In Four I Trust

Chapter 4

In the ring with her, I can’t bring myself to hurt her. “Hit me.” I tell her.

“I don’t have time to play with you, go ahead and get it over with.” She says, with controlled hostility.

“Are you two gonna stare at each other, or fight?” Goads Eric.

She’s stubborn, and it’s going to get her nowhere but factionless. “Hit me.” I state again, pushing her backwards. “Please don’t do that. She says, annoyed. “Why, am I making you mad?” I push her again, harder, and get the desired effect.

Reciprocating my attack, I trip her. Unprepared, she goes down the hard, which causes an outburst of laughter from the others. Barely concealed animosity, she’s up and the gloves come off. It’s a street fight, with me dodging her hits. The plan is to wear her down, so that she gives in.

She gets off a hit, straight to the face, and I can’t lie and say that it doesn’t sting. But I’m not about to take too many more of those. Subduing her, I pull her to me, spinning her so that her back is to me. Her arms pinned, she trys to get out of my hold. “Calm down...” I whisper, breathing in her scent.

She’s all that I can think about, her scent, smile, the way her body felt against mines... If only we had met at a different time and place... if only she could get over Eric.

“It’s been a few weeks since you all received your rankings.” Something’s up, as a good amount of the trainers and their initiates are missing. We’ve been reduced down to five groups, and even then it’s maybe, 5 - 6 to every grouping.

“If your name is called, I need you to line up over there.” Says Eric, pointing to the wall.

“Jess, Kendrick, Timothy, Zachary, Johnathan, Sarah, Lisa, Michael, Kathy, Nicholas, and Mia.” Doing as they’re told, they’re not the only one’s confused, and what comes next confounds me even more. “Congratulations, you’re all officially factionless.” States Eric, with a smile.

Takes a moment for them to overcome the shock, and they’re being herded out, when three of them try to escape. Two are quickly overtaken and being beaten, when Eric fires a shot at the back of the third. Mia’s admirer, she’s over to him, his head in her lap as blood bubbles forth from his mouth.

Pandemonium follows, as the other initiates seek safety away from the incident. It’s tough to watch, as she attempts to console him.

“Stop...stop...stop...” She whispers, trying to calm his struggle with death.“It’s okay... just... shh....please.” Leaning close to him, he whispers something to her, and she nods her head, with tears in her eyes. “Yes, he is... you did good.”

His body going slack, his eyes close. “Well that’s one less mouth to feed.” Jokes Eric.

Heartless. I can see the pain in her eyes, as she tries to control her hurt and anger. He was a friend, her breathings erratic and by the sounds that she’s making she’s on her way to officially losing it.

“Alright, they’ve had enough.” He says, to the soldiers still beating the downed former initiates. Offering a hand to one, they reach out in acceptance and receive a kick to the stomach instead.

So busy accosting the initiates, he doesn’t see Mia approaching quickly and purposefully. Anger marring her otherwise beautiful features, she attacks.

Taking the gun of a soldier watching, she knockes him to his knees, with a hard kick to the back. With an angry yell, she hits Eric in the ear with the butt of the gun.

Bellowing in pain, she doesn’t give him time to gain his senses, hitting him in the face repeatedly with the gun. His nose gushing blood, she’s not letting up, as he drops to his knees.

Anticipating the worst, I pull my gun, pulling her off of him. She’s still struggling to get to him, when I fire a warning shot at a soldier going for his gun.

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