The Big Ten


The cousin princesses of Arendelle and Corona, the dragon riders of Berk, some kung fu masters from ancient China, a group of monsters from the USA government, a circus of wild animals from all over the world, a rebellious red-headed princess from the DunBroch clan in Scotland, some nerd heroes from San Fransokyo, an ex super-villain and his family and the guardians have been brought together to fight a new threat that has emerged from their own enemies that could destroy everything. A tale of adventure, love, danger, and the odd laugh in Rise of the brave, despicable, frozen, tangled, kung fu, monster, alien, big hero, dragons of Madagascar! …Or the big ten for short.

Adventure / Fantasy
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“You can’t catch me!” the happy voice of young Agnes called as she dashed through the house dragging her unicorn with her. She was being chased by her sister Edith who was clutching her child-sized samurai sword.

“Oh yeah? I’ve seen snails go faster!” Edith called swinging her sword about. Agnes just giggled as the girls ran past two of the short yellow, blue dungaree wearing minions that were dusting some weird and wonderful collectables of the home.

“Hey! Look out!” Edith yelled taking a swing that made the two minions yell out their strange shouts of fear and duck to dodge her sword. One of them knocked into a small table that had a stuffed puffer fish placed on the top of it. His eyes went wide as the object rocked a little and tumbled off the table. He quickly tapped his friend and rapidly pointed to the stuffed fish as it fell to the ground. The second minion then dived and caught the fish before it fell. They both sighed in relief and the minion that was stood up made an angry face and clenched his fist and told, in his funny minion language, Edith and Agnes to be careful as they ran around a corner still laughing. Agnes looked around the halls in a giggly mess as she ran with Edith hot on her heels.

“Let’s go get some breakfast! I’m starving!” Edith said still swinging at her sister playfully.

“Okay, maybe mommy Lucy has something in the kitchen.” Agnes laughed and turned another corner to run into the kitchen.

“Good morning girls.” the ginger-haired blue dress wearing Lucy said from flipping pancakes at the side of the oven grill.

“Hi, Mom!” Edith said putting her sword away.

“Hi, Mommy,” Agnes said going to her side and looking up with big eyes.

“Can I have a hug?” Agnes asked stretching up her arms to Lucy who was smiling down at her.

“Of course you can,” Lucy said putting down the pan. “Dave, please keep an eye on that for me,” she said to the minion Dave who was mounted on the back of a taller minion. Dave nodded and said okay as the taller minion moved so Dave could grab a hold of the pan to flip the pancakes. As Lucy picked up Agnes to hug her tightly he flipped the pancake back so far that not only did he almost fall off his taller friend back, he flipped the pancake to the dining table behind him and onto a plate that was placed in front of Margo.

“Whoa!” She exclaimed looking up from her phone to Dave who was laughing nervously while still holding the pan. “Thanks, Dave,” she said and looked back down at her plate.

“Margo get off your phone, we’re eating now,” Lucy said as she sat next to her placing a hungry Agnes at her side.

“All she does is play games, she doesn’t talk to anyone.” Edith joked smirking at her older sister whose jaw was dropped in shock.

“Not true!” Margo exclaimed and her two sisters and mother all laughed. Eventually, Margo found she was fighting a smile that was trying to appear on her face. As their laughter started to fade a worried-looking Gru appeared in the kitchen with one hand on his forehead and the other holding a blue letter.

“Hey, honey,” Lucy said with a smile but Gru just walked past her to the fridge. He leaned against it with his eyes wide. “What is it?” Lucy asked him worried. Gru slowly turned the letter so that they could see the letters ‘AVL’ marked on the front.

“It’s urgent,” Gru said with his strong accent that was muddled with worry. Lucy, Margo, Edith, Agnes, Dave with the frying pan on his head and the minion he was mounting the back of all looked at Gru with wide eyes. “MINIONS ASSEMBLE!” Gru suddenly yelled. Dave jumped in surprise and fell off his friend, the pan making a loud smash. Dave’s friend helped him up as the five people quickly rushed to the living room with the two minions following them.

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