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In Four I Trust

Chapter 2

There’s a few sparring matches going on, and watching as she’s taken down by the resident asshole, Peter, his self satisfied look has me wanting to punch him in the face. He takes joy in beating her.

“Sorry about that.” He says, taunting her and offering her his hand with a smile. Refusing, she slowly comes to her feet. ” You know, if you didn’t refuse my father’s offer, for our families to be joined, I would have taken it easy on you.”

“I took your measure, and found you lacking. You weren’t man enough for me.”

Dodging his angry hit, her leg comes up, kneeing him in the groin. Dropping to his knees in pain, a kick to the head sends him sprawling. I call an end to the fight, as he goes for her.

Her smile has me mesmerized, as she laughs at another initiate’s comment. An admirer, who seems to always be in her presence. Little does he know, that she’s spoken for, a fact that I find disconcerting, but not discouraging. She’s with Eric, and he’s with her and another trainer, she’ll find out soon, and they’ll be hell to pay.

Sooner than later it seems, as my attention is drawn to Eric. He’s watching her with the guy, a vein threatening to pop out of his forehead, when Aly joins him. “So this is my competition, the reason why you’ve been putting me off?” She states, watching Mia, hatred in her eyes.

“C’mon, you knew what it was when we first started messing around.”

“Is that what you call what we were doing, messing around?”

“I told you about her from the start, you didn’t care was your response, if I recall correctly.”

“I knew about her, I wonder if she knows about me.”

His hand on her arm, stops her steps in Mia’s direction. “She knows about you.”

“Yeah, but what about all those times after, did you tell her about that?”

Twisting her arm, the emotional pain trumps the physical from the tears threatening to fall. “She doesn’t need to know about that.”

“I’m pregnant.” She makes an attempt at whispering, her voice cracking.

“And you’re telling me because... why?”

“You’re the only one that I’ve been with.”

“And I’m going to believe that because... why?”

“You’re a monster!” She yells, pulling from his grasp. Her outburst causes a few nearby conversations to halt, their attention drawn to the altercation. “You look tired, you may need to go home and get some rest.” Says, Eric, his jaw twitching.

“If she knows him like I do, she had better heed the warning. Apparently she does, as he’s honored with a look riddled with hostility, before she exits the dining hall. A glance in Mia’s direction, and she’s seen some if not all of the quarrel, and if looks could kill...

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