Merciless Man

I Love

WARNING: Sex Scenes, Non-con, YaoiChapter 3: I Love

What's wrong with you, Just moments ago you were enjoying the kiss as much as I was," Akashi said. He was actually beginning to feel hurt by her actions.

"I-I can't," Kouki muttered.

"Why can't you?," Akashi glared.

Kouki returned his angry gaze. "Shut up! Its not of your business" Akashi's blood boiled and he grasped Kouki's upper arm tightly. He shivered.

"Stop it, let me go!"

Akashi leaned over him until he was only two inches away from his ears.

"Remember this Kouki you're mine..."

It's only early in the morning and I'm already in the bad mood...why you asked me? Wanna guess? It's not because of the train being jampacked nor because of the creepy pervs feeling up their victims. (Thank god anyway I'm not a target) you don't really know why? Alright I give up! It's all because of Akashi Seijuro yes that one! Ever since day one I step my foot back in this god forsaken place he's been pestering me. Now your asking me why he was here riding the train with me? It all happen that day...


Flash back

Kouki groaned he was so tired from all the work he did, and finally he was happy he's going home. The only place the certain red head couldn't bother him. Ever since he started working for him. He found himself having zero relaxation, no space to breathe he was always been there to ask if I love him or not which of course left him with no answer. Finally he could breathe easily now, its home time, no work no Akashi no nothing that's what I think when...

"Your late..." A grumpy voice said making Kouki's ears twitched.

"W-What are you doing in my apartment!" Kouki said angrily while pointing his finger to non-other than Akashi Seijuro. What the hell is he doing here?! This is my house right?"



So...why is Akashi Seijuro here?! He didn't enter a wrong room right? He doubled check it before going in...I'm in my room so there's no possible or even logical reason why he would be here.

Akashi smirked seeing the panicking look on his Kouki's face, "As of today, I live here too." he said to bewildered brunette with the creepy smile of his. With that Kouki's world came crashing down.


End flash back

Back to present

"If you wrinkle your brows like that it would become permanent." Akashi pointed out snapping the brunette back to reality.

"Who cares anyway." Kouki grumbled as he look away from the red head.

"Me of course..." Akashi said like it was the most obvious thing in the world making Kouki as much as he hate to admit... blush... Akashi smirked as he noticed the other boy blush maybe he'd tease him more?

"Are you blushing Kouki..."

"N-No way in hell!" Kouki said as he turned away from the annoying red head he was now facing the door of the train but he saw the glimpse of Akashi staring intently at him by the reflection of the window making him even more aware of his presence. "W-What are you doing don't look here!" he said violently on his head.

"C-Can you stop looking at me..." Kouki said as he finally voice out what exactly on his mind.

"Why?..." Akashi said innocently.

"Because your making me uncomfortable..." Kouki thought but there's no way in hell he'd tell that to him. Never! Seeing Kouki's conflicted face the red head can't help but to chuckle he then lean towards the brunette until he was in considerable distance to his Kouki's ear.

"I Love you..."

"Eh..." Kouki blushed even more he don't how to even react on what the red head said to him,

"Stupid, Idiot Akashi..."

At the office

"I just want to die..." Kouki said as he trudge slowly on his work, he was doing it in purpose anyway, he doesn't even looking forward on going home because definitely he would be there. "Oh kami-sama why is life so freakin hate me right now?!" he groaned inwardly.

"Hey Furihata-kun..."

"Saeki-kun?" Kouki looked up to see his co-worker Saeki by his table

"Wanna go with us we're going to drink later..."

Kouki beamed, his saviour had arrived! "O-Of course I would love to come!" he was now dancing para-para dance on his head going out for drinks later means no Akashi!

"What's going on here...?" Akashi asked sharply.

"Oh Akashi-san we're just talking about-" before Saeki could even explain to the red head Kouki slapped his hand over Saeki's mouth stopping him from disclosing their after work plan. Akashi eyed the two suspiciously, they're definitely acting strange.

"Tell me what's going on here or else.."

"We're going to get some drink later after work boss, Furihata-kun is invited of course..." Saeki started, "Wanna come with us?" the time Saeki asked the red head to join them his world crashing down... Again...

"Of course I'll be more thrilled to come..." Akashi said eerily to Kouki.

"Oh no..."

That Night


"Kampai..." Kouki said quietly, obviously wasn't happy with the arrangement. This is suppose to be his freedom from the red head's constant watch but even his suppose leisure time was invaded by him. "He was there in the house, there in the office can't his life be Akashi-free zone anymore?!" He groaned inwardly as he drink his sake at his little corner away from his co-workers as much as possible.

"Anyway this is the first time Akashi-san joined us for some drinks" Saeki started the conversation.

"Yeah it is..." the other girl added in.

"This is a rare occasion we should celebrate this..."

"Do you want more drinks Kouki..." Kouki jumped on his sit, did Akashi call me by my first name in front of the others.

"Kouki? Wow you two are on first name basis now boss" the other man remarked

Akashi chuckled, "Of course we are-"

"Only boss and subordinate..." Kouki cuts off his voice is unusually high octave, in short nervous.

"Hey that's suspicious!" The other girl giggled

"So Akashi-san what is your type in women?" Saeki asked, his question gain the attention of the others to the red head who was drinking his cocktail coolly.

"The type I like?" Akashi started as he opened his eyes.

They all nodded except for Kouki who of course acting like he doesn't care at all.

"If I had to say it should be like a bunny I guess..."

"A bunny?" They all asked in unison.

"Little and cute that type that makes me want to bully them..." Akashi said while looking at Kouki, his words earning a teasing laughter.

"Wow that sounds naughty!"

"I bet Akashi-san is a playboy."

"Yeah!" The others jeered

"No, I'm not a playboy. Right Kouki." Akashi insinuated coolly.

Kouki blushed in embarrassment and anger, "H-How should I know that.."

Later that night

"L-Let me goooo!" Kouki said slurring every word trying push Akashi away from him but maybe it's because he's drunk that he has no strength left in him.

"Later..." Akashi said as he put him to bed.

"I sheddd lemmego idiot!"

"I'll let you call me idiot just this time since your drunk..."

"I-I'm not drunk I sa-" Kouki was cut off when the red head silence him with a kiss making his eyes widen like saucers.

[Lemon Scene Start]

Don't want to read? Then back off! You've been warned.

Akashi use his free hand to cup Kouki's face, turning the beautiful visage to face him crushing his lips towards his. Pushing down his tongue seeking for entrance, Kouki kept his mouth closed but the red head bit his lips, gasping, he used this advantage to slip his tongue inside the wet cavern.

"You're mine Kouki..." Lust is obvious on his voice, pressing his hard on against the struggling brunette beneath him. Now Kouki is fully aware of the red head's arousal. He stop himself from moaning when Akashi started to suck on his neck and lick his earlobe whle his free hand travel down his body.

"N-No stop!" Kouki tried to push Akashi off him but he caught his wrist bringing it down once again. Akashi pulled his body closer to his and rubbed his body against his. Kouki mewled and wailed underneath the red head. Arching his back in raw pleasure, Akashi then broke the kiss and move lower to suck on his nipples.

"I-I said stop Aka-" Akashi smirked at Kouki's weak pleading. "D-Don't touch there..." he whimpered hoarsly as he turn away his face red all over because of their 'activity'.

"Why..." Is he seriously asking him why? Damn you Akashi!

"Because It's embarrassing and it feels weird..." Kouki said as he try to cover his face helplessly.

"That's good..." Akashi said as his free hand travel down coating his fingers with his saliva and slowly insert it inside the brunette's entrance. Slowly, in circular motion trying to find his sweet spot it wasn't too long though until he heard Kouki gasped. The brunette gasp and pant arching his back in pure aldulterated lust his lips came out a silent scream.

"Hey, Kouki I want to enter you can I?" Akashi asked him breathily, God! It's sooo embarrassing!

"S-Stop asking! Just do it if you want..." Gah! Did he just told Akashi it's fine to enter him? What?! Wait! It's not okay!

"Alright then..."

"W-Wait Aka-" He was about to tell him no he can't when at the same time he felt his entrance being filled his lips came out a silent scream. Now all of the defiance evaporated off his system and found himself submitting on Akashi's will.

"Damn it loosen up Kouki your tight..."

"I-It's just too good..." Kouki replied dazely his face flush all over. The display of totally aroused brunette send him over the edge he planned on taking him gently but after witnessing that adorable look on his face he couldn't exactly hold back now.

"Why are you so-" Akashi said, now fully turn on by the sight of panting Kouki beneath him.

"N-No that's not what I meant-" Kouki moaned and jerk up wildly crying out in ecstacy a shock of pleasure running down his spine. He almost moan out of dismay when he felt Akashi pull out his hard on from him but then he gulped when the red head spread his legs even wider and line up himself again on his entrance. With one quick thrust he sheeted himself savoring the pleasured scream out of the brunette beneath him. Throwing both Kouki's legs on his shoulders as he continue thrusting in and out the hot cavern. Kouki screamed as the pleasure doubled when the red head bend down even further wrapping both arms around the brunette bringing their sweaty body together. Kouki cried out, hugging Akashi tightly.

The pleasure is unbearable that he needed just something...or someone to hold on to... Akashi latched his lips on his ears nipping biting his earlobe at the same time, "It doesn't hurt right Kouki..." he said between each thrust.

"Ah...ah. Ngh...hah...ahh..." Skin slapped against skin and their voices, deep grunt in the air. Akashi made sure to stoke the brunette's sweet spot each timee. His work is fruitful as he felt Kouki's hands on his back clawing it as he hit the spot that made him moan even louder than before. Kouki rested his head on Akashi's shoulder burying his face on it as he cried out in total bliss. As he felt the red head speeding up drastically, "Ah...ahh..." Kouki screamed as he released himself between their bodies, their cum dripping down his inner thights down to his inner legs and the mattress soaking it.

"I love you Kouki..." Akashi said breathily as he plant a kiss on the back of his hand.

"I've done it with Akashi" Kouki thought regretfully.

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