Stop Playing The Hero

Chapter 6: What trouble’s worth

Chapter 6

What trouble’s worth

“Oh, hey Tadashi! You’re back.”

Hiro was typing something on his PC when suddenly his door dragged open and his older brother stumbled in with a look of absolute mental exhaustion. He then proceeded to drag himself towards his bed and wordlessly collapsed on it with an ‘umph’ sound.

“Whoa, It’s nice to see you too, bro.” Hiro raised an eyebrow at his brother. His words were sarcastic, but really he was just curious.

Rolling over on his spinning chair, Hiro peaked over the blind that separated their portions of the shared room. The thing was mostly ceremonial, Hiro thought. Cause frankly the brothers could cross each other’s territories at any time (although there are some rules in place about going through each other’s stuff). Nothing separated them. Nothing stopped them from understanding each other.

When Tadashi made no indication that he was alive, Hiro sat himself on the edge of his brother’s bed. Tapping the quilt with his fingers, Hiro cleared his throat.

“So, how are things at your nerd lab?”

After a second, Tadashi muttered something to his pillow that sounded like “Eesh watz fine.”

“Oh? Doesn’t sound fine to me.” Hiro laughed, leaning back so he too was lying crisscrossed on Tadashi’s bed. He already had a gut feeling what this was about. “Is it about that new girl again?”

No reply. But that was enough of an answer for Hiro. He could read his brother so well, even without hearing him say anything or seeing his face.

“Honestly, Tadashi. I don’t know why you keep bothering yourself with that girl. She’s a menace, in my opinion.” Hiro said, staring at the ceiling.

Tadashi immediately flipped over and gave Hiro a stern, disproving glance. “Don’t say that. That’s not true.” He reprimanded.

Hiro snorted. “Oh I’m convinced alright. First I thought you finally found someone to be your match. But turns out, she's already beating you.” He said indignantly. He felt every bit of the frustration and dislike his brother should be feeling, what he was probably hiding or too good-natured to ever admit to. Then, without hesitation, Hiro asked. “Is she really worth your time?”

This time, the answer didn’t come right away. “Of course, Hiro.”

See, even you are having doubts. Hiro kept this thought to himself. He didn’t want to hurt his brother. His mind was already so heavy. No matter how Hiro wished Tadashi would just give up on this one person, he still seemed hell-bent on winning this girl’s favour.

In the end, he resorted to saying. “Mind telling me what happened today?”

For a few minutes, he didn’t speak. Tadashi found himself staring at some old pictures of them and their parents that he had pinned onto the end of his bed. “No,” He said, "I think I’ll leave you out of it.”

Hiro perked up incredulously and ruthlessly pounded him. Tadashi let out a yelp as Hiro’s weight squished his stomach. “You’re not serious, are you? Come on, what did she do this time?”

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