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"W-who are you?" "Stay safe, Ms. Jeon."

Fantasy / Romance
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2.1 - Rebirth ~ The New life

"This one is for Calcium, this one for vitamin and this for iron," I mumble while pointing to each of the tablets that are placed on my palm. Picking them one by one with my pale fingers, I quickly placing the small balls on my tongue and immediately gulp them down with water.

Everyone stares at me with an amused expression.

"How can you eat so may tablets?" Detective Carla asks with her eyes widened like she just saw someone breaking an impossible to break guineas world record.

Placing the bottles inside my black bag, I zip it back amd turn towards her direction.

"Afterall they are not medicines Detective Carla, they are supplements. I eat them so that I can look fit and beautiful. Believe me, you should try this method too, it will surely help you," I jokingly suggest as she snorts and hums while getting back to her work.

A huge sickly grin knocks its way on my face while celebrating my victory inside my brain.

"An abandoned laboratory that is located between the Black forest has been put back to work after its maintenance. Several researches will be going on related to different aspects. During the inauguration, our country's president himself attended the ceremony."

The television anchor almost screams in excitement as I hear a scoff in disbelief for god knows the reason.

While arranging my cases' papers suddenly my phone rings with a loud ringtone, bringing me back to reality as I hurriedly grab it and check the caller id.

"Hello Jungkook oppa!" I chime and hear a chuckle from the other side of the phone.

"Hey little sister. What are you doing?" Jungkook asks as I scoff in disbelief.

"Of course it's working hours so I am at my office silly," I reply in a monotone as the person from the other side hums in response.

"Well.. whatever, come outside of your office," Jungkook says as my eyes widens.

Don't tell me..

"Are you down there?" I ask with an evident shocked voice as he hums again to which I gasp, successfully bringing everyone's attention towards me.

"Oh it's a call from another boy," I hear Detective Carla hissing with her head towards another employ as I chuckle a bit and try to make the situation more spicy.

"Okay baby. I'll be right there. Stay put okay?" I say as I place a kiss on my phone, purposely making a smooching sound and hang the call up. Detective Carla's face already shows a disgusting look as I imagine Jungkook's face like that too.

I get up from my seat and fix my skirt which has ridden up to my mid thigh and walk towards the door, creating the clicking sounds of my heels on purpose. Once I reach near the door, I sneakily glance back to see all my colleagues looking at my back secretly as I flick my hairs and smile.

"I'll be right back guys," I wave them with two fingers and walk away from the room.

"What the fuck dude?"

"Gosh.. she is so sexy."

"What's with her?"

"Oh my god."

I smile widely in victory while deattaching my ear from the door and skips to the lift almost jumping like a child.

As soon I am out of the building, a loud and cheery voice fills my ears as I move my head towards the source to see my brother standing near the bus stop. I wave at him enthusiastically as I basically run towards his direction. As soon as I approach him, a warm and long hand closes the gap between our bodies and a loud smack is felt on my head.

"Oh my god Jungkook we are in the public," I shake my head while rubbing the spot. Hitting his chest, he shrugs and flicks my forehead softly.

"What was that on the phone huh? Making a colleague jealous again, are you?" He frowns but soon smirks. I pinch his sides with both of my hands, making him wince.

"Let's go and have something to eat. I'm hungry," I whines while looking away from him but he holds my hand in his's and leads the way like I really am the little 8 year old sister who still needs to be guided.

So what if my memories are all gone? I still know how to do things on my own and keep myself safe too.

I have become a detective for god's sake.

Soon we arrive at the door of a newly-opened cafe as I look around to check the surroundings. As we enter the place, the strong aroma of coffee fills my nostrils as I smile in delight.

Yes, I like the smell of coffee.

"Already smiling because of the smell, you know what? Before you-"

"Hated it. That girl is gone now so can you stop mentioning her all the time?"

I hear Jungkook as I scoff in disbelief. Its been years already but he still keeps on mentioning the before me who sounds completely stupid to me. Jungkook keeps on praising that girl and says he kind of liked her better. He even said that I have changed drastically.

Drastically indeed means DRASTICALLY.

I mean I was an introvert?


Can anyone even guess after looking at me now? A completely extrovert who always likes to brag about things I adore the most.

He sighs tiredly and makes way towards an empty table. The mood has completely changed now— all I can feel is tension arising with each and every second which is making me feel frustrated.

Minutes after, a waiter comes towards our table with his notepad and glances at us expectantly.

"I will have one apple pie with latte please," My brother picks up the menu and orders his stuff. The waiter noted it down and glances at me for mine.

"And some water, please." I order the waiter as Jungkook looks at me with raised eyebrows that are screaming 'No coffee today?'

"Still or sparkling, madam?" The waiter asks.

"Whatever you had a bath with this morning," I roll my eyes, already feeling exhausted as I feel Jungkook's eyes digging hole in my face— probably giving me a warning.

"Madam?" The waiter squeals, quite taken aback. "Tap water, madam." He coughs and organizes himself.

"Same, get me that." I wave my hands for him to get the signal of going away.

"Excuse me?" Jungkook exclaims as the waiter stops between his tracks and gives him a gentle look, unlike what he did to me.

Biased much, huh?

"Two sets for what I ordered before, please."

Waiter instantly nods and writes it down on his notepad again.

"What's with you? Something went wrong during work?" He asks me while placing his hands on the table and. I clear my throat a little and shrug.

"The cases are turning wilder. Investigations and more investigations, that's it," He nods as we both fall silent for a while, appreciating the silence much. Although he already knows the very reason why I became violent like that, he still acts like he doesn't know anything. Its been like this several times.

Yes, I love him very much but whenever he calls me 'Goeun', it actually hits my nerves.


Its my name now. I have changed it just how Jungkook advised me to and when I suggested it, he immediately showed his dislike for the same. But my name is still the same in my birth certificate, a Korean name— Goeun but I rather keep it confidential and I am confined to tell anyone.

I don't know the reason, he just says its for my own safety.

I changed my field of study too, it was science before but then I grew a sudden hatred for those subjects and then I opted for the course that was related to my new dream job.

Now I am living elsewhere with my brother— Jungkook. According to him our childhood was spent in Daegu, then we shifted to Seoul, and now we are in Gwangju- a place that I am more than anything. It is super comfortable for me although it is a metropolitan city yet I am contended.

And about my memories, I don't have even a single once of idea about what happened to me back then that caused this ruckus. Jungkook said it was due to an accident in which me, mom and dad got injured. My parents died on the scene as I was the only one who survived.

It actually hurts— how my parents died beside me and I don't have a single idea about their nature, personality or even appearance. The ones who raised me and my brother up, I don't remember anything about them— about my previous life too.

That accident took away my memories with it. After waking up in my room, I actually expected to be in a hospital but when I opened my eyes, it was Jungkook who was standing beside me. I still remember the look on his face— he was teary and shocked. But once he saw my eyes opening slowly, his demeanour changed like a bolt. Jungkook told me everything about how I got into an accident and how I ended up in the coma for 2 whole years.

I am 23 now, I was 18 when I woke up from the intense coma.

If someone asks, then I also doubt the timeline I am living in— everything feels strange now. It feels hollow, like a dark circle has engulfed my whole life and I couldn't do anything.

I know I have laughed before when I lost my memories but why? The reason is what I do not remember.

I have cried, played, danced— I have done everything but why? I want to know. I cannot think of my life being normal.

Jungkook too, he was a stranger to me when I woke up but after days, he felt strangely familiar to me that I let him in my shell— afterall I needed someone beside me. I was scared to death at that time and he was the only option.

But still today, I remember that doctor who sounded and looked awfully familiar— I only met him once that is when I woke up for my check-up. I even remember his appearance till now— he had round kind eyes that were slightly slanted and glossy, full-plump lips as he bit them several times and his broad angular shoulders that were slumped down— everything left a mark in my mind even though I was weak and forgetful back then.

Days after I recovered, a wave of curiosity suddenly hit me about of knowing who that man was. I also asked my brother for that man's whereabouts and information but the sudden news of the doctor moving out of the country disappointed me. He doesn't know his name too which brought nothing but depression.

It took me months to recover from that mental breakdown, it was actually upsetting to accept the now me who has forgotten everything about the past.

Questions arose like bubbles in my mind.

How was I back then? What was my personality like? How were my parents like? How did they look like? What was my life back then? Did I never have friends before? Was I that much of an introvert?

Have I ever loved anyone?

But all of them were answered that day when Jungkook rushed back home with his self in totally disorganized and worn off condition. He was shaking and coughing and sniffing that I immediately held him between my arms and comforted him- it was my ultimate reflex action. I couldn't just stand my potential brother being this weak who had actually supported me when I was in coma and took care of me.

He told me only the bordering information— he never went too deep. There were several things that I wanted to know more but he declined, saying it doesn't matter anymore— what matters is my efforts for living a new life again.

That did open my eyes and brought me to who I am right now.

Since then Jungkook went into the police department while I worked as a detective who has already solved hundreds of cases.

And needless to say, I love my brother the most and he means the world to me.

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