's hand moved to touch me and I sucked in a quick breath at the intensity of it in a human body. "Whoa…" She didn't remove her hand from where her fingers curled around my painfully hard cock but she stopped moving, damn it…

Damn it even if it was a good idea. I frowned as she slid off my legs, knowing I was about to explode I couldn't really argue as she loosened her grip on me. "S-sorry I think I'm-"

Kagome's fingers slid lower, squeezing once she reached the base the grip was pretty effective in shutting me the hell up, and for angling the head of my cock into her mouth. I couldn't close my eyes because I had to make sure I wasn't making this shit up, because I'd only fantasized about this kind of thing up until this point.

Then brown eyes rolled up to meet mine and her tongue teased. I pushed with my feet in and attempt to sink further into her mouth but only managed to slide myself further up on the sofa causing my cock to slide out of her warm lips. Kagome crawled back up onto the sofa, hand still pinning me down at the crotch, "InuYasha watch your head there's-"

I knocked the back of my head on something as I let it fall back to rest on the couch cushion.

"…Tetsusaiga, under your head," Kagome finished with a soft chuckle as I wiggled until the scabbard pressed into the curve of my neck.

"Sorry," I watched her eyes dart back to my arousal and I groaned at the flash of desire I saw on her face. "You do that 'nd I'll be comin' in minutes."

"That's the whole idea," Kagome said in sotto voce as if we weren't absolutely alone in an empty house. "Hopefully you'll get all of it in my mouth and I won't have to make you wash the couch."

"Fuck," I growled and although human it was no less hungry for the woman that never ceased to surprise me. "Can I just put the cushion in that wash machine?"

"Nope," Kagome shook her head as she lowered her lips. "I don't think so."

I would have replied but she did that thing again, and I think it makes my brain shut off unnecessary relays. I kept my eyes on her, watching her lips slide to take in more before her tongue made my hips buck. "Shit," I hissed as her free hand pressed into my hip.

Brown eyes met mine, she didn't pull away, only gave the hand wrapped around my cock a slow stroke before sucking in more. "I can't believe yer—oh, fuckKagome!" I couldn't be held responsible for whatever came out of my mouth as she found a slow torturous rhythm between her squeezing fingers and wet mouth.

All of me was entirely grateful at the speed of her stimulus since No Moon had apparently given me a hair-trigger. I cursed a warning again but all it earned me was surely brown eyes and what felt suspiciously like a thumb pressing into a spot right behind my scrotum.

Somewhere in my brain I figured it was one of those "erogenous" spots, it was too low for the one I knew about back there. In that split second between when Kagome pushed with her thumb and lowered her lips I was coming into her throat, bypassing her mouth altogether.

I strung together so many curses as I lay there head spinning Kagome eventually climbed on top of me to clamp a hand over my mouth.

She ended up with her legs curled on either side of my torso, certain parts of her - considerably wet parts - rested on my upper abdomen. "Was it that bad InuYasha?"

I glared at her and tried to reprimand her from under the hand to no avail. I growled, still not impressive but its meaning not impeded by Kagome's hand. I shackled her delicate wrist, conscious that even a human grip could harm the tiny bones. "Didn't get enough of it."

"You-" Blushing Kagome gave a soft giggle. "Don't worry I'd much rather practice on you while you're awake."

"I knew yew were up t'shit," I was already stirring at the topic of conversation and Kagome was none-the-wiser straddling my chest.

As soon as I removed her hand Kagome replaced it with her mouth, and along with her tongue she convinced me why it was such a kick-ass idea. I was all for enjoying the silence with her lips devouring mine her knees squeezing my ribs.

"With the moon it was still dangerous if you woke up…Now? Not so much," Kagome moaned against my lips one hand still shackled by my fingers.

"I'm all for continuin' this conversation…but first you need to move," I ordered, letting her go so I could get my hands firmly around her waist.

"Move to?" Kagome narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

"Onto my tongue."

"InuYasha…" Kagome braced with both hands on my chest, pushing to stand a foot in the couch cushions on either side of my torso.

At the end of the slow gaze up from her feet, up her calves, tapering in to thigh…I lost it around there hands moving up her legs to touch. "Yer not gonna let me make you come?"

"You…" Kagome swatted at my seeking fingers and my hands retreated to watch her do a careful turn to show me her ass. "Be quiet."

"Make me," I shot back, noticing her distraction concerning my renewed-erection.

"Okay," Kagome lowered to sit over my chest, knees pressing into the couch underneath me as she leaned forward onto them and braced a hand in the cushion before successfully shutting-me-the-fuck-up.

I knew my stamina couldn't be much better than the last with No Moon and it didn't help my control to have Kagome wave her ass in my face. Better than ass. I grabbed a hold of her knees and pulled, catching her by surprise and off my cock. "Back up," I answered the outraged look she shot my way, even as she wiggled back toward my mouth.

"Better?" She shot back challengingly, the tone of her voice enough to make my cock twitch where she was in the perfect position to notice.

"You tell me," I growled as I lifted my head enough to run a tongue along her clit and past to taste the insane wetness that had developed after all the oral she was giving me.

My woman was kind enough to return her mouth to my cock, the vibrations of the moan of pleasure moved up and down in tandem with her mouth. As I tried to keep from slurping I moved a hand, manipulating her clit a little easier without the claw, I'd have to trim my nails before playing-"OhgoddamnitKagome!" I clenched my eyes shut and resisted but my woman's lips and the dirty ideas she put in my head earlier like landmines for me to find later, had me coming with a buck of my hips.

I felt her mouth move against the thrust of my hips taking in more. I moaned her name making sure to use her trick and taste her while she made me come and shout for more.

As the brilliant hot white faded from my vision I focused on my tongue and where it was currently stuck. I felt Kagome's lips leave my dick and immediately her passion sounded in the room, she pushed from a laying position and proceeded to ride my face. I fucking love this woman.

Love her.

All my goddamn heart.

"InuYasha!" Was a warning as she gave me something to slurp, even with a human grip I think there would be bruises on her ass from my fingertips.

Before I could even get her turned around into my arms Kagome slowly slouched over and slithered off the couch with a blissful low hum, turning to give me a big-ass grin as she kept walking backwards her motions fluid like she might be feeling weak in the knees like me but not taking full advantage of a couch. "Be right back," She said just loud enough for me to catch and held her hand up, pointing her finger at me. "Just one second…"

I chuckled as she pranced away after that disappearing toward the kitchen, only to return and throw a towel over my legs. "Before I take you upstairs to take a nap…" She moved to sit near my head and I moved until I was sitting beside her. "I'm gonna clip my fingernails, did you want some help with yours?"

I gave her a look and she giggled showing me a small silver tool in her hand. "Thanks for that shit by th' way," I watched her pull a bit of the towel over her own naked lap, which I didn't approve of at all. She kept it cool about everything else so; I did the human shit and compromised instead of just yanking it off of her. "I don't think havin' a moon would have helped against th' goddamn idea'a clippin' my fuckin' fingernails."

"Really?" Kagome's clippers made small clicking noises and I wasn't close enough to see exactly what it was doing as she ran it along the tip of each finger. The smile on her face was a recent one, it had the usual signs of her, "Oh, Shit Thanks For Saving Me" expression. Affection, I usually smelled it on her, damned nose.

"Uh-huh," I leaned forward to see she was doing the other hand already and if I got a little closer I could see the neatly trimmed nails of the hand now doing the clipping. "I'd like to mention I don't much give a shit if you feel like practicin' on me while I'm sleepin'."

"I'll wake you up when I can," Kagome purred shaking the tool just a bit over the towel and held her hands out to display her nails like the girl she was. "Gimmie one of your hands."

"You really gonna-"

"Of course," Kagome teased, leaning over to capture one of my hands. "A deal's a deal InuYasha." She leaned back a bit so I could watch what she was up to and I saw her slip the bit of nail that extended past my fingertip into one end of the silver tool before squeezing it and with the familiar 'snip' most of my nail was gone. She worked at the same finger until the nail met finger, none to scratch or catch on any part of her.

"That's'weird," I mumbled and she grinned and gave a soft few laughs before going on to the rest of my fingers. I found it infinitely more interesting to watch the concentration that etched the cutest damn expression on Kagome's face instead of the task she so seriously concentrated on.

"You take good care of your claws," Kagome stated as she paused and flipped out a different hidden part of the tool - like a retractable knife - and rubbed it along the corner of one of my nails right where it met with the meat of my finger. "They're pretty when they're nails…"

I didn't worry if the scowl was as affective on human InuYasha's face as the yokai's just shot it her way as she finished one hand. "S'almost as bad as 'cute'," I lifted the freed hand to look at it as she clipped the other hand's nails.

"Shush," She was quicker finishing the other hand which she then released. "I left a little…" She moved into my personal space and promptly scratched her stubby nails from just under my arms down my sides causing me to do something I never thought I could.

I wiggled away ticklish, in the same moment I arched toward the nails with a moan. "Thanks," I managed and my reaction pleased Kagome in more ways than one.

"The pleasure's all mine InuYasha," She murmured in my ear, moving to kiss my cheek before continuing in a hushed voice. "Now take me to bed."

"For a nap?" I asked back just as softly.

I felt her lips curl into a smile against my earlobe as she replied, "Maybe."

I was quickly testing my sex-noodle limbs attempting to carry Kagome up the stairs. She tried protesting, but I knew she liked being carried as much as I enjoyed carrying her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and shoulders and held on as I carefully made my way up the stairs. It wasn't as easy as when I had a moon helping me but I was pleased to find I wasn't a complete weakling while totally human.

I deposited her in the bed and she immediately curled under the blankets as if she were modest about her nudity. I hoped she was just playing and not suddenly developing a problem with being naked in front of me, there was no describing how much that would fucking suck. She lifted the blanket and gave me an impatient look. "Huh?"

"Get in here InuYasha!" She commanded, an exasperation laughter showing in her eyes so I knew not to be concerned as I eagerly crawled under the blankets and got her re-tangled in my arms. Kagome snuggled closer copying one of my moves by digging her nose into my long black hair…I even heard her give it a long considering sniff.

"Like it?" I asked huskily, cursing Kagome's suggestion to lay down after the romp (romps?) in the living room I could already feel my eyelids drooping with sleep. "My woman likes it when I smell good."

"Lucky girl," Kagome murmured into my hair.

"Fuck that, I'm the lucky one."

"Okay then you're a lucky girl," Shot back with a sleepy giggle.

I laughed as I pretended to offended, "Fuck you."

"Later, InuYasha, later."


Kagome woke me out of a dead sleep. I opened my eyes to find the soft shape I was rutting against was actually a pillow.

Soft wet kisses peppered across my shoulder blades just the feather of lips sending pleasurable tingling heat down my spine. Hot breath spilled over my shoulder accompanied by a kiss and, "Hi there."

"Hey," I grunted, turning my head a bit so her lips could wend their way up my spine vertebrae-by-vertebrae delicate fingertips sliding thick black hair out of her way. She moved along my jaw, the rest of her body coming into contact with my back, our legs tangling together.

"No more sleeping on our only moonless night," Rushed out between kisses. "You hear me?" She returned to purr into the shell of my human ear.

"Hell yeah," I panted back even if there was a definite appreciation developing for my hanyou stamina, my hands were itching to touch her. "Have I mentioned I love you?"

"Yes," She was now in my full field of view so I saw the delighted blush of her cheeks. "But don't stop…not now…not ever…" As she spoke she made way for the tender spot on my neck, her lithesome body beginning an erotic rub along mine.

There was no way any of this was real. I've lost a fight to Naraku and it's all a poison-gas-induced hallucination.

No way I was going to just lay here without-

"Don't move," Kagome moaned the steel in her voice unmistakable and fucking sexy.

"This is a two-person thing y'know," I reached back to manage a handful of her ass.

"I'm busy," Huffed out and with one last peck to what felt like a well-developed hickey she made her way back down my spine. With single-minded focus she mapped each bone as it arched enough to show through my skin only stopping with a teasing swipe with the point of her tongue at the very end of my coccyx and a playful nip of teeth into where the meat of my ass began.

"Kagome," Moaned out of me in something close to both worry and eagerness all at once.

"Yes?" She replied gentle hands caressing up the backs of my knees coming to rest on the backs of my thighs causing a shiver all over.

"I…" Although I didn't intend it, just the sound of my voice in the short exhalation of that pronoun told the fucking crazy-intuitive woman I love everything. Everything I couldn't say.

"You trust me don't you," She murmured softly as she played kisses along the curve of my ass, her hands just making massaging presses into my hamstrings, no higher.

"With my life," I didn't hesitate to speak this time, but the words held just as much meaning if not more. I loved her, let her have my heart.

"Then…Don't think I'm ever going to say anything about what we do together to anyone…even if there's a certain anyone that's persistent and remorseless in their search for scandal," She was kind enough not to say Miroku's name while her tongue traced nonsensical patters on my left butt-cheek. "If you don't like it…we don't have to do it…but give it a chance. If you hate it we'll just go back to what we know is good."

Since I really hadn't heard my modest Kagome so brazen about such an embarrassing subject this much I couldn't help but ask, "Like what?"

"I really am quite busy here," She repeated in a chiding tone, the reassuring stroke of her hands proceeding further upward to cup both cheeks, her mouth moving more inward.

I still wasn't prepared when I felt the wet pressure of her tongue, there'd been so much talk about fingers, I hadn't even considered…fuck. Even as my tensing muscles continued to melt under her touch, the lick and press of her tongue was met with resistance. The rub of pleasure I felt was also unexpected and I was already obeying when her lips left me to whisper, "Relax, InuYasha…"

"Tryin'," I moaned back pressing my face into the pillow because I was pretty damn sure there hadn't been a sluttier moan anywhere and my face was susceptible to blushing as a human. Dumb moon.

Warm and wet found its way inside me and I couldn't control my hips a moment, in a split second glad of the measly human strength as Kagome's hands pushed me back down. The friction along the underside of my quickly re-hardening cock reminded me that there was Kagome Surrogate under me that didn't have her tongue in my ass.

Both of them had me achingly hard in less time than it took me to whimper warning to Kagome, "Gonna come."

She took my words to heart and moved away which I didn't much like, but couldn't make myself object. "That sounds good…roll over…"

I didn't succumb to a second of hesitation; I flipped over and tried to pull her up on top of me. She allowed herself to be pulled close enough to get a kiss, but no further. "Kagome," I whined and she pushed me back to the bed with both hands on my chest.

"Lay down…I'm not done with you yet," She stopped any arguing she might receive with her hand on my erection. "I need you orgasm-relaxed."

"What the fuck?" I asked bewildered and turned-the-fuck-on at the tone of her voice, who'd have thought?

In answer her finger was suddenly jabbing past the ring of muscle into my ass, I couldn't help but tense up and jerk away but she didn't release my cock. "That," She answered fingertip slipping free of me, letting her hand squeeze another moan out. "Not relaxed."

My move had gotten my ass away from her, but she wasn't going to be denied. It hadn't really hurt just surprised me, and both my muscles and mind had clamped shut at the action. Damn Modern World and their illustrated textbooks on…what the hell had she called it? Anatomy. And damn Miroku. He always had something to do with shit like this.

"I wanna make you come," I all but growled.

"And for the rest of our lives together you and that damn hanyou stamina of yours will make me mad before my time…right now…you're the one coming…" By the time she was done talking her words were ghosting over the head of my cock, lips closing around me.

She was right, damn her. It wasn't but a few strokes of her mouth before I was done for.

Eyes closed I could hear her move as she settled more comfortably between my legs. As I tried to lift my head to look at her, the first thing I saw were her feet kicking in the air, then where she was resting her cheek on my thigh as if it were a pillow looking up at me. I could really get used to seeing that pleased/proud/affectionate look on her face, even for a non-sexual reason.

Kagome's words sliced through me, arousal still flooding my spent body, "One more, then it'll be your turn."

"Promise?" I asked a bit breathless.


"As many times as I want?" I continued and she giggled. "I'm takin' that as a yes."

"Yes!" The giggle grew into a laugh as her attention was brought to the definite life twitching back into my hard-on at my own mental imagery as we spoke. She didn't say anything more, just leaned forward a bit and kissed at my inner thigh.

"Fine then," I huffed and she gave a little nip of teeth. "Oi!"

"You've already decided you're not going to like it InuYasha!" She protested.

"No I ain't!" I watched as she lifted her own hand to her mouth, delicate tongue licking along her fingers. When I only watched, her face was overcome with a blush which helped me decide I wanted to be helpful, I'm sure that's not the word Kagome would have used. "Wetter."

Kagome went still, tongue disappearing as she gasped at my gruff command. "What?"

"Wetter, please?" I said as if I were being reprimanded for being impolite, and was rewarded with an even deeper blush.

Oh and getting to watch Kagome suck her first two fingers into her mouth in a pale imitation of what that articulate mouth does to my cock.

I was pretty sure she'd figured out what I was up to and since her fingers weren't going to get any wetter, she'd clued in on how hot she looked. She could tell what it was doing to me and wasn't about to stop too soon. Her free hand didn't little more than play along my length, more interested in making sure I could keep my eyes open and looking at her.

I had no problem with that.

I couldn't stop, and I didn't care to muffle the whine that escaped my lips as she finally deemed the digits wet enough and my eyes full of just the right amount of frustrated longing. I saw her lips move in patterns of speech but my focus was really on how sexy her mouth looked wet and glistening like it did, there was something about the nightstand at the head of her bed. "Huh?"

"I said get the little bottle in the nightstand drawer InuYasha," She murmured slowly giving me a look of exasperated affection as I tried to fumble for the handle without taking my eyes off of her. "InuYasha," She chided as I succeeded then tried to find whatever she'd asked for also without my eyes.

"What…" I asked as I found the small bottle, and looked it over before handing it to her. "What's that?"

"Something to help incase my saliva doesn't do the job," Kagome blushed for some reason. I had no problem enjoying it even if I didn't know what had instigated it, she had seemed very sure of herself after cluing into my utter enjoyment of her show a moment ago.

"How long y'had that?" I watched her as she moved it out of the way.

"None of your business," She replied with a wicked grin that made me not care when she had thought to buy something for such a purpose…well not forever but why the hell did I need to know right this minute? "Now my fingers have gone all dry."

"Then fix 'em," I managed to tease.

"I can't…or we'll be here until there's a moon," She teased back.

"Too bad," I pretended to frown.

"Hm," She moved closer, leaning her head forward to run a tongue along the underside of my hard-on. "Shush…" She slipped her mouth over the tip, tongue still licking before she pulled away.

I really had no problem watching her do the real thing, it really was leagues better. I didn't have to wait long before a fingertip slipped with more ease that I thought possible past the tight ring of muscle; unlike last time it was slower and not nearly as far in before it was gone. With a whisper Kagome caught my attention, my gaze on her but every bit of my focus on the girl's fingers. "Okay InuYasha?"

"Yeah," I said almost as quietly back, my voice throaty and needy enough to surprise me.

This time she had me halfway in her mouth before she pressed in again, further this time, easily past the point she had thrust in warning the first time, back out and in until I felt her other knuckles pressed against my skin. To say I was totally honed in on that sensation would be a lie, I was dimly aware of most of it, the shot of pleasure only adding to that of the mouth around me.

A few thrusts of her longest finger, and anything resembling discomfort was gone, her insistent tongue a kick-ass distraction. I was watching the slide of my cock past her lips, so was warned in a way when she opened her eyes and looked up to catch my lust-filled gaze.

On the next thrust of her finger she changed the angle the smallest bit and hit something that made me see stars. Fuck. I felt strong but delicate fingers holding down my hip and I whined, "Do that shit again."

"Hm?" Kagome managed, finger moving in and out with no change in angle.

"That what it does?"

"Mmhm…" She chose the moment she hummed her answer to rub along that spot inside and I couldn't stop the wanton moan. The change to disappointment was immediate as she pulled her mouth away. "So?"

"What?" I felt the tension in my body melt away as she stilled an intent look on her face.

"Prostate, yea or nay?"

"Yay," I let her know just how easy that would be with the enthusiasm. "'Nd after this it's yer turn."

Kagome rolled her eyes at that and instead of going right back to the fantastic shit she was doing earlier, her finger did something more of a jab than a rub and a sharp sound of pleasure left me, eyes snapping shut as my hips did an involuntary buck, then one down toward her hand. "You first."

"Keep doin' that then," I suggested with the throatiest my voice could go without yokai.

"Don't mind if I do," She teased, sticking the tip of one deliciously pink tongue out at me.

"Yeah that," I nodded with a wicked grin. "On my cock please."

"Really if I'd have known sex was going to make you so polite I'd have done it ages ago," Kagome's hot breath was enough to do a number on me, damn it wasn't getting any easier to keep from going off so soon.

Instead of saying any number of stupid things - like the fact I had wanted her from the beginning, the very moment I had realized she wasn't Kikyo - I let my eyes close and whimpered. "If you don't make me come I'm just gonna do it inside you until you come…and that one ain't gonna count as my turn."

"InuYasha," Hummed in warning over the tip and my eyes snapped open to watch her lick over the head of my cock. She reminded me of where her finger was with a wiggle and a small withdraw of the digit. "There's no moon, don't make me try tying you up."

While giving my cock long delicious licks - as if it were some kid of obscene candy - she met my disbelievingly wide eyes. "Y'wouldn't!"

Brown eyes kept mine as she slipped her mouth back around me, her expression clearly daring me to try and we would see who would or wouldn't. I opened my mouth to remind Kagome what her finger should have been doing. "Please…"

Just as I whimpered - our gazes still locked - she rubbed her finger inward and cut off anything I might have said after that. Instead my hips gave a small hesitant buck toward her stimuli as something wholly wanton trembled out of my throat.

I felt embarrassment flush my face and I clamped my eyes shut. While I was blind there was an abrupt departure of both finger and mouth, giving me good reason to open my eyes searchingly.

I found Kagome crawling up my body, neatly avoiding any brush of her lithe body along my cock. My eyes darted to the sway of her breasts then backup to those smoldering dark eyes.

"You just look so beautiful," She whispered as she lifted her leg to move up my body, knee pressing into the side of my chest. Her arms slowly bent to lower the front of her body so she could pepper kisses up my sternum, migrating over until she skimmed a hard nipple and pressed a longer kiss over my heart. "Mine."

I felt my cock twitch at not only the declaration but the almost growl that it blew against my skin in. It wasn't even close to scary, almost like a kitten's growl. "Y'finally done teasin' me?"

"Never," She grinned wickedly and took my bottom lip in her teeth, hardly even biting before leaning even closer to distract my upper lip while her tongue molested the lower.

Kagome had no problem "Sit"ing me but I didn't believe her bondage threat.

I was totally done coming in her mouth and I growled as much into said mouth as my hands attempted to find a grip on her hips. With reflexes and strength increased by shooting down yokai with bow and arrow it should have been no surprise my slow human hands would be intercepted by Kagome.

"Don't think I won't," Whispered as Kagome pushed my wrists down, into the soft bedding on either side of me, her body lowering to press along mine.

When her mouth left mine to take advantage of my human ears I huffed out, "Don't need my hands." I couldn't help moving my head to stretch out the nibbled line of my neck, each bite and slide of tongue-point fucking good.

Kagome was positioned low enough on my abdomen for an arch of my hips off the bed - knees bent and feet braced for leverage - to nudge the head of my penis against her entrance. I heard her gasp my name, fingers tightening painfully around my wrists, before I turned a nudge into a proper thrust.

Kagome's dark hair tumbled as her head snapped back, her lips parted on a surprised cry of pleasure. With a push against my captured limbs I felt Kagome slide herself down my body until she was firmly impaled by me, this time our voices mingled at the spike of pleasure as I buried myself to the hilt.

"Ungh…" I think I tried to make some sort of intelligible word, even one, but the hot wet sliding squeeze of Kagome swallowed it like my cock.

Very quickly I found Kagome return to driving me mad with her nipples rubbing along my chest and her mouth and teeth marking my throat. I didn't bother fighting the weight she was still pressing into my wrists I merely relaxed my legs to lower my ass back to the bed, sliding out to find it was almost as good as sliding in.

Better make sure.

"Fuck yes," I hissed, mostly to the slick ease of penetrating that heat, or maybe that Kagome chose such a moment to deliver a bite along the back line of my neck. The spot sent pleasure straight to my dick; I gave a few quick thrusts in retaliation.

Her breath suddenly exploded from her molesting lips and made a shiver run down my spine, the loud sexy moan shaping the exhalation helped.

"So fuckin' hot hng…" I gave a hard snap of my hips, toes digging into the blankets. "How can you be so wet - oh fuck! Yes!"

After moaning obscenely against my neck Kagome's teeth found their way back to the spot, her voice making her lips hum along the edge of her bite. "…so good…"

"Huh?" I grunted as I lost most of the words to the pound of my hips.

"It's because…you taste soo.." Her moan stretched the word and she panted, "So good - so good InuYasha!"

I wouldn't call her a liar but I was pretty sure her words also had something to do with my cock inside her. "Yeah?"

"Yes!" She cried and moaned, "Oh, yesss…" The "s" hissed out as she pushed back to meet my thrust in perfect sync.

I opened my mouth to warn her all the teasing equaled a short ride for her when her newly hewn fingernails dug into the delicate skin of my wrists her voice definitely gaining volume with each thrust.

"InuYasha…" I was ecstatic to hear the chaos in Kagome's voice; I could hear the pending orgasm rushing through my name.

"Yes!" I growled, toes clenching as our bodies met so hard they gave a fleshy smack. "Come for me!"

I ordered and damned if Kagome didn't come apart, spine arching beautifully, black hair wild.

I kept thrusting as she went still, entire body shuddering, delicate muscles squeezing my climax from me with little effort. I felt Kagome's body flop down to cover mine and I found no resistance when I moved my arms to wrap around her, thrust in as deep as I could as praise spilled from my lips and my seed into my mate.

"Oh, I don't think I can move," Kagome moaned as I let one hand reach out to fumble a moment for the edge of the blanket.

"Then don't," I panted, pulling the blanket until it covered the both of us.

"If I don't get up I'll fall asleep!" She complained wiggling a little.

I lifted my ass off the bed to make sure I stayed inside her, returning my arm around her. "Go ahead."

"No way InuYasha!" She attempted to roll off of me, toward the edge of the bed but I held tight. "I thought I told you we wouldn't be wasting our moonless night?"

"Uh-huh, so goin' away ain't wasteful?" I quipped, never having been interested in the bits of my life lived without Kagome next to me.

"Kawaii, InuYasha…" She warned with a grin and I scowled, to which she merely giggled. "I'm going to let you in on a secret…" She whispered and I canted my head a bit to show my interest. "I think everything you do is cute."

I gave a weak-sounding growl - pale imitation of my true potential - and let the scowl stay put. "Yer dumb."

"Must be, I love you," She shot back, instead of being upset, the smile on her face did strange things to my heart and stomach.

"I kept wond'rin' wut was wrong with yew," I couldn't hold the scowl, paired with my teasing it was too harsh.

"Yes that was why I kept escaping to the Feudal Era…" She admitted and I couldn't fight the smile - even as she delivered the punch-line. "Avoiding school…that reading and math is soo confusing."

I huffed out a chuckle and murmured, "So dumb." Before tangling the fingers of one hand in her sex-touseled hair so I could pull her into a kiss.

"If you're going to deny me a few human moments then you have to suffer through a flowery bath," She threatened with her lips pressed to the corner of my mouth.

She'd have to be brain-dead not to notice the affect our brief kiss had on me, I was still firmly inside her after all. "Oi, it's my turn, I ain't waitin' fer you to finish a bath."

"That one so counted for you," She lifted her head enough to meet my eyes.

"No fuckin' way," I shook my head.

With a quick twist of her torso Kagome manage to throw her leg back off of me, the suddenness and momentum helping her escape my clutches. She rolled off the bed and pranced away, toward the door.

"I'll be done in no time as long as you don't ambush me in the shower," She threw back over her shoulder.

I didn't know I could move that fast with no moon.

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