The Big Ten


Song for this part: Immortals by Fall Out Boy

In San Fransokyo, Big Hero 6, led by Hiro, are on the move chasing armed robbers in the dangerous part of town.

“Baymax! Dive!” Hiro shouts and Baymax dives like a fighter jet down to the robbers’ car and lets Gogo jump off and start skating after them swiftly with a concentrated stare on her face. She threw one of her maglev discs at the car. It sliced through the back window of the car and the front making the car swerve around on the road and knock into a telephone wire pole. The car kept driving but the telephone pole started to slowly fall towards a shop that was filled with people. “Wasabi!” Hiro yelled to his friend in green who nodded then leapt off Baymax and dashed to the front of the shop.

“Hang on everybody!” He yelled at them before two blue plasma blades appeared from the top of his hands. “HIIII-YAAAAH!” He yelled then started to rapidly slice the phone pole into bits before it could hit the shop. When he finished he stood like a victorious superhero chuckling to himself before he was grabbed by Fred in his blue and orange monster lizard costume that had a super bounce. “WHOA!” Wasabi cried while Fred laughed bouncing along after Baymax, Hiro and the others. “This, is, not, safe!” Wasabi shouted between bounces while he tried to keep his blades from slicing him or Fred.

“It’s! Still! Awesome!” He shouted while next to them on the road Honey Lemon, who was throwing her mystical magical chemical balls from her purse so she could bounce along as well. Gogo slowed down a little so she could skate alongside Honey Lemon.

“Hiro says we need to get them to stop and fast before they cause any more damage,” Gogo told Honey Lemon quickly.

“I can do that if you can get me closer to them that is.” Honey Lemon said running on her feet.

“No problem,” Gogo replied with a smirk then she crouched in front of Honey Lemon while the pink and purple covered blonde took out an orange ball of her marvellous concoction.

“Hup!” Honey lemon exclaimed when she jumped, and at the same time Gogo stood up so that Honey Lemon would land on her shoulders. With one hand Honey Lemon held onto Gogo who held the front of her friend’s lower legs so that she wouldn’t fall off. Gogo then started to speed up rapidly passing Baymax and Hiro and soon approached the robber’s car. “TAKE, THIS!” Honey Lemon shouted throwing the orange ball that exploded into a sticky jelly-like substance that landed on the back wheels making the car stop, spin over on its side a few times before eventually landing on its roof. Baymax stopped and landed letting Hiro stand in front of him, Gogo stopped next to him letting Honey Lemon get off her shoulders and Fred and Wasabi landed in a heap next to Gogo and Honey Lemon but quickly scrambled to their feet all looking at the wrecked car.

“Baymax, scan for signs of life,” Hiro told Baymax glancing up at his tall robot friend.

“Yes, Hiro. Scanning for heat traces.” Baymax’s robot voice said and from his dark eyes came a green light that went all the way to the wreckage scanning it. Hiro and the others waited for Baymax to finish but before he could, shots from machine guns came roaring through the air that made Hiro, Gogo and Honey Lemon jump back dodging the wild bullets and Wasabi yelled out in fear and scrambled for cover behind Baymax. Fred just chuckled.

“I got this!” He shouted then bounced forward towards the car. He let out an animalistic roar before shooting blazing flames from the suit’s mouth at the car. It melted the bullets into nothing but metal puddles and eventually made the robbers stop shooting at them. They couldn’t stand the heat or smoke from the flames. He finally finished spitting flames and chuckled at what he did standing tall and proud with his hands on his waist. Coughing, the three robbers scrambled out of the wreckage, feeling beaten, holding their guns weakly.

“Hiro, would you like me to deal with the robbers?” Baymax’s soothing robot voice asked tilting his head to Hiro who nodded.

“Do it Baymax,” Hiro said then Baymax raised his clenched fist, that was covered by his red rocket gauntlet.

“Taking care of robbers,” Baymax said softly again then held up a finger to shoot anaesthetic darts at the robbers making them fall to the ground in an unconscious sleep.

“We did it!” Honey Lemon cheered and hugged Hiro.

“That was epic! Great job guys!” Fred cheered and bounced around happily.

“Rad. Speedy and sharp.” Gogo said popping her pink bubble gum while she ran her finger along the yellow wheel she had on her hand.

“We need to clean up though, the city is a mess!” Wasabi said gesturing frantically at the destroyed car and the demolished telephone pole.

“I shall contact the police to take the robbers into custody. I shall also contact a clean-up team to remove the wreckage.” Baymax said and minutes after the people he said arrived. The police thanked them for stopping them and the clean-up crew thanked them for work then they all left to hang out at Fred’s mansion.

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