In Four I Trust

Chapter 5

Factionless. I can’t believe it. I didn’t do anything to deserve this, I’m a good person. Things like this don’t happen to people like me.

A blanket wrapped around my shoulders, I watch the rain from the safety of a dilapidated building. A high rise structure with many levels, the sound of the water hitting the windows brings me peace.

From my position on the floor, I will away thoughts of my current situation. My back against a pillar, I close my eyes.

Immersed in the calming effect of the rain coming down in sheets, I think of my father.

I’ve brought shame to him and our name. But it wasn’t my fault that I fell in love with the wrong man, that I’d blindly followed him.

A man that I still cared for and still loved no matter his faults.

“What did you think was going to happen to you? I know his type and he was going to kill you.”

The door to our safe haven is opened to a couple and two small children. Apologizing, it’s quietly closed to which Four goes directly to it, locking it behind them.

“If he can’t have me, no one can.” I state.

“That and you beat the shit out him in front of the other trainers.”

I have to go through all of this because I was chasing a dream. Running behind what my father had with my mother. The life... love...

“I hope that you’re not going to cry again.”

“Can you please not be an ass right now?

His hands raised in surrender he goes to the window. In the quiet of the large room, I don’t want to think anymore. I just want to rest.

A hand over my mouth brings me from a deep sleep. “Mmm ump...!” The room is completely dark and trying to disengage the body from mine, I thrash about while trying to fight off the perpetrator.

“It’s just me!” Four whispers harshly.

I’m pulled to my feet, and clinging to him I wait for my eyes to fully adjust to the darkness.

“Follow me.”

“What’s going on?

Letting him lead me to the door, the sounds of gunshots, screams and running footsteps can be heard.

“They’ve found us.”

The click of his gun sends chills through my body and I reluctantly draw mine.


“Who do you think?”

My hand in his, I take a few deep breaths before we exit the room. The screams are getting louder as whoever “they” are, make their way through to our level.

Inching along the wall as quickly as we can, we reach the door to the stair when a light shines directly on us.


A shot rings out, shattering the glass just inches from my head.

Four fires back before following behind me into the stairwell. Just three floors from the top, we make it in record time with me only falling about a few hundred times on the way up.

Dragged onto the rooftop, I pull away from him. “Wait.. wait..” I state, out of breath.

“We don’t have time.” He says guiding me to the edge.

A rope’s secured around my waist. “What’s this for?” I ask, my fingers testing the security of it.

“We’re going to run down the wall.” He says, not making eye contact with me.

“Like hell we are, I’m afraid of heights!”



“Well, that makes two of us.” He says, sitting down on the ledge.

The door to the roof flying open startles us, as a man a full speed grabs another rope. Never missing a stride, he jumps over the edge.

My mouth is literally hanging open as three more people escape through the door. It only takes a few seconds before they’re fearlessly over the building also.

“Hopefully I’ll see you at the bottom.” He says disappearing also.


Another body comes through the door and a shot follows. The body slams face-first into the ground and laying there motionless, I take that as my cue to make an executive decision.

On shaky legs and weak knees, I go over the edge also. Eyes wide, adrenaline-pumping I make my way down the building.

On the verge of tears from fright, I can see four halfway to safety. My raging anger takes over rendering my fear to almost obsolete.

My pace increasing, my goal is to catch up to him and knock him the rest of the way down.



Frightened shrieks deter me from my goal, as a couple of bodies come barreling past me. Flinching from the sight of them hitting the ground, my attention is drawn to the roof.

I feel a tug on my rope, and a familiar face is looking over the edge at me. I almost pass out from the horror of it all. Eric and a few others are cutting the ropes!

Looking back at Four, he’s but a few paces from the ground, and wanting to live I scramble for it also.

My phobia isn’t a factor right now, as I’m a good two stories from the ground when a hard tug, pulls me upwards.

“Shit!” I’m dangling in mid-air upside down.

“Where’s your knife?” Questions Four from below me.

Retrieving it from my boot, I go to work on cutting the rope as I’m being pulled back upwards.


A long scream pierces the air beside me as someone else bites the dust. Covered in the victim’s body fluids, I’m nervously sawing away at the cord.

“Cut the other side!” Four instructs.

Automatically doing as requested, a swoosh of air distracts me. He’s on a loose rope, trying to get to me.

Another heave on my line and I’m like a madwoman hacking away. It’s a race to get it cut, but at last, it starts to break.

A hard hit from the side forces me into the wall. The wind knocked out of me, there’s a solid body pressed into mine.

There’s a split second of relief that help has arrived, before we both take a terrifying tumble to the ground.

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