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The One


"Why can't you just say my name? Even ones? " "Why should I" "Beacuse you love me" "Never! I will never love you" "You are lying" "I would never lie to you" || She is creeping me out. Whenever I touch her, her whole body reply me. She burns under my touch. Her mind is full of me, only me. But here is she., not wanting to accept what is her body saying || || There is no way I give up on you. You have to accept me, love me no matter what. If you don't listen to me, I will make sure that you will suffer ||

Fantasy / Romance
Christy ©
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Chapter 1

Jungkook’s POV

“Hah, you won’t be able to catch me !'

“You wait here, I’ll definitely catch you !”

“Are you dumb ? Did you really think I’d wait here for you to do so ? No thanks, I don’t want to waste my money to buy your stupid pizzas that I won’t even be allowed to eat !” I screamed to him from the other side of the park.

I was so busy running away from my best friend, Jimin. He had bet that if he could catch me I should treat him to dinner, “Pizza” he said. I accepted it because I knew he couldn’t ever catch me. Of course, I was the fastest guy in the whole school. How was he supposed to win that bet ? Tch, he was as slow with his brain as always. But I really loved him, he was my best friend.

“Jungkook, I’m so... gonna... kill you after I reach you.”

I laughed loudly looking at his face that was trying to send a glare to me, but didn’t look quite right, because his words were pronounced with him huffing, trying to catch his breath. It was priceless!

We dashi ran ran ran for a long time. It was now getting quite boring, but there was no way I would let Jimin win and empty my purse for him. Sorry buddy, I’ll have to make you angry a bit more ! I turned my face to Jimin and winked. He looked at me with his eyes and mouth wide opened, while I took all the strength in me and sprinted. I ran until I was out of his sight, then stopped after a few more meters.

“Oof, it was really fun but I’m tired now...”

The heavy clouded afternoon made me feel tired. I looked around me and tried to figure out where I was.

“The Northern park ? Fuck,” I cursed. I never came there even when practicing. Practicing ! Yes, you read it right, I’m a athletic guy, the entire school’s champion. So I have my practices.

“Okay, okay. I have to go back home now. Mom must be worrying. Jiminie, where are you ?” I grinned because I remembered Jiminie-pabo, when I turned around a girl was looking at me.

Incredible blue eyes, silky dark brown hair, soft expression. I had never seen her before.

Is she from our school? No. Where did she come from ?

Suddenly she turned her face away from me. I suddenly realized that I was staring at her all that time. Crap !

I took a few steps forward. She is a painter ? She was surrounded by lots of paint tubes and brushes, long and short ones. She was painting something, holding a palette in her other hand, and I took some more steps to get closer to her. She looked up from her canvas, then looked at me. Her eyes ! Then smiled. Her lips Everything about her was perfect.

Before I thought of something to do or say to answer her kind and friendly smile, she looked back to the painting. Was she feisty? But her smile was warm, so warm. I went near her and took a look at her painting. What was it? Was it a landscape ? Or something she imagined ? Aish, I can’t understand.

“What is it?”

Those words slipped from my mouth. She looked at me with a ‘what an idiot’ look raising an eyebrow. In return, I gave her a ‘why am I an idiot ?’ look.

She took a deep breath and asked : “Is this your first time being here?”

I shaked my head. Actually I had already come here three times before today. After that she looked at me from head to toe again and again.

“Is this your uniform?”

What kind of question is that even ? How did she think I’d wear something that wasn’t mine. Oh well she didn’t know me after all.


Why did I obey her so ? Who was she to me? Ugh, Jungkook you are 100% crazy, you just met her, she’s nobody.

“I didn’t expect to see a student of Dwight with zero intelligence”

(A/N : Dwight school is in Seoul. I think you know that 😊)

Wait what ? Did I hear it right ? Zero intelligence ? Me ??

“Hey, I have good grades,” I re-torqued, feeling offended.

“It’s not about grades,” she replied without even looking at me.

“Then what ?”

“Students should use their brain to understand such a small thing like this painting.”

You lost your mind Jungkook. You stupid, idiot. Why did you leave Jimin to come here in the first place ?

She once more looked up and again looked back at the canvas. I slowly stood right behind her and saw her work. Luckily, she was shorter than me, and didn’t even care about my move. She was focusing on her painting. When she looked up so did I. Then, again, back to the picture. She was just painting the park. There was an opened passage in the middle of it. Red and white roses surrounded that passage, as well as green trees. It was really beautiful.

The pieces of the puzzle are finally fitting into place. After I left Jimin, I came and stopped right there, in front of that damn path. I blocked her view, that’s why she gave me a weird look.

Okay you are a full idiot now, great job Jungkook.

“Did you see now ?”


“Is it beautiful ?” She asked again.

“Hmm,” I hummed in agreement.

She suddenly turned around and looked straight at me. Her eyes went all over my face, scanning every inch of my face. I felt it burning like it was on fire and becoming red. What is happening to me ? After a few seconds she faced her painting.Okay, she is definitely weird.

“You should go home kid. Your parents must be worrying about you” Her voice sounds like music to my ears. Hold on. What ? Kid ? Is she older than me ? I was going to ask but she cut the words that were going to leave my lips.

“Just go.”

However, even if the question was bothering me, I couldn’t go against her words. It’s like I’m a servant, this is nonsense, bullshit. I turned to go home without even bidding Goodbye. Was it too rude ? Well I don’t care, that’s the real me. She was rude to me as well. Why couldn’t I be the same to her ? However did she even realize she was being rude? Anyway, I really don’t want to see her again. But...

I sighed deeply and slowly turned my head. It was the most beautiful scenery I had ever seen. Her long hair swinging with the wind, her paintbrush running against the canvas. Suddenly she turned to face me. Her eyes were saying the story no one can tell, it was really, really wonderful.

“Beautiful,” the word slipped from my mouth.

My eyes widened. What is she doing to me? I couldn’t remember anything after then When I went back to my right state of mind, I was already in front of my house. What did she do to me ?

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