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Katie Kim Youngji and Jayde Kim Jiseok make there way to JYP to find out they are debuting with 9 other boys

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Youngji & Jiseok's Profile's

Face Claim :: Chuu (LOONA)

Birth Name :: Kaitlin Kim Youngji
Stage Name :: Youngji

Birthday :: 29th September, 2000
Place of birth :: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Home Town :: New York, America

Nationally :: American-Korean (Dual citzien ship)
Ethinicy :: Korean

Position :: Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist

Height :: 160cm

Facts ::
- She is fluent in English & Korean

- She has four older brothers (She is the youngest)

- She has allergic rhinitis

- She is the least picky eater in her family

- Looks younger than her age, she was 12 when people start mistaking her for a 10 year old

- She can sound like a high pitched dolpin like I.N & Woozi (SEVENTEEN)

Former Company :: SM. Entertainment (3 Years) [2013-2016]

Youngji’s Role Models: SNSD Taeyeon, Seventeen, BAP, Super Junior, EXO

Face Claim :: Heejin (LOONA)

Birth Name :: Jayde Kim Jiseok
Stage Name :: Jiseok

Birthday :: 26th February, 2001
Place of Birth :: Edinburgh, Scotland
Home Town :: Berlin, Germany & Melbourne, Australia

Nationally :: Scottish-German (Dual Citzien Ship)
Ethinicy :: Australian-Korean

Position :: Maknae, Lead Rapper, Choreographer

Height :: 153cm

Facts ::

- She is allergic to dust

- She says if she eats or has chocolate she will fall sick

- Her former Stage Name is J.Ko

- She was the secret member, who was reveled in the last episode of the show

- She is fluent in English, Korean, German

- She is the companies first Scottish-German trainee to debut

- She is the companies first former YG trainee to debut

- She was a member of YG’s Co-eD MIXNINE Team who was meant to debut but disbanded before the show started and before their debut, The groups name was Royalties

- She grew up in Scotland for 4 years of her life, Germany for 3 years and grew up in Australia for 5 year years before getting accepted into YG. Entertainment

- Chan has said she has three different accents, a Scottish one, German one and Australian one. He says she mostly uses her Australian one so everyone can understand her

Former Company :: YG. Entertainment (Year & a half) [April 2016 - October 2017]

Jiseok’s Role Models: Avicii, Da-iCE, Ninki Manja, Taylor Swift, Bellie Ellish, SHINee, FX, Moonhee (BOUNSBaby), SEVENTEEN, GOT7, TWICE, Criminal Minds Cast

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