The Big Ten


Song for this part: Afro Circus from Madagascar 3

“BRAVO! BRAVO!” The loud roaring crowd applauded while the clapped and whistled and stomped their feet making a thunderstorm of noise ring out. The animals of Circus left the parts of the large stage with happy and satisfied grins on their faces.

“Great job everyone! You were great!” Alex the lion said grinning and patting some of his fellow animals on the back.

“Yep, it was cracka lackin’!” Marty exclaimed still wearing his colourful helmet. He high-fived Alex before trotting off with the three circus ponies that had colourful butterfly wings on their backs.

“Woo! Hoo!” Gloria exclaimed as she and Melman danced in excitement. “That was great baby! Soon we’ll be able to breakdance on that type rope!” she exclaimed and Melman laughed hugging her.

“Maybe honey maybe,” he said and they went to go and changed out of their costumes and remove their makeup. Alex smiled at his friends before turning to the Penguins who were stood in their top hats that resembled the ones like a ringmaster would wear.

“Hey! Penguins! How did we do?” Alex asked hopefully as the Penguins counted their money.

“Italy loves us! We made over 50,000 euro.” Skipper said greedily holding the money.

“Excellent!” The voice of King Julian said as he and Sonya the bear appeared with Julian on his back. “Now I can take Sonya out to a restaurant!” He exclaimed and crawled down Sonya’s paw to grab some money off Skipper.

“Hey!” He exclaimed and Sonya growled at him. The other penguins stood back frightened with wide eyes and Private, the smallest of the penguins, hid behind the skipper shaking with fear. “Hope you have a nice time.” Skipper said trying to smile. Sonya put Julian back on his back and he laughed as she turned and walked back to her motorcycle. She mounted it and they sped away with the Penguins and Alex still stood watching them.

“Don’t feel bad guys. We still have money left.” Alex said patting Skipper on the back.

“Yeah, I suppose we could count the money again.” Skipper said and the other Penguins, Private, Kowalski and Rico, rubbed their feathered flippers together and grinned.

“You do that,” Alex said and walked away looking around at the animals all stood around talking.

“Alex!” The Italian voice of giggling Gia said as she tackled Alex into a hug.

“Oh hey, Gia!” Alex replied as they spun around hugging.

“I’m so happy! The audience loved us!” Gia said gleefully as she pulled away from Alex but still held his paws. Alex smiled back at her happiness and kept a hold of her small paw.

“I know, you were great,” Alex said and Gia thanked him.

“Every time we do trapeze Americano, I feel like I’m flying and every time we do it, it gets better!” Gia exclaimed twirling around still holding Alex’s arms. He chuckled at her playful behaviour and twirl her around as well.

“Yeah, it does,” he said and they stood holding hands looking into each other’s eyes.

“Alex!” The voice of Mort called and he and Gia looked to see him stood with a rainbow wig on his head and a bright yellow foam finger on his hand pointing to the Penguins who were stood on a cardboard box as a table that had Vitaly, Stefano, Marty, Melman and Gloria stood around it.

“Alex, we have a message from big Anti-Villain league,” Vitaly said with his strong Russian accent said.

“Si, they say-a something about the guardians, and a Mr Gru and some nerds,” Stefano said with his thick Italian accent. Alex and Gia rushed over to them with concerned frowns on their furry faces.

“What’s the Anti-Villain league?” Melman asked tilting his head.

“They’re an organisation that we use to work for before we were in the zoo.” Skipper said and Marty’s eyes went wide.

“Really?! You guys were villains?!” Marty asked shocked.

“No, we were undercover agents set on a mission to stop a phoney Santa Claus. Back in the nineties,” Skipper replied and Marty looked down a little disappointed. Skipper then started to read the not in his head. “Apparently some guy by the name of Ramsbottom wants to meet with us about a mission,” Skipper said and Private giggled to himself. “What are you laughing at Private?” Skipper asked him.

“You said, bottom Skipper,” Private replied and Skipper slapped him.

“Shut it.” Skipper said and continued to read. “They want us to help his agent who’s gonna go undercover as our owners?!” He exclaimed and there were shocked looks thrown around.

“But we own the circus! How can some secret agency suddenly say they want someone else to own us?!” Said Mason, the chimp that spoke with a British accent, as he and his friend Phil undressed from their king of Versailles costume.

“We do own the circus monkey man. But the AVL just want us to pretend that his agent owns us.” Skipper corrected and Phil signed to his friend.

“Phil says that it is preposterous.” Mason translated for Phil after he finished then started to wipe off his make up from his costume.

“I agree with the chimps. But if the Anti-Villain league asked for us after all these years it must be important.” Skipper said gesturing with his flipper. He then sighed and looked up.

“They said they’ll pay for our plane there and that they’ll have the whole circus treated like royalty.” Skipper said and then nods of agreement.

“We’ll see what they have planned then,” Alex stated cautious about going and the animals cheered.

“Let’s get this show on the road then!” The Skipper said folding the letter again grinning.

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