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Bangtan Meets Yumiko

Chapter 2

“Hey guys, I found him,” Yumiko said with Yoongi tailing behind. “Yah! What took you guys so long? Do you know how late it is right now?” Seokjin asked sounding like a worried mother. “Sorry mom we were just hanging out for a while,” Yumiko said stuffing his hands in his pockets. “Aish, this kid,” Seokjin mumbled as Yoongi snickered at the male. “Woah! You guys are already popular on YouTube!” Jimin said almost falling out the chair he was in. “What, how?” Yumiko asked as Yoongi nodded in agreement. Jimin was quick to connect his phone to the 50 in flat-screen TV and went to a video called The Dance Gods of Heaven. Their channel showed a picture of a meme and the video with over 33k views was, in fact, Yumiko and Yoongi dancing in the Heaven dance studio.

“Wow, you guys are good,” Namjoon said when the video finished. “When was this posted?” Yoongi asked looking at the screen with his mouth agape. “A few minutes ago. It says fifty-two minutes ago, so almost an hour ago. Is this why it took you guys so long to get here?” Jungkook said as he searched the video up on his phone. “Yeah, but how’d they get us dancing in the first place? Have you noticed that the video is in too good of a view? We’re not blurry, you can see our faces clearly, and it doesn’t look like they were outside. But no one else was in the dance studio besides me and Yumiko,” Yoongi stated as he watched the video a second time. “Yoongi has a point. Either they’re good at editing, we have terrible eyesight and senses, or something I can’t think of because I’m at a loss of words,” Yumiko said as he plopped down on the couch.

Everyone else was quiet, trying to figure out how this person got the video. Yumiko was right, and that’s what scared them.

“We should just rest for a while, I’m sure we’ll figure this out later,” Namjoon said with a sigh. Yumiko raised an eyebrow at the male. “Did you even apologize to Hoseok?” Namjoon nodded as he sat down. Seokjin said he wouldn’t cook me anything if I didn’t,” he said as he ruffled his hair. After a little bit of talking to one another a little more, everyone but Yumiko and Hoseok left. “I’ll pick up Yoshi, you should go to sleep. When I get back we can eat since I’m buying out. Is there anything you want specifically?” Yumiko asked stretching. “Maybe some Bulgogi and Kimchi fried rice? I haven’t had that stuff in a while.” Hoseok answered tiredly. Nodding, Yumiko left the house making sure to lock the door then went to pick up the little devil he calls sister. After a few minute Yumiko spotted Yoshi talking to a boy with a bright smile.

He waited for a little as she laughed lightly punching him in the arm. A smile tugged a Yumiko’s lips as the two hugged and the boy left with his mom. Yoshi turned and gasped with wide eyes when seeing Yumiko there smiling. “Who was that?” Yumiko asked with teasingly raised eyebrows. Yoshi’s cheeks tented a bright pink as she stuttered. “I- I don’t know w- what you’re talking about.” Yumiko laughed loudly as he put her in a headlock. “Yeah you do, you can’t fool this brother! Is he your crush? Boyfriend maybe?” Yumiko asked as Yoshi struggled in the headlock. “N- No! He’s just a friend!” Yoshi blurted out. Yumiko finally let her go as her face was red with embarrassment and anger. “I swear when we get home I’m telling Hoseok Oppa on you,” Yoshi said trying to fix her hair.

“Probably not the best idea. He’ll go over protective brother mode like last time. Do you really want that again?” Yumiko asked tilting his head to the side. Sighing Yoshi shook her head no and continued walking with Yumiko. After an hour Yumiko and Yoshi made it home safely before waking Hoseok up to eat. It was quiet as they ate, and Yumiko was the first to finish his Bibimbap, Budae jjigae, and Japchae. “Fatty,” Yoshi said as she slurped on her Kimchi. “In all Honesty I couldn’t eat lunch, twice. So, I have a reason to be fat,” Yumiko shot back. Yoshi could only roll her eyes at him as she stuffed her face with some more of her noodles. “What she meant to say, was thank you for buying dinner,” Hoseok said with a smile. Yumiko nodded as he left out to go to his room and take a shower. After the shower, Yumiko then got dressed in his room and plopped himself on the bed. Looking at his phone a messaged popped up on his screen from an unknown number.

xxx-xxx-xxxx: Hey, is this Yumiko?

Yumiko: Who’s asking?

xxx-xxx-xxxx: Right

xxx-xxx-xxxx: This is Taehyung. So, it this Yumiko?

Yumiko: Yeah

Yumiko: How did you get my number? And what do you want?

xxx-xxx-xxxx: Hoseok Hyung gave it to me. I asked if I could have it so don’t get mad at him. I just wanted to talk to you for a while.

xxx-xxx-xxxx: I’m having trouble sleeping.

Yumiko: Okay, but why talk to me when you could just talk to Hoseok?

xxx-xxx-xxxx: Because….

Yumiko: You do know that’s not a real answer

xxx-xxx-xxxx: Please

xxx-xxx-xxxx: Just talk to me for a little. I’m begging you.

Yumiko let out a small sigh as he saved Taehyung’s number to his phone as Little Alien with the alien emoji at the end and saved it as a favorite. A small chuckle leaving his lips as he realized Taehyung was the only one in his favorites. Nodding to himself for no reason the male then decided to call Taehyung instead of texting since he didn’t feel like using his hands the whole time to type. Plus, it would be easier to tell how Taehyung was feeling and could tell if he was lying or not. Pressing the small green call button, the phone started ringing. Taehyung picked up after the third ring, but instead of talking he was quiet. “Tae?” Yumiko asked a little worried. He wasn’t worried about the little nickname he gave him, he was starting to worry, especially when he heard a sniffle on the other side of the line. “Kim Taehyung, you come back over here right now and climb through my window. I’ll leave it open for you and have a small light on so you can see,” Yumiko said in full worry as Taehyung said a weak okay before hanging up.

After a few minutes of pacing back and forth around the bedroom window a small grunt was heard as Taehyung tried pulling himself through the window. Yumiko quickly ran to him and pulled him through before walking over to his bed. “Now tell me what’s wrong?” Yumiko asked softly. Taehyung wrapped his arms around Yumiko and pulled the male onto his lap, nuzzling his nose in the crook of his neck. “T- Tae?” Yumiko asked in utter shock, his eyes wide and breath caught in his throat. Wet drops fell against Yumiko’s neck as Taehyung shook. Small sobs leaving his lips as he hugged Yumiko tighter. “Please, let’s just stay like this a little more,” Taehyung begged. Yumiko slowly nodded and the two stayed that way. After a few minutes the two pulled apart and looked into each other’s eyes. “I’m sorry, for whatever happened. Can you tell me?” Yumiko asked. Taehyung nodded softly, his face was emotionless, but his eyes are what held them. Sadness, fear, hatred, and something Yumiko could quite catch were swimming in his big dark brown orbs.

“My parents were fighting again. Before I walked in I heard them yelling. They were talking about getting divorced. I don’t want that, Yumiko I don’t know what to do,” Taehyung said with teary eyes. Yumiko hugged the sad male once more while running his fingers through his hair to calm him down. “I can’t tell you everything’s going to be okay, because I can’t change faith for the better or the worse; but I will say I’m here for you. We all are. How about you spend the night here, you can sleep in my bed,” Yumiko said smiling softly to the male. Taehyung nodded his head slowly as he wrapped his arms around Yumiko, burring his face in Yumiko’s chest since Yumiko was taller on his lap. “Can you sleep with me? I don’t want to be alone right now,” Taehyung asked softly, scared the latter would say no. “Of course. No one should be alone when going through something like this.” Yumiko said with a small and light chuckle.

The two got ready for bed and laid down before falling asleep in the other’s arms. By the next day when Yumiko woke up there was a feeling of emptiness in his bed. A small frown played its way to his lips as he sat up to see that Taehyung was no longer in his bed. Quietly getting up the male got ready since the alarm would go off in a few more minutes. After getting ready and was wearing his usual I don’t give a fuck outfit which consist of black skinny jeans, a red shirt, and a black leather jacket over it with red timberlands, Yumiko then proceeded to wake up his siblings so they could also get ready for school. Once everyone was done and ready Yumiko and Hoseok went to drop off Yoshi then made a U turn and went to school. “You okay Yumiko?” Hoseok asked before they reached the building. “Huh? Oh, yeah I’m okay, why?” Yumiko asked as he tilted his head. “Well, you’ve been quiet for a while, more than usual. Actually, the only words you’ve said at all was when getting us up for school and that was it,” Hoseok pointed out. Yumiko let out a sigh as he heard the worry in his step brother’s voice. “I know, I’ve just been thinking about something. More like someone Yumiko though as he let out another sigh.

Taehyung has been on his mind ever since he woke up and it was bothering him. Halfway through the school day Yumiko kept getting into trouble for spacing out, yet he never tried to make up for it as Taehyung didn’t show up to school which worried him more. Right now it was the second lunch for students and Yumiko was dragging a confused Hoseok to the rooftop. “Yah, Yumiko what’s wrong with you,” Hoseok asked when the latter started pacing around. “He’s not here, Hoseok. Haven’t you noticed that Taehyung hasn’t been in school this whole time?” Yumiko asked in slight panic. The last time he saw him the guy was crying and hugging him like a scared kid who didn’t want to be left alone. It wasn’t something Yumiko wanted to be reminded of, but it kept getting to him as he couldn’t stop thinking about him.

It took a while for Hoseok to realize that Yumiko was right about Taehyung missing. “Maybe he just got sick from yesterday. Although he was fine, anything could happen,” Hoseok said trying to reassure his brother. “But that’s the thing! Last time I saw him he wasn’t okay, and now he’s not here! I’ve already tried calling and texting him, but he won’t pick up or text back and it’s starting to drive me crazy!” Yumiko said with a huff. “Woah there, calm down. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for him missing okay, don’t freak out,” Hoseok said placing a hand on his shoulder.

A small chuckle left Hoseok’ slips making the latter look at him in confusion. “what?” Yumiko asked tilting his head. “This is the first time I’ve seen you so worried about someone who’s not family,” Hoseok said with a smile. Yumiko frowned at the males’ comment. How is he smiling and laughing when one of his friends are missing? Yumiko thought as he shook his head at the other before walking away. A small vibration from Yumiko’s phone made him trip over his own feet. Pulling out the black cover cased phone Yumiko checked the notification that was given to him. The name that showed up almost made him drop the phone as he quickly unlocked the phone and went to the text.

Little Alien👽: hey Yumiko

Yumiko: What the hell Taehyung I’ve been worried

sick about you! Where are you?

Little Alien👽: Don’t worry about where I am, I’ll visit you

later tonight to tell you about what happen.

Little Alien👽: I’m sorry

I left without telling you. I just didn’t want to wake you up.

you looked too cute to do that, so I just left.

Yumiko: Tae, you could always wake me up to tell me something.

don’t think I’m not going to ask where you are.

Yumiko: So, where are you?

After Yumiko was given the address to where the latter was, Yumiko faked being sick at the nurses’ office and was able to leave school and go “home”. I swear Kim Taehyung you better be prepared for my beating once I get my hands on you. I’m going to make sure you’re okay, then beat you to a pulp, then see if you’re okay after my beating. After a few hours of walking Yumiko saw the familiar bright red hair of Taehyung and a few other people around. This guy is so lucky that there are others around him. Now I can’t beat him to a pulp like I wanted. Yumiko thought as he walked up to the male and hugged him tightly instead. Once Yumiko let him go Taehyung turned around with a gasp of air due to how tight the other had him. “You scared me!” Taehyung whined. “The feeling is mutual,” Yumiko said with a frown. “I’m sorry for worrying you. I just had to clear my mind, so I skipped school,” Taehyung said scratching the back of his neck.

“Maybe next time you could just give me a heads up, so I’m not freaking out about what happened to you.” Yumiko stated shoving his hands in his pockets. The two talked a little more while walking around for a few more minutes until they got hungry. Now they were at a Noodle shop that was inside the mall they were at eating and getting to know the other more. “Hey, have you ever talked to your parents yet?” Yumiko asked after swallowing the noodles in his mouth. Taehyung stopped chewing his noodles and looked at Yumiko with slightly widen eyes. “Oh, sorry I didn’t mean it like that,” Yumiko said awkwardly. Taehyung shook his head before swallowing his noodles. “No, it’s okay. I talked to them this morning, or at least my mom. Dad was at work already when I got there. They’re not planning on it, but they’re planning on being in different rooms for a while,” Taehyung said with a sigh. “Honestly it’s just as bad. I wish they could just make up,” Taehyung said with a frown.

Yumiko finished up his noodles and let out a small belch. “Don’t worry about it too much, stress gives you wrinkles, and you don’t want none at the age you’re at now,” Yumiko said pulling out his wallet to pay. “Don’t do that, I’ll pay for an apology for making you worry.” Taehyung said pulling out his wallet. After a full five minutes of arguing they decided to split the price and pay. Now they were headed back home for the day, Taehyung going to his house and Yumiko going to his.

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