Merciless Man

Possessive Kiss

Merciless Man

After a few minutes Kouki found himself inside a fancy hotel, he gulped really hard, "What kind of work Kuroko wants me to do now? But then he told me to wait here so I just have to stay put." He said as he take this chance to take a look around before he heard the door opened.

"Kuroko you take so much time for-" Kouki said but as he turned around his body froze on the spot his eyes widen, his heart is now beating so fast it hurt. It's been five years since he last saw him but there he front of him...

"It's been awhile Kouki..."


"Wait Furihata-kun you cannot do this." Kuroko pleaded with still a blank look on his face while holding the other boy's arm.

Kouki sighed for a small build Kuroko he sure can pull. "Kuroko I need to do this so please let go of me," he said as she tried to take Kuroko's hand off of him.

"You need this job. How will you pay Akashi-kun? Besides Akashi-kun wouldnt let you go" Kuroko said, trying to use his puppy dog eye power to him. Unfortunately, the desired effect wasn't surfacing from Kouki.

"What's happening here?" Akashi demanded as he and his business associate exited his office and stumbled upon the two boys pulling against each other.

"Ah it's nothing Akashi-kun" Kuroko tried to cover up the scene, but Kouki beat him to it.

"Uh, sir? Actually, I need to talk. to you about something." Kouki gave Kuroko a glare as he tried to pull him again

Akashi glanced over the two for a few more seconds, then sighed. "Okay then, follow me."

"So? What do you need?" Akashi asked as they reached his office. He took a seat on his swiveling chair.

"Here, sir, open it please." Kouki put an envelope onto Akashi's desk.

"I know what that is." Akashi said aloud, startling the silence. His eyes were closed and he didn't look at the white paper at all.

"Then…can I go?""

Akashi eyed the envelope then turned to Kouki. His eyes bored into hers. "What will I do with this? he asked to no one in particular.

Kouki raise her eyebrows in. irritation. "I thought you already know what that is sir. I'd like to be excused now."

Akashi smirked. "So you want me to accept your resignation?" He ignored him question. Again.

Kouki tried to be polite and contain his anger, but in reality he wanted to pound Akashi smack on his head 'yeah like I'd be dead before I could do that'.

"Yes, sir," he said, twitching in annoyance.

"Did you forget what we talked about a few weeks ago" Akashi said calmly.

Kouki gulped, yeah he remembered that very clearly.

Flash back

"Yes, I'm the one who lend you money" Akashi said plainly answering all the unspoken questions of Kouki.

"Y-You and Kuroko set this up!" He said accusingly.

"I just wanted to help..." Kouki scoffed, yeah right he wanted to help me after all the things that he did to him. He snapped back off his thoughts when he felt a warm hand carressing his cheeks. In reflex he slapped Akashi's hand away from him.

"D-Don't touch me idiot!" Kouki bit his lip, he's definitely going to die calling Akashi Seijuro an idiot. But what is he suppose to say, in that one act him touching his cheek made his heart beat so fast. "I-If that's the case I will work hard to pay you even if it will take forever." He said turning his back to Akashi he then stride towards the door intending to leave the room but a hand slammed on the door preventing him from leaving.


"You think I'm going to just let you walk out the door like that just like what you did to me five years ago." Akashi said on his ears, his hot breath tickling his neck making him shiver. Even after five years they were apart he still have this strong effect on him. "I won't let you will stay here with me." the red head said authoritatively,

"W-Who are you to tell me what to do!" Akashi hasn't change a bit, still forceful and commanding.

"Because you owe me." Akashi answer back staring intently on his eyes. "You will stay here and work under me as my secretary if you leave Tokyo without my knowledge I will hunt you down..." Akashi said calmly but the fierce look on his heterochromatic orbs says otherwise.

End Flashback

So that's how he was forced to work under Akashi

"I'm not going to accept this," Akashi said as he threw the paper in the trash bin beside his desk.

"But sir, I really need to resign!". His eyes widened in horror as he watched him throw away his only means of escape. Even if he already told him he can't resign or walk away from him. He still need to try.

"I don't care. Whatever your reason is, I need you here." Akashi stood up slowly, making his way towards him. Seeing Akashi's actions he automatically started to walk backwards to avoid any contact. That turned out to be a very wrong move. He was now pinned to the wall by Akashi with his arms on both sides of his face.

Kouki panicked. "Wha-what are you doing? Stop this Sei- Akashi!" he raised his voice as he tried to escape.

"So it's Akashi only now Kouki..." Akashi leaned awfully close and Kouki's heart skipped a beat, their lips were inches apart from each other. Akashi leaned in to plant a soft kiss on his earlobe. "A-Akashi no...this isn't right! Stop o-or I'll get mad" Kouki tried to push him off him but he felt so weak", as if Akashi, with that one act, had sucked all the energy out of his body. Akashi continued his ministration, savoring his scent as he kissed and licked his neck.

"A-Akashi stop!" Kouki whimpered. He felt Akashi smirk against his skin making him shiver.

"Why, Kouki? Didn't you miss me?" Akashi taunted, his voice husky and deep.

Kouki blushed in fury, and using all of his strength, he managed to push Akashi away from him. "You're so full of yourself!" He was about to give him the slap of a lifetime or even a punch if he don't die before that happen, but Akashi caught his wrist

"Oh, no you don't," Akashi smirked as he prevented his from escaping a second time. "Don't glare at me like that, are you trying to seduce me?" he teased, making Kouki blush but he still managed to hold his glare.

"You freaking pervert! Let go of me!"

Akashi continued to smirk. "The more stubborn you are, the more you excite a man's domineering nature. Or is this within your calculations as well, you flirt?" he teased.

Kouki glared at him. "You are a pervert, Akashi Seijuro, and this is harassment! Let go of me or else!"

"Or else what?"

"Or else…or else I'll shout for help!"

Akashi smirked, confident that Kouki wouldn't do it. "I'd like to see you try," he taunted. With that last note, Kouki took a deep breath and screamed.

"HEL-!" Kouki was cut off short when Akashi pulled him on top of him, kissing him full on the lips. Hee gasped in surprise, letting him make an even bolder move and insert his tongue between his teeth.

Oh hell no! Wrong move, you're supposed to close your lips, you idiot! he mentally (and violently) scolded herself. He wanted to push him away but he found himself, instead, surrendering to the kiss. His legs felt wobbly; if it wasn't because of Akashi holding him up he would have found himself flat on the ground. His heart was winning over his brain. And just seconds later, he was kissing him back. Even if he don't want o admit he missed Akashi, he missed him. And his warmth...

Akashi's rough and sloppy kiss turned passionate and expert-like; he tried to convey all of his love into the kiss before it ended because of lack of oxygen. To tell Kouki the truth, he didn't think he'd stop kissing him, even if there was a lack of air, he believed he still wouldn't let go.

This is so wrong but it feels so right. Suddenly, Kouki remembered why he left Akashi five years ago in the first place and with that he managed to gather all his strenght and pushed Akashi off him.

"What the hell? What's wrong with you?" Akashi asked, irritated that Kouki had just all of the sudden pushed him.

Kouki burst into tears, shocking the man (for once) into silence. "That's the last time you'll ever do that to me again!" Tears streamed down his face, feeding to the wild look he portrayed with his brown hair loosened from its usual, neat hairstyle.

"What's wrong with you, Just moments ago you were enjoying the kiss as much as I was," Akashi said. He was actually beginning to feel hurt by her actions.

"I-I can't," Kouki muttered.

"Why can't you?," Akashi glared.

Kouki returned his angry gaze. "Shut up! Its not of your business" Akashi's blood boiled and he grasped Kouki's upper arm tightly. He shivered.

"Stop it, let me go!"

Akashi leaned over him until he was only two inches away from his ears.

"Remember this Kouki you're mine..."

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