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Amethyst & I


A fan fiction based on the cartoon 'Steven Universe' created by Rebecca Sugar. A new half gem just like Steven arrived in town. But now he and the others are targets of a ruthless machine.

Fantasy / Action
The Dragon Tamer
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A New Gem In town

On this perfect evening in Beach City, the beings known as the Crystal Gems, along with Steven, were having a merry time making music to entertain the citizens at this year’s Beach-a-palooza.

“That was fun!” Said Steven. “They loved us!” Pearl, Amethyst and Garnet were all smiling down upon him.

“You were great Cutie-Pie.” Said Garnet as she rubbed Steven’s big, poofy hair. The crowd was cheering loud and proud. However, there was one more talent awaiting for the people of Beach City.

“And now.” Continued Mayor Dewey. “For our last entry for tonight, here is Michael Greene!” The crowd cheered on as Steven and the Gems sat down to watch the rest of the show.

“Who?” Asked Amethyst. The others shrugged. On stage, out came a young man with red hair, wearing a one piece that looked like it was made of rubber. The one piece baring strange white markings on the shoulders. Tall black boots and black bracers he wore on both his arms carrying a guitar. He spoke into the microphone.

“This is a song I wrote based on my novel, Blade Hunter.” He said. He started to play. He started out nice and slow and then began to go a little faster. His lips came about an inch away from the microphone that echoed his voice so crisp and clear.

“The streets of the city. So dark and cold. A stranger cloaked in red. So tall and bold. His white hair flowing through the breeze. Like an outlaw, he will never cease to freeze!”

Then he started to really shred on the guitar. But it wasn’t like heavy or death metal sound. Rather it was more of a rock n’ roll kind of sound to his music.

“Beware the Blade Hunter, the vampire slayer! His red eyes will tell you to back away! Beware the Blade Hunter! You won’t dare forget his name!”

His lyrics may have been a little dark but at the same time, it was appropriate when he’s talking about a vampire hunter.

“Wow!” Said Amethyst. “He’s really good.” She said as she munched on some popcorn. Pearl turned to her.

“Where did you get that popcorn?” Amethyst shrugged as she continued eating. Amethyst looked upon Michael on the stage with sparkles in her eyes as if she was under some sort of spell that was due to Michael’s charm.

“He’s packing the heat, Maskeraid will be beat! He will go to great feat! He’ll cut down vampire kind, the answers he will find! Locked away in his mind! Beware the Blade Hunter, the vampire slayer! His red eyes will tell you to back away! Beware the Blade Hunter! You won’t dare forget his name!”

The song had ended with an epic guitar solo. As soon as the song was over, the crowd cheered loud. Steven and the other Gems joined in as well. Michael Greene took a bow as he put the guitar back around on his back.

“Thank you Beach City!” He said into the microphone. “This song was a promo for my upcoming vampire slayer novel, coming to local bookstores soon. Thank you and good night!” He said as he raised up his right hand. He opened up his palm and it was revealed that he had an emerald gem stone fused into his hand. Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst and Steven all gasped.

“Di-Did you see that?” Asked Pearl. “He’s another Gem! But how? I’ve never seen him before.” Michael Greene had left the stage as Mayor Dewey came back to the spotlight, giving Michael an applause as he wraps up the end of Beach-a-palooza.

“What a wonderful performance by our many talented citizens tonight. Let’s give them all one last round of applause! Good night Beach City and don’t forget to vote for Mayor Dewey!” The crowd cheered on as the spotlight shut off and Mayor Dewey disappeared into the shadows of the stage. A shadow figure stood on the high cliff looking over the beach and away from any human contact.

“So, it’s not just you I’m hunting anymore. There are still others like you here on Earth.” Said the mysterious shadow cloaked in black. The wind blowing, flowing his natural black hair in the breeze. A black hat he wore and glasses as his haunting yellow eyes stared down at them.

“You Gems have no purpose here. They must all be eliminated.” He said as he turned around and left. “I still remembered what you have shown me master. What they’ve done so long ago. They will never be forgiven for their crimes!” He had said as he closed his eyes for a while and started to remember what his master had shown him. In his vision, he saw himself venturing the Kindergarten.

He ventured deep into the forbidden valley, looking at all of the machinery used by the Gem invaders to make more of their kind. There, he saw his master, cloaked in both black and white. White hair and a black cape with the stick up collar. A white diamond gem stone was infused into his forehead. A black breastplate was the only sign of armor here wore. Tan pants and black leather boots. A white robe he wore under his armor and a white sash he wore on his waist.

“Diamond White.” He called his master. “What is all this?” Diamond White turned to him and opened up his eyes to him. His silver eyes stared at him.

“Glad you asked Jebediah Black. This is a taste of what these Gems were capable of. They are ruining our planet! This hunk of rock was safer before they came along.”

“But master, aren’t you one of them?” Asked Jebediah.

“Yes, you are right. But unlike the other Gems, I was made here. I was created by the Gem called Emerald Greene, the father of Michael Greene. All of the other Gems came from another planet long ago. They are invaders, aliens you might say. And they have no purpose here on Earth! So, to prevent this from happening again, I created you to perfection to hunt down the remaining Gems here on Earth. And destroy them.”

“I understand master.” Jebediah said as he knelt before Diamond. Diamond let off a grin.

“Good. Now go Jebediah!” Jebediah turned away and left the haunting, unsettling valley that is the Kindergarten. Jebediah opened his eyes back up and realized his mission. To search and destroy.

Dawn had broken throughout Beach City, but the Crystal Gems had awoken to an unsettling sight happening at their happy little home. Crawling robots of some kind had invaded their house. These robots with glowing red eyes were like something straight out of a nightmare. Pearl swept her magical spear and bashed three of them at the same time. Garnet used her giant steel fists to pound each and every one of the things into the ground as Amethyst used her spiked whip to slice them in half.

“That should take care of them for now.” Said Garnet, as confident as she was. But there was still one robot left as it crept up behind Steven.

“Steven watch out!” Pearl shouted. With that said, he knew something was about to attack him. He turned and saw the remaining robot. He screamed and took a step back. As the robot stared at him and about to pounce him, Steven took his mother’s sword and cut it in half. Bits of the robot fell everywhere as it’s red eyes slowly faded away.

“That was too close. But what are these things? If Peridot’s up to her old tricks....”

“It’s not Peridot.” Garnet interrupted Pearl. “These robots are not of Gem tech. These are something else entirely. But whatever they are, they won’t be a problem for us. We need to find the source of these machines.” But little did they know, was that the robots were actually spying on them. Someone was controlling them from the outside, from somewhere else. From the Kindergarten.

“So that’s where you all are hiding.” Diamond White had said. “Jebediah, I have found their base of operations. The plan is to kidnap the kid, Steven and bring him to Kindergarten. The others will follow. Wait until nightfall.”

“Understood.” Said Jebediah. Jebediah’s orders were clear, but then he just stood there like an idiot wondering what to do until nightfall. “Well now what do I do?” He wondered.

Amethyst looked out of the window to see if more of those robots were coming. But what she saw instead was Michael Greene just wondering the shoreline of the beach with his hands tucked in the pockets of an opened black sleeveless trench coat he was now wearing.

“That Michael guy is outside.” She informed the others. Pearl walked over to her.

“Isn’t that the guy from Beach-a-palooza last night? You couldn’t keep your eyes off him Amethyst. You should go talk to him.” Amethyst blushed and let off a little smile.

“What? No, I-I couldn’t. I can’t, I wouldn’t know what to say.” Pearl smiled.

“Oh, I see what’s going on here. You like him, don’t you Amethyst?”

“Oh, Amethyst has a crush.” Steven said.

“What, no I don’t!” She argued still blushing. She said that she didn’t but deep down she did feel something when she looked at him.

“It’s okay Amethyst, just be yourself.”

“Alright!” She said. “I’ll go talk to him.” She finally agreed as she walked outside the door. She headed downstairs as her feet touched the sands below. There, she saw Michael Greene just standing there looking over the horizon with earbuds in his ears, listening to calming music.

“Um. Hey.” She said to him. Michael Greene turned around, taking off his earbuds so he could hear her much clearer.

“Oh, hey. You were at Beach-a-palooza last night weren’t you, playing the drums? You were awesome.” Amethyst blushed and looked away, holding her arm.

“Oh, that. Yeah that was me.”

“You’re a Gem aren’t you?” She pulled on her shirt just a little revealing her full purple gem stone.

“Yes I am. You are too if I’m not mistaking.” She said as Amethyst stepped closer and closer to him. “Let me see.” Michael Greene held out his right hand. He opened up his palm, revealing the emerald stone as Amethyst held his hand to observe it closer. Steven was watching from the window.

“Ah, their already holding hands.” Said Steven. Pearl walked up to him and closed the curtain.

“Ugh, Steven. Don’t spy on her.”

“Ah come on, it was just getting good.” Steven said as he walked away from the closed window. Amethyst looked carefully at his gem.

“You’re only half.” She realized. “You’re a half Gem just like Steven!” She said with excitement. Michael raised up one eyebrow as if he had no idea who this Steven was she was talking about.


“Steven Quartz Universe. He’s another half Gem like you.”

“But I thought I was the only one.”

“Come on, I’ll introduce you to him.” She said as she took Michael’s hand and walked him over to their house. Michael smiled in relief, knowing that there were more Gems here. That he was not alone. He also felt something else growing inside him when Amethyst held his hand. Could it have been love he was feeling towards her? Amethyst opened the door wide open.

“Hey you guys! Check out the new Gem.”

“Hello.” Waved Michael.

“Oh, hello.” Pearl responded. “Nice to meet you. I’m Pearl. This is Garnet and Steven.” Steven waved and smiled at him. Michael bent down to greet him.

“Oh, so you’re the other half Gem Amethyst told me about.” He said with a smile.

“Other?” Steven was confused. Michael held out his hand.

“Yes. I’m just like you, another half Gem.” Steven could not believe it. He was face to face with another half Gem like him. Pearl and Garnet gasped while Amethyst just stood there smiling with her arms crossed.

“Cool, another half Gem. Hey, do you watch ‘Crying Breakfast Friends’ too?” He asked with excitement in his eyes. Michael pulled his hand away.

“No. I never understood the concept of that cartoon.” He said as he stood back up.

“Oh, another half Gem.” Pearl blushed. “But I thought Steven was the only one.”

“Apparently not.” He said turning his attention to her. “Now there’s two of us.”

“But how...?” Pearl asked.

“It’s a pretty long story.” Pearl pleaded, she wanted to know his story. Of how he came to be. So Michael told her and the other Gems everything.

Diamond White was sent flying but quickly flipped and landed on all fours, using his hands and feet to stop himself with a rapier still in his hand.

“It is over Diamond. Give up while you still have the chance.” Said Emerald Greene with his sword pointed straight at him. The top of the blade was in the shape of a diamond that had a large gaping hole in it. The blade itself was green. Holding the sword was a tall man with light green skin and long green hair wearing the same rubber armor that Michael was wearing. Emerald Greene and his wife Crystal Greene, were battling Diamond White in the Sea Spire before the Spire was in ruin. Diamond White was breathing heavily as if he was catching his breath.

“Never! Even if you defeat me here and now, this planet will still be doomed.”

“I wouldn’t bet on that.” Said Crystal Greene as she held her bow n’ arrow, ready to fire at Diamond White’s head. Her purple skin matched her purple hair. With a purple tank top and pink dress, she wore, not showing her feet. Diamond White grinned as he stood up.

“HA! You cannot stop me even if you tried! What hope do you fools have?” Diamond said with a sinister smile. He pulled out another rapier from his gem stone he kept on his forehead and ran towards Emerald. Crystal fired her bow as Diamond deflected her arrow. She fired again but Diamond just kept deflecting. Emerald Greene and Diamond White locked their swords together and stared each other down. Emerald and Diamond clashed their swords together. One of Diamond’s rapier’s went through the gaping hole of Emerald’s sword as he disarmed Diamond. Now Diamond was down to one sword again.

As Emerald and Diamond were playing swords, Crystal prepared another arrow and took aim as she waited for the right moment. Emerald Greene kicked Diamond back as Diamond White stepped back and was close to the edge. As soon as an opening was there, Crystal took fire and hit Diamond in the chest. The blow from the impact of the arrow caused Diamond White to fall off the edge of the Spire. As the job had been done, Emerald put his sword away and placed his hand on Crystal’s stomach.

“Are you oka...?” Emerald paused as soon as he felt her stomach. He looked at her in awe. Emerald hugged her as he lifted her in the air as happy as he was.

Nine months later, the child had been born but Crystal did not survive. It was up to Emerald to care for the child. The name he had given the child was Michael Greene. For years, Emerald took care of Michael. However, around Michael’s teen years, he started seeing less and less of his father. Since then, it was revealed that Emerald Greene was actually not Michael’s biological father. For his mother Crystal was seeing someone else at the time. However, the real father of Michael Greene did not want any part of it. So Emerald Greene had no choice but to raise his adopted son.

Since Michael was seeing less and less of his father, it was around this time Emerald had stopped seeing him completely. And so Michael traveled on his own. He would travel and soon his journey brought him to Beach City.

“And that’s basically my whole story.” Said Michael. The other Gems looked upon Michael with tears in their eyes and Steven joined in.

“That is a tragic story Michael.” Said Pearl. Michael felt something tugging on his coat. He turned and noticed one of the robots that attacked the Gems earlier was still active. It stared up at him as Michael picked it up and pulled off its head and deactivate it.

“These are Jebediah Black’s robots.” He informed the Gems.

“Who?” Asked Steven. Michael turned his attention to the Gems.

“Jebediah Black.” Michael opened up his hand as a projection shot out of his gem revealing Jebediah Black.

“Jebediah Black. He’s not a who but more of a what. He’s a machine built to perfection by Diamond White to combat Gems. He was programmed to hunt down any last Gem on Earth and destroy them. He must’ve followed me here if he is spying on you. If he is here, I fear I have put you all in danger. I am sorry. I’ll be on my way.” Michael said as he pulled his hand away, causing the projection to disappear. Amethyst looked towards Michael as he walked past her.

“Wait, Michael!” Amethyst said as she ran after him. Amethyst caught Michael’s sight on the beach.

“Wait!” She yelled out. Michael turned around and saw Amethyst coming as the sun was setting. She ran up to him.

“Michael, you don’t have to go.” She said to him.

“I have to. You all are in danger and it’s my fault. I should’ve never come here.” Michael turned and started to walk away as Amethyst reached for his hand. Michael looked at her as she was holding his hand.

“Listen Michael, we can combat Jebediah together. I don’t care if he’s after us now because of you. Jebediah Black will be no match for us.”

“Don’t underestimate him. He was created to combat Gems. He is a powerful machine and there’s no stopping him.”

“But with you on my.... I mean our side, we can....”

“No.” Michael interrupted her. “I’m afraid that even I can’t stop him. I’m sorry Amethyst.” Michael reached into his pocket and pulled out a book. A copy of his novel, ‘Blade Hunter’. He gave it to Amethyst.

“Here. I want you to have this.” He placed the book into her hand. Amethyst placed her other hand on top of the book as Michael placed his hand on hers. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. Even though they just met, Amethyst could feel a connection between her and Michael.

“Leave this place. Get away from Jebediah while you still can.”

“Come with me Michael.” Said poor Amethyst.

“I can’t. I won’t put you all in more danger because of me. Good-bye Amethyst.” Michael’s hand left Amethyst as she watched him go. Amethyst was so sad to see Michael go. She cried at the sight of him leaving.

Night had fallen and Steven was sound asleep as the other Gems were in the Temple. A shadow figure watched through Steven’s window as a flash of lighting revealed the shadow to be Jebediah Black. He was checking if the coast was clear before he made his move. No Gems in sight. Jebediah made his move. The wind blew the door wide opened with a clash of thunder in the background and awoken Steven.

“AH!” Steven yelled. “Oh, it’s just the wind.” Steven laughed. He got out of bed to close the door. When Steven got to the door, Jebediah was there, standing perfectly still staring down at him with those haunting yellow eyes. Steven screamed as he backed up. Jebediah let himself in, pacing slowly towards Steven.

“I-It’s you. Jebediah!” Steven stuttered. Fear was in Steven’s eyes, he couldn’t speak. The door to the Temple opened, revealing Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst.

“Jebediah Black!” Pearl gasped. The three Gems pulled out their weapons from their gemstones. Jebediah grinned as they all rushed towards him. Pearl threw down her spear but Jebediah took a step back with his hands behind his back like it was nothing. Garnet leaped off of Pearl’s back as she pounded the ground but missed Jebediah. Amethyst tried her whip but Jebediah ducked it as he raised his hands and pushed the Gems back with such force. The impact of the push was so great that it sent all three of them flying back as they hit the walls behind them. Jebediah took his hand and lifted Steven off the ground like some levitation trick. He walked over with Steven to the warp pad. He grinned that sinister smile.

“If you want to see Steven again, meet me in the Kindergarten.” He had instructed them. With his mind, he forced Steven to warp both him and Jebediah to the Kindergarten where they would wait. But why would he want the Gems to go to the Kindergarten? Jebediah and Steven warped to the haunting and foggy Kindergarten

“Ugh. Let me go!” Steven yelled as he was struggling to get free. Jebediah reached for Steven to shut him up. It wasn’t until then Jebediah saw a glimpse of Steven’s gem stone under his shirt.

“Huh?” Jebediah lifted Steven’s shirt and saw his full gem stone. He gasped as he let go of his shirt. “You’re one of them!” Jebediah realized. “A Crystal Gem! You shall join your friends for execution!”

“No!” Steven argued. Jebediah threw Steven down as he landed on the hard ground. Jebediah walked towards Steven, looking down at him.

“All Gems must be eliminated! Starting with you!” As Jebediah reached for Steven, he covered himself as Jebediah’s shadow casted over Steven. The warp pad activated and brought the three Gems to their location.

“Don’t you touch him you monster!” Yelled out Pearl. Jebediah turned to them and grinned.

“Ah, the Crystal Gems. You came. Please, make yourselves at home while I take care of this little brat!” He said in such a sadistic way.

“Unhand him!” Pearl shouted as all three Gems sprang into action to save Steven. Jebediah turned and raised up his hands as he held them with some sort of mystic force. His grip was too tight on them. Poor Steven was so frightened. Jebediah threw the Crystal Gems into the wall behind Steven as they all fell to the ground.


“They can’t help you now Steven. They are useless against me! I was created to perfection by my master! And you can’t stop me!” Jebediah said as he kicked Steven, knocking him out.

Steven had awoken in a cell similar to that he was in on that ship when they were abducted by Jasper. Steven looked around his surroundings as he saw Jebediah Black and Diamond White looking at him through the force field. He had located the Gems and Steven to the holding cells underground of the Kindergarten.

“Wake up Steven.” Jebediah said sinisterly. “Welcome to your execution chambers.” He laughed. He turned his attention to Diamond White. “Master, the prisoners are set.”

“Excellent.” Said Diamond White. “You have done well my masterpiece. The executions shall take place at dawn.” He turned his attention to Steven. “So I suggest you get your rest little boy. It will be your last.” He said as he gave Steven the evil gaze. Jebediah and Diamond walked away. The other Gems were in similar cells next to his. As soon as the coast was clear, Pearl spoke to Steven.

“Steven. You need to leave. You’re the only one of us that’s not affected by this force field. Hurry, go find Michael Greene.” Pearl instructed. “There’s only a few hours until dawn.” Steven nodded in agreement. He stepped out of the force field, covered in yellow as it vibrated him. Steven got free. “Be careful.” Steven ran as fast as he could, careful not to get caught. Steven managed to get past Jebediah and Diamond as he exited the chambers underground. He ran towards the warp pad and left the Kindergarten with hope that Michael Greene will come to their aid.

Dawn had broken and the Gems were bounded by the wrists, marching to their doom. Jebediah was waiting for them next to a row of racks. Diamond White was sitting in a throne to observe the executions. Jebediah pulled out a weapon similar to that of Jasper’s weapon which she used to split Garnet in half. Jebediah tied the Gems to the racks and spoke to them.

“Take a good look Gems! Look at what you have done to our planet! Ruined! The Earth was fine until all of you invaded our planet, grew more of your kind here and took hold of our world!”

“But we...” Poor Amethyst couldn’t even finish her sentence. Jebediah back handed her across the face hard.

“Don’t you dare speak! You shall be the first!” Amethyst was frightened as Jebediah’s weapon came close to her face.

“Leave her alone!” Said a familiar voice. Diamond White and Jebediah Black looked up at the shadow. There stood Michael Greene in his Blade Hunter costume. Long white hair, a red trench coat and sunglasses. His rubber armor he wore underneath and an extra sword on his back. Steven walked up beside him. Amethyst and the other Gems couldn’t be happier to see him return. But why was Michael wearing that ridiculous costume? He jumped down and walked up to Jebediah.

“Oh no, it’s Blade Hunter, what shall I do?” Jebediah mocked him and laughed. “Take off that ridiculous costume!”

“Don’t do this Jebediah.” Michael argued. “Diamond White is lying to you. He’s only using you to do his dirty work. He doesn’t care about the planet!” Jebediah looked back at Diamond as Diamond looked at him. Jebediah turned his gaze back at Michael.

“I don’t believe you and I don’t care! All that matters is that these aliens finally pay for their crimes!” He shouted as his weapon came much closer to Amethyst.

“STOP!” Jebediah slowed his hand and turned to Michael.

“You care about this one, don’t you? Well then, she’ll be the first to go!” Jebediah shouted as he readied his weapon to strike her.

“NO!” Michael shouted as he rushed over to Jebediah and cut off his firearm. Jebediah screamed. He back slapped Michael and pushed him back with such force. Michael flipped in the air as he landed on all fours and used his hands and feet to come to a stop. Jebediah concentrated hard and regenerated a new arm in place of the one that Michael chopped clean off. The Gems and Steven were in awe of Jebediah’s trick. Jebediah pulled out two of his very own swords made of yellow energy as he frowned at Michael.

“You’re not making this easy Michael Greene! You want to fight? So be it!” Jebediah screamed as he rushed towards Michael. Michael blocked Jebediah’s dash attack as their swords were locked and stared each other down. Jebediah swung his other sword as Michael ducked the swift of his blade. He came back up, kicking Jebediah in the face. Jebediah stepped back as Michael shoulder rushed him. Jebediah recovered quickly and stepped aside as Michael fell past him. Jebediah grabbed Michael’s legs and flipped him as Michael landed flat on his back.

Jebediah tried to impale Michael while he was down. Michael rolled aside as Jebediah’s blade sank into the ground. Michael kicked Jebediah in the stomach as he stepped back, giving Michael the chance to get back up. Michael rushed towards him. As Jebediah swung at him, Michael ducked again, slicing Jebediah in half. However, that wasn’t enough to stop him. Jebediah split himself into two. Now there were two perfect copies of Jebediah.

“What?” Amethyst said in awe. Steven and the other Gems were in awestruck. Jebediah can multiply himself when sliced in half. Michael pulled out his other sword. The two Jebediah’s rushed towards Michael as he deflected all of Jebediah’s blows. He sliced one of the Jebediah’s in half and kicked the other one back. The sliced Jebediah split himself. There were three Jebediah’s now. As more Jebediah’s were coming, Michael just kept slicing them in half. One of them kicked Michael down as five Jebediah’s leaped towards him.

Steven rushed over towards Michael and summoned Rose’s shield. The Jebediah’s landed on Steven’s shield as the shield imploded, sending the Jebediah copies flying back. Michael looked at Steven.

“Thank you.”

“I can help you Michael.” Said Steven. Michael summoned his father’s sword and gave it to Steven. Steven’s eyes grew bigger as he observed the blade in awe. Michael stood up. Now Michael had two swords while Steven had both sword and shield.

“Alright, let’s finish this!” Michael commanded. The Jebediah clones landed on their feet and all fours as they all stared at Michael and Steven menacingly. Jebediah turned back to see nothing but an empty throne. As the fight was taking place, Diamond White must have escaped. Jebediah’s eyes widened but quickly turned back and gave Michael the evil gaze. Michael and Steven were standing there side by side as the wind was flowing Michael’s red trench coat and white hair so carelessly in the breeze as the sunlight sparkled Michael’s sunglasses.

Jebediah screamed out his battle cry as the Jebediah clones rushed towards them. Michael and Steven readied themselves as one of the clones dashed at Michael. Michael blocked the dash attack as his feet slide on the ground. Steven used the shield to block the other one’s attack. Steven and Jebediah clashed their swords as Michael was showing off his mastery sword play. Michael and Steven kept slicing the Jebediah’s in half until they were cornered by twenty Jebediah Blacks.

“Will you stop slicing them in half!? It’s obviously not working!” Shouted out Amethyst. Michael and Steven backed up into a wall, frightened as the Jebediah clones closed in on them with that evil gaze.

“It is over.” Said Jebediah. “There’s twenty of me now and only two of you. You don’t stand a chance against us.” He said as he slowly paced towards them. “I am the ultimate weapon! You have failed your friends! It’s a shame you won’t get the chance to see them off. This is the end!” Jebediah raised up his sword, ready to impale them. But then something extraordinary happened. Michael stood up opening his eyes as lighting was flowing through them.

He shot out a lightning bolt that disintegrated Jebediah Black. Steven could not believe his eyes. With Jebediah disintegrated, he cannot multiply. Michael shot out a stream of lighting that went through and disintegrated all the Jebediah clones but one. Jebediah stepped back, frightened as he was as Michael walked closer to him.

“What!? But how, how is this even possible!? I am the ultimate weapon! I....” Michael shut him up by chopping off his head. As Jebediah’s robotic head rolled on the ground, Jebediah’s body fell on its knees and the body fell over on the ground as his yellow eyes slowly faded away. The job had been done. Jebediah Black was at long last defeated. Michael and Steven ran to aid the Gems. Michael untied Amethyst and helped her down.

“Wow, that was amazing!” She said with such excitement as Pearl and Garnet walked over to them. “How did you do that lighting attack? That was amazing! The way you disintegrated all those clones!” Michael smiled at her.

“You know; I honestly have no idea how that happened. Something just awoken inside me and poof, that happened.” Michael explained.

“Well done Michael. Thank you for saving us all.” Said Garnet. “But Diamond White managed to escape during the fight. He could be anywhere.”

“And we’ll help you track him down Michael.” Said Pearl. “Until then, you are welcome to stay with us at the Temple.” Steven’s eyes lit up as he was excited to hear Pearl say that. Amethyst was excited about it too as Michael had agreed to stay. Amethyst hugged Michael as he lifted her in the air as happy as she was. Michael spun her around as happy as he was too. Michael set her back on the ground and looked each other deep in one another’s eyes. Their lips came closer and closer to each other as they kissed a passionate kiss.

Steven looked away, covering his face as Pearl stood there watching with sparkles in her eyes. Pearl was so happy when Michael and Amethyst kissed, she thought it was the cutest thing she ever saw. Garnet just stood there smiling, nodding ‘yes’ as her hands were at the waist. Michael and Amethyst pulled away and smiled at each other. Both of their foreheads touched each other’s. Steven had lead Michael and the Crystal Gems to the warp pad as Michael and Amethyst held hands.

“Now let’s go home, all five of us.” Garnet said with a smile. Steven activated the warp pad and left the Kindergarten together.

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