The King's Eyes


Takes place on night after shinigami come to help w/arrancar & before Ichigo's defeat at the hands of Grimmjow. The events that transpire combined w/that defeat finally drive him to seek the vizard.

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

So Similar To He Whose Heart She Holds

"Wut's gotcha so bummed eh Ichigo?" Kon crowed at his usual volume of five decibels above too loud and right in my ear.

I was probably looking contemplative; Kon always wanted attention if there was anyone within twenty feet of him not focused on what he was doing at that very moment. Currently I was sitting on my bed, staring out the window of my bedroom - not really thinking - more like, enjoying the silence. Such an occurrence was getting rarer as the minutes ticked by, I felt helpless to conquer my hollow self.

I didn't even have to look, my hand swatted out reflexively and Kon was batted out of the windowsill to the floor. In an attempt to silence him I rested my heel in the general location of his sewn-in mouth, I had to remind myself that he was small and didn't need much persuading. "Rukia's sleeping. Shut-up," I hissed but otherwise continued staring without seeing anything as I lifted my foot back up onto the bed.

"It's okay Kurosaki-kun I'll get this mooching jackass out of your hair," Ririn chirped as she attempted to get the frazzled lion to move. She didn't have much luck, Kon's only response was a broken groan as he sprawled limp as a noodle on the floor as if he were unconscious he hadn't moved a muscle from where he had fallen from the sill. "Come on!"

"Much appreciated Ririn," I gave her a half-hearted smile I didn't feel. I watched them leave, managing to close my door behind them.As I watched the two leave movement at the closet door caught my attention and I quickly turned back to the window. "Ichigo," Rukia had slipped the door open enough to peek out it sounded like.

"Did Kon-baka wake you?" I asked and the annoyance quickly sparked to anger like a fire fed by dry brush. Whoa…I pressed my palm into my forehead as I leaned forward staring at my bare toes as if expecting to be dizzy or blackout, praying I won't but…Nothing.

"No," Rukia lifted her soul phone and the hollow tracker was beeping.

I must be out of it to have missed it. That's just how messed up I've become. Where was my shinigami badge?


"Doesn't seem powerful-"

"Renji…?" I started to ask trying to ignore the tingle of fear at my own private musings.

"No, I'll go no need to bother anyone about such a puny hollow," I easily heard her feet hit the floor of my room as she slipped out of her self-imposed closet room, otousan had a bed for her in my sisters' room.

"Rukia I got it," I mustered up the courage but when I turned I found her already in her shinigami form.

"Already going, get some sleep," She gave me a hug after a moment and I was glad she was that comfortable with me. She lifted her hand and in it I finally noticed my badge, the skull's eyes pulsing with light making its strange noise. After a moment of fiddling with it the badge went quiet and I gave her a sheepish look and retied it to the belt loop of my jeans.

I watched her go flash-stepping over the rooftops, tracking her reiatsu as she dropped out of sight. Why was I scared to leave my body and take my shinigami form?

It's cuz yew think yer safe in this human husk.

I felt the fine tremor that ran up my spine at the hiss of a venomous thought that wasn't my own. I took a deep breath to steady myself and lowered from my sitting position into lying down on my bed in an attempt to sleep.

I don't like Rukia going after hollows alone, especially with the threat of the arrancar out there. I know she kicks ass but I have a job to do, and Hitsugaya wanted the shinigami in KarakuraTown to go out in pairs especially when he went back to Soul Society to make reports to Yamamoto, like tonight.

At school today he had mentioned leaving right afterwards to requisition some communication equipment from the twelfth division he planned to set up at Orihime's where he and his lieutenant were staying. He had mentioned dragging his vice-captain along but she had gone missing as soon as the dismissal bell rang, true-to-character.

My home town seemed to be well-fortified against any enemies that decided to come from Hueco Mundo, but it still didn't make me feel good staying out of any fight.

Rukia thought she had beaten some sense into me, and I'll admit it worked for a small while. She had told me to get stronger to beat all my adversaries. I couldn't tell her that I had so many more doubts that just that, one of them being a nasty voice in my head that wouldn't go away no matter how hard I tried to suppress it.

I'd become a shinigami to fight hollow and usually when I'm overwhelmed by my hollow self I can't do anything for a few horrified moments, just go along for the ride as he berserks his way through my fight. This time I think the monster wanted to prove to me that he could do more than that. I've only hurt enemies so far but the day that I fought those two arrancar my hollow self had taken total control of my muscles and shut them down. I got hurt of course, and to protect me Orihime…

Like he's told me so many times, he's only getting closer and closer and each time it only get's harder to battle aside the mask.

I feel nothing but shame at this confession but I can't express just how good it feels. The mask doesn't incapacitate me with pain, fear comes from me automatically but it's the pleasure that keeps me bound a little longer.

It only gets worse as he fights. For him fighting is as good as sex, he loves to cut, maim, and kill.

Hichigo Shirosaki.

I was afraid he didn't care whose blood was spilt, even my own. None of my friends have been hurt by him yet (because of him, yes), they haven't even seen him yet.

I hope they never do.

I know Dad will be pissed if he decides to do a midnight "surprise" inspection and I'm still in my street cloths but…Damn, I must be tired I usually can't sleep if Rukia's out fighting…

Rukia's foot slipped as she walked with reishi across the empty space between the Kurosaki neighbor's house and the place she called home in the World of the Living. She grabbed the window frame and crouched in the sill to regain her balance. Getting too old for this, she joked with herself as she chuckled tip-toeing across the air a few feet over Ichigo's bed and landing silently on the floor.

He was usually awake when she got back, wanting to know each slash and no mai she got off with Sode no Shirayuki her zanpakutō. He wasn't snoring yet he was probably faking. She leaned over him but his eyes were closed. Guess he can hear with everyone else tomorrow, she frowned and turned to cross the room to the closet.

She wouldn't let on, she always suffered like that—like Inoue—in silence, but she liked the reenactment almost better than the real fight. Ichigo always watched with his brown eyes bright with enthusiasm, still wanting to learn from her even now, when he had obviously surpassed her.

Sinking back into her gigai was easy and even as she was getting settled in she was hit with a yawn. It was never more obvious she wasn't a shinigami than when she was in the stupid thing, with all the human foibles Urahara had created them with. Also…

Reopening the closet she jumped out and rushed to go the bathroom. "Damn fake bladder Urahara-san!"

"Yer back."

At Ichigo's sleepy voice Rukia stopped climbing back into her closet. She was in her newest purchase with Matsumoto and Orihime blue silk pants and camisole that made her eyes deadly. "I didn't wake you did I?"

"No," Then a coughing as if clearing his throat. "What happened?"

Usually she was in her shinigami form when she did her reenactments. It was made obvious as she did her reenactment in pantomime and he chuckled as she failed to shunpo in her gigai and stumbled. "Shut-up!"


Rukia watched him as he moved to cross his arms under his orange frazzled head lifting it in order to see her show better. She was glad she'd stopped moving through the fight when the blanket revealed his shirtless chest. Stop ogling him! Rukia blushed and looked away and held up her finger, pointing it as if shooting off kidō. "Hadō 31 and with one stroke," She lifted both hands above her as if lifting her sword over her head to deliver the blow. "He was…cleansed," Rukia smiled pleased at her work, doing a mimic of using her zanpakutō to send the hollow to Soul Society.

"You ain't hurt?"

"Didn't lay a claw on me," Rukia didn't know if she should go back to her bed or stay up and find another topic to keep her there. "I'm glad to see you smile again Ichigo."

His eyes flickered over her before meeting her gaze, "Glad t'see y'ain't hurt Kuchiki."

"Rukia," She corrected with a smile, it had taken her so long to get him to throw off the honorific. Silly Ichigo, then again she was just as much a stickler for protocol. Ichigo only stuck by them when he really respected a person. As Rukia thought about it she recalled her onii-san's unusual ripple of ire when Ichigo called him Byakuya without an honorific of any kind.

"Sit with me?"

Rukia smiled softly as he read her discomfort, few had ever been able to see what she had learned to cover with aloof noble façade, this boy's face seemed to be the key to it all, his soul? She watched him move so his feet were out of the way and as she moved closer to sit at a proper distance (even considering she was sitting on his bed) the blankets fell to pool in his lap. She knew more or less where every scar came from that shown with relief in the moonlight across his torso. Not even Unohana–Taichō and her entire division could erase all that this boy had been through.

"Ichigo," Rukia made herself meet his gaze and now that she was closer she easily saw. "What's wrong with your eyes?"

"Oh this? Human allergy?" He rolled his suddenly black orbs with piercing thick golden yellow irises, kind of like…

Hollow eyes?

She had botched a blow and cracked a hollow mask before, every new shinigami fresh from the academy could vouch for the common mistake—hell-Ichigo had managed his somewhere around hollow number three. Behind the mask was usually the face of what had once been the Whole before it had succumbed to being a hollow and it's eyes were like Ichigo's now were. Human allergy, my ass!

Rukia moved closer on the bed so she wouldn't have to lean forward, she wanted to have a free hand as she extended her other to touch his bare chest. His hand quickly captured hers, long fingers tight around her wrist. She looked up and met his newly disturbing gaze and pressed her free hand to his pectoral.

"What are you up to Kuchiki?"

"Feeling for a hollow hole," Rukia half-heartedly tugged out of his grip as she realized she would be unable to fend off a blow quickly this close.

"When I had one," When his voice came it was soft, it wasn't a good memory he spoke of. He put her hand in the middle of his chest and trapped it with his hands. "It was right here."

Rukia's eyes teared-up as she thought about it and he squeezed her hand as he saw the emotion.

"Went through it so I could come get you."

With a nod Rukia remembered the day he'd saved her, what he'd been through to get to her in Soul Society, to get up to Sōkyoku Hill where she'd waited for her death calmly, that asshole. As she pressed her palm to his chest she felt his speeding heart.

"I saved you," He murmured his dark eyes piercing into Rukia's. He was quiet a moment and she was frozen, not knowing what to do as she had never felt normal around this teen that looked so much like her—"And still I don't get any pussy?"

Rukia gasped, "What?"

"Fifteen," He chuckled a little around the word. "Hung like this, n'you don't think—once!—of thankin' me sexually?"

"Ichigo what-"

"Kuchiki I know how much you want me, you could never hide anything from me," He suddenly gave a inhuman snicker and his grip bit into her skin as he grabbed her shoulder and pulled her into an arousing kiss.

"Ichigo!" Rukia gasped as his fingers gently cupped her breast, the thin camisole useless.

"I think it's cuz I ain't tried before," Ichigo's voice changed. It was still Ichigo's but the deep timber was as eerie as his eyes. "You want me, don't you Kuchiki?"

"Because you've stolen Ichigo's body I'm sorry to say you have me on that," Rukia grinned and slapped his hand off her breast. "Why don't you give him back his body?"

"Aw come on Kuchiki," He teased and idly raised the amount of reiatsu in the room, which when in Ichigo's company usually meant a lot. "Who am I?"

Rukia stood and tried to move away but before she could even muster up a shunpo in her gigai his fingers were gently but firmly on her wrist. "Let go."

The frown on his face made her feel bad, he looked hurt by the distance she was putting between them, she focused on his spiritual pressure. Her soul phone hadn't gone off and she couldn't really feel shinigami or hollow in the shell of her gigai, just that it was comfortingly the same reiatsu she always felt from Ichigo. "I don't get it Ichigo, are you sick?" She moved closer to him and he released her with a small smile as she stared into his eyes. "Did a strange hollow bite you?"

"Must have."

Rukia bit her bottom lip in worry as she kept his gaze and debated getting out of her gigai to get a better feel for the power inside Ichigo, maybe get him to take on his shinigami form as well. "Do you feel okay?"

"Fine," He chuckled and moved to brush her dark hair behind her ear but there was always a piece too short to get out of her face. See the difference between a body and a fake gigai? She would know her sweet Ichigo ain't at the wheel if she had thought t'pay attention to me before she got back in the meat sack.

Fuck you Shirosaki.

Aw Ichigo-heika n'after all the battles we've been through together! "Except…Those pajamas."

"My pajamas? I bought them with Inoue and Rangiku-san," Rukia was relaxed around him again.

"They're nice," Hichigo assured her when she mistook his words to mean he didn't like them. He threw his blankets aside and swung his legs over the side of the bed as he sat on the edge. He was still wearing the jeans he'd changed into after school black and relaxed, a little baggy on his legs and long enough that he was walking on them his bare toes peeking out. He still had his shinigami badge hanging from his belt along with the tiny protection charm his father had given him.


"That's nice too, even in those pajamas," Hichigo teased and let his eyes move over the curve of her ass so she was sure of his double entendre and she glanced back at her own backside. He stood and as he slowly straightened his fingers slid under the lacy hem of her camisole inching it upward as he curled toward her.

"What's wrong with the PJs?" Rukia was serious.

Hichigo grumbled and leaned down as he caressed along her belly around her sides tugging the top as he touched her back. "They're on you."

"Ichigo," She blushed and didn't resist when he lowered his lips to kiss hers again. "Hey," Rukia gasped after only a moment, capturing his hands through her shirt. "You've been, not yourself…I thought you'd be more excited about all the help coming from Soul Society."

"Sorry, you know I got a shitload on my mind," Hichigo didn't have to lie much, it was kind of disappointing. "Battle after battle, now with these arrancar…" He rolled his eyes. He removed his hands and crossed them over his muscular chest.

Hichigo didn't have to dig deep to recall exactly why that pussy Ichigo hadn't gotten some by now. "Abarai," He met her violet eyes and moved in again, this time on top of the cloths, pulling her close. "Told me to stay away from you."

"What?" Rukia shouted and blushed when Hichigo laughed at her reaction.

"Don't know why he thinks his red pineapple head belongs here," He grinned as his words made her laugh.

"I didn't know you were even interested," She whispered subdued as their eyes held for a few minutes in silence.

"How the hell could I resist you Kuchiki," He moved against her as he lowered to capture her lips again, his tongue pressing along the line of her bottom lip. "You didn't answer me before, do you want me?"

"I answered."

"Not plainly enough for me t'understand," Hichigo let one of his eyebrows arch high; it would only help if she continued this line of conversation. "Who do y'think yer talkin' to Kuchiki? Ishida?" He could tell she didn't want to laugh but she succumbed.

"I noticed how quiet you are when we're in Soul Society," Hichigo stifled a giggled as Ichigo writhed against the power holding him as all the unsaid ponderings the teen hadn't let himself say floated (figuratively) from another's lips.

Somebody should have the balls to say it, Hichigo taunted. "I think it's a bad influence, yew ain't yourself there," He brushed his fingertips through her dark hair. "I'll bet that's the first good laugh you've had since you said bye to Byakuya."

"Leave onii-sama out of this," She widened her eyes for infuses.

"I can tell how happy you are now that you came back here," Hichigo ran his knuckles along her jaw. "I just wanted a taste of those luscious smilin' lips," He took her mouth again thrusting his tongue in to dance along her teeth.

Ichigo howled deep down where he was trapped as her small tongue came alive dancing against his. As he came up for air she moaned his name and he wasn't slow or cautious anymore. Hichigo Shirosaki was anything but those things.

He pushed her top up and uncovered her breasts. He gave her a wicked grin as she pulled away again, this time to finish removing her camisole with a sweep of her arms.

Enjoying the agony of Ichigo he darted in to cup each small round orb. Sit back and relax, Hichigo let his thumbs flick quickly one nipple then the other until they were achingly hard. Enjoy the ride Ichi-heika.

Hichigo busied his lips with open mouth kisses along her jaw and down her throat to her collar bone. Her small fingers trembled over the muscles of his chest as his fingers pinched almost too hard at her nipples and all she could do was cry out his name.

"Sshh," Hichigo hissed moving to suck gently on the curve of her shoulder and neck. "Unless you want otousan breakin' down the door to cheer me on."

Shall we fuck her Ichi-heika?

No! Ichigo shouted from his cage. Rukia don't let him do this!

She doesn't want me, she's after the original edition, and Hichigo paused to take a quick peek at his handiwork, the dark red—almost purple—hicky discoloring her pale skin. He planned on marking her more permanently later and even the shivers of what he planned for sweetest Rukia had Ichigo fighting like a wild beast against the mask.

Don't touch her baka! If only Rukia had tried to feel his spiritual pressure outside her gigai, the outer wrapping of them both were hindering Rukia's senses.

Have you kissed these sweet lips Kurosaki? Hichigo tortured, knowing the answer himself. Can you see how swollen they are for you? But I did the kissin'.

She was so short he lowered slowly to his knees to capture a nipple at first gently with suction. Rukia's fingers sunk into his short orange hair and tugged, her fingers kneading as if capable of nothing else as his tongue teased the taut peak.

Mmm, Hichigo growled as he switched to the other breast his teeth grazing.

"I—I-" She gasped as if trying to say his name his fingers still tweaking the unoccupied nipple. "I—hh-" She moaned, "Hh-Ichigo!"

Did you hear that Ichi-baka? Hichigo rolled his tongue around her nipple, licking and pulling with his teeth as the breathy moan sounded more like the hollow's name. Can't you almost taste her tits?

You can't just be content with taking over my soul? Don't do this—

You love her! Hichigo paused in his abuse of her nipple to look up at her passion-flushed face. Her eyes were bright and luminous with the sinful things Hichigo made her think and feel. Should I tell her?


"Rukia," Hichigo was surprised when his voice trembled over what he'd meant to be confident and clear. Ichigo gave a suddenly violent surge but Hichigo gasped and hid his face against her belly as he fought internally. He gritted his teeth as he tried to keep the reiatsu dampened, inside, he didn't have to flex far to slap his bitch.

"Ichigo?" Rukia said in a soft aroused whisper.

"I want to be inside you," He lifted his head to meet her startled but excite-brightened eyes his right hand slipping up the silk of her pants to stroke her, she was already wet the entire pajama set worthless defense.

"Please," Rukia's arms tightened around him pressing his face into her soft skin. "Please Ichigo…Stop."

Did she just say—She pulled away. Fuck! "Rukia?" He moved after her, getting to his much longer legs as she tried to back away from him. "What's wrong? I'm sorry I thought-"

"Ichigo…" Tears were a surprise to see in the shinigami's eyes. "I don't think we should…think about Inoue and Renji?"

"What the hell? You said he was just a childhood friend," Hichigo was getting just as excited at the storm of a fight darkening Rukia's lust.

"He is, but I know he cares, he's told me," Rukia sighed and looked around for her camisole trying to pretend she was in a same sex bath, even if he was staring with those new frightening eyes.

She had figured easily that they reminded her of a hollow's eyes behind their mask. She felt there was another reason for the shock of recognition those eyes had weakened her with.

"But you don't like him? Like fuckin' a tropical fruit?"

Rukia blushed and tired her best not to laugh. "Ichigo," She chided.

"Aw I didn't want to have to tell you this Kuchiki," Going over options in his head idly Hichigo kept himself close enough to pounce, for whatever reason. I'm a hollow? I love you? I'm a hollow? Hm, wut cha think I-chi-go? Hichigo drew out his old master's name like a taunt.

Don't. His voice beat like a jolt and Hichigo had to close his eyes or Rukia would surely see a flash of the old king's eyes and know something was up. Don't. The defeat in the voice was beginning to overwhelm all else.

"I love you, not Inoue!" He felt Ichigo flinch inside and couldn't help but roll with silent laughter. You love 'em both? Oh King you hentai.

"Tell Inoue; don't let her think there could ever be a chance…"

"We don't have to go out and tell everybody Kuchiki," Hichigo tried to calm the inner laughter as he debated on how quickly he could end a fight.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't do that to Inoue," Rukia smiled fondly of the sweet-hearted girl.

Hm, I like a little blood and pain before sex, tends to ruin the girls though, Hichigo taunted revealing more about the place his hollow self had been trapped, where Ichigo had first seen old man Zangetsu.

"Rukia," Hichigo moved close to her once again, not very satisfied with the hicky on her right breast but suddenly deadly curious as something occurred to him. Do you think she could hand my bankai?

My bankai! Ichigo was still pulsing with the constant pleasurable sensation of being trapped behind the mask. The struggle against his hollow self had only managed to make him tired and more susceptible to Hichigo locking him away permanently.

There's a reason I'm here ba-ka, Hichigo taunted as he reached for Rukia's shoulders to pull her closer, keep her from escaping. You can't handle my bankai alone; I'm tired of the way this relationship is workin'. Especially when you don't take advantage.

For a moment they both thought he'd won as Rukia lifted her head for a passionate kiss. Hichigo snaked his arms around her to curl his fingers over her ass. He left her breasts unmolested; he'd gotten below the waist and wouldn't go back so quickly this time.

"Ichigo," She tore her lips from his and moved away her rejection spiking fury in Hichigo. "Go, tell Inoue."

"Then you'll let me fuck you Kuchiki?" Hichigo growled angrily and almost slapped himself as she spun and leveled angry eyes on him.

"No," Rukia bit the word out, in her hands was her rumpled camisole. "Sorry to disappoint Kurosaki."

Oh well.

Ichigo struggled anew at the flicker of ideas that included some form of rape or necrophilia, all with varying levels of resistance on Rukia's part and how he'd take care of that. He wasn't sure if he was happy when that idea took him off toward more violent fighting and death than sexual.

"Kuchiki, one thing," He watched her pull the camisole on and frowned. "A hollow didn't bite me," He admitted and saw her already on edge even though she looked perfectly at ease. "Ichigo is here," He touched his chest his other hand resting near the badge on his waist.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Ichigo, this part of me just never showed through," Hichigo watched the thoughts churn in her eyes, what was she speculating? Could be even more fun than disembowelin' her! He mused enthusiastically to a furious Ichigo.

"Showed through?" Rukia took a calm breath. It was true, there was a reason she'd looked more than once at Ichigo the day they first met. Fate had collected Wholes she had needed to Konso near the odd boy and in the dark of his bedroom; he had been a dead ringer for…

"I've always been part of his strength," Hichigo bragged, tempted to use the badge and let her get a good look at his mask before he killed her, or he could do it with gigai in the way. There was so much more tactile sensation in the flesh.

"Ichigo?" Rukia stepped back enough to flip off the light. The window was still open but the moon was only a sliver to light the room.

His form fuzzed and he was suddenly there in front of her in the semi-dark. Rukia gasped, her breath ragged as a memory of pain triggered as she recalled the dark-haired face, and it stabbed like a zanpakutō to the gut.

Exactly where she had stabbed Kaien Shiba so effortlessly with her zanpakutō. Surely if she had been chosen by fate to be the one to end Kaien's life she would have found a way…

She had never seen him again in Soul Society and feared he had been condemned to Hueco Mundo with the hollow she'd killed. Fool. Her first hope was that Kaien had gone into the cycle of rebirth after spending so long within Soul Society and the Gotei, he needed spice.

That was most of the reason she had paused the night she saw Ichigo. First had been the full moon over his chest his school uniform unbuttoned and opened as he sat up in bed when he sensed her reiatsu. She tried to snoop around for the pesky otaku-esc Whole that had been following Ichigo around.

She remembered his reiatsu from earlier in the day when she had not even thought twice about him.

He'd yelled at her and she'd spun in disbelief. A normal human boy saw her? Rukia Kuchiki. As she stood there attempting to fade into the semi-dark he had sucker kicked her in the back!

"Do you hear me? I'm talkin' to you brat!"

She'd been totally overwhelmed then, of memories of Kaien, as a fifteen year old boy with his sweet face yelled at her. He had treated her like his lieutenant since he did so many of Captain Ukitake's duties. It was the closest she'd ever gotten to a squad seat.

He'd been the only arrogant baka that treated her normally and even gave her noogies when giving her a tough time, forever changing the level of formality in their greeting to keep her off balance. That had always been his favorite thing to do.

This time her heart was breaking again as Ichigo's hollow eyes made memories fill her mind's eye, Kaien had looked at her with bloody tears as her zanpakutō impaled his insides, as he thanked her for stopping him.

Thanked her for killing him!

While the hollow controlled him he'd been grotesque, tentacles, large gaping holes where eyes should have been, sickly pale green skin. As she lifted her zanpakutō she had been so sure he would dodge, she'd never even gotten close to a killing blow in her duels with Kaien.

The human face that had whispered his farewell to her-left his heart with her-looked so much like Ichigo tonight that when he crossed the room to fill in the very spot Kaien had stood she could almost feel the hot splash of his blood dripping down her cheek. It felt for an instant that his dead weight was weighing her tiny form down but Ukitake wasn't here to move him off—

Rukia fell to her knees and Hichigo lowered with her, curious how this was playing out.

She knew she wasn't the only one in Soul Society to be mystified at the level of Ichigo's power. He'd used hers in the beginning but it had only acted like a catalyst to get his going without shinigami training.

After her brother took the power she had given him away Ichigo's had hidden away until Urahara had reawakened it on its own. And he's only gotten stronger.

Plenty of captains and vice-captains had voiced bringing the teen into an absentee seat or vice-captain role in the Gotei; being officially alive still hampered the process. Renji had let her know before they had come to safeguard the city from the arrancar threat.

"Kuchiki?" Hichigo's hands were cupping her face; finger's twined in her soft black hair.


Both versions of the teen were stumped by that name. Hichigo was crafty enough to notice how vulnerable thinking of this name made her as she crumbled in on herself as she was besieged by memories of him. He gave her what passed as a sheepish yet anxious grin, and a nervous chuckle.

"Why didn't you show yourself when we first met?"

"I've been sleepin', until Ichigo was able to perform bankai," Hichigo let him take credit for obtaining the bankai but old man Zangetsu had guided him into it in his opinion. "He can't sustain it here alone in the living world."

Who is this Kaien-dono? Hichigo mused but Ichigo was wondering right along with him, going over names of people in Soul Society.

"Why do you still have hollow's eyes?" Rukia whispered her hands sandwiched his hands between hers and her face. "I can't sense the hollow-"

"I'm no hollow," Hichigo grinned softly at the lie. "Just substitute shinigami of KarakuraTown; but you've known me longer than that haven't you?" He guessed.

"You were why I have such…" She blushed and trailed off. "Why I have such strong feelings for Ichigo," She closed her eyes and started to pull away but she couldn't snake out of his grasp.

"Feelings?" Hichigo wanted to sing a childish song to his former king.

Tears slipped down her pale face and Hichigo wondered how they tasted. Maybe I can fuck her before I bleed her eh heika? Huh?

Ichigo whimpered as his mind sped over things he'd heard while within the Gotei, in the slums of Soul Society, with any of the shinigami in the Seireitei. The only person that showed any interest in Rukia besides Urahara (who undoubtedly only cared about the Hōgyoku he'd hidden inside her) had been Renji…

"I knew you were married, I never meant for anything to happen but…" She wrenched from his grip and bowed her head until her forehead brushed her knees. "I found myself caring for you Shiba-dono, please tell me I didn't doom you to a life plagued by the hollow that possessed and killed Miyako-dono!"

Gears whirling madly Hichigo looked down as her hair parted to show the white skin of her neck and spine. While she was distracted…He let his fingers curl around Ichigo's badge.

It wouldn't take more than shikai to take care of that pretty head, Hichigo listened to her hitching sobs, her back spasming as she hiccupped for air.

"And me," Hichigo tentatively began regarding any change in her posture.

"How can you say that?" Rukia' head reared up her eyes angry and full of self-hatred. "We both know I killed you!"

Aahh, a couple of things clicked for Ichigo and of course he couldn't hide from him. Kaien Shiba, a shinigami killed by another shinigami. Older brother of Kūkaku and Ganju Shiba. Hichigo remembered the biggest tits next to that Orihime broad. Oh and that slut Matsumoto.

"You know very well you didn't kill me Kuchiki," Hichigo tried angrily and yanked her to her feet and she launched into a tight bear hug. Even though she was small her grip impeded his breathing.

"How did I know you'd try to make it better," Rukia sobbed as Hichigo let his arm settle around her trembling form. "I have never forgiven myself for lifting my sword against you."

"Kuchiki stop," Hichigo ordered more out of annoyance than anything. "Don't you know? I've never blamed you I was only sad we never had time to see what we could have had."

"But Miyako-dono-"

"I loved her, but you were always there," He threw out there and he frowned displeased.

"I still leave myself open if I try to lead with Tsugi no mai," She laughed softly.

"Ah, Kuchiki that's why it's the second dance baka," He hesitated a moment before brushing his lip over hers.

With a gasp she pulled away and Hichigo gave her a wicked grin, it told her like it always had in both Kaien and Ichigo, "be naughty, misbehave." "Kaien-dono?"

"Yes," He met her gaze and the sparkle of luminous tears seemed on the verge of being joyful tears. He knew just what words to say. "It really is me Rukia," He couldn't get the wicked tilt off his lips though.

The tears spill over her lashes again as she cried out softly, "Kaien-dono!" She moved back to him as if attempting to bear hug him again but her lips reached his first. The open mouthed kiss was accompanied by Rukia's small hands desperately exploring his bare chest.

Hichigo was bewildered but seized the moment by sweeping her small body into his arms and walking the few steps backwards to his bed. The springs squeaked protest as he tried to gently sit back on the edge but ended up bouncing back and breaking their kiss.

Tired of the game's familiarity—and unfamiliarity with fighting—Hichigo laid back in the bed his fuzzy head resting on his crossed arms. When she got past second base he'd work a little harder. This shouldn't be difficult Ichi-baka.

Rukia turned as if to leave but surprised them both by slipping her fingers into the waistband of her pants, pushing them down her thighs until they pooled at her feet. After turning and stepping out of them to follow Hichigo, she was crawling over him as she moved up the bed until she could lean down to kiss him again. She swung her leg over his waist, her desire wet on the tightened muscles of his abdomen.

As their mouths battled in a ferocious kiss her hips began to rock, undulating against his stomach as her fingers tunneled in his hair and bunched in tiny tight fists.

Hichigo's hands slipped up her pale thighs; tickling inward until he could slip an index finger from each hand deep inside her she was already so wet for him.

Her knees dug into his ribs as her legs squeezed his body all of her muscles coiling tight as she whimpered into his mouth.

"You like that Kuchiki?"

When she could only make incoherent moans he removed a hand to attack the belt of his jeans.

He kept two fingers curling inside her, his thumb rubbing her clit and she suddenly arched upright her head rolled back, her hips pushing his fingers further in. Only a few thrusts and she was biting her lip, the cry strangled in her throat as she came.

"Ah, fuck," Hichigo groaned as her delicate muscles squeezed along his fingers. As he felt the spasms subside he had her beneath him with a twist of his hips.

They both fumbled at his belt and pants. Hichigo had already unbuckled, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants before realizing Rukia wasn't reaching for his aching hard-on. It was his badge.

Hichigo swore and made the mistake of trying to grab the badge from her fingers as she pressed it to the bare skin of his stomach, pushing his soul out. A mad and terrifying cackle and Hichigo flash stepped out the window, never turning back.

Rukia's curse came out in an, "oof," as Ichigo's dead weight fell on top of her. Where had he gone? She gritted her teeth and was able to roll Ichigo one way so she could slip out.

She tumbled to the floor and immediately scrambled to her feet. She hesitated a second before jumping into the closet before ditching her gigai.

Throwing out her senses she sought madly for Hichigo's as she flash stepped into the city.

Only seconds later Hichigo floated back in through the window. "Silly girl."

Why? You're stronger without—

He paused to catch his reflection in the mirror, out of the white mask were the golden-yellow eyes of Hichigo Shirosaki. He lifted his hand to trace along the savage red slashes on the beautiful face. "Mm, I'm so handsome ah Kurosaki? But none of the ladies here like my face…" His soul slipped easily back into his body still achingly hard. "Fuckin' bitch Kuchiki."

Hichigo carefully zipped up his pants. Thinking over how fast he could pick off the family in the house as he moved to the closet to find a shirt the hollow was surprised to have Rukia's gigai fall into his arms.

No! Ichigo growled as the idea popped into his head along with a wicked smile. Monster!

"Come on Ichigo, she's still warm and wet," He deposited the limp gigai on the bed, his hands shaking as he tried to take off its panties.

A spike in his reiatsu made Hichigo flinch and pull away. "What the fuck, do you want the Kuchiki bitch to sense you and come ruin my fun?"

I won't let you hurt my family; Ichigo fought the delicious power holding him, binding the mask tighter.

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