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That purple headed chick


A year previously me and skye go home for a week to visit our families. I stay up until like 1am and then i sleep for an hour and then my mom wakes me up at like 2 and says get everything you need to be completely ready and put but in a bag so I did and she said let's go and I was like where and she said go to sleep and I was like okay and she takes me to Atlanta and drops me off gives me a ticket and says go to the bathroom get changed and then go to this room and sit in this seat and I'm like too tired so I skip getting ready and go straight to my seat but its someone else's seat and then I end up in the very front left and it's like four feet from the end of the couch on the stage and I'm literally half asleep and sleep drunk so I am slurring words and nodding off and I'm literally asleep when 5sos comes out and everyone stands up screaming.

Romance / Humor
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"Beth, honey, get up," my mum gently pushed me.

"Hmm," I mumbled incoherently.

"Come on, get up. Get everything you would need to be completely ready and put in a bag. Then brush your teeth and come out to the car," she whispered.

She left and I layed in my bed for another minute or two. Once I convinced myself to get up, I stumbled about my room finding a matching outfit, a random hair dye, and my makeup bag. I threw it all in a large reusable shopping bag and then went to brush my teeth. I put on my pants and socks, and then slipped on my old Walmart slides.

Outside my mom was sitting in the driver's seat. She popped the trunk and I placed my bag inside. I sat in the back so I could sleep.


"Beth, wake up," mum said, parking the car.

I sat up rubbing my eyes and looking around. We were in Atlanta. I love Atlanta. She handed me a ticket and told me to go inside and change in a bathroom. Then go sit down in the seat on the ticket.

I nodded sleepily and got out of the car and got my bag. I walked in the building and decided just to go straight to my seat because I was too tired to get dressed right then.

I walked into the room and sat down, but only for a minute because I sat in someone else's seat. I moved and found my seat. I was in the very front left. About 4 feet from the stage. I decided to snooze a bit.


"AAAAAAAHHHH" The crowd screamed.

I screamed as well but it was because I had been startled. People looked at me funny and I just blinked at them.

5sos sat down on the couch in front of me. I finally realised that my mum had surprised me with a 5sos interview. Facepalm. I tried to stay awake for most of it but I found myself dozing off.


"Okay, now we are going to play a little game. We have a tweet from everyone in this room. We will call out your usernames and you have to remember your tweet," the interviewer announced.

I looked around and then laid my head back on the head rest.


I felt a nudge and looked over and saw a girl.

"What's your twitter," she asked.

"@purpleblueandjaune," I replied confused.

"Stand up," she pushed me again.

I stood up and looked around then I turned back to her.

"Why am I standing," I asked.

She rolled her eyes and everyone laughed. I looked up at the interviewer and, "Okay fine, I'll ask you. Why am I standing?"

"You tweeted them a question. What is it," he replied laughing.

"Oh. Um If birthday cake can be any flavour, then why is birthday cake a flavour," I slurred.

They all laughed and then stopped to think. No one could give me a straight answer.

"See exactly," I sassed.

"Well do you have any band related questions," the interview asked.

"Um well Mikey, if you could replace anyone in the band with someone else, who would you replace and who would replace them with," I blinked slowly.

He looked at me and said, "I'd replace luke with Freddie Mercury."

"Good answer," I nodded.

"Are you drunk," he laughed.

"Um no. I pulled an all nighter ereyesterday, and then didn't sleep until midnight tonight at which point my mother woke me back up, had pack clothes and then I slept in the car for 2 hours. I've only slept 2 hours since I woke up at 8 two days ago. I'm trying not to collapse," I explained.

"You packed clothes," Luke asked.

"Yeah in here," I showed them my bag.

"Why didn't you change," he further inquired.

"Because I woke up and my mother trusted a ticket in my hand and said go get dressed and then sit down. I was like nah imma just sit down. I didn't know where I was other than Atlanta. I accidentally sat in that girls seat," I pointed in her direction.

"Seems like you've had a hellish time," Mikey laughed.

"Well I had fun for most of the time I've been awake. I just dozed off a couple times here. Imma sit now because I don't like attention," I plopped down and pulled out my phone. I wanted a picture of Mikey.

I took the picture. He had noticed and posed in the middle of talking. I laughed. I posted it and tagged him.

"You seem really obsessed with Michael," Ashton commented.

"I've been texting him everyday since I was 14. I'm 19. It's not an obsession. I just don't trust people. I knew he'd never answer. I like him because he's relatable. We have things in common," I rambled on.

"You have? On what," he asked.

"Instagram," I replied and sent him a message.

His phone went off and he opened it. Shock came over his face.

"You could know every detail of my life if you took the time to read them. You never did because I'm just a fan that dms you alot. You have to allow someone's dms before you just see them on the page," I explained.

"I'm in shock. I will be going through this later," he commented

"Aw, shit. Please don't show anyone. Those are my most private thoughts for the last 4 years. Like it was a diary," I panicked.

"I'm not. Calm down, i'm just curious," he explained. They then carried on with the interview. I still dosed while intermittently staring at Mikey. He is so gorgeous. I hope I didn't say that out loud. I probably did seeing as he just looked at me. Oh no. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. I do sleep talk, maybe I can get away with it.


Alright, guys, that'll be it. The boys will be outside to take pictures and sign autographs in the lobby," the interviewer told us. I stood up and grabbed my bag before quickly going to the bathroom to get changed. Before I had been wearing an oversized T-shirt and baggy sweatpants with long socks and black Walmart slides. My hair was platinum blonde and in a very messy bun.

After changing I had purple hair that was in pigtails with black sequined bows. I had on a full face of makeup with thick black eyeliner and glittery purple lip gloss. I was wearing an oversized long sleeved shirt that was cut off about two inches above my belly button. It said in bold letters HUH? on the front in glitter black. I was wearing black ripped jeans with black high heeled spikes boots.

When I was satisfied with my look, I shoved my old clothes in the bag and walked out. I could feel people staring. I knew I looked completely different, so they must have recognised my bag. The boys looked my way as I made my way their way. They were standing by the doors.

"Hi guys," I waved as I walked past. They were taking pictures. *mental facepalm* I quickly went out and found my mum's car. I had texted before changing.

"How was it," She asked excited. She had probably spent alot on this. I feel kinda bad, but she looks happy.

"I was tired. We had to recite a tweet with a question we had for them. I was so tired that one of them asked me if I was drunk. Then the whole world found out my dm diary. It was pretty fun overall," I laughed and shrugged.

"Oh my god, did they laugh at you," She laughed.

"Yeah, I was acting drunk," I said in a duh sort of voice. We laughed and she pulled into a gas station.

We got out and went it to get drinks. We had decided to go to sonic for food, but we're gonna get drinks and other snacks here. I got a monster, a 5 hour energy shot, a bag of flamin hot cheetos, and a large container of boiled peanuts.

After she got her stuff, we paid and left. At Sonic I got a Junior Butter Garlic Bacon burger and some onion rings. She got a cheeseburger and tots. We got back on the road, ate, and jammed out to some upbeat music. Neither of us has really slept much.

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