In Four I Trust

Chapter 3

“Eric...” Sitting alone on the cold floor of the lavatory, tears streaming down my face, I’m heartbroken and angry. Not only has he been entertaining another broad, but now she’s pregnant.
So says the latest gossip, going around the compound.

This was supposed to be my happily ever after, and now he’s gone and ruined it. The only good thing about all this, is that my rankings good enough to keep me from becoming factionless.

He was supposed to take on the role of my father, as my protector. We... I was supposed to be happy, and breaking up with him, all I’m left with is disloyalty, betrayal and hurt. I can’t go back to Candor or my father. He would accept me back, but my pride wont let me admit defeat.

My head in my hands, a fresh bout of tears spring forth. “Go ahead and get it all out, and quickly, the others will be rising soon.” I know that voice, it’s my trainer Four. I wipe my tears away and come to my feet, as he goes to the head.

“You know, it costs absolutely nothing to mind your own business.“′ I’m angry at Eric, and willing to take it out on any and everybody.

Relieving himself, he takes his time responding, and i’m tempted to take a peek. All of the females in my training group have a crush on the mysterious, attractive, anti-social Mr. Four. A wagers been made, to see who can sleep with him first.

A few alleged liars in the group have said to have seen his man muscle and have reported that he’s definitely a shower and one or two just flat out lied about laying with him, as he hasn’t shown an ounce of interest in anyone, male or female.

“No one wants to wake up to a chick crying, brings down the aura.” He says, washing his hands. “Not only that, but everyone will know why you’re crying, and that alone is enough to cause you even more embarrassment.”

He shuts me up with that last comment, and he’s right, but that doesn’t stop the hurt and more tears threaten to fall. Turning away, I don’t want him to see my tears. He’s silent, and after a few momemts I can hear his departure.

I’m immune and have been working on auto pilot. Eric’s attempts to get me back have failed and so he’s resulted to being cruel, a side of him that I’ve never seen. I can admit my mistakes, and one was joining dauntless and the other falling for him.

“I’ll be taking over your team for the day, Four.” Says a smiling Eric. That charming smile is one of the reasons why I fell for him. “The higher ups don’t trust my judgement?”

“The initiates have been training with one another, they need some hands on training with an experienced soldier. “Okay, who’s first?” Says Four, entering the ring.


I heard him, but my anger has me planted to the floor, unable to move. “You’re not afraid of him are you?” He taunts. He’s done the worst to me, and when I think that he can’t do anything to top that, he kicks me when i’m down.

“You’ll all participate, or be removed from dauntless.”

Climbing into the ring, I’m so over his bullying, I just want to make it out of training.

“Look, I’m not going to entertain him, just do it.” I state, to Four.

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