Mine, Mine, Mine!


PoV of Inuyasha as he disobeys Kagome by chasing after her down the well after he hears that she's been left alone in the Modern Era while her family is on vacation.

Romance / Erotica
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Little Light Pink Butterflies

It didn't make sense.

Not human sense and my other half doesn't know the meaning of the word "sense."



Even the woman that professed to love me—yes she also wanted to drag me to hell—even Kikyo was constantly aware of my claws, my ears, my eyes, the yōkai inside me, and because of that we never really trusted each other.

The first time I saw Kikyo I was young and the love hit me like hamaya from a miko's bow. I had already been struggling through the world alone for some odd 145 human years, my body at least twenty but with the mental maturity of fifteen or sixteen, others will say that's being generous.


Kikyo was obviously a miko, I was new to the area but it was as if she were made of holy goodness, it was obvious even to one as thick skulled as I.

I didn't have my mom for long; I got a few shallow moments to feel her love—always with pain because of what I was and what she'd done. If my father had lived I liked to think she would be alive and everyone would be happier.

Except for Sesshomaru, nothing gets the stick out of his ass.

I didn't know I was head over heels; I had absolutely no experience with the softer emotions of my human side except for the faded memories of youth. Usually, even if my prey were holy—damn in the past that had been a bonus, better fight—I didn't hesitate to see what they could give me. Whether bloody fun, or a chance to exchange lives for food.

Since she was a miko I knew I had to hate her, hate had never been a hard one for me to grasp. What made me deliberate about Kikyo had been my love, already hot and burning, thankfully it was why I had enough time to decide to leave her in peace. It gave me time to catch sight of the old hag--a pipsqueak then--Kaede scampering to catch up with her.

I don't attack human children; they're softer and more fragile than even a blade of grass to my claws. I will admit to making some orphans though. I lived through it.

Being one of the eras most powerful miko, of course she sensed me, but I had decided by then my strategy and vanished. I heard the thud of the hamaya as it hit where I'd been crouched in the Goshinboku, little did I know she'd try again to pin me to that fucking tree.

Naraku and his treachery kept me from being with Kikyo, and my own distrustful nature toward humans, a species that had given me nothing but pain up until that point. All we had were a few stolen kisses that she always seemed guilty for, and I knew after following her one night, that she blessed her lips later to get the yōkai taint off them.

I had never listened to my human side before Kikyo. Occasionally I would spare a kid or their mom if they cried pathetically enough. I always hated myself for it, mostly because it bit me on the ass often when I was growing up. Not to mention the handful of kids that grew up and hunted me down years later, they had gotten a surprise if any of them had thought I was a pushover. So much for being a nice guy.

I had become aware of the monthly day where I lost my power shortly before meeting Kikyo. I had never known just how weak I became until there was someone to hide it from. Being a loner kept me from having anyone close for any length of time, and at first I thought it was her fault for making me try to be more human.

She didn't like that I resisted her civilizing process but if I didn't have my yōkai blood I was a wuss, completely useless to protect myself or Kikyo—

I told myself hundreds of times that the miko didn't need help, but still I turned claws against yōkai with her. I took up her battle because I loved her, but I didn't understand the emotions boiling inside me until it was much too late.

I knew what betrayal meant. It started with kids trying to see just how much I could take, my mom warned me of their plots but I trusted people back then. I got older and calloused to the pain after my mom died and the sting of betrayal was too much for half a human to endure. I knew humans died, but my mom had always been special, braver, kinder, and gentler than any human I've met in my life.


Not yet.

I was talking about betrayal and how fond it is of me.

I had only gone after the Shikon no Tama because Naraku had tricked me into thinking that Kikyo had never really had feelings for me at all, and never wanted a human life with me. I had heard her story plenty; the yōkai assassins had chosen her to guard it because she was so pure and good. I had found myself feeling kinder and--in my opinion--weaker so there was no doubt in my mind that the miko had only been waiting for me to drop my guard.

The arrows had been unsanctified but being me I didn't realize that if it had really been Kikyo she could have purified my ass easily. We had only just agreed to meet; she was supposed to bring me the Shikon no Tama so I could become a full human. I had dropped from the trees and walked toward her undefended. Even after leading the less-than-perfect hanyou life, she had numerous chances to kill me and just left me alone, so I almost didn't dodge the quick series of arrows she sent my way.

The sting of betrayal only grew as I found the village waiting to ambush me when I went after the jewel, it even hurt when I harmed them fighting out of the shrine they had tried to hide it in. My mind was spinning with her sudden hatred, even when we fought together against other yōkai she had been serene as she dispatched them, the complete opposite of my tearing claws and screams of excitement as I slew the monsters that looked down on the lowly hanyou.

The smell of her blood hit me first, before the hamaya snatched me out of the trees. She had been teetering through the tall grass; an arrow notched in the bow held at her side, she was so weak by that point that my sense of smell warned me before my sense of mystical energy. I had thought she hadn't empowered it enough to kill me so that I wouldn't see it coming.

Baka that I was I didn't, even if she had started making me gentler I was still a cocky son of a bitch. I knew the villagers would still be far behind trying to recover from my attack, and still I didn't understand she was fired with the rage of betrayal like me. Like she had told me, underneath the mantle of powerful miko she was a normal woman, one just as susceptible to the baser emotions.

As I clawed at the arrow in my chest my eyes peered out into the trees waiting for the killing arrow, and yet still disbelieving that my body was going numb and paralyzed from the point the arrow pierced and out.

Even when I was a swaddled infant my mom told me I didn't cry. I made due with a dirty diaper or missing nap, but I could get cranky. Surprise there. As I grew I became more and more calloused to the softer--easier to hurt--human feelings that everyone seemed to take advantage of as I grew. I was too angry at her when my mom died, her not being there meant the end of living in the human courts she'd grabbed onto with everything she had.

I thought I said something, called out. In my head I screamed Kikyo's name, and still hanging there, I thought I was taking forever to die, sanctified by her hamaya. I wanted to see her face the most, my killer.

I wanted to close my eyes the last sight her sweet face filling my view, even if all the anger and rage I'd pent up for so many years conjured that same soft face only ugly with the same pain and rage. She didn't come and the last tear-blurred thing I saw was my chest impaled by her hamaya, my last scent her on the arrow under my nose.

I felt nothing but the quick creep of death from her hamaya, tasted the fear and bile in the back of my throat, a moment of panic. My ears twitched to death last and I think I could hear a little girl's sobs, crying over Kikyo, like me.

My last thought before plunging into nothing?

I can't believe that bitch shot me!

Those fifty years were nearly instantaneous for me. That last angry betrayed thought ate at the sick obsession that only someone with yōkai blood could have with a miko. What had I been thinking? Us together as humans? Her no longer required to protect anything and me as a soft human?

Baka! Baka! Baka!

The first thing I was aware of was someone pinching my ears. I still didn't have any other sense but I did feel the deadened sensation of fingers gently fumbling with my ears.

What the hell? I had coherent thought again but it was like I was just thoughts, without someone touching there was no sensation, nothing but my fearful childish thoughts. The ones that I hadn't had time for before being sealed away. I'm scared. I don't want to die.

It took me an immeasurable amount of time before I realized I wasn't dying. I tried to move but my body was taking no signals. I could feel the bark of the tree through the fire-rat coat and kosode which was odd because the young tree's bark had been smooth.

I had enough time to muddle through my fate. My anger simmered as I contemplated Kikyo's betrayal. Ironically the act made me realize the betrayal of a loved one hurt even more, similar to when my mother had left me yet even worse since it was also the same instant when whatever feelings I'd developed for her began to die.

That I was trapped in my own body but not dead...It wasn't wonderful, it wasn't torture, it was just nothing.

She'd sealed me.

Panic joined the fear; I'd battled with Kikyo before. She only saved seals for a yōkai she couldn't handle. My ego was still sluggish so the only part of the memories I registered was that nobody broke her seals but her.

She was too strong, stronger than any miko I'd met. I was a young hanyou what did I have to battle her spiritual power? Why hadn't she just killed me?

Like it came from the end of a tunnel, words shrieked in unadulterated terror and stabbed through my sensitive ears.

"Save me! Someone help me!"

As my own power pulsed through me and against the seal spell in the arrow I knew that even though it felt as if my power were being freed and the seal only felt like a weight pressed against my chest where the arrow stabbed, my power and my body were both utterly trapped. I couldn't even move.

Suddenly, like a slap in the face it came to me, the scent I'd once let soak into my pores like sunlight. I opened my eyes, taking note in the back of my mind how much higher off the ground I was than I recalled.

I could feel the smile that curved my lips, knew it would have made even the mighty Kikyo tremble. "I can smell it...Her scent...The one that killed me--" I could feel my teeth grind together as I thought about sinking my fangs into her flesh, my claws tearing. "It's comin' closer!"

Foolishly I tried to take the arrow out but the hanyou made the sanctified arrow react with a shock of holy power. "Damn," I hissed as the protection around the spell sent a zap through my fingers that would have easily killed a human.

A loud commotion outside the clearing and I finally sensed the yōkai, who was it after? Kikyo?

And then there was an ear-splitting scream and there she was.


Remember what I said about my mom?

Kagome surpasses that.

I'd scoffed at her; she had on the oddest cloths. When had she changed? I confirmed my earlier suspicion of being here longer than I assumed. I realized if Kikyo had sealed me it could have been centuries...

"I'm not Kikyo!" She argued.

Damn she still looked cute when she was angry. "Shut-up! Who else would smell like that?" So sweet, so cloying...I gave a bigger sniff, saw her react to the gesture in disgust and reeled in surprise. "Yer...not...Kikyo..."

Kagome's scent flooded my sensitive nostrils as she stepped closer. She stumbled a bit as she climbed a number of large vines, how had they had the time to grow over me so thickly?

The scent was off. Along with the sweet of just her body came a fruity scent with an edge of something floral. Kikyo had only smelled of temple incense an sometimes yōkai's blood after a fight.

"Duh!" She shouted accosting my ears. "My name is Kagome! Ka-go-me!"

Challenged by the dominate tone of her voice my yōkai side lashed out. "Feh, now I see it, Kikyo was a hell of a lot prettier than you." I was delighted like always to see the spark in her eyes, the anger that made her so attractive--not the serene miko--the fiery woman--

In the back of my mind I had known she was scared of something besides me, and the now yōkai that had chased her here to me was coming in downwind of my nose. Kagome's sudden nearness was distracting when my last thoughts had made her my executioner. I wanted vengeance, but the more time that passed the more I remembered the woman that had made me want something besides more yōkai power.

The yōkai suddenly moved into the clearing after detecting the addition of my scent, mostly snuffed by the power of Kikyo's seal and before I knew it the strange girl had her fingers tight in my hair, pulling with all her strength. "Let go of me!" She screamed and I was able to see that it wasn't the girl's strength but the yōkai that had two sets of arms trying to wrench the girl away.

"Ow! You let go of me bitch!" I shouted as I realized the centipede yōkai had a third set of arms that had a hold of her shapely legs.

"Stop!" A force very like the sacred arrows of a particular miko shown out from the girl at that command, hurting the yōkai, I heard the girl hit the ground muttering something about the bone-eater's well.

I was trapped watching as some ignorant villagers and a strongly familiar looking one-eyed miko joined me to be the audience of the Shikon no Tama being born into this world again.

I found it poetic that the one that freed my heart from the sealing arrow should become the one to keep it.

Didn't even let me keep it for a little while, just stuck it right in her pocket. Where she managed a pocket large enough for my heart in that short skirt...

Obviously I'm no poet.



I glanced down as the voice echoed up the hills coming from Kaede's village. It took me a long time to see Kikyo's shrimp sister in the eye-patched hag she'd become and even longer to realize how long it had been.

How long Kikyo had been...


I resisted jumping down out of my tree to meet her. I wanted to meet her at the top of the hill outside the village, lift her in my arms and take her away. Miroku was fast but not he, not even Kirara could catch me, especially when the end of my sprint involved Kagome.

I would have usually gone to get her, earlier than she was supposed to come back and way too early for me to use my usual tactics to drag her to the well. Whenever I yelled that she was coming with me and I was tired of waiting it made her want to stay longer.

What the hell is that about?

I'd been afraid to jump into the unknown of the well to chase her down at first, the urgency to find the jewel shards had seemed silly when I glared down and only saw yōkai bones even with my inhuman sight.

I sat and peered over the edge tugging distractedly at her subjugation beads, a habit I'd developed. As far as I knew no one had noticed, or if they did figured it was for a different reason.

"I know you hear me!"

I glanced down at her with a loud grunt. "Who are you?" I asked in an angry gruff voice, so my normal voice.

"What?" She put her hands on her hips and stared up at me with a familiar exasperated glare.

"I was expectin' a Kagome Higurashi but not for...feh, at least three more days," I crossed my arms over my chest and got back into the casual recline only possible on such fragile branches with practice. "Kagome would never leave the superior modern era a second early."

I could easily hear her, more specifically the cute growling thing she'd started recently, I'm such a bad influence.


"Get outta here bitch," Icing on the cake.

Of course I liked watching her get angry, furious. I'd spent many a night taking in each curve and freckle on her sleeping face, but I liked to see it animated.

Only when I can't sleep, I'm no lecherous monk!

Looking at her today I don't know how I could have mistaken sweet Kagome for that miko. I hear anyone that knew Kikyo marvel at how much they looked alike but they just didn't look at Kagome right.

Maybe I'm crazy.


Occasional consequence of my attempt to see the small "V" that marred the spot between her eyebrows, a wrinkle that was all Kagome, was the inevitable--


I grimaced as the beads around my neck flared bright and yanked me down as if they were weighed down with a small mountain. I was jerked out of the twenty foot skeleton of a tree by a word, I'd come to loathe it.

As I lay on the ground for a few moments, dazed and having flashbacks of the day Kagome screamed "Sit!" at the top of her lungs eight times in succession, I heard running footsteps.

"Inuyasha I'm sorry! I wasn't thinking!" She said from above me. "Inuyasha?" Her voice came out in a tremble and I felt her fingers brush my hair.

I rolled my eyes open in time to see her sink to her knees in front of me. Her panties were pink.

Swirled like a bouquet in my nose was the sweet scent of her skin warm in the sunlight, the usual strawberry and rose accompanying her, the soap from her cloths gave me the berry, the soap she washed across her pale skin gave me roses and with her womanhood so close I couldn't help but know in the back of my mind--not the nice half of it mind you--that she was ovulating.

If she had any dog yōkai in her she'd be in heat. She heard my doggy-like whimper at the idea but assumed I was coming to from the fall.

"Sorry Inuyasha," Kagome's fingertips brushed the tips of my silver ears and I closed my eyes, even to my favorite modern conveyance, lingerie. Just the brush of her fingertips sent a jolt through me. Good. Very. Good.

"Are you okay? Say something," Her fingers got a good grip in my silver hair to lift my head.

Open mouth Inuyasha, insert foot. "Goddamn it Kagome did ya wanna kill me?" I grumbled.

My face actually smashed into the dirt as she jerked away from me, but before she could get up and stalk way I realized her panties were covered with lighter pink--almost imperceptibly lighter--butterflies.

"Why the hell did I come back?" She shouted angrily at herself.

I lifted myself out of the dirt since she didn't Sit me again and followed her slowly. Kagome didn't curse unless I'd pissed her off. I am indeed a horrible influence. Growling? Cursing?

I'm turning her into a hanyou.

I snickered at the thought and hadn't hung back far enough for it to escape the sullen girl's ears. Sharp ears, that's a dog yōkai thing too. Heh.

Before she could speak I gave an impressive leap--back in the old days I'd land claws first expecting to rend, to bleed--she was startled when I landed beside her and continued walking as if I had been doing it the whole time.

"Inuyasha--" She began, that "V" shallow between her eyebrows.

"Why are you here? I was just about ta bring ya home and accordin' ta some people, I'm too fuckin' impatient," I interrupted her with an impatient scowl, she liked to copy it when we got in each others faces and she had that "V".

"Don't know why I bothered," She answered with a huff.

"Feh, saves me the trouble."


Shit, wrong word. I don't want to hurt her in my attempts to impassion her. Sometimes I really am a brute; I am a fucking idiot. Females were impossibly complicated to me. Brutes don't do complicated.

Before I could stutter out something I saw the gleam of tears in her eyes.


Sometimes I'm genuinely surprised by the moments she chooses to Sit me. This time I knew, I'd made this same mistake before, said almost the same thing and she closed up her end of the well with sutras from Miroku. Bastard monk.

I made everyone ten times as miserable as usual with Kagome gone. Usually I brooded at the tree Kagome found me at today, just outside of the village. The closer to the day she promised to return the closer I got the well, eventually sitting on the side my feet dangling over the bones of dead yōkai, kicking with a beat counting time out as I thought. Soon. Kagome. Soon. Kagome. In time to the kicks.

The beads' spell couldn't fade fast enough. Her scent was everywhere, but the most recent led me back to the bone well. "Kagome wait!" I shouted as I caught up to her by the Goshinboku. "Damn it woman!"

As she crossed the clearing and headed for the tree line I launched into the air to catch a low-hanging branch just a few feet in front of her. I let my claws dig in as I twisted around the branch so I could crouch on top of the bought.

The branch gave an ominous thundering crack and I hurled myself at her, pushing her out of the path of the falling branch.

I tackled her to the ground my arm around her waist. "Sorry!" Was already out of my mouth as I pushed off of her enough to run my hands up her ribcage. I hadn't heard a crack but I was fearful for even a bruise on such a fragile human girl.

"Inuyasha," Kagome's voice came out strangled as she caught my golden gaze. "That's my boob!"

Shit! I jerked my hands away and spun the opposite direction to hide a blush. Baka. "Damn it," I swore softly.

I really didn't feel like apologizing all that much. I heard the opposite reaction I expected to behind me.

No Sit. She giggled.

"Wut the hell are ya laughin' at?" I growled and she sighed.

"Shouldn't I be the angry one?"

"I guess, if ya want," I kept my face averted and I could feel her moving closer. She pressed those soft orbs into my shoulder blades and threw her arms over my shoulders and neck in a hug.

"You always check me for broken bones," Kagome proved she hadn't misunderstood my fumble.

I covered one of her hands with my own where it rested on her subjugation beads, my other hand was still flexing in my lap. Soft, just like the rest of her. I realized a half-second before she did that I couldn't feel ribs anymore.

That's why I didn't want to apologize; I'd gotten to enjoy it for three seconds before she clued in. The tactile memory of her nipple pressing into the palm of my hand was torture.

"Ya ain't leavin' are ya?" I asked as she lowered her head so our faces brushed.

"I am way early."

I whimpered and squeezed her hand. "Ya don't hafta go. If ya want, we can wait a few days before we set out."

"And do what?"

Be with each other?

"My family went to the beach without me," Kagome sighed.

"I knew it!" I laughed triumphantly and Kagome moved away from me. "They made ya leave early."

"No," Kagome stood and I watched her disappear out of the clearing. "They were gone when I got there."

"You were alone?" I felt an unnecessary protective rush. I moved quickly on all fours until I caught up then I straightened.

"I didn't even go to school I pretended like it was my own house!" She laughed and danced in a circle.

"Somethin' coulda happened to ya Stupid!" I watched my usual abrasive words drain the fun out of her memory of the experience. I told you, baka.

"I was perfectly fine! Don't ruin my good mood!" She warned.

"If it was so great why'd ya come back so fuckin' soon?"

Kagome growled again and I would have laughed had I had the chance. "SIT BOY!" She shouted accosting my sensitive ears as well as driving my face into the ground.

As she crossed the field toward the bone-eater's well I could still hear her muttering under her breath, "Sit, sit, sit, sit..." There was a more obvious clue than hearing it; I screwed my mouth and eyes shut to keep from eating dirt or the ground from blinding me.

If she didn't put feeling into it the Sit wasn't as bad. The growled commands after the first just kept me subdued, subjugated. I'll tell you the truth, she doesn't need the beads. I might have needed some forceful guidance to be...good enough for her but now? I would do whatever she asked.

This isn't a good situation for an example I was unscrupulous with her when it came to her safety because she was oblivious to it and just as ruthless with how much time I got to be with her. The two things combined when she went down that well.

"What did you do?" A high angry voice asked--right in my ear the ass kitsune-yōkai.

I had Shippo flipped over on his head with a gentle swat; I never used my full strength on the brat. Deserves it though, he's all yōkai.

"Ow! Why you!" Shippo shouted as he got back up on his paws. "What did you do to make Kagome angry this time Inuyasha?"

I ignored him, swinging my leg over the side of the well. He latched onto my leg so I kicked it hard enough to send him a few feet away into the trees. "I'm gonna go drag her ass back!"

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