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The Walking Dead; A Fan Story


This story is about two girls named Emmy And Bonny, whoms home town had been flooded, they had left their older sister Lizzie behind mistakingly, soon after they had been taken and trapped by Alpha And Beta, before escaping and meeting Daryl and the saviours. A couple weeks after being with them, they find their older sister Lizzie while on a patrol.

Horror / Drama
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Chapter 1; Emmy And Bonny

I sat around the campfire, it wasn't much but it was honest work, it made hot, crispy pops at smoke filtered the air,my sister Emmy was sitting on a log, just the opposite side of me staring down into the fire, i stared at her before looking down at the fire too, it was ever so hot. I couldn't help but sniffle a little when my younger sister babbled the words, `What happened to the world? Why does it have to be so hard? ` I answered with a sigh, `Because it does, and I'm not sure how it happened, and we may never know. Someone could've ate medicine that was rotten or something, died from it, and then came back to life. `

We were sitting in a forest, four logs facing each other with a campfire in the middle, if people were sitting on all the logs and closing their eyes, it would've looked like a ritual. It was very scary in the dark, especially with the flesh eating walkers that surrounded us. `Eugh! That would've been one of the most horriblest ways to die, I bet you would feel so mucky, even muckier than we are and feel now. ` Emmy exclaimed.
`Yeah, I guess. ` I replied, `Well, you better get some sleep, I'll guard you, and I'll also wake you up in about half an hour so I can sleep and you will be on guard, I can't wait until we find Lizzie again,if we ever do.. `
`Don't speak like that! Of course we will! Anyway, I'm gonna get some good sleep, see ya sis.. `
`Bye, Emmy. ` I replied again.

I stood up, as Emmy layed down in the sleeping bag,one gun in a pocket with a couple boxes of ammo. I had a knife in the other pocket and a katana pocket with a katana inside that I wore around my shoulder. I was prepared for anything, I will admit, I wasn't the best at using guns, although, I did shoot walkers alot with it, but I was much better with knifes and katanas.
I glanced around the forest, distant growls and gurgles of walkers scared me, although I couldn't be scared if this was the world I lived in. I'd have to stand up and risk my life for my sisters.
I grew more scared and worried as the growls and gurgles became more clearer to hear, and as I started hearing slow foot steps, I took a gulp and pulled out my knife. Emmy must have woke up because I could hear heavy breathing and quiet sobbing behind me, I turned around, there she was, sitting in her sleeping bag, knife in hand, ready to attack anything that attacked her. I could see she was trying not to act scared,but it was clear she was, I think it was because she didn't want to seem weak, of course, she wasn't weak, it was just a natural instinct that triggered, fright.
`Have you got your gun? ` I asked. She replied with, `Yes, I think it's in my bag. `.
`Go and get it then. But be quiet, if they hear you, they'll definetely carry on in this direction. `
Emmy nodded before standing up and looking in her bag, she pulled out a gun and stuffed it into her pocket. `Okay, good, now should we put out this fire? `
. Emmy bared her teeth and shook her head, I didn't really want to, either. `But it will attract walkers. ` I said.
Emmy stared, not knowing what to do, for a second I saw a shine in her eyes, as she whispered,`Well,i guess we will just have to fight them off, eh? ` I smiled. `I guess so. `

Two minutes later...
`I can hear them, they are here, they must've seen the fire. ` I said as a walker roamed into clear sight. `Let me get this one.` Emmy whispered. She approached the walker before a couple more came rushing out.
She stood back, since the walkers were now lined up next to each other, there was no way Emmy could get that walker with out being bitten. `Pull out your gun and get here, theres only six, we can take 'em. `
Emmy stood next to me and pulled out her gun, pointing it at an approaching walker,she shot it once in the shoulder and once in the head, she aimed for a second walker, a clear shot, straight in the head. I shot a walker in its head, then aimed for another one, shooting it in the head too. After a few seconds, the walkers had been demolished. Before thousand of walkers and whisperers came rushing towards us...we both screamed, `Oh crap! ` I yelled, `grab the bags, weapons, and anything useful. ` I grabbed my bags and weapons quickly and headed after Emmy, thousands and thousands of gurgles ringing in my ear. I screamed as I saw my sister trip over a log, I turned around as a whisperer grabbed her, we didn't know they were real people though, we just thought they were walkers. I pushed the walker away as Emmy raced back, I followed before something, or someone bashed something into my head and knocked me out, that's all I can remember. I could hear faint screaming that screamed, `Bonnie! No! ` And then a bash,similar to mine.

I could hear faint shouts of, `Let me go! Why am I here? ` Before I tried to get the black bag off my head, I knew it was a bag because it had happened before, when we met our people, sadly, some of them and our camp had a flood, most people drowned, me and Emmy made it out, but I'm not sure about our older sister, Lizzie, who had a disability. I don't want to tell Emmy, but that day when we were on the rooftop, scared from the rushing water, I saw Lizzie trying to get up, but the water pulled her down, I stared in horror as I saw Lizzie get dunked under water, I turned, not wanting to look, but I'm sure in the corner of my eye that she had grabbed onto a pole with her good arm and pulled herself up onto another roof, I didn't want to look, just in case I would've seen something that would've stuck in my head for years, little did I know just a little glimpse of nothing would've stayed in my mind for weeks, maybe even years. I told Emmy that we need to jump off of the houses roof and over the fence, to run away, it was a little cottage we were on, with a fence right next to it, there were little rows of these cottages with other rows facing each other, but it wasn't like that any more, the cottages had their walls ripped off and some roofs had holes.
I could hear Emmy being rude, shouting `Let me go you stupid people! `She must've been staring at a man, whom was more then likely ugly, because, he said roughly, `What ya' lookin' at, huh? ` Emmy then answered with, `you, what does it look like? ` I wanted to shout `Emmy, stop being rude! They will probably keep us longer! ` But it wouldn't come out, although it felt like it did because a woman replied with, `And were not going to let you go, we went to go get walkers to make you fall into that trap, not going to lie, you two little girls are brave saying your only, what are you? Ten?`. I muttered the words slowly and quietly, `No, we are both eleven. `, I heard Emmy turn to me. `Are you okay? ` She asked,before another woman came walking in, `Who tolled her she can speak to he other one? ` At these words I almost cried, does that mean I wouldn't be able to speak to my sister?

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