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Tucker graduates junior year half way through the year. In December of 2013 Warren graduates junior after taking the full year. She passes in July of 2014.

Humor / Romance
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I was in my dark room working on developing a roll of film when I heard the house phone ringing. I dashed out of the dark room the natural light burning my eyes, which caused me to lose focus on this and I ran into the coffee table. "Bloody hell this better be an important call," I say aloud as I grab the phone off the wall.

"Ello love you've reached Warren," I say into the phone.

"Hi it's Tucker wanna come visit for the winter, well your summer my winter? I promise to make it fun and exciting?" my sister asked from the other end of the phone.

"Umm how did you get my home phone number?" I asked confused. She only had my cell number and that's it-or so I thought.

"I got it from mum. So you want to come see me, please, I haven't seen you in forever. Also, I want you to meet my friends," she pleaded from the other end. Well it looks like I'm going to Australia.

"Sure I'll come, just let me book a flight," I say sighing. "I should be there later."

"Great see you then, bye," and with that she hung up and I just stood there dayzed.

I trudged back to my room to pack my bags and get ready to head down under. As I packed my winter clothes that I had I was dreading this whole trip. Number one: I feel like my sister is putting me up to some family intervention. Number two: I was planning on flying over to Sweden and getting pictures for my portfolio. Number three: There's points where my sister and I don't get along, only because she can't deal with my realness.


Well while im on this flight I might as well take this time to explain who I am exactly. Ello loves my name is Warren Lexington and I have a twin sister named Tucker in Australia. We both decided to partake in the foreign exchange program for our senior year so Tucker left in December of 2013 after completing her junior year in one semester. I, on the other hand, completed my junior year at home, and left for my foreign class the summer of 2014. I went to England because they're real classy over there. Also me drinking hot tea is more normal there than it is in the United States where I'm originally from.

I grew up in a small town in Georgia in the United States and I wanted something different. So now that I chose to go to England my family kind of despises me because in their point of view I abandoned my sister, but then again she's the one who left first. Also my family doesn't really like me because of my honesty problem, and that's why I don't go to family event because they don't like me, so what's the point of attending.


Tucker had just picked me up from the airport and were headed to her house. "Soo how was school in Australia?" I asked her.

"Way better than America. I finally felt like I was learning on my level. They learn different here. Plus the accents are way sexier," she replied smiling over at me.

"Well that's pretty Groovy darling. School in England is amazing, and I wish I'd gone there my entire school life. The food is better, people are really nice, Just all together everything is just better there," I said laughing.

"Well I'm glad you like it there but I'm pretty sure you're going to like Australia a lot better. You honestly should have come here with me, we could have helped each other," she said looking over to me.

"I prefer the Britain's way of living," I replied, laughing and looking out the window.

"Australia's better," she commented laughing.

"England's classier," I say smiling and looking over to her.

"We have kangaroos, so ha beat that," Tucker said laughing.

"I can't think of anything that beats kangaroos, I will give you that," I admitted picking up my drink that I got at the airport. The rest of the ride to her house we made small talk about the reasons we loved the places we lived now, and how the school year went.


We finally arrived to Tucker's house and I was so ready to go to bed. "Umm Tucker I believe I'm going to need a map for your house," I say laughing as I get my bags out the boot of her car.

"What you aren't used to something this cool?" she asked as we walked to the front door.

"Umm no, I live in an apartment with one bedroom, a dark room, kitchen, and living room," I replied walking inside looking around at the stuff on the walls.

"No bathroom?" she asked laughing.

"Oh no I do have a loo," I say laughing and turning back to her.

"Follow me, your room is right up the flight of stairs," she commanded walking towards the stairs. I grabbed my things and quickly caught up to her before I got lost in her house. Once we reached the top of the spiral staircase, I realised that this part of the house had a one room and one bathroom on each floor. The staircase had an exit at 3 different points. One at the bottom, one in the middle, and one at the top. Mine is at the top. "and this is your room for the winter, well, summer for you."

"Groovy," I reply walking into the bedroom setting my things at the foot of the bed.

"Well good night, see you in the morning," she said walking in and giving me a hug.

"Good night to you as well, I shall see you in the morning at some time," I say as she walks to the door.

"Don't wake me up before nine," she commanded standing in the doorway.

"Then what do I spend the time that I can't wake you up doing?" I questioned.

"Just sit in bed on your phone or something, or you could make breakfast. But, you have to start cooking breakfast at 8:40 specifically because by the time I get out of bed and ready you can have the food ready," she explained and then she was gone, headed off to go do whatever it was. So I unpacked my bags, did my nightly routine, and hopped into bed. It took me about ten minutes to get comfy, but I soon got in that one weird, yet suitable position and drifted to sleep.

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